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Read Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Beautiful Disaster is a Romance novel by Jamie McGuire. part_1 *Beautiful* series. Into the book in your hand. Contents Chapter One: Red Flag Chapter Thirteen Fourteen: Full House Chapter If you loved Beautiful Disaster then turn the page.. Chapter One .. Walking Disaster. Walking. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James Hopeless Shades of Grey by E.L. James Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire of issues with the book long before I picked up the e-galley and took the task of reading it in full. A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful, #).

Beautiful Disaster Full Book

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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A Beautiful Wedding · Jamie Mcguire. 10 Dec The entire cast lives hard, fights hard, and certainly loves hard. I would recommend this and I will certainly be checking out Walking Disaster. Nearly. Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) by Jamie McGuire from the story Must Honestly this is one of the books that started the whole Romance books journey for me. A Beautiful Wedding: A Beautiful Disaster Novella (Beautiful Disaster Series) The entire cast lives hard, fights hard, and certainly loves hard. .. Series Jamie McGuire Collection 3 Books Bundle (A Beautiful Wedding, Walking Disaster.

She shrieks about him going through her stuff and he ignores her, not offering an excuse or apology. She shrieks at him to get out again and he insists he has to brush her teeth all while she's naked on the other side of the curtain. It's all invasive, scary, and the start of a very alarming and controlling relationship. I wouldn't have finished showering. I would have gotten dressed, soapy hair and all, before heading back to my home.

Abby, who has stood in the shower with her arms wrapped defensively around her chest listening to him brush his teeth, gets out of the shower and SMILES at the night moisturizer Travis brought her while violating her privacy and personal space.

During Abby and America's long stay with Travis and Shepley seriously, the campus couldn't open another dorm building for them to shower in? In an attempt to prove they're not sleeping together to the rest of the school Travis and Abby dance together?

I don't get the logic there. Anyway he licks her throat. She is not happy. He's mad she's not happy and grinds up on some other girl. She flirts with the bartender, but Travis puts a swift stop to that! Because the guy is a rapist! He's been arrested for it and Travis knows all about it! Thank God for Travis.

Climate Change and Migration

Thank God for his instructions not to take drinks from anyone but him and his cousin, because they treat girls with all the respect in the world and are the most upstanding citizens to take drinks from. They are still a foursome when Travis gets called for another fight. He asks Abby to go with him. America gives her non-Abbyish clothes to wear a deep cut, yellow halter top and tight, low-rise jeans.

Travis's mouth fell open.

Are you trying to get me killed? You've gotta change, Pidge. America grabbed her hips. Something comfortable.

Abby gets changed. Then she gets on his stupid motorcycle again while he drives dangerously. When they get there, Travis claims he can go his entire fight without getting hit. Abby calls bullshit.

Travis offers to make a bet. He won't sleep with anyone for a month if he gets hit. If he doesn't get hit she has to continue living with him in his apartment for a month. I don't even have words to express how I felt when this stupid girl took this stupid bet, but she does.

Travis wins. She must live with him. I think when you take away someone's constant choice to be with you then it becomes skeevy. Shepley gets angry at Abby for the agreement because she promised not to get involved with Travis.

Whenever Travis screws around with the best friend of the girl he's dating it ends badly for him. Of course, he doesn't fight with Travis or demand promises of Travis, no he screams at the girl. Abby insists there's nothing sexual between them and that there never will be. Travis comes out of the shower during all her insisting and gets annoyed.

As revenge he goes to a bar, comes home at two AM with not one but two girls. He goes into the room where Abby is sleeping, fishes through his bedside table for some condoms and heads back out into the living room to have a threesome. She sits there listening to him giggling and moaning etc because she can't leave the bedroom without walking through the living room where his little threesome is going on.

When he's finished, he kicks the girls out, and he gets back in bed with her reeking of whiskey. She gets out of bed, steps over condom wrappers and sleeps on the reclining chair. In the morning, America acts like a real friend for the first time and packs Abby's things to take her home.

Even Shepley is contrite. Travis wanders in during this conversation, having already been out to buy all of Abby's favorite foods for the month she will be staying with him. I'm going to pause and say gifts after emotional or physical abuse are part of a pretty common cycle. Abby stays because Abby is an idiot who insists a bet is a bet. Travis apologizes and hedges around letting her out of the bet. When Abby indicates it is the only thing keeping her there he holds her to it.

While she's living with Travis, Abby starts a tentative relationship with a boy named Parker who seems pretty decent. Travis responds as one might expect even though he has made no real romantic gesture towards Abby when she leaves a party with Parker.

He leaned in, seeming flustered. He seemed stunned at my confession and then his features turned severe. If he ends up holding you down in the backseat of a car, don't come crying to me. Of course, Parker is not really a rapist. Travis is just insinuating it to scare Abby into going home with him. Because Travis is the safe choice. Parker behaves like a gentleman, kissing her cheek goodnight.

Travis is waiting so close to the door that he opens it before she can push which causes her to fall in. He does this just about every time she goes on a date with Parker. The only exception, I believe, was when he drunkenly went down to the car where they were kissing and pulled her out of it.

The wheels of Parker's shiny Porsche squealed out of the parking lot, and Travis lit a cigarette. I nodded for America to go ahead and she reluctantly complied. I crossed my arms, ready for a fight, preparing myself to lash out at him after the inevitable lecture.

Travis took several drags from his cigarette, and when it was obvious that he wasn't going to explain my patience ran out. Because he was mauling you in front of my apartment!

