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When four female angels were created for the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Azrael, a chaos spurned by jealousy erupted, and the archesses were. "With the launch of her new Lost Angels series, Killough-Walden offers readers a sizzling novel populated with highly intriguing characters, not the least of which. Avenger's Angel book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When four female angels were created for the archangels Michael, G.

Michael, Gabriel and Azrael my favorite! Max is their guardian and I really liked him and I want to know more about him in the future because I understood that there is a big story for him! Of course, there is Samael.

I think that he has to many secrets and I really want a whole book about him! So, great story, great characters and great love scene! What else do you need for reading a book??

I definitely recommend it!! Aug 16, Alba M. En cuanto a Ellie, pues no. El argumento te mantiene enganchada porque entre los ataques y que quieren conseguir a su arco Unfortunately before they were able to claim their mates the archesses were lost on earth.

The archangels chose to leave heaven to follow their mates and have spent the last 2, years trying to track them down. As soon as Uriel meets Ellie he knows he has found his destiny but can he convince her that they are meant to be together? The brothers aren't the only ones searching for the archesses though, they were followed to earth by Samael and he is determined to claim an archess for himself.

Who will be the first to steal Ellie's heart? I've been excited about this book since I first heard about it back in May so I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. As soon as it arrived Avenger's Angel jumped right to the top of my to read pile and it was a great start to a new series. I loved each of the archangel's Azrael in particular and am very excited to know that they will each get their own story, this is definitely a series I want to continue reading.

I did have one nagging question though - if the archesses were lost 2, years ago and Ellie is only in her early 20's what happened to her in those missing years? Is she a reincarnation of the original archess or did it just take her a very long time to get to earth? In the grand scheme of things it isn't a problem that I don't know the answer but it is something I hope we discover in a later book. Ellie has always known she was different, she has healing abilities and is able to control the weather, she never knew why she had these powers but she knows they place her in danger.

She lives in fear of being discovered and has grown up moving from place to place trying to keep her talents hidden. After narrowly escaping from government agents as a child she is terrified that they wanted to experiment on her and is always ready to run at a moments notice.

When she first meets Uriel she is attracted to him but sees him as a threat, he is a famous movie star and she daren't bring that much attention to herself. Uriel isn't going to let her just run away from him though, he has spent thousands of years searching for her and wants a chance to prove to her that they belong together.

I liked the fact that the relationship between Uriel and Ellie develops slowly, the chemistry between them is great but Ellie doesn't instantly fall in love. It takes time for Uriel to gain her trust, especially with the tricks Samael has up his sleeve.

Sam wants to claim Ellie for himself and will use whatever means necessary to keep her away from Uriel.

I have to admit I loved Sam, I definitely have a thing for the bad boys but I get the feeling there are a lot of layers to him and I can't wait to find out more. I'm really hoping he'll get his own book at some point in the series. If there was one thing I didn't like about Ellie and Uriel's relationship it was the way he took her virginity, she came across as so nervous when they got started that the way he was so forceful with her left me feeling cold.

I would have preferred their first time to have been more tender and caring but I guess that is down to personal taste. The plot was a little slow at first but once the story gets going I was completely hooked. There are some great twists towards the end that I really didn't see coming and they have me very excited about the second book Messenger's Angel.

I'd recommend this series to paranormal romance fans and am definitely planning on checking out Heather Killough-Walden's Big Bad Wolf series in the future.

View 2 comments. As a reward for their devotion, and flawless service, four favored Archangels, were given a special blessing.

They were shown the four brightest stars in the vast cosmos and told that they were the gifts. A revolt arose in Heaven because of the jealousy over the favored status of the four, causing the Archesses to fall from the sky and land in As a reward for their devotion, and flawless service, four favored Archangels, were given a special blessing.

A revolt arose in Heaven because of the jealousy over the favored status of the four, causing the Archesses to fall from the sky and land in the emerging human population, and the four Archangels decided to follow and search for their promised mates.

After fruitless millenia of searching, the four have assimilated into modern culture and all but given up hope of finding their Archesses.

