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Charlie St. Cloud | Netflix. Zac Efron sees dead people in The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud, though not in a creepy of them is his younger brother, . the death and life of charlie st cloud epub ebook, the death and life of charlie st cloud epub pdf, the death and life of charlie st cloud epub doc and the death and . Free download ebook The death and life of Charlie St. Cloud for PC - Book Hits.

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Views 2MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB. 0 Comments. Sort by The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Read more · The Death and Life. 'Refreshingly romantic, dangerously good fun, hugely addictive' Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat Charlie St. Cloud was a blessed boy. The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril is a thrilling debut novel that casts the rivalry between two of pulp The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud (eBook, ePUB).

Did they feel our pain? It is reaffirming and heartwarming, if a bit sad at times. Highly recommend. View all 18 comments. Someone who collects Precious Moments figurines. Recommended to Jesse by: I got it for free when a friend moved. I thought this book was pretty terrible. It was like if Nicholas Sparks and that guy who wrote The 5 People you Meet In Heaven got drunk, had a baby, and made the baby write a book.

That being said, this baby, or author sure knows how to write for the masses. But, I am sure that a lot of people would actually enjoy this book. It's an easy read, and the author does know how to k I thought this book was pretty terrible. It's an easy read, and the author does know how to keep things moving which made the suffering easier to cope with. I think if this book wasn't crammed full of cliche crap it would have been good.

I also had a problem with it because most of the characters appeared to be really religious, and by religious I mean Christian. However, their spirits and the descriptions of the afterlife paid no mention to their religious beliefs. When most people would think they should go hand in hand. So my question is why so many references to God when the character was alive, but not really any when they died. So, unless you like that kind of stuff, I suggest re-gifting it to your mom, or your local cat lady.

I kind of teared up a bit. Causing me to dislike this sub-par book just a little more. View all 11 comments. Aug 06, K. Fans of love ghost stories. Then I saw this book. This edition was published in June and still sitting there in the New Arrivals gondola.

I checked the blurbs and all the famous current bestselling authors are saying something good about the book: Sue Monk Kidd says one of the most magical stories I've ever read ; Adriana Trigiana this is a story that will grip you from page one ; James Patterson You won't forget Charlie and Tess and Sam ; Luanne Rice A perfect miracle of a love story and even the novelist who I hate most, Nicholas Sparks, says: Touching, wise, and full of hope, everything a wonderful novel should be.

So, I bought the book and read it the whole day today, Sunday, August 8, And oh, those authors above say it all and say it true. This is a very nice book. Almost amazing. Not yet but Sherwood's Charlie St. Cloud when it was first published in is not just an ordinary boy-meets-girl love story. That tested formula, told in many ways - different characters, different situations, etc.

More than that kind of love, Charlie St. Cloud is a love story between two brothers: Theirs is a strong bond that I have never read until today. Something that I think I never experienced even with either one of my two older brothers. Imagine this scene when they were about to part ways towards the end of the novel: This time, however, it was Sam who comforted Charlie. It is cheesy and almost gayish. Maybe we are not the kissing and hugging people in the family but it just feels unnatural to be saying those lines.

However, Charlie and Sam are fatherless and they are only living with their mother. The story did not mention any friends they hang up with. Of course, Sherwood also explains in the interview that he hopes to have his own 2 sons to develop the kind of bond like that of Charlie and Sam's. The writing is ordinary but it has many heart-tugging quotable sweet quotes that you will surely love.

The love story between Charlie and Tess does not go "overboard". The ghostly side of story reminds me of Demi Moore's Ghost or the Melinda Gordon's character in the TV series Ghost Whisperer but we don't always need to have original concepts to like a good story anyway.

I also appreciated Sherwood using lines from Dive for Dreams by e. Just read the book. For almost always, the book is better than the movie. View all 23 comments. A small coastal town in Massachusetts, two brothers who share a love of baseball and mischief, an infamous bridge where the brothers' lives change forever. Charlie looses everything closest to him, and he leaves his life behind to take a job working at the local cemetery, and realizes he was given a gift.

A gift where he sees ghosts as they cross over. He makes a promise to his little brother that they will always be together, and keeps this promise by meeting him in the clearing every dusk to p A small coastal town in Massachusetts, two brothers who share a love of baseball and mischief, an infamous bridge where the brothers' lives change forever.

He makes a promise to his little brother that they will always be together, and keeps this promise by meeting him in the clearing every dusk to play catch. Soon, Tess Carroll, enters Charlie's life, and he looses himself in her. Just as everything seems to be figured out, another accident impacts Charlie's life. This book is pretty close to the movie, heartwarming characters, and a bold flavor of faith, makes this a "feel good" book.

