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Chosen: A House of Night Novel. Home · Chosen: A House of Night Novel Author: Cast P C | Cast Kristin. downloads Views KB Size Report. Burned (House of Night Series #7) Burned: House of Night Series, Book 7 (Unabridged) - P.: Burned: House of Night Series, Book 7 (Unabridged) - P. Marked (House of Night by PC Cast and Kristin Cast. house of night Chosen. House of Night Book 3. P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. This one is for all of you who have e-mailed us wanting more and more and more .

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Chosen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dark forces are at work at the House of Night and Zoey Redbird's adventur. Author: P. C. Cast Pages: Publication Date Release Date: ISBN Product Group:eBooks Ebook. About the book: Chosen Pdf P. C. Cast Book. Author: P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast. Series: House of Night Novels (Book 3). Publisher: St. Martin's.

The girl, Aphrodite's, only crime was sleeping with a boy she'd been in a long-time relationship with! Then Zooey turns around, has three boyfriends, lies to all of them, and sleeps with a teacher.

The fact that Zooey, the main character and supposed heroine of this series, sleeps with a teacher is disgusting beyond words. It shows her complete lack of good judgement and her willingness to betray her perfectly nice, loyal boyfriend Erik.

I hate how Zooey manipulates the boys in her life and has no regard for anyone's feelings but her own. She lies to all her friends throughout the book and tries to have three boyfriends at once instead of doing the responsible thing and breaking up with two of them.

Besides the fact that the main character is an obnoxious slut and the book is blatantly racist, the story just suffers from poor writing. The authors waste a lot of time giving us long summaries about what happened in the previous books, and sometimes review things that just happened a few chapters ago!

There were also a lot of little typos throughout the book, which detracted from the story becuase it was like they were in such a rush to get the book published they didn't leave time for editing. Most of the characters are not fully drawn, and all Zooey's friends are stereotypes. There's Erin and Shaunee, two loud-mouthed girls who are tough as hell, but love to shop for shoes! There's Damien, who is the smart gay guy who holds them all together.

In truth, the only thing this book had going for it was the suspense. Every chapter ended in a cliffhanger and the storyline of teachers at the House of Night showing up murdered compelled me to read on. But not even mediocre plotting can save a sinking ship. To conclude: Don't waste your time reading it. View all 9 comments. Jan 23, Elizabeth rated it did not like it Shelves: Ugh, I don't even know why I'm bothering with this.

I really wanted to slap a one star on it which I don't do unless I've actually finished the book but, yanno what? I'm gonna do it anyway. Apart from being a very poorly written account of the life of the single worst female protagonist I have ever, ever read about, this booked is rampant with stereotypes, derogatory terms, slut-shaming and the weirdest paragraph ever written about a gay character: Usually he isn't so overtly gay.

Not that the Ugh, I don't even know why I'm bothering with this. Not that the fabulous Damien Maslin isn't actually gay. He totally is. But he's also a tall, brown-haired, big-eyed cutie who looks like he'd be excellent boyfriend material which he is-if you're a boy.

He's not a fluttery-acting gay kid, but get the boy talking about shopping and he definitely shows some girlish tendencies What in the literal fuck does that even mean? If you're not offended enough by that alone, there's also casual use of the word "retarded" and a horrifying scene where Zoey treats a homeless person like they are actually the scum of the earth.

Burn this book. View all 11 comments. Sep 10, Teresa rated it did not like it. Zoey is an annoying slut. The Twins are dumb bitches. Don't get me started with the love interests. Zoey thinks that anybody who has even a small dose of sexual desire is a hoe-bag, but yet throughout the series she had seven boyfriends I kid you not. Talk about hypocritical, bitch.

I strongly disliked Erik, Heath, and Loren. But Erik won me over at the scene when he called Zoey a stupid slut and a filthy hypocrite, among a bunch of other things.