Until now I was not familiar with Heather Killough-Walden's previous works, and to be perfectly honest, had not heard a lot of buzz concerning this book, but I was taken in by the blurb and thought "Why not? Best gamble I've taken in years!! As my friends at Goodreads can tell you, my updates were fast and furious while I read this book. This book had more twist and turns than a rollercoaster.

The writing was intelligent but not so detailed and complicated that it lagged. The characters were fun, sexy and people I would have over for drinks and strip poker. Eleanor Granger, Uriel's heroine was absolutely great, and you know I am no pushover in the heroine department.

Siege (comics)

I am also a huge fan of a redeemable villain with shades of grey. Sooo mysterious!! I wanted to surgically implant this book so I would never be without it and perhaps absorb some part of these awesome beings. Sep 18, Christine rated it really liked it Shelves: What I thought was going to be a formula PNR book immortal guy meets human girl, knows her instantly as "his" and then proceeds to 'win' her over started out right, but about halfway through gave a violent plot twist and then just kept on twisting.

The second half of this book I could NOT have anticipated, and with a genre that has this formula down to a science to the point where I confuse several series and characters with each other, this book stands out. Azrael and Ellie were great together What I thought was going to be a formula PNR book immortal guy meets human girl, knows her instantly as "his" and then proceeds to 'win' her over started out right, but about halfway through gave a violent plot twist and then just kept on twisting.

Azrael and Ellie were great together!

After the epic plot twist, I was sure there would be more conflict between them. And producing not one, but TWO villainous characters threw me for a bit. Toward the end, though, alliances and feelings change, which was interesting for the overall arc and made me wonder where Heather would take all of this.

Heather's actually confirmed it's about Gabriel. I have a feeling Azrael's book is going to be great, too. Heck, all of them will probably be good, which is why I'm definitely going to be reading them. View 1 comment. Jun 29, Torzilla marked it as did-not-finish Shelves: I wanted to like this title, but upon setting my Kindle down back in August, I have not had the desire to pick this book back up. It's a pity--especially since I was so looking forward to this novel.

My issues: I know that plenty will gobble this book up, despite the fact that I did not enjoy this title. Incredibly interesting premise, but it seems that I am not alone in I wanted to like this title, but upon setting my Kindle down back in August, I have not had the desire to pick this book back up. Incredibly interesting premise, but it seems that I am not alone in my dislike for Uriel. Perhaps when I am less pressed to review books, I will return to this one and give it another shot.

Ah well, I'd suggest borrowing from a friend, if possible. If you want to buy it, read a sample of this at the very least. Whatever you do, don't write it off just because of my complaints. Sono seria: Mentre leggevo mi sono sentita offesa all'idea che qualcuno pensasse una roba del genere potesse divertirmi, e non riesco a capire come abbia raggiunto la pubblicazione.

Speravo la serie fosse una barca di pesci d'aprile, o di avere una versione fallata in questo ci spero ancora. Con gli angeli ho avuto un imprinting degno di nota: Angel Sanctuary, bellissimo manga di Kaori Yuki. Questo vuol dire due cose: Del tipo che mi serve Neil Gaiman con o senza l'ausilio di Terry Pratchett per non essere delusa. O Supernatural. O Viggo Mortensen che fa Lucifero. Li ha fatti tutti maschi. Maschi alpha bellissimi, machissimi, carichi di testosterone Qui si inizia a capire il dramma.

Il Vecchio ha quindi un'altra geniale idea: Un fidanzata a cranio. Quattro pulzelle apposta per loro. Loro sono felici, tutti gli altri un po' meno. Ma si potrebbe ancora risolvere: Scatta la guerra civile. Le cherubine, nel frattempo, vengono spedite sulla Terra per protezione suppongo che a quel punto volessero stuprarle in gruppo.

I quattro arcangeli le seguono, riuscendo pure a perdersi. Bella premessa, eh? Sai, in caso non facessero i salti di gioia all'idea di mollare baracca e burattini per loro e provassero a ribellarsi. Sul serio, ad un certo punto Ellie pensa a come non voglia separarsi da Uriel per poi aggiungere che anche in caso lui non glielo permetterebbe.

