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Map No. Rev. UNITED NATIONS. July 0. 0. km. mi. AFRICA. The boundaries and names shown and the. African country identification. Grades Standards. • SS Africa Political Map. Objectives. • Students will be able to identify countries in Africa. Background . Download | Labeled printable Africa countries map (pdf) Printable Africa countries map quiz (pdf) Download | Printable Africa countries map quiz (pdf).

Africa Political Map Pdf

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Download Free Africa Maps in high resolution formats. Africa (Political) ( K) and pdf format (K) Africa - Horn of Africa - Political Map [PDF]. maps of Africa. Download free maps of Africa in pdf format. Download our free maps in pdf format for easy printing. Free PDF map of Political map of Africa. Note: Bassas da India, Europa Island,. Glorioso Islands, Juan de Nova Island, and Tromelin Island are part of the. French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

Conversation can only become informal when the more powerful man uncovers his mouth and chin. Light, sturdy gowns called bubus allow for cool airflow while deflecting heat and sand.

The Tuareg have updated these traditional garments, bringing in modern color combinations and pairing them with custom sandals and silver jewelry they make by hand. These updated styles are perhaps best seen during the annual Festival in the Desert. This three-day event, held in the middle of the Sahara, includes singing competitions, concerts, camel races, and beauty contests. The festival has rapidly expanded from a local event to an international destination supported by tourism.

Pygmy is a term used to describe various ethnic groups whose average height is unusually low, below 1. The Bambuti are believed to have one of the oldest existing bloodlines in the world.

Ancient Egyptian records show that the Bambuti have been living in the same area for 4, years. Geneticist s are interested in the Bambuti for this reason. Many researchers conclude that their ancestors were likely one of the first modern humans to migrate out of Africa. Bambuti groups are spearheading human rights campaigns aimed at increasing their participation in local and international politics.

The Mbuti, for instance, are pressuring the government to include them in the peace process of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mbuti leaders argue that their people were killed, forced into slavery, and even eaten during the Congo Civil War, which officially ended in Mbuti leaders have appeared at the United Nations to gather and present testimony on human rights abuses during and after the war.

Their efforts led to the presence of U. Political geography is the internal and external relationships between various governments, citizens, and territories. Historic Issues The great kingdom s of West Africa developed between the 9th and 16th centuries. The Kingdom of Ghana Ghana Empire became a powerful empire through its gold trade, which reached the rest of Africa and parts of Europe.

Ghanaian kings controlled gold-mining operations and implemented a system of taxation that solidified their control of the region for about years. The Kingdom of Songhai Songhai Empire combined the powerful forces of Islam , commercial trade, and scholarship. Songhai kings expanded trade route s, set up a new system of laws, expanded the military, and encouraged scholarship to unify and stabilize their empire.

Their economic and social power was anchored by the Islamic faith. Colonization dramatically changed Africa. The legacy of colonialism haunts Africa today. Colonialism forced environmental, political, social, and religious change to Africa.

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Natural resources, including diamonds and gold, were over-exploited. European business owners benefitted from trade in these natural resources, while Africans labored in poor conditions without adequate pay. European powers drew new political borders that divided established governments and cultural groups.

These new boundaries also forced different cultural groups to live together.

This restructuring process brought out cultural tensions, causing deep ethnic conflict that continues today. In Africa, Islam and Christianity grew with colonialism.

Christianity was spread through the work of European missionaries, while Islam consolidated its power in certain undisturbed regions and urban centers. World War II empowered Africans to confront colonial rule.

Regions in Africa continue to fight for their political independence. Western Sahara, for instance, has been under Moroccan control since The United Nations is currently sponsoring talks between Morocco and a Western Sahara rebel group called the Polisario Front, which supports independence.

Contemporary Issues Managing inter-ethnic conflict continues to be an important factor in maintaining national, regional, and continent-wide security. One of the chief areas of conflict is the struggle between sedentary and nomadic groups over control of resources and land. The conflict also involves religious, cultural, and economic tensions.