Perfect for this time of year. View 2 comments. Never, until I opened Charlie St. Cloud, has a book interrupted my life. I stayed up late reading page after page, and once I gave in to sleep, I awoke early and snuck some pages in before MommyHood called me to duty.

I ignored the laundry and forgot about the dishes because I needed to know what happen to Charlie, Sam and Tess. I was sucked into the world Ben Sherwood created and I loved every minute of it. The unexpected twists fulfilled the need for depth and the bond between characters warmed my heart and softened my soul. The underlining story is one to learn from: View 1 comment. When Charlie St. Cloud was fifteen years old, a tragic accident that involved "borrowing" a neighbor's car, a trip to a ballgame, and an encounter with a semi-trailer on a bridge led to the death of his three years younger brother, Sam.

In fact, Charlie was technically "dead" for minutes before his heart started beating again--no one knows for sure, but this might be why Charlie lives the life he does.

For Charlie, now twenty-eight, taking care of Waterside Cemetery is more than just a job. He's When Charlie St. He's able to help the inhabitants of Marblehead through their grief, care for the eighty-acres of land, live in the caretaker's cottage, and play baseball every night at sunset with his brother, Sam. Yes, the one who has been dead for thirteen years. Somehow, Sam and Charlie have a bond that has defied death, and the promise Charlie made to his younger brother that long ago night--"I'll never leave you"--has held, even though one of them is no longer alive.

Then one day Charlie meets Tess Carroll, a woman who builds sails and is planning for an around-the-world solo boat trip, at her father's grave.

Immediately Charlie and Tess spark a connection, and quite soon realize that they may have found their soul mates. Unfortunately, not everything is at it seems. It's actually hard to tell a lot about this book with giving away the spoilers that would ruin your enjoyment. CLOUD is unlike any book I've ever read before--it's a character study of human nature, of brotherly love, of the ingrained desire in most people to help their fellow man. It's about miracles--sometimes the kind that half the world notices, and sometimes only the kind that an individual can discover on their own.

You won't go wrong with this uplifting, inspirational tale. Two great books, lots of miracles, tons of love. Opening Line: Even though I knew the big reveal this time through I was still able to immerse myself completely in this magical, moving journey from death back to life.

With a story and writing style reminisce Opening Line: With a story and writing style reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks this is an easy, beautiful and somewhat tear-jerking read that I would recommend to fans of his.

There is of course a touching love story here but to me this was more about brothers, letting go of the past and embracing life. Sherwood also manages to also bring the seaside town of Marblehead Massachusetts to life with quaint and intriguing secondary characters and a unique yachting theme.

There were times here when I could actually smell the sea breeze, feel the salt spray on my face and really see his descriptions of clouds and setting suns. So much so that despite the movie being filmed some 50 miles from my Canadian back yard I still had the urge to visit New England.

As a teenager Charlie St. During those brief moments before Charlie was returned to life he made a promise to his brother that he would never leave him, and he never has. The cemetery almost becomes a character of its own here, no longer feeling like a creepy, sad place but one of magic and adventure. Tess Carol is about to embark on a solo sailing trip around the world so meeting someone like Charlie is definitely not in her plans.

View all 10 comments. Once I got passed the fabulousness of the book cover, I was immediately captivated by the story of Charlie St. This was a great book about the possibilities of finding your soul mate when you least expect it and about an unbreakable bond between two brothers.

The author presented a perfect blend of love and devotion balanced with tragedy and ultimate hope. It has everything I love in a good story, including a splash of paranormal delivered with events and possibilities that make you wonde Once I got passed the fabulousness of the book cover, I was immediately captivated by the story of Charlie St. It has everything I love in a good story, including a splash of paranormal delivered with events and possibilities that make you wonder what truly happens with life after death.

*FREE* The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud pdf, epub, mobi

Charlie and Sam St. Cloud are brothers not only bonded by blood but also a fatal car accident that sends Sam to the life in between and Charlie back to the here and now grieving for his little brother. After the car accident, Charlie is graced with the gift of seeing people in between life and death.

He spends the next thirteen years working as a care taker so he can be close to his brother, keeping to his promise of never leaving him. But just when you think you know what the story is attempting to deliver, the author executes a plot twist that has you wondering what the feathers just happened. The story took me where it needed to go, and I was on the edge of my seat hoping for the best.