Ma idiota forte. Si aggiunge lo stile. Una tragedia. Ha anche una storia confusa: Lilith, comprensibilmente, mostra il dito medio e viene quindi cacciata sulla Terra. O intendi che dal Giardino dell'Eden viene spedita sulla Terra?

Odio questo libro. Lo odio sul serio. Per Angel Sanctuary, non sono pignola: Sfortunatamente non ero dell'umore adatto per vederli come omaggi. Qui le cose si fanno confuse: La storia d'amore, la guerra con Samael o quella introdotta dopo due terzi abbondanti di libro quando arrivano i Leviatani, voglio dire gli Adariani?

Bel libero arbitrio del cavolo. Ma scusate, forse volete sapere cosa sono i Leviatani, no, gli Adariani. Sono il primo tentativo di creare angeli del Vecchio. E fidatevi che se siete peggio del Dio di Supernatural vi conviene farvi qualche domanda sulle vostre competenze divine. E darvi qualche risposta. Geni, una malattia sessualmente trasmissibile. Mi fermo qui con le mirabolanti avventure di questo branco di idioti, e passo ad alcune cose in ordine sparso: Che quando 50 Sfumature fa scene di sesso meglio di te devi solo andare nell'angolo a vergognarti.

La scena d'amore, signori e signore.

Avenger’s Angel

Personalmente ero molto, molto, molto, molto a disagio. Eleanor e l'alimentazione sana: L'alta moda: Eleanor deve andare ad un evento con Uriel, e serve un vestito da red carpet. Quello che tutte le persone normali pensano vedendo del sangue: Poi "le calzava come una seconda pelle, lasciando intuire chiaramente che la cherubina non indossava niente sotto". E suppongo che gliela possano fare, visto che ha pure lo spacco laterale.

Ha anche i guanti lunghi, rossi. Come saranno le scarpe? Complimenti, hai appena fallito nel descrivere una scarpa. Eleanor chiede come sta, per me le basterebbe andare sulla strada e sentire quanto le offrono, ma ottiene una risposta criptica: E non capisco: Review posted: The first archangel up is Uriel. He knows by sight and now the long journey of trying to convince her that they were literally made for each other begins.

She can heal people through touch, control the weather, move objects. It was difficult for her to make friends, she never had a boyfriend and her parents were forced to move the family more than once when she growing up because, well, men in suits with needles, were trying to capture Ellie. There are two strong storylines going on, the men who have been after Ellie all her life and Samael.

What a villain that I loved to hate, and hated to love throughout the story. I think he just wants the other 4 archangels to not find them, and he said a few times that he would never kill an archess, but so much remains a mystery about Samael. He stole the book for me. He puts up a hard-ass, bad guy front, but I really hope he gets his own story. She was not free. She never had been. And she resented it. Eleanore looked up at him, eyes wide. He paced to his desk, turned, and leaned back against it, his arms crossed over his chest.

Be strong, Ellie, be strong. But his smile was tender and his gaze made her feel weak. It got a little bogged down in the middle, but the pace picked back up and the action sequence during the final few chapters of the book had me back in the book. The fighting involves all the characters we get to know throughout the story and Uriel and Ellie have a nice moment at the fights end.

The world is interesting in this new series centered around archangels and their missing mates. Of all the brothers, Azrael intrigues me most. I love the different mythologies surrounding them, their powers, their divinely supernatural status, it all appeals to me. When I saw Avenger's Angel, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to read and review this new paranormal romance. After creating soul mates for these favored angels 4 Archesses, the only female angels , the archesses were sent to the protection on Earth, and the favored archangels left their realm to come find their lost mates.

The archangels lost some of their powers when they descended, and they were not the only beings to fall to earth. Samael a very powerful archangel , fell to earth to try to claim one of the females for himself. After thousands of years, Uriel, the Angel of Vengeance finds his arches, Eleanor.

However, Uriel must vie for her affections and win, or he will become a servant to Samael. And of course, the archangels are not the only dangerous supernatural beings around. On the whole, I really did enjoy Avenger's Angel. The four main archangels are a powerful, close-knit family who are seeking an end to loneliness.

