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Curso de Inglês Fisk. Uploaded by Claudino Silva. Ingles. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Curso de Inglês Fisk. (Para pessoas que já concluíram o curso Básico de Língua Inglesa no Centro Certificado Básico de Inglês de pelo menos h/a no ato da Matrícula ao.

Curso De Ingles Fisk Pdf

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Júlio César Ferreira Lima. Ludovica Olímpio Magalhães. Maria Helena Clarindo Gabriel. Fortaleza – CE. APOSTILA DO CURSO. INGLÊS BÁSICO. Curso De Ingl S Fisk Gratis Pchackersk2 idiomastalaweb - inglés básico para niños autor: mayandy deras [ver curso online] descubre miles de cursos. inglés básico para niños - idiomastalaweb - inglés básico para niños autor: mayandy deras [ver curso online]descubre miles de cursos como éste en mailxmail.

Venga a visitarnos. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. Ministramos cursos fora de Salvador..

Perfect travel app! All audio is downloaded to the device and details? PDF audio curso de ingles berlitz descargar gratis. Curso AudioCar - manual para instalar tu propio equipo de audio y tuning contenido 1. PDF audio curso de ingles berlitz descargar gratis audio curso de ingles berlitz descargar gratis Download audio curso de ingles berlitz descargar gratis. El blog para descargar y aprender: Audio Curso: Berlitz Nuestro sistema exclusivo de audio le ayuda a aprender el idioma de una forma sencilla y efectiva.

Train — This is a train. Bus — This is a bus. Ship — This is a ship.

Socks — These are socks. This is a pair of socks. Skirt — This is a skirt. Mother Father Shirt — This is a shirt. Shorts — These are shorts. This is a pair of shorts. Sneakers — These are sneakers. This is a pair of sneakers. Oi, Susy. Que garoto? Aquele, de shorts vermelho.

Oh, aquele garoto. Yes, I am. This is my pen. This is her purse. Who is that girl? That girl is Paula. What is that? That is a car. Utiliza-se o auxiliar to do quando a pergunta se refere ao verbo principal da frase. What do you do? I am a student. Eu sou estudante. Whose jacket is this?

Which pen is yours? Exercises15 1. Answer these questions: Responda a estas perguntas: What is this? This is a pen. What are these? What are those?

Practice these staments: This is Jim. This is Betty. She is a student This is Miss Perkins. She is a teacher That boy is Jack. That boy is Jim.

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Miss Perkins Practice these questions and answers: Pratique estas perguntas e respostas: Boy, Jack: Girl, Betty Teacher, Miss Perkins Student, Jim Write in English: Hi, Bob. Well, your brother, everybody! Do you know where the gym is? Yes, I do. Is there a place where you want to go? Oh, what a pity! Let me try to cheer you up. What about a pizza? That sounds good! But, where can we have it? I know where!

What do you say? Oi, Bob. Sim, eu sei. Oh, que pena. Que tal uma pizza? Isso parece bom! Eu sei onde! Tem uma nova pizzaria duas quadras descendo a rua!

Okay, vamos. Como por exemplo to be, to do, to work. Exemplos There is a candy in my pocket Tem uma bala no meu bolso There is a market in that street Tem um mercado naquela rua. Exemplos Ch: To say dizer: I say, he says Mas quando o y for precedido por consoante, deve ser tro- cado por ies. Practice these questions with where: Pratique estas perguntas com where: Basketball game Substitute the nouns for the pronouns: Substitua os substantivos pelos pronomes: The students are in the classroom.

They are in the classroom. Are the boys in the gym? The girl is in the library. Jim is in the park. Is Miss Perkins in the classroom? Answer these questions in the negative or affirmative: Responda a estas perguntas na negativa ou afirmativa: Do you like ice-crem? Yes, I do like ice-cream. Do you know where the park is? Do you like to play soccer?