At this point in the book, I'm rooting for Erik to dumb her sorry ass and find someone who might actually treat him right. The one good thing about this shit was Aphrodite. I loved her sarcastic bitchy self, but unfortuanately, she was shamed by Zoey as a slutty hoe.

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That was enough to make me want to barf out my lunch. I am not, in any way, joking when I say that Zoey is the most hypocritical, stupid, irritating, slutty, bitchy protagonist I have had ever had the misfortune to read about. Hell, she makes Bella, Luce, Nora, and Ever look like beautiful, amazing, well-thought out characters.

If I ever see Zoey on the streets, I won't think twice to wring her neck, because I have never heard of a more useless, retarded character before. View all 6 comments. Oct 02, Namratha rated it did not like it Shelves: Along the way she has to keep secrets from her nerd-herd and rely on the reluctant assistance of foe-turned-friend, Aphrodite.

A Series-filler with minimal truly gripping moments. View all 3 comments. Nov 25, Lindsay rated it did not like it Shelves: Mini Review I really hate giving bad reviews but this book truly disgusted me. I am really disappointed in P. I mean honestly, do they think that all teenagers act like this because if they do, they need a reality check. Love triangles are overused but I can admit, that some writers can really do it well. This love square thing Zoey had going on was ridiculous.

I mean, come on? When I read about the teacher suddenly popping up in the picture, I was so grossed out. I mean, usu Mini Review I really hate giving bad reviews but this book truly disgusted me. I mean, usually, older guys are sexy and they really get me going but this guy just grossed me out. What happened to being faithful? What happened to loyalty? Zoey slept with a teacher who was using her. How freaking stupid could she be? It was so obvious he had ulterior motives, so why oh why would she just sleep with him without considering her boyfriend, her protection, and her pride?

For godsakes, she gave up her virginity to some pervert and expected her boyfriend and friends to like her afterwards for keeping secrets. What is wrong with her? God, its characters like her that put me off. It sickens me to think that there people like this out there. Its like no one respects themselves in books anymore.

Its disgusting. Zoey needs to get herself some self respect because her behavior is awful. Thank god I don't act like her because if I did, then I'd owe my parents a huge apology, along with the rest of the world. View all 20 comments. Nov 28, Jackie rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series just keeps getting better and better. The Casts are fearless about adding new dimensions to their beloved characters. I admire the creativity of their world--it's extremely well thought out and cohesive while blazing new paths in the vampiric realm.

I really can't praise this series enough. View all 8 comments. May 01, Brother Odd rated it it was ok. This book has the worst grammar of any published novel I have ever read. Whoever edited this should be ashamed. Besides that, the authors do write a story that is fairly interesting. Authors are pretty good, but the editors can't possibly speak English. Down points of the novel are that every guy is described as being exactly the same.

They're all perfectly gorgeous without a flaw or even different personalities. The homosexual characters are flat stereotypes. And, having a young adult book in wh This book has the worst grammar of any published novel I have ever read. And, having a young adult book in which a teenage character makes out with a teacher is just plain wrong. The incident is described as being exciting and not bad at all. Why encourage pedophilia? The story didn't need this twist as the lead character is already dating several different guys at the same time.

Why not put forth a stronger female character who puts her time into a healthy relationship? Could've been much better without the ridiculous relationship with a teacher, some editing, and better character development. The plot itself holds the reader's interest despite these flaws. Zoey is probably the sluttiest heroine out there.

Those With Death Wishes. Recommended to Nasty Lady MJ by: To see full review click here. I am merely using the character to illustrate my deep hatred for these books and why you should get drunk or at least get a sugar high off of them. I'm upset that people are using my series to get drunk.

Seriously, you can't understand how amazing it is. That I am like the To see full review click here. That I am like the super-est of the super.

Seriously, Wonder Woman has nothing on me. I am just amazing. How many times do I have to say that? A lot, I guess, since I keep repeating it a lot throughout my novel.