Some would call this book a story about tragedy, but I see it as one about hope in the most desperate of situations. View all 35 comments. Cloud,' by Ben Sherwood is a story of loss, grief, love, and the afterlife. It follows protagonist Charlie St. Cloud after a tragic accident in which his younger brother, Sam, is killed. Charlie was fifteen at the time and the aftermath of the tragedy falls heavily on his shoulders. Thirteen years later he is working at the town cemetery when he meets Tess, a young sailor and adventurer.

But Charlie has not moved on with his life since Sam's death. Meeting Tess causes Charlie to ask himself the question of whether he can move forward, releasing himself and Sam from the past. It's a good, solid book and I enjoyed reading that the author had put a lot of time and energy into the research that went into making the book.

For example, Sherwood spent a week working at a cemetery "opening holes, trimming hedges, and consoling families. His descriptions of the cemetery and Charlie's role as caretaker rang true. While I enjoyed this book a lot, my critique would be that the characters could have used a little more development.

I would have enjoyed knowing more about what kind of boy Sam was, as well as more about their Mother. While this type of characterization may not have added to the plot line, for me, it would have given the book more weight, more meaning. I enjoy meaty, complex characters, and these characters were a tad shallow, lacking muscles. However, I tremendously enjoyed the concept and the way the author dealt with the afterlife and its possibilities.

Graced with an extraordinary gift after sur Description: I first wanted to read the book because I saw that they were making a movie with Zac Efron and I mean, come on, who doesn't like a good Efron movie? So I stopped at the local Target and picked it up. What a good decision. Charlie was a wonderful character and I fell in love with Sam, his little brother because he was sort of the comedic relief throughout the story.

I did think that the main characters, Tess and Charlie, were a little old for my taste I think they were in their 30's. I'm not saying that's old or anything, but I think I was a little influenced my picturing Zac instead. I thought the connection that the two brothers share is just extraordinary and so so sweet. This book reallt made me question what I plan on doing with my life and realize that I should live every second to the fullest and not take anything for granted I'm referring of course to the Vampire section, formerly known as the young adult section.

I plan on seeing the movie sometime this week so I don't now how they compare just quite yet. But I don't think there is any way to really screw it up, because anyway you look at it, it is a wonderful and sweet story line.

View all 3 comments. I originally bought this book only because the movie adaptation had just been released.

I had seen the previews and knew it was something I'd want to watch. Knowing that the movie was first a book, like always, I felt that I needed to read before renting. I ended up scooping it from the check-out aisle at Wal-Mart late one night and upon getting home, throwing it in my bedside table drawer, forgetting about it until just a few days ago.

Since then, Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood had ruled my I originally bought this book only because the movie adaptation had just been released. Cloud by Ben Sherwood had ruled my life. It was almost as if it was glued to my hand. Even though it's an easy going, lower-level reader, captivation is not just a promise but a guarantee. A beautifully written, understandable, and heart-felt story of a man faced with many complicated decisions. Cloud survives a car accident that took his younger brother Sam's life.

After this near-death experience, Charlie is left with a gift of being able to see, communicate, and interact with spirits caught in limbo. One of these spirits is his younger brother that he has promised to never leave.

Charlie's unusual talent is not only a gift but a curse. As he falls into routine of keeping his promise to Sam, he is simultaneously forfeiting his own life. Even though the book is simply written, it is littered with the age old battles between life and death, faith and knowledge, holding on and letting go, as well as the past and the future.

Thrown in the mix to make the story even better is the differenciation or lack thereof one sometimes must realize between unconditional love and tough love. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a quick, uplifting, and mesmerizing read or is wavering in their faith. Sherwood's Charlie St. Cloud is truly an underestimated gem of literature. I really wanted to like this book, the premise was exciting and I was ready to be swept away to a world of fantasy, mystery and romance.

I was disappointed though, I found the characters stereotypical and the plot predictable and cheesy. The whole book felt like a set up for a Hollywood movie. The book promises ghosts, intrigue and a unique point of view, but delivers the same old romantic comedy that's been done a million times over.

I was not expecting to enjoy this book, I really only picked it up because it has Zac Efron on the cover. But it was amazing. It was a captivating and beautiful story about love and grief.

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

I really have no words to describe how this book made me feel. This book definitely deserves more hype. I had never even heard of it before I saw it at a thrift store and bought it. I really want for more people to read and enjoy this story. I think that it is an important and powerful read. This was one of those. It was short under pages , with an interesting plot, and an adorable MC. It completely immerses you in the New England mind set, complete with sail boats, lush foliage, pretty people with deep pockets, and clam bakes.

