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Buku Muhammad Al Fatih 1453 Felix Siauw Pdf

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Muhammad al fatih 1453 by felix y siauw pdf

With his wife he runs Hijab Alila, an Islamic fashion brand named after their first daughter. Felix Siauw with a YukNgaji-branded T shirt. Photo: felixsiauw on Instagram Unlike other popular preachers, such as Yusuf Mansur and Mamah Dedeh, who often avoid contentious political topics, Felix does not shy away from his commitment to establish an Islamic caliphate such as propagated by HTI.

Even though he comes from a non-Muslim family, he often labels non-Muslims as kafir infidels and disapproves of the idea of their leading Muslim societies.

He claims he is engaging in dakwah and upholding Islam; in practice what he promotes is Islamic teaching as understood by HTI. Such strategies allow him to continue to subtly promote HTI ideology even without carrying the name of this banned organisation, navigating through various online and offline spaces without being accused of breaking the law.

Photo: author His political stands have led some of his opponents to label him as an ustadz radikal radical preacher. His followers, meanwhile, see him as an ustadz gaul down-to-earth preacher.

But of course, one can be radical and down-to-earth at the same time.

In other words, his preaching is fun yet hard line, colourful yet conservative, interactive yet dogmatic. By juxtaposing these supposed contradictions, he is flexible enough to adapt to recent developments and social realities, while holding firm to his ideological commitment.

He retains his Chinese name as a recognition of his heritage, but disapproves of Chinese New Year celebrations. He strongly rejects democracy, yet embraces existing democratic space to promote theocratic ideology.

Who does this blend of radikal and gaul appeal to, and why? Felix, the convert-turned-preacher, provides them with a role model for becoming a pious Muslim.

The titles of his books and talks, such as Art of Dakwah, Power of Ngaji, Miracle of Hijrah and Ways to Believe, clearly illustrate how he makes his preaching appealing to young audiences. For those who engage with his ideas beyond social media, Felix provides two types of book.

Felix Siauw - Duration: 1: Review 1: Pertama kali liat buku ini udah tertarik. Muhammad al fatih felix siauw pdf;. Dan hari itu akan datang di tahun Siauw mengangkat kebenaran Sabda Kesejarahan Rasulullah.

Kisah Muhammad Al- Fatih - Ust. Muhammad al fatih by felix y siauw pdf.

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Get muhammad al fatih felix y siauw PDF file for free from our online library. Wisata Buku Islam.Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Kontennya sangat bagus, visualisasinya best banget lah dibanding buku Islam di Indonesia lainnya.

Materinya sangat seru dan disajikan dengan unik! Saya emang cowo, cuman saya pernah liat sedikit isi buku ini di toko buku.

The Chronicles of Ghazi

Untuk ikhwan juga penti Tak jauh berbeda dengan buku pertama "Udah Putusin aja", buku ini disuguhkan untuk akhwat-akhwat yang keliru mengenakan hijab. Perang antara Utsmani dan Kristendom yang disebut sebagai Perang Salib menjadi salah satu unsur sejarah yang muncul dalam alur cerita. Dan kita harus mewaspadai semua itu.