Even though they left "heaven" they still have a need to help people and they still have their basic natures. I liked Uriel, he is a very strong, alpha, protective male hero who tries to understand Ellie's Eleanor's needs. Ellie herself is a very interesting heroine, she has a kind heart, and when it comes to danger, she proves she is far from weak. Ellie does have a hard time understanding what Uriel and the brother's have been through, and their intentions.

Overall, I think that she adapted to circumstances pretty well. Something that felt a bit odd to me in this story is the nature of good and evil. The angels and the supernatural beings don't really seem to come from a good side or bad, they are all created by the "Old Man" and they are quick to fault him, and declare that he is imperfect and can't relate to the human world. Samael is the "evil" being, but he is a villain who doesn't seem to be ALL evil.

He is out for his own purposes, and will do anything to achieve those purposes, but he still retains some of his angelic nature that can blur the lines between good and evil. I am actually quite intrigued by Samael, his character definitely made this story much more interesting. Avenger's Angel is an enjoyable read that creates a world where Archangels develop human sympathies and the lines between good and evil are blurred.

Avenger's Angel didn't jump out at me as a really stand-out book. However, I did really enjoy the main characters, the four archangel brothers.

I find that I am curious to see what happens for the other archangel brothers, as well as for Samael. I found the world a bit odd, but still interesting and if I get the chance to read the next book in the series, I will likely pick it up to see what comes next.

With that, I rate Avenger's Angel 3. Oct 20, Rhonda rated it really liked it.

See a Problem?

I think this will be a good and different series to read. I enjoyed reading the first one. Their are 4 archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Azrael, that were the most favorite and The Old Man created for them 4 soul mates but before they could meet the 4 archness soulmate were cast down and the 4 archangels followed them and have been searching for thousands of years.

They did not come alone to search for them. Michael warrior angel now policeman in I think this will be a good and different series to read. Michael warrior angel now policeman in NYC Gabriel messenger angel now fireman in NYC Uriel angel of vengence Movie star Azrael angel of death, now the first vampire Singer Samael the fallen media mogul now Ellie works in a bookstore that Christopher Daniels Uriel was signing at today a novel written about his blockbuster movie.

He reconginezed her right away and could hardly believe he finally found her. Ellie was 25 she was home schooled because she had powers of healing and over the weather that came out and her parents were scared someone would take advantage of her. In fact they did have to run a few times and it was very close. Ellie did not know why and who were after her. The last thing she wanted was to be in the spotlight and for people to watch her. Sameal wanted a archness himself he was planning to suduce her and made a bargain with Uriel to win her if he did than Sameal would leave her alone.

If Sameal won her favor than Uriel would have to be his servant forever. If Uriel did not make the deal Sameal would kill her. Of course their were hidden clause in the contract. Their are twists and turns into the book that i kept being surprised with. Was a nice size of book and look forward to more stories about the other 3 archangels. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.

Luckily I received an early review copy, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

The writing is fabulous and there are three plots that weave together to create a thrilling action-packed story as well as a beautiful romance, and there are moments that are just gorgeous and made my heart melt. The characterisation is great too. The protagonists in this book there will be four books in the series altogether are Ellie and Uriel.

They are such great personalities and I love that their relationship wasn't insta-love, although it was definitely insta-lust. He lives mostly in the basement on his own. I find him sad and can't wait until he finds his own Archess who will love him.

I would love to meet the woman who's able to thaw his icy, black heart. I really like the fact that Ellie is a strong character and can stand up for herself, but she's soft and vulnerable too, a great combination.

Her realisation that these four brothers are Archangels and that she is an Archess is very well done. The only real negative point I have with this novel was the sex scene between Uriel and Eleanore. He even put his hand over her mouth as he took her virginity violently to keep her from crying out from the pain.

This took the edge off from what should have been a satisfying union. It's what I had wanted since they first laid eyes on each other as the sexual chemistry between them is just so toe-curlingly good. But the tender hotness of this scene was diluted by not knowing if Ellie was willing or if she was under a vampires influence. However, a few pages after the scene, Ellie did state that she liked being the submissive party and that she had thoroughly enjoyed what Uriel had done to her.