The Darfurians were mostly Christians, while the Sudanese government is mostly Muslim. They claimed their land and grazing rights were consistently being trespassed by nomadic Arab groups. Many international organizations believe the government had a direct relationship with the Arab Janjaweed.

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The Janjaweed are militia s, or independent armed groups. The Janjaweed routinely stole from, kidnapped, killed, and rape d Darfurians to force them off their land. The United Nations says up to , people have died as a result of war, hunger, and disease.

More than 2. Thousands of African Union-United Nation peacekeepers remain in the region. Other groups have organized peace talks between government officials and JEM, culminating in a peace deal signed in Qatar. As a result of ethnic conflicts like the one in Darfur, Africa has more internally displaced people IDPs than any other continent.

In , there were an estimated Regional and international political bodies have taken important steps in resolving the causes and effects of internal displacement.

All members of the United Nations and at least 23 international organizations have agreed to meet the goals by These issues disproportionately affect Africa. Because of this, the international community has focused its attention on the continent.

Tensions and Turbulence Ahead

Many parts of Africa are affected by hunger and extreme poverty. Key goals include doubling food yields by , halving the proportion of people without access to adequate water supply and sanitation , and providing universal access to critical nutrition.

Scholars, scientists, and politicians believe climate change will negatively affect the economic and social well-being of Africa more than any other continent. Rising temperatures have caused precipitation patterns to change, crops to reach the upper limits of heat tolerance, pastoral farmers to spend more time in search of water supplies, and malaria and other diseases to spread throughout the continent. Meanwhile, succession risks dominate the political risk landscape in many African countries.

And the threat of terrorism remains a concern, evidenced by attacks in Europe, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere in Below, we look at key developments in each region that are likely to affect the political risk landscape throughout For , this is expected to continue, and could include changes regarding global trade, with China potentially a key target. The US mid-term congressional elections will be held in November for the Senate and House of Representatives, both of which currently have a Republican majority.

A shift in power to the Democrats could create greater political gridlock. The uncertainty caused BMI Research to increase its estimate of political risk in each of those countries, as portrayed in the short-term political risk index STPR , in which lower scores represent decreased stability.

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Venezuela has experienced continued unrest throughout as a result of an economic crisis, which has continued to weigh on its STPRI, now at As talks continue, the risk that the UK will leave without a deal becomes greater, and companies may need to prepare for such an eventuality. In Spain, political instability has persisted since August in Catalonia, as some there push for independence.

Terror attacks in Barcelona, London, Sweden, and elsewhere in Europe in have kept terrorism a major security concern. Elsewhere, the rise of far-right parties in created uncertainty around upcoming elections. General elections in Italy will take place in March , raising concerns over whether anti-establishment and Eurosceptic parties, including the 5-Star Movement, will prevail.

Current opinion polling suggests that the opposition centre-right bloc consisting of Forza Italia and Northern League LN looks set to emerge as the largest in parliament, but fall short of a majority. This could result in extended negotiations over coalition building, and the eventual formation of a weak government. Greece experienced improvement in its political risk outlook, owing to greater policy stability and improved relations with its international creditors.

AFRICA The African region once again saw some of the biggest improvements in political risk scores, but also some of the most notable deteriorations.

Succession risks in Africa reached a decisive peak in In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe resigned from power after 37 years, and the transition to Emmerson Mnangagwa appears to have gone smoothly, reducing the risk of political disruption in the country and improving its STPRI score from However, uncertainty around elections and successions led to sharp increases in political risk in several countries.

At the same time, Qatar continues to face a diplomatic crisis, while tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran remained heightened.Mbuti leaders argue that their people were killed, forced into slavery, and even eaten during the Congo Civil War, which officially ended in Greece experienced improvement in its political risk outlook, owing to greater policy stability and improved relations with its international creditors.

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Medium World Political. Special Offers. State Capitals. These issues disproportionately affect Africa. What European power got control over which country?