His eyes were unfocused, and I could see he was incapable of rational conversation. I kept my voice calm. He flicked his cigarette to the ground. Don't let him fuck you in a car like a cheap prom date. More vomit inducing craziness in which Abby accuses him of spying on her.


He tells her he doesn't want to know about when she sleeps with Parker. She says that would be a big step for her. He says that's what all girls say. Abby says, "I don't mean the sluts you deal with!

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I mean me! I haven't Ugh is right. I think waiting for someone you're really comfortable with and really in love with is a good thing, but I also never felt superior to girls who felt differently about it. The girl on girl hate in this book is ridiculous. After Travis humiliates Abby in front of her date, intimidates and threatens her date until he leaves, and laughs with delight and relief over her virginity he then attempts to drunkenly seduce her.

Abby goes along with it. This is where I felt a migraine coming on. The seduction stops because Travis doesn't want it to be like that between them. Lovely that the drunk Neanderthal calls all the shots.

Creepy Things Travis Does: 1. He buys Abby a puppy for her birthday to keep at his apartment so that she will always have to come back. He beats his friends to a bloody pulp in the school cafeteria for making sexual innuendos about Abby. In reality he would've got tasered by security. After several incidents he would've been kicked out of the university, but don't worry about reality in this book.

He lets Parker and the rest of the school believe he's sleeping with Abby to chase him away. He refuses to allow Abby out of the bet even though he is strangling her healthy relationship with Parker. Immediately after Abby and Travis sleep together he calls himself her last first kiss then he destroys the apartment and rages at Shepley and America for helping her leave when his words creeps her out. After only a few weeks, he tattoos "Pigeon" on his wrist and a long Hebrew scripture quote about belonging to your beloved and your beloved belonging to you.

Review: Beautiful Disaster (#1, Beautiful) by Jamie McGuire

Never has the word 'belonging' seemed so threatening. Punches a guy who is touching her while her face is inches away from the guy's face. Stalks her after a break up. Lies to his family about them still being together. Manipulates her into pretending to still be a couple so she'll cook dinner Thanksgiving dinner for his family. BOOKS people. It was recommended, there were tons of positive reviews, and still, I hesitated.

Bestselling Series

NO WAY!! Christian Grey is now my new favorite. Wait WAIT!!! I still heart Travis to death, but this guy. Tee hee! Believe me. I promise.

LOVED it even more than book 1. Loved the comments! A twist that is very different from Beautiful Disaster. We were all in a frenzied state the entire time. In fact, despite LOVING this book to death, I needed to wait a couple of days before starting book 2, so that I could catch up on sleep, and emotional rationality. I am so tired but can not go to bed without at least starting Effortless.

I am very nervous for them. Stephens series, and also holds a special spot on this list. A famous actor, gorgeous, and pretty much… perfect. A good mix of good boy charm, strong family support and yet part of the Hollywood limelight. Every woman wants him actresses and fans alike , and all he wants is a bit of his old, comfortable life back.

A fairytale for sure, but reality sure smacks them in the head a few times! Oh you delicious angst, how I love thee!!

A sweet slow friendship and tentative love progression, perfectly paced to keep you craving and waiting and anticipating… And then!! OH yes!! Which made this wild ride all that much more exciting! I completely feel her though. Where she is coming from, her fears. All legit — I would be exactly like her in the same situation. Wait a minute! He, without a doubt, remains in my top three hot, steamy, emotionally addicting heroes of all my bad-boy books.

He may not be rich and famous, but he looks and acts like a rock star, and his tattoos and devil-may-care attitude had me from the get go. This hero was perfect in that non-perfect way. He had a few commitment issues, but then… well. Maybe things change ya know? Those are MY top three… oh wait. Christian Grey is at the top too, now. Two people get stuck in a dark elevator together. And when the lights come on?

Hot tattooed pierced guy and pretty red-head! But where do they go from here? Once the real world comes back to life, does that chemistry sizzle or fizzle? He is not Travis, no not at all. The artistic, kind of a weirdo type. But I adored him! And better yet, I adored the angst and drama the main couple put me through.

I cried my eyes out. Like a baby.

Was it a good kind of crying? Heck NO!!! It tore me apart, made me blubber and I made an internet public nuisance of myself.

But was it worth it. OH YES!!!!!!! I have not stopped since I started last night…. What a great book, I was so tired of the predictable love angst and this is refreshing torture. SO SO good, so heartbreaking, and so intense!!! Yes, Sherry.

He is gorgeous beyond belief after all, he IS a vampire, the ultimate predator however, he is horribly scarred, due to a horrific past. Tattooes forced upon him , physical scars, and worse yet, emotional scars have fractured his very existence. Volatile, and always on the edge, nobody messes with him. Not even those closest to him. Not even the other warriors.America is amazing, and she basically says everything the readers are thinking.

A fairytale for sure, but reality sure smacks them in the head a few times! To sum it all up, if I ended the book in between. She offers him her number and he declines in front of an audience of two other girls and his roommate, letting her know exactly what she means. Then meet Travis He's pretty shit in bed to be fair and I was quite shocked he didn't have more pride in his performance given that he's had so much experience.

View all 80 comments. So I was very conflicted about reviewing t review: After Travis humiliates Abby in front of her date, intimidates and threatens her date until he leaves, and laughs with delight and relief over her virginity he then attempts to drunkenly seduce her.

Cabin fever sets in.