The cover is absolutely stunning and I love angels with wings, but most of the novel the archangels are just like humans but with supernatural powers. However, the ending is great and leaves me very impatient for the next book in the series.

The world is intriguing and the action is fast-paced. I for one can't wait to read future instalments. Fans of paranormal romance will lap this up - a great start to a new paranormal series. Original Romancing the Darkside Review: Sexy archangels on a hunt for their soul-mates that will steal your heart! This is a promising start to a series that has definitely piqued my interest! Avenger's Angel tells the story of the four favored angels of Heaven who were given the gift of their soul mates, known as the archesses, only to be torn apart, banished to Earth and hidden from the archangels.

Vowing to find their true loves, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Azrael abandon their duties to continue their search on Earth, one that has been ongoing for 1, years. When the former archangel of Vengeance, Uriel meets Ellie he instantly knows she's the woman he's been searching for, but hidden in the shadows lies a jealous enemy that will go to any lengths to have an archess for himself.

Searching for his archess has proven nearly impossible for Uriel but keeping her at his side will prove to be his biggest battle yet. I've read a few books regarding angels and this one definitely stands out. The story is really creative, the author has written a dark paranormal romance with an all star cast of characters that you'll undoubtedly fall in love with, villains included! Ellie and Uriel's sexual tension is off the charts but I love that Ellie was immensely attracted to him but fought it off as long as she could, it keeps things interesting.

She's a smart and sharp heroine but I can't say I was invested in her character from the start but found myself liking her more towards the end. The angels in this book are all tortured heroes who have sacrified their lives and taken new ones, all in the name of finding love, how can you not love them? They all have completely different personalities and each brings their own style, giving the story a bit more of dimension and originality.

The scenes with all the archangels were some of my favorite and these complicated men sparked my curiosity, leaving me anxious to read their stories.

I can't call a favorite just yet but I definitely want to know more about the dark and brooding Azrael, I have a feeling his story will be magnificent!

If all of this alpha hero male candy weren't enough, we meet the two villains who are just as appealing as the heroes. I have a soft spot for bad boys and Samael had me at hello! There's nothing better than a love hate relationship with a villain and that's exactly what Samael does best.

Unexpected twists, unusual alliances and a powerful romance make this a riveting story. It's unpredictable, dark, fun and adventurous. You will connect with all of the characters on an emotional journey that will stay with you long after the last page is read. Sexy archangels and fascinating world building make this a winner for paranormal romance and urban fantasy lovers alike!

Jun 29, Kara-karina rated it it was amazing.

It was uber cool, people. Four Archangels roaming the earth for years looking for their archesses. And check this out: Is this a collection of man candies or what? There is a Fallen Archangel, Samael, who 4.

There is a Fallen Archangel, Samael, who wants an archess for himself. He is beautiful, tempting, and not an asshole, CEO of a big media corporation and he loves to draw contracts which need to be signed in blood. Sounds familiar? I thought so. When Uriel, one of the Archangels finds his archess, Ellie, who works in a bookshop where he does the book signing, he desperately tries to attract her attention.

He waited years for such moment, and she is a perfection for him. Ellie, who's been on the run all her life, because she has unusual abilities - she heals, manipulates the weather and moves objects with her mind, can't afford to get involved with a famous actor because she will get noticed. Situation gets complicated because Samael finds Ellie as well, and tries to woo her. Interestingly enough, you don't get any evil vibes of him. He is cunning and he wants an archess and he worships Elly.

But he also totally plays Uriel to get him into signing the contract which changes the guy into someone, let's say, unstable for the duration of it. All because Uriel didn't read all the clauses before signing.

I loved Ellie and Samael. But because of Uriel complications he wasn't as likable as he could have been. The scene of sex was almost rape-y, and I hated to read it I'm still fragile after Dark Predator disaster, people.

However, according to the author Uriel was reading Ellie's mind and behaving in a way which turned her on even more.

She admitted it herself and there was nothing on this topic later on. So yeah, that part of the relationship was shaky. The big baddies very very believable and really dangerous, which I liked and the whole world-building was very well done. I'm totally sold on this series and looking forward to the rest of the books, hoping that the next relationship won't be as volatile as this one.

