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Tactics for Listening Third Edition is an activity-rich listening course with proven success in building Our discounted price list (PDF) New Tactics for Testing section in the Student Books, teaches the skills for success in tests and exams. Over to You: Guess whats wrong Work in pairs. Take turns. One person acts out a health problem. The other person guesses what it is. Use the. Basic Tactics for Listening, 2nd ed. Student Book Tapescript Unit 1: Names and Titles 2. Let's Listen (Page 2) 1. A: My name is Maria Carter and I have a.

Basic Tactics For Listening Book Pdf

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Practical Project Management Tips, Tactics, and Tools Harvey A. Levine JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. Practical Project Ma. This book is suitable for people who are weak at Listening or those who new to the IELTS test. The book BASIC TACTICS FOR LISTENING. Documents Similar To Tactics For Listening Tactics for Listening 3rd-Basic Student Book. Uploaded by. Eduardo Ayala.

So, how was it? It was okay, but very quiet. I had a family party at home. Oh, that sounds nice. Unit 6: Jobs 2. I sell computers.

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I like my job. And I meet lots of interesting people. Yes, I like it a lot. I like acting in front of lots of people. One day I hope to write a book about my work.

I visit lots of countries every year.


Lots of famous people come to our restaurant, too. Nursing is a good job for me. I like helping people—you know, sick people. I like my work because I work outside. Hi, Ted. Oh, hi. Are you still working in the bank? Where are you working now, Sonia? I just started as a chef in an Italian restaurant. Come and try my food. Are you still at school, Bob? No, I graduated from college last month. And what are you doing now?

Nothing much. What do you do, Marie? How long have you been doing that? For about five years. Do you need a good lawyer? Well, not yet! Are you a receptionist, Suzanne? Yes, I am.

Do you like the people you work with? Are you still a tennis instructor, Martha?

So what are you doing now? Do you work in an office, Fred? Not anymore. I just had my first class. How was it? It was terrific! Are you still working at the bookstore, Sue? I have to stand all day and I get so tired. So how do you like your job, Bill?

I do the same thing every day. I like the money! Yeah, maybe I should. Do you like teaching children, Christine? Oh, yes! I love working with kids. Well, I guess you have the perfect job! Yeah, I like it a lot. The distance to school. It takes me an hour to drive there every day. That must be awful!

It is, but the schools that are near me are not as good. How is your new job going, Anna? Good, thanks. I really like it. What do you like best about it? They are so nice. They sure do. The only trouble is, I have to travel a lot. Yeah, that can be difficult. It is. Do you enjoy being a salesperson, Nancy? Yes, I do like it. I get to meet so many people. Is it hard work? Yes, it can be. Because I think my boss is great to work for. How long have you been working in a restaurant, Martin?

For more than five years. You must really enjoy it. But the tips are great. I really should find a better job soon, though. Unit 7: Sports and Exercise 2.

Do you play sports on the weekend, Rita? No, I hate sports. So what do you do on the weekend? Uh, I watch my favorite programs on TV. Do you like sports, Rod? I play a lot of sports. So, what sports do you play?

Well, everything. Baseball, volleyball, swimming—but my favorite sport is tennis. Oh, yeah? Yeah, I play every day after work. So, how do you do it? Well, I go to the pool about three times a week, and I swim for about two hours. Two hours?

Are you practicing for the Olympic Games or something? How do you keep in shape, Ron? I travel. What do you mean, you travel? Well, I ride my bike about 20 miles every weekend. What happened? I went skiing. That looks pretty bad. Do you often go skiing? It was my first time.

Do you get much exercise, Joe? Yes, I do. I walk a lot. Yeah, I walk there about four times a week to get a hamburger and fries. Your muscles are so big, Dave. What do you do to get them so big? Well, I go to the gym every day after work, and on Saturdays, too. I love it. Do you work out? Do you play a lot of sports? Do you like volleyball? Yeah, I play volleyball during the week.