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Are you feeling very well today? Do you play football? I think my watch is slow. Bob, please, what time is it? My God! Of course it is right! Are we? What for? Our English class! Oh, my! Watch — This is a watch. Clock — This is a clock. Numbers 1 - one 2 - two 3 - three 4 - four 5 - five 6 - six 7 - seven 8 - eight 9 - nine 10 - ten 11 - eleven 12 - twelve 13 - thirteen 14 - fourteen 15 - fifteen 16 - sixteen 17 - seventeen 18 - eighteen 19 - nineteen 20 - twenty 21 - twenty-one 22 - twenty-two Deus Half: Segunda-feira Month: Quinta-feira Time: Quarta-feira Week: Meu Deus!

Minha nossa! Vamos correr! What time is it? The wacth is fast. The wacth is slow. Vamos correndo! Write the time: Escreva as horas: Make statements combining these expressions: Draw the hands on these clocks, according to the indicated time: Susy, please, what time is it? What are we going to eat today? There are two hamburgers, a lot of fries, mixed salad and some toast on a plate. I want one of these I am thirsty, too!

Tanto quanto How much? Quanto custa? As few as. Cinco para o meio dia, Bob. Por isso que estou com tanta fome. O que tem nele? Parece bom! Eu quero um desses E um copo grande de suco de laranja!

Do you have many pens? Yes, I have many pens. I have few pens. Sim, eu tenho muitas canetas. Eu tenho poucas canetas. Para indicar grande quantidade usamos: Para indicar pequena quantidade ou es- cassez, usamos: I have very little money.

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Eu tenho muito ou bem pouco dinheiro. I have very few books. Eu tenho bem ou muito poucos livros. Do you need any money books? Do you need some money books? Usa-se ainda: Segunda-feira Tuesday: Quarta-feira Thursday: Quinta-feira Friday: Sexta-feira Saturday: Janeiro February: Fevereiro March: Abril May: Maio June: Junho July: Julho August: Agosto September: Setembro October: Outubro November: Novembro December: Dezembro As nacionalidades: Brazil Spain E os nomes: Exercises33 a.

Practice these questions and affirmative answers: Pratique estas perguntas e respostas afirmativas: Is there any toast on the plate? Practice these statements: Answer the questions: Is there any coffee in the cup? Is there any orange juice in the jug? Is there any milk in the glass? Is there any cake on the plate? Is there any bread in the basket? Complete these statements with some, any, no: Is there Hey, Bob, how do you like my new shoes?

They make you taller.

I know it, I know it Is your brother much older than I am? Not very much. Is he the oldest too? No, we have an older sister. Oh, how old is she? She is just one. Eu sei, eu sei Ele tem a sua idade. Oh, quantos anos ela tem? Apenas um. How do you like Que tal lhe parece m Do you think Parece-lhe que Just so.

John is taller than Peter.

A Fusca is cheaper than a Ferrari. Susy is more beautiful than Betty. Ferrari is more expensive than Fusca. Joan is prettier than Clare. Chocolate is better than vegetables. Tests are worse than vacation time. Exercises39 1.

Look at the picture and answer the questions: Is Jim taller than Betty? Yes, Jim is taller than Betty. Is Betty shorter than the little child?

Is Miss Perkins the oldest of them all? Is Bob younger than the little child? Is Susy younger than Miss Johnson?

Is the little child the youngest of them all? Is Bob taller than Miss Johnson?

Is Susy shorter than Miss Johnson? Exercises40Lesson6 2. Look at the picture and answer these questions: Veja a figura e responda a estas perguntas: Bob is. Make statements with these words: Susy, look! What are all those people doing? Who is playing? I prefer pop, romantic music. Oh, I see What about you? What kind of music do you like? I like country music.

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How different! This is a movie theater. This is a theater. This is a stadium. Susy, veja! Que diferente! Que legal! Wait in line. Eu prefiro To have a seat.

Sentar-se; tomar assento. Final feliz. What I like the best.

Do o que eu mais gosto.Como vai? Yes, she really is. Agnaldo Torres www. Exercises40Lesson6 2. I thought you were there.