Oct 11, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: This series is about 4 archangels Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, and Azrael who were "the old mans" favorites. Then jealousy spawned from another which ultimately got the archesses sent to earth to be hidden. The 4 archangels decided to go to earth and claim their soulmates.

But maybe Uriel doesn't realize what he's doing. Maybe this a misunderstanding There was nothing left in him but a dominant vampire, an archangel who needed his archess, and a determination that forced his will upon the woman trapped beneath him. He ends up tearing off her clothes, all while she's immobile. I will admit that Eleanore's apparently super turned-on by this, which is kind of hard to believe considering that she's often afraid of him and also a year-old virgin who only received her FIRST KISS a couple days ago from Uriel.

But yes, I'll be fair, the interaction is supposed to be sexy.

Don't try to get away, do you understand? Uriel's hand was out from between them and once more wrapped around her throat in a flash. He used it to pull her up and against him, squeezing in warning. I don't care if your name is Admiral Sexy Beast and your bowel movements give women orgasms. Fucking shenanigans. Isn't this basic stuff? You know, like how we've collectively decided not to stab our loved ones with steak knives. Some things just don't fall in my gray area.

To add insult to injury, he's a total dick about Ellie's grip on the headboard. Is that what happens if an archess disobeys her archangel, or is this just an asshole vampire thing? Uriel eventually grabs her by the hair and yanks her head back so he has access to the veins in her neck. I'd just like to SEE my husband try to grab me by the hair.

Oh, but he wouldn't try something like that. In one clean, driving shove, he ripped through her virginity and rendered it in two. My rage has yet again reached a boiling level, so I won't share anymore quotes with you. He saw the Infinity Stones whizzing about in space, spliced in with some images of destruction.

At the end of the movie, Thor vowed to leave Earth in order to work it all out.

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It's not a coincidence. Thor also appears to be none the wiser regarding Thanos, who is surely the one making pawns of the Avengers. Sanctuary 1, apparently, is the pile of rocks where his throne is based. There are a couple of ways to read this scene: either Thanos has managed to track Thor and Loki of his own volition, or Loki has summoned his former collaborator deliberately. I prefer the second option, which plays into the on-going narrative merry-go-round of Loki saying he will change his ways before promptly doing the opposite.

And maybe, knowing that Thanos is obsessed with the Infinity Stones, he decided to contact the purple mega-villain and rebuild their alliance. This would certainly chime quite nicely with what we know about Infinity War from the footage screened at D3. Only read on if you want to know what that entailed The footage from D3 There are various reports on the web describing the Infinity War footage that Marvel screened at both the D3 fan event and the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year.

It seems plausible that there is a Loki betrayal in the middle of those two events, with the God of Mischief teaming up with Thanos once again and deciding to ditch his brother. Further details from those footage descriptions seem to back up this idea, with Loki seen holding the Tesseract and Thanos battling the heroes of Earth. Having been defeated in The Avengers, this villainous duo seems to be really upping their game. It will be interesting to see what the relations are like between all of these superheroes.

Has Tony whipped it out to use against Thanos, or is he fighting the Hulk again? Before that Personally, I think that theory feels like a long shot, but all guesswork is valid at this stage. Of course, a new season of Agents Of S. After that So feel free to leave your predictions and wishes in the comments belowBut he also totally plays Uriel to get him into signing the contract which changes the guy into someone, let's say, unstable for the duration of it.

I sold it. Ellie has always known she was different, she has healing abilities and is able to control the weather, she never knew why she had these powers but she knows they place her in danger.

Also in Novel of the Lost Angels. A Kingsguardsman sets an elaborate and high-tech-looking equipment case down on the cart, opens the lid, and steps back. Jun 29, Kara-karina rated it it was amazing. With Infinity War, they are working with an even bigger stable of heroes.

Since humans are freaking awful, Eleanore's spent the better part of her 25 years dodging shady government vehicles containing men in suits with nefarious collections of needles. This is my first read by this author and it was a good read,not great,but good.