Want to play with me and my friends tonight? I love sports. I play volleyball on Thursdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays I play tennis. Which one do you like the best? Do you like playing sports?

Nah, not really. But I do watch a lot of baseball on TV! You really should get some exercise. What kinds of sports do you play? Well, in the summer I enjoy windsurfing. Why not? So, do you get any exercise? Well, not much. Where do you walk? I think exercise is so important to good health. There is a really good sports club near my school.

During the week, I play tennis there for an hour before school starts. On weekends, I usually work out at the gym near my house for a few hours. I also play baseball with some friends from school. I prefer taking walks.

I like to take a short walk every day through the park across from my house. Sometimes my boyfriend goes with me. On Sunday, I like to swim, but for only about a half hour.

I sleep the rest of the weekend. I am a big football fan, but I only watch it on TV. There are great games to watch on the weekend. I also enjoy watching tennis. I love chess and often play with my younger sister. On the weekends, I love to play video games with some of my friends. I just love to exercise! I like many different sports. I like swimming a lot. I get up very early, around 5 a. I also enjoy basketball and play with a group of friends from work every Tuesday night.

Before playing, I go jogging to warm up. I meet a friend every Wednesday and we play tennis. On weekends, I like to bicycle in our neighborhood.

I guess I spend an hour or two doing that. Oh, and I love baseball, but only watching it while sitting on the couch eating popcorn! Unit 8: Locations 2. Mom, have you seen my magazine? Oh, I was reading it. Do you know where the remote control is? Look in the living room. I think I saw it in front of the TV. Oh, yeah. Did Dad borrow it again? I saw it in your bedroom, under your bed. Do you think I should put the magazine rack next to the window? Not next to the window. It will look nice there.

Where do you think I should put the coffee table? Should I put it next to the sofa? I think it will be better in front of the sofa.

What about the plant stand? It might be nice next to the window. Yes, next to the window, either on the left or on the right. Now what about the bookshelf? How about next to the door, against the wall?

To the left of the door? Now I need to find a place for this old chair that my mom gave me. How about over there? You mean in front of the window? We still have to find a place for this end table. Yes, where can we put it? How about next to the sofa, in the corner near the door? Yes, good. Is that okay now? Where is a good place for the TV? How about in the far left corner, to the left of the window?

Yeah, that sounds good. How does it look? What about the dinner table? Maybe we can put the dinner table against the wall, across from the sofa. In the middle of the wall. Across from the sofa, against the wall. Is that what you mean? Do these magazines go on the bookshelf? Put them on the bookshelf, please. On the top is fine.

Should I put them beside the dictionary? Yes, next to the dictionary will be fine. They look interesting. What about the remote control for the TV?

Put it beside the TV. Should I put it on the TV program guide? And remind me to get a new battery for the remote when we go downtown. These look like your car keys. Where do you usually keep them? Just put them in one of the drawers in the desk. Do you want me to put this baseball cap away?

Just put it behind the door.

Should I hang it on the doorknob? No, on the hook behind the door. It will be fine there, thanks. Do you need these glasses? Not right now. I only use them for reading. Do you see the case they go in? Oh, never mind. Leave them on the coffee table, next to those sheets of paper.

He leaves his clothes everywhere. It drives me crazy! Should I put it somewhere? Leave it on the chair. He always sits there. The chair next to the window?

Unit 9: The Family 2. Who are the other two? Those are my sister and brother, Maria and Jose. How old are they? You look just like your dad. This is a picture of my son and daughter. Is your daughter older than your son? Yes, much older. How old is your son? How old is she? She looks young for This is my father with my uncle and aunt and two cousins.

Which one is your father? The one on the left. Do you have any brothers and sisters, Stephanie? No brothers. I wish I did. Poor you! Tell me about your family, Donna. What does he do? You have a big family. Do you have any brothers or sisters, Bob? Just one—my sister, Anna. Is she older than you? She always bosses me around! Tell me about your family, Rosie. Well, I come from quite a big family. Do you have any sisters? I have one older and one younger sister.