Now an evil person would drink a lot to that, but you're not evil right? But if you are let me tell you why you shouldn't drink in my plight to be the bestest of the bestest. Man, in this installment of my series my life really sucks. I have three boyfriends and I complain about it a lot. It's soooooo hard to choose.

Let's look at my choices: A King Douche: Oh, Heath. We've always had this connection. And we're like perfect together because of our past even though he's has about the same IQ as a Labrador Retriever.

And really does nothing that's remotely likable. Except, of course, I want his blood. B Prince Eric: Erik is just amazing. Sure he lacks a personality, but you can always recognize him because of his Superman hair and blue eyes. I think he's so pretty a lot throughout the book. You can just drink at how I'm amazing anytime I describe him. Mary Kay Laterno: Loren, oh Loren, my poetry teacher. He makes me blush whenever he calls me a woman. Yes, I know I'm a girl you, pervert , but there's just something about the way he looks at me Despite the fact he didn't really pay me the time of day until very recently.

Also, so what if he's my teacher and I lose my virginity to him We're meant to be. And that night Okay, so I know my relationship with Loren is taboo. I know a lot of things that go on in this book could be considered taboo. But that's what makes me so cool man. Oh, poopie, I bet that sounded lame there. And really, I don't know what's wrong with bullpoopie. You people who think I should cuss or at least act like a quasi normal human being just need to get over yourself because I'm special.

So, back to what we were talking about my story is taboo, original, and edgy. Loren and I are love. We like did it in the rec room but it was totally ruined by Prince Eric who came in there and started cussing us out.

I am unique like a unicorn. But better because I'm Zoey Poopie Redbird.

I'm not afraid to stand up to the issues and defend my friends. And yeah, I sort of talk bad about them behind their back.

Like Stevie Rae, I totally agree with Aphrodite that biotch that she needs a makeover. But whatever. I'm still a good person. Even though that was sort of mean, blowing those two random guys in front of a truck to get ran over and then blowing it off because of happy hour at Starbucks. But they didn't die. Besides, I'm totally a caring individual. Look at how I take care of Damien. He's gay and I'm totally okay with that. I love him, even though he's characterized so stereotypically at least according to cynics.

And so what if he got with the only other gay kid in school it was true love Nyx meant it be. And I so don't know why people have a beef with Nyx. She's our one true goddess. If you worship anything else your a fanatic or freak. Like my mother.

I so don't understand why she sent me a Christmas card. I hate Christmas it always ruins my birthday. Bullpoopie Birthmas gifts. So by now, you know that I'm a totally cool person and one you don't have to get drunk to have fun with. I mean, surely you can't find anything worth drinking over from what I said, right?

See you in the fourth installment where I'll hopefully be reblessed and crowed the highest of the high priestess is there like a high priestess, pope? Zoey Your future House of Night pontiff Aug 23, Sophia Triad rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the book that Zoey has completely lost it. And you think Aphrodite is a hateful bitch? You make her look like a fucking angel! Erik, Heath and Loren. And it seems that Loren is winning, while Erik her supposedly boyfriend will soon face betrayal.

And he will not take it gracefully. Before the end of the book: Her friends will feel betrayed and used. She will feel betrayed and used. Her only purpose now is to save Stevie Rae. For that reason, Aphrodite will take Stevie Rae's place in the circle.

One of my least favourite in the series. Feb 28, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 4 comments. Aug 13, Naomi rated it it was amazing. Totally amazeballs and now onward with the next book in the series! View all 5 comments.

Download Chosen (House of Night #3) Pdf by P.C. Cast

May 24, Lina rated it it was ok Shelves: Oh House of Night, you complete and utter clusterfuq of racism, sexism, slut-shaming and hypocrisy; how I have missed you. City of Bones made me realize how much I love you, no matter how horrible you are--at leas the lulz is good.

We are reunited with the most hateful and obnoxious group of "friends" on the face of the Earth on Zoey's birthday December 24th. She is not looking forward to her birthday because people always give her Christmas-themed birthday gift, which she hates. Yet she has dec Oh House of Night, you complete and utter clusterfuq of racism, sexism, slut-shaming and hypocrisy; how I have missed you. Yet she has decided not tell anyone about this loathing because she'd rather sulk.

