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You can download the book from here -Library Genesis. Hope you found what you were looking for. Download “The Mahabharata Quest” ' The Alexander Secret' is one of them; I couldn't put the book down after starting it!. The Alexander Secret: Book 1 of the Mahabharata Quest Series eBook: CHRISTOPHER C. DOYLE: Kindle Store.

The Mahabharata Quest Alexander Secret Pdf

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The Mahabharata Quest the Alexander Secret by Christopher C. Doyle

Vijay is rescued and brought back to India. In New Delhi, the group, along with Kidwai continue searching for the Order and Radha, although knowing she might be dead.

One night, Vijay receives a mysterious phone call from a person claiming to be his father's ally, but promises to meet him with important information only after six months. Development[ edit ] Samudra manthan was a primary idea behind the book's story Author Christopher C.

Doyle released his first novel, The Mahabharata Secret in , calling it a story that he wrote for his daughter, which gradually expanded into a novel. For a man who had marched 20, miles in the quest of conquering the world would have ideally liked to conquer this territory as well.

Instead he turned back mysteriously. So for me I saw this as a big gap and this is where I found the linkage in my book between the secret of the gods and Alexander's real purpose for visiting India.

He believed that since Alexander had already proclaimed himself to be son of the Greek god Zeus , he might have already come across such a secret. In total, it took him two years to finalize and complete the book, and he based the story in science, and not on conspiracy theories or religion or mythical fantasy. The use of hard core science and accepted scientific fact to explain mythology was something that makes my books different," he added.

Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty from The Hindu believed that with the book, Doyle was "all set to establish [himself] as a fantasy writer who looks at legends and mythology through the tunnel of science, from the convenience of the modern-day world.

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If she was trying to get back together, that would really complicate the situation. Retrieved from " https: That would suffice to establish her identity and seek asylum in the consulate. Doyle released his first novel, The Mahabharata Secret in , calling it a story that he wrote for his daughter, which gradually expanded into a novel.

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