I wish I came from a big family. Do you come from a big family, Tina?

Both of my parents are taller than me. My dad is pretty tall, but my brother is even taller than my dad. Together they look like a basketball team!

My sister and I are the short ones in the family. I play the guitar and the piano.

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I guess I love music because of my mom. She sings beautifully. She plays the piano really well, too. I love animals. I have a dog and I keep a couple of parrots in a big cage in my room. My dad and I often go away for the weekend and we have a great time birdwatching. When my sister has free time, she loves to play cards. I enjoy reading. I read a lot of books and I love going to the library. My dad likes outdoor things. But Mom tells me that reading is the best way to learn. My brother and I spend all our free time in computer stores and on the Internet.

My sister is more interested in the arts. She likes music and she loves to read. She hates computers! I love traveling. My mother and I go to a different place every year. Both of us love to learn new things about cultures.

My father never goes with us because he hates flying. Sometimes I wish my sister and my father would travel with us because I miss them. Unit Entertainment 2. So do you think we should go and see it? Yes, I think so. My friend said the story is great. And I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. So do I. His movies are always full of action. Hot and sunny. But I just want to lie on the sand and sleep. What time is the game? Are you playing?

What do you want to do this weekend? What do you want to do? Hey, I know. What do you need to buy? Well, I need some new jeans. And I need some shirts. Want to come with me on Saturday? Maybe we can ride to a park and have a picnic. Great idea. Hi, Penny. This is Bob. Hi, Bob. How are things? Say, would you like to go to a movie on Friday night? A movie? What movie do you want to see? Hi, Anne. This is Mary. Oh, hi, Mary. A party. That sounds fun.

On Saturday night.

Saturday night is fine with me. Hello, Nancy. This is Ken. Oh, hi, Ken. Are you doing anything? How about going to a disco with me? A disco. You know I love to dance. What time? This is Mike. Hi, Mike. A football game? Would you like to go? Oh, well, some other time, maybe. Hi, Wendy. This is Jack. Do you want to come over and watch it with me? I have too much work to do. Bobby, would you like to go out for dinner Thursday?

Oh, well, some other time, then. Melissa, would you like to see a movie on Saturday? That sounds great. I have to go downtown.

I have an appointment. Oh, okay. Betty, do you want to come over to my house for dinner Wednesday? Around 6: See you then. Sunday afternoon? Maybe some other time? Say, Jill. I need a new dress. Want to come? Friday night?

Prices 2. Can I help you? Yes, how much are these shoes? Do you want to try them on? No, thanks. How much is this computer? Do you want to buy it?

How much is it? Thanks, anyway. Do you want to take them? Yeah, I think I will. How much are these earrings? That camera looks interesting. So, let me see…. Yes, can I help you? The color suits you. Mmm, I like chocolates, too. And chocolate chip cookies, too. You really do like chocolate. Is this all? I could never buy a car at home because we pay a very high tax on cars.

Only rich people can really afford to buy a car at home. Here in the U. I bought a lot of clothes in my country before I moved to the U. I was kind of surprised that I could get nice clothes here for very reasonable prices.

In fact, it costs me less for clothes here than it used to cost me at home. I come from a small country and not a lot of people travel by plane because it costs more than most people can afford. But the U. That means I can afford to fly here and I do it all the time. Most people send their children to private schools at home because the public schools are not very good.

Public schools are better here, and cheaper than in my country. Restaurants 2. Are you ready to order? And what would you like for your main dish? Is it good? Anything to drink? Tea, please. And how about dessert? Not today, thanks.

Hi there. What can I get you today? Well, let me see. Soup and salad. Our special today is grilled fish, and that comes with broccoli or peas. Not today. But I would like some chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Coffee, and some water, please. Have you decided yet?