However, she doesn't like these gifts because they all have christmas themes as therefore can only be worn around christmas. She needs to stop being ungrateful. Yeah, they are Christmas themed gifts, that's because your birthday is on Christmas Eve.

Either tell people not to get you themed gifts or stop bitching; your a legal adult speak your mind and stop trying to compete with Jesus. No ones going to bring you gold, frankincense and myrrh, your not that special. This self-pittying, small minded-ness is what we are stuck with throughout the entire freakin' book. But don't worry, there are serious problems going on in Zoey's life. She's got two boyfriends, one who she's imprinted on lulz there , the other a fellow "vampyre" in training.

However, there is also the teacher who she's emotionally screwing on the side, but I digress. Her best-friend in the whole world that she's known for two months is an rabid vampire, who does nothing but hiss and be red-eyed and the High Priestess who everyone trusts is a psychopath. The Casts opinions on everything come through in this book painfully obvious through poorly put together dialogue and nerd pandering.

I mean it's just sad at times. Like when they keep going on and on about the movie It has something in it for everyone," I said. And girl boobies for those of us who like that. Plus a very large dose of heroic guy action, and who doesn't like that? Katara slug her arm around Toph. Kick-ass woman, kick-ass men, that our kinda place," Miya finished.

Cast and Child keep trying to inject their own personal opinion into everything they right, which makes everything muddled. Yet, they can't seem to address the very issues in their own work! Like how Zoey can just kill two African-American men by blowing them into the street were they get hit by a truck and feel nothing, yet a book ago she thought Aphrodite keeping her visions of human tragedy of a secret was awful.

Or how Zoey can just hop from Eric to Heath to Prof. Blake, justifying it every step of the way. But Aphrodite is a dirty ho' for giving a blowjob to a guy she was dating. Oh yeah, Zoey's over use of the word ho' and describing everything from blowjobs to public making out as ho'ish was getting on my last damn nerve! When she laments that she's acting "like a ho'" after wanting to drink blood from one of her three conquests. I wanted to just scream at my computer that if she was a ho' instead of talking shit all the time she should be out there making some money to buy her own damn birthday presents.

The writing has not improved at all and the stereotypes just keep on growing: All the "christians" we have seen thus far have been zelots and Westboro Baptist Church imitations. The gay characters of Damien and Jake are just there to be gay and sprout out "big words". We are constantly being reminded of things that happened just moments ago.

I mean do we seriously have to keep being reminded that Zoey has an affinity for all the elements? Shawnee and Erin are the most irritating and vile characters in this book. Neither of them have a personality although they supposedly "share one" and Shawnee, like Damien, exists just to be a token. Also, Zoey apparently has a brother and sister that she hasn't mentioned, called, brought up, or seen in two months. I haven't even heard her grandmother mention these supposed children.

Also, Cast's constant reference to unkept hair being "nappy" just rubbed me the wrong way every time it was mentioned. We are supposed to feel for the relationship between Stevie Rae and Zoey, but I was just bored the whole time. Stevie Rae is not scary in the least with her hissing and red eyes. In fact that entire storyline just further shows me that Zoey only cares about certain types of people--since she doesn't even try to help the other young vampires who have turned into monsters.

Nope, they can rot. It's all about Stevie Rae. That's my main problem with Zoey, she tries to seem all sweet and loving and Disney Princess-like; but she's a to use the Twins phrase hag from hell. Which is why I love Aphrodite: She actively tries to atone for the bad things she has done in the past and remains HBIC while doing it. I worry that by her befriending Zoey that she'll lose her awesomeness.

Despite all the crap, I must admit, the last hour of this audiobook had me grinning like a troll. All of Zoey's shit gets sprung: Sad Zoey goes to her teacher boyfriend for comfort and--hoho he was using you! Then when all her friends come to comfort her Eric puts all her lies out in the and everyone hates her!

