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Download by Download. View: all over. Three days of sun-baked metal madness saw bands showcasing their various brands of hard rock'n'roll. Record Collector is the world's leading authority on rare and collectable records. Launched in , it is now the UK's longest-running music magazine. Record Collector Magazine. likes. Record Collector: Serious About Music Founded in The world's leading authority on rare and collectable.

Record Collector Magazine Pdf

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Record Collector is the world's leading authority on rare and collectable records. Launched in , it is now the UK's longest-running music magazine.

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Record Collector – Issue 449 – February 2019

Register here. More Information. Got any news or live dates? Send it to tim. Download Castle Donington, Notts. You might also like: Castle Donington - 14th June, Subscribe now and save up to. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our site. After the fires died down, Earth plunged into a period of cold, perhaps even a deep freeze. About seventy-five per cent of all species went extinct.

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More than When the asteroid struck, it vaporized layers of limestone, releasing into the atmosphere a trillion tons of carbon dioxide, ten billion tons of methane, and a billion tons of carbon monoxide; all three are powerful greenhouse gases. The impact also vaporized anhydrite rock, which blasted ten trillion tons of sulfur compounds aloft.

The sulfur combined with water to form sulfuric acid, which then fell as an acid rain that may have been potent enough to strip the leaves from any surviving plants and to leach the nutrients from the soil. This is called the KT boundary, because it marks the dividing line between the Cretaceous period and the Tertiary period.

Mysteries abound above and below the KT layer. In the late Cretaceous, widespread volcanoes spewed vast quantities of gas and dust into the atmosphere, and the air contained far higher levels of carbon dioxide than the air that we breathe now. The climate was tropical, and the planet was perhaps entirely free of ice. Yet scientists know very little about the animals and plants that were living at the time, and as a result they have been searching for fossil deposits as close to the KT boundary as possible.

Consequently, numerous paleontologists have argued that the dinosaurs were on the way to extinction long before the asteroid struck, owing perhaps to the volcanic eruptions and climate change. Other scientists have countered that the three-metre problem merely reflects how hard it is to find fossils.

Locked in the KT boundary are the answers to our questions about one of the most significant events in the history of life on the planet. If one looks at the Earth as a kind of living organism, as many biologists do, you could say that it was shot by a bullet and almost died. I would prefer not outlining the details via e-mail, if possible.


At first, I was skeptical. DePalma was a scientific nobody, a Ph.

I thought that he was likely exaggerating, or that he might even be crazy. Paleontology has more than its share of unusual people. But I was intrigued enough to get on a plane to North Dakota to see for myself.

At the time of the impact, the Hell Creek landscape consisted of steamy, subtropical lowlands and floodplains along the shores of an inland sea. The land teemed with life and the conditions were excellent for fossilization, with seasonal floods and meandering rivers that rapidly buried dead animals and plants.

Dinosaur hunters first discovered these rich fossil beds in the late nineteenth century. In , Barnum Brown, a flamboyant dinosaur hunter who worked at the American Museum of Natural History, in New York, found the first Tyrannosaurus rex here, causing a worldwide sensation.

One paleontologist estimated that in the Cretaceous period Hell Creek was so thick with T. It was also home to triceratops and duckbills.

This was true not only in Hell Creek but all over the world. For many years, scientists believed that the KT extinction was no great mystery: over millions of years, volcanism, climate change, and other events gradually killed off many