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Is the beef stir-fry very spicy? And a glass of milk. Anything for dessert? The cheesecake is excellent. There you are, sir. Two slices of pizza and a large cola. Okay, I guess, but I think I should have ordered three or four slices. These slices are much smaller than I expected. Steak with french fries and coffee.

It looks okay. How is it?

Let me try. Oh, just perfect. Sorry to keep you waiting. One order of fried chicken with broccoli. Oh my! This chicken looks pretty dry. How does it taste? I think it must have been frozen. Fish, salad, and peas. I hate peas! Chocolate cake, with two scoops of ice cream and a large cola. That cake looks good. I wish I had ordered it. Do you want to try it? Just a taste. Did you order the spaghetti?

Here you are. I think I can make better spaghetti than this. I went to a new steak restaurant last night that opened near my house. I love trying new places. To start the meal, I had an interesting appetizer. It was some kind of seafood with a spicy sauce on it… Mmm! The main dish, of course, was steak.

It was very small and a little tough, though. However, the vegetables were great—nice and fresh, but not too oily. The final thing was the best—the dessert! It was apple pie with a lot of ice cream on it. Have you ever tried that seafood restaurant on Main Street?

I go there often. In fact, I went there last weekend. To begin, I had a salad. It was nice and fresh with a great house dressing. My main dish was a fish that I had never tried. I really enjoyed the spices it was cooked in. The vegetables were good—very fresh and tasty. For dessert, I had chocolate cake. My new girlfriend took me to a Chinese restaurant in her neighborhood the other night.

It was pretty good. First we had some egg rolls. They were the best I had ever tasted. Then we ordered the beef and pepper stir-fry. It came in a very interesting sauce—spicy, but not too spicy. We also ordered the steamed vegetables, but they were awful. They were really too soft. The dessert was a big bowl of fresh fruit. Some of the fruit I had never seen. It was fantastic—and so was my date! For lunch, my co-worker and I went to a nice little French restaurant near our office.

I had a large meal, though. First, I had the onion soup, but it was much too salty. For my main dish, I had a piece of pork. It was too dry and had no taste. The vegetables were perfect, though—broccoli and peas. Those are my favorites. Finally, I had a large bowl of chocolate mousse. It was just like the chocolate mousse I had in France during my last vacation—very creamy and delicious.

Small Talk 2. Oh, hello, Bob. How is everything with you these days? Gee, look at the time. Talk to you later. How are you, anyway? What have you been doing lately? Where have you been? I hope to see you again soon.

How have you been? Are you enjoying the party? The people here are really nice. Everyone is so friendly. Hi, Jim. Hey, hear that? Have you met her? But I think I will now. Nice talking to you. So, how are you, anyway? Not too bad. I have to work late nearly every night. The food looks good. Can I get you something? Okay, talk to you later. Hey, hi. Did you have a good trip? Yeah, it was great. I took a train across Canada. Then I drove to Disneyland.

Hey, great to see you. Fine, thanks. How are your parents? Oh, Mom and Dad are fine, thanks. Oh, really? Oh, fine, thanks. Do you know everyone here? Yeah, almost everyone. Tips, Tactics and Tools, 1st edition. Immunotherapy for Infectious Disease, 1st edition. Guidelines for Developing Instructions, 1st edition. Manual for Kinship Analysis 1st Edition, Listening for Lions. MySQL Cookbook, 1st edition. Environmental Geology 1st Edition. Logic Primer 1st edition.

Heart development 1st Edition. Software Testing 1st Edition. Starting Strength 1st edition. Basic Wing and Airfoil Theory, 1st Ed. Elements of Semiology 1st Edition. Revit Architecture , 1st Edition. Higher Mechanics 1st edition, Digital Desktop Publishing, 1st Edition. System Dynamics 1st edition solutions. Optical System Design, 1st Edition. Profiles of Wisconsin, 1st Edition.They sure do. Just sit down and relax. Cancel Save. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Anything for dessert?