It was amazing! Of course in the next book all of this will be be reversed, but I'll enjoy it while I can. I have to say that despite the horribleness of this book I had so much fun hating it. This and Evermore are a pleasure to destroy because there is just so much material to work with.

Chosen: A House of Night Novel pdf epub

I look forward to ripping the next one apart after my cleansing. No HoN review would be complete without some scenes horrible dialogue.

You guys are definitely a nerd herd. Damien, of course, adores him. They were wearing the stereotypical ridiculous sagging pants and stupid, oversized down coats.

If you want a cleaner review: Not so clean: Alright, so Loren Blake is possessive as fuck. He had controlled her. Yeah, and then was like, "Now let's finish the Imprint. Let's make love! I literally can't even on how fucking vomit-provoking that scene was. I have read about sex, but this was all sorts of different. Loren Blake was, in If you want a cleaner review: Loren Blake was, in this book, an ass.

And then, Erik walked in on the second time He got hella mad. Erik was also possessive, controlling, and argued with Zoey during every fucking chapter, I kid you not. He was okay in the first book, and in the second one, we didn't hear from him much, but in this one, he was dreadful. Aphrodite started to warn Zoey about how Erik was, but Zoey ignored all the red flags Aphrodite threw her way, and let all arguments go down. Good Gods, Zoey is annoying as Hell. So, I like Aphrodite now.

She is my new favorite. The Twins are awesome, but come on, Aphrodite is much more realistic. She is dark and depressing, sarcastic, which are all things I love in a book character. Especially the sarcastic part. I loved her. She used to be a major bitch, truly, but now she's not to bad. I cannot word on how much I missed her! She is really the best. I love her Okie accent and how she loved Kenny Chasney?

I dunno, who.. But it was all terrible.

How she was that weird ass ghost vampire thing. Hopefully there will be a name for that weird shit later. Anyway, there is not much I can say about this book, just that it seems that it is worse than the other books.

View 2 comments. Sep 17, DayDreamer rated it did not like it. First line is a spoiler!!! She is. How many guys are after her? I have lost count.

Whatever she does she is always forgiven and hardly gets hurt. Everyone wants to be Zoey's boyfriend or friend because she is sooooo popular and everyone can relate to her. The only character I liked was Neferet and even then she's useless at destroying Zoey. To think tha!!! To think that teens actually talk like that is beyond me. The twins - omg I assure you you'll want to slap them.

How annoying? Take a look at the popular girl in your school, how many guys are after her? Two, maybe three, but that's about it. Type into Google search bar "Zoey Redbird" and it even lists options such as Mary Sue. The first book , Marked, was okay but then it rattled down greatly with each book. Nov 21, Tara rated it did not like it. I just read a review of this book that says it has the worst grammar of any book ever published and that the editors should be ashamed.

That is probably the real reason I continue to read this series. I would like to see how much worse it can get. But I was wrong. This series is full of annoying characters, half-baked plot ideas, and badly I just read a review of this book that says it has the worst grammar of any book ever published and that the editors should be ashamed.

This series is full of annoying characters, half-baked plot ideas, and badly written prose. The librarian asked me if this was "one of those Twilight books" and although I turned up my nose as I said "no," I have to admit that the Twilight series is like Shakespeare compared to this.

I can't wait to read this, knowing that it will--no pun intended--suck. This review is probably not helpful, considering I haven't read the book yet and I'll probably forget to update it when I'm done. Mar 01, Kristyn rated it it was amazing. Okay, I do agree the grammar is horrible, as well as the dialogue, and the way P. Cast always repeats things that her regular readers already know. Like when she keeps repeating how "The cats choose the fledgling," like seriously shut the freak up already!

I also have some issues about what happened with the Zoey charater and Loren Blake. I mean, I just find it sickening that Zoey is supposed to be this strong, smart, independant young woman, yet, she's not intellegent enough to not have sex w Okay, I do agree the grammar is horrible, as well as the dialogue, and the way P.