Honestly, it left me yearning for some time up north. For those who missed the mo "There's a reason for everything, you said, and though it's a mystery to me now, I know it won't always be so. For those who missed the movie with Zac Efron, Charlie St. Cloud is about two brothers who are inseparable. When they get in a car accident, Sam, Charlie's younger brother, is killed. However, every night since the accident, Charlie and Sam play catch at twilight.

Thanks to the accident, Charlie can now see and converse with spirits. The book takes place thirteen years later, and Charlie hasn't missed a single night. Even though once Tess comes in, the bromance between Charlie and Sam takes the back seat, this book is very much about the profound bond between the brothers in the beginning and periodically throughout the story.

I loved that element of the story. I've always had a soft spot for relationships in novels between two people who love each other, truly and deeply, without the promise of romance. The romance was very fast, but I still enjoyed it. Even though it felt like one chapter they met, the next they made out, with both of their typically closed off personalities, it still felt like a natural relationship. I did all the typical smiles and whispered words of encouragement while reading.

This was just what I'd hoped for. A quick, enjoyable read with a lovely dash of romance, northeastern scenery, paranormal factors, and an overall great story. I loved this story. It was very sweet and sad. I absolutely adored the movie. I'm a huge Zac Efron fan and though he's not as old as the character of Charlie in the book, I think they made the right decision in casting him.

He's one of the very few young actors who can do romance seriously. If you haven't seen 17 again I highly encourage you to.

I was actually disappointed when Chandler showed up again. Admittedly, this was one of those rare cases where I actually like the movie more than the book!

But this was still sad and adorable all at once, and there were even parts throughout that actually made me tear up a little bit — especially toward the end, with Charlie and his brother. A nice, feel-good, supernatural romance.

This is an easy read and somewhat predictable. Life, death, grief, love, and eventually acceptance and moving on are all themes covered in this story. An enjoyable, quick read. Trust your heart if the seas catch fire and live by love though the stars walk backwards. Cloud Okay back to book reviews we go! Cloud or just Charlie St. Cloud was a very simple one. So, instead of reading Cress by Marissa Meyer after I had finished Scarlet, I decided to read a short book in order to meet my goal and it was pretty worth it.

Not because it was my favourite or because it had epic romance or amazing action scenes, but because it changes your outlook on life. At least it did for me. Yes, he can still see his little brother, but in order to do that he sacrificed so much. That particularly was the most interesting to read for me. Not just a character who experienced trauma, but one that deals with it in such an obscure way. And I think that is why I loved Tess so much.

She was the one who challenged Charlie in so many ways and I liked that she maintained her own arc instead of just being another love interest in a story.

As for Sam…poor little Sam. I mean, I knew he was going to be a ghost for most of the book, but it still hurt me to see him not growing up. I loved the characters, the story, the setting, and above all else, that warm and fuzzy feeling you get at the end of it. The prologue and epilogue are great and you really grasp the life of Charlie and his struggles and his triumphs.

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

I also really recommend the film and even with the small changes, I think it was exceptionally done. Also Zac Efron was phenomenal as Charlie. I truly think this is a story that deserves to be heard.

Have you read or seen Charlie St. Let me know what you thought! Happy Reading! This book was lent to me by a friend on recommendation. We'd been discussing the book "The Time Traveller's Wife" and she mentionned I might like this book as a result.

Reading the synopsis I didn't know how to interpret the part about "he is faced with a choice - between life and death, the past and the present, holding on and letting go".

I guessed the story might have a quirky point of view or twist to the plot, but was a little bit worried that the book may go out on a far-fetched angle. This This book was lent to me by a friend on recommendation. This soon became fairly apparent in the book. Without giving too much away, I was reminded of The Lovely Bones and The Time Traveller's Wife with the way the book flicked from various perspectives.

The plot was an interesting idea but I personally felt the love story element wasn't very "real" and was actually quite dull and predictable. Considering the love story was the majority of the book, it didn't bode well. Cloud is a romantic and exhilarating novel about second chances and the liberating power of love.

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Cloud pdf, epub, mobi Par beaumont chad le vendredi, juin 9 , Cloud Description.Wise, beautiful, touching, and makes you feel all the warmth of the world.

Without giving too much away, I was reminded of The Lovely Bones and The Time Traveller's Wife with the way the book flicked from various perspectives. Yes, he can still see his little brother, but in order to do that he sacrificed so much. Something I love about books is when they don't take too long to get going, so that was the first positive thing I noted about this story. As luck would have it, five new members join the club who are more socially awkward than they are.

The story took me where it needed to go, and I was on the edge of my seat hoping for the best. A nice, feel-good, supernatural romance.