I mean, I just find it sickening that Zoey is supposed to be this strong, smart, independant young woman, yet, she's not intellegent enough to not have sex with a grown man!? Even though there's so many things wrong with it, I'm still totally in love with the series. Maybe Untamed will be better Dec 13, Lisa rated it did not like it.

I only keep this book around because I started reading it, which means I have to finish. I only read it when I'm taking a bath. There's no need to waste my precious time on this garbage any other waking moment. First off, it's so badly written it makes me want to pull my hair out.

The immature, inane dialogue is so stupid and ridiculous, it makes me feel embarrassed for the writer, who is obviously trying way to hard to sound like a cool teenager, when in fact, it makes her sound the way Drew Bar I only keep this book around because I started reading it, which means I have to finish. The immature, inane dialogue is so stupid and ridiculous, it makes me feel embarrassed for the writer, who is obviously trying way to hard to sound like a cool teenager, when in fact, it makes her sound the way Drew Barrymore dressed in that movie "Never Been Kissed.

Oh, garsh, I'm such a ho-bag now! Gag me. Make this end. Nobody that age calls someone a "hateful hag" OK? Quit trying to make "hag" happen, Cast. It's not happening. Zoey is not a heroine. She is a bad role model for any impressionable teen that might read this. She feels guilty for being such a ho-bag while porking her teacher, cheating on both her boyfriends. And exactly why does everyone hate Aphrodite? Because she's a ho-bag for blowing her ex boyfriend?

Eeewy, she put his pee-pee in her mouth. Oh my god, I almost rolled my eyes right out of my head after reading the first book. But now look at Little Miss Hypocrite, spreading em' for Mr. I hate this series so much, that when I'm done reading this Book 3 in the bath, I plan on dunking it in the water so that no one else may ever be as unfortunate as I am to read this steaming pile of rhino feces.

What are they - vampires or witches? Cool tattoos and no fangs. Might as well fucking sparkle in the sun, while they're at it. Blow me, Kristin and PC Cast. Blow me like the ho-bags you all are.

Oct 10, Kim rated it liked it Shelves: This third installment of the House of Night series starts to feel a little preachy in its declaration of the heroine's personal values and opinions: I have, after all, listened to the exact same sentiments for three freaking books now.

For much the same reasonthat is, my experience of the previous two booksmy tolerance for the heroine's idiotic decisions and lovelorn melodrama began to wear thin. Yes, I know you're a teenager, Zoey, and yes, I know the plot requires some stupidity on your This third installment of the House of Night series starts to feel a little preachy in its declaration of the heroine's personal values and opinions: Yes, I know you're a teenager, Zoey, and yes, I know the plot requires some stupidity on your part to move forward, but really?

Do I have to keep reading as you willfully indulge in all manner of selfish vanity and lust? Have you no self control? Maybe not. And maybe that's okay, but it definitely doesn't make me care what happens to you. And yet somehow by the end of the book, once Zoey Got Hers, I found myself still caring enough about the other characters to want to read the next book.

I'm just hoping that next book brings something a little new to the table. Then I cleared my throat and continued in an overly perky voice.

So, after reading Marked and Betrayed , I couldn't possibly believe my friend's words. How could it get w "You're not like anyone else," I whispered to my reflection. How could it get worse? Now that I have finished, I can safely say that my friend was not lying. Chosen really is worse than the first two books combined. The book picks up shortly after where Betrayed left off. This book focused mainly on three things; Zoey's friend 'Stevie-Rae' being not-quite-dead which we already knew at the end of the last book , the beginnings of some sort of semi-religious conflict between vampyres and humans, and Zoey's tumultuous love-life.

Not good enough for our Zoey! We need a love- square! Usually, I'd be all for this; I love reverse-harems. I'm writing my own young adult novel with a reverse-harem. The more guys the merrier! But I absolutely hated Zoey's love issues. Because I hated Zoey.

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For me to enjoy a YA romance, I have to like the characters involved. I can disagree with them, but I have to like them. I can't throw myself into supporting a relationship between two characters I just don't give a flying fuck about. Right from the start, Zoey proves that she hasn't change from the insufferable, hateful person she was in the last few books. Her birthday is coming up, and since it's on the 24th of December it's common for people to get her 'Christmas' themed presents.

She calls it 'birthmas' gifts, and she hates it. Naturally, she didn't tell her friends this, and they all think getting her Christmas-themed gifts would be a cute idea. Zoey bitches about it internally but says nothing.

Then they find out she hates Christmas gifts, and are appalled and saddened. She whines that it's not her fault, because she told one of her friends- but that friend is dead so, oops, not her fault.

That is how the book begins. Zoey spends most of this book moaning about how awful her life is because she has three boyfriends and doesn't know what to do about them.

She knows what she is doing is wrong, but she keeps on doing it anyway. We're constantly reminded by how guilty she feels, but the guilt never seems real because she doesn't do anything with it.

At one point she's going to go break up with Heath, her human ex-boyfriend with whom she shares an Imprint, but instead of breaking up, he slits his arm open AGAIN.

This leads to two "unsavory" characters coming up and sexually harassing them. Zoey promptly kills them. Did I mention the two "unsavory" characters in question were black men portrayed as stereotypical gangsters? And that Zoey barely gives half a shit about murdering them? Now, the past few books have been racist as well, but this just threw me. How could anyone read this before publishing and think it was okay?

Not to mention that the book still reminds us every time Shaunee shows up that she is black, or, "caramel" or "mocha-latte" or any other synonym. She is the only character who is repeatedly described other than the males in Zoey's harem, and those descriptions are clearly meant to be for the reader's benefit.

A similar thing continues on for Damien and his boyfriend Jack Twist. We as the reader are constantly reminded that they are homosexual. And believe me, the jokes just fly in every direction. It's meant to be seen as friendly banter, but it just reminds me of bullying. There's this exchange that is so stiff and unnatural that I just have to quote it again; "I sighed again. General online consensus says that 'homo' isn't a friendly term of endearment. It's not the homosexual equivalent of the N-word.

All this exchange did was help reinforce the fact that Zoey's friend Damien is gay. He's gay. Did you know that? He's homosexual. He likes the D. He is a homosexual boy. This is just reinforcing horrible old stereotypes that need to stop being pushed around. I don't even want to get started on Jack Twist, who is named after Brokeback Mountain and seems to have only hooked up with Damien because they're the only two homosexual males in the story and, because of their proximity, obviously must get together.

A large chunk of the book focuses on Zoey attempted to "fix" Stevie-Rae, who had become some kind of undead vampyre during the last book. Fixing Stevie-Rae involves hiding her in Aphrodite's house- who has now become a frenemy of Zoey's- and then doing yet another element circle at the end of the book which fixes everything. The entire plot-line was bullshit and really just felt like filler to me where it should've felt central.

Instead, all the focus was on Zoey and her love life. In between these, she feels immensely guilty and calls herself a 'ho' multiple times. Then, near the end of the book, she has sex with the professor- thereby destroying the Imprint she has with Heath- and is caught by Erik.

Erik, rightfully upset, calls her a slut. Zoey, upset, insists she isn't. Erik is then painted to be an asshole for wanting to hurt Zoey after she hurt him, and it's clearly expected that as the reader we are meant to sympathise with poor Zoey, because it turns out creepy teach' Loren was actually a spy of Neferet's who only wanted to bang Zoey in order to get information out of her.

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Let me tell you something frankly. Also, it shouldCast lives in Oregon near her fabulous daughter, her adorable pack of dogs, her crazy Maine Coon, and a bunch of horses. Look at how I take care of Damien.

But oh no, Erik comes and see Zoey naked with their Professor. Original Title.

All through the confrontation Zoey starts offevolved to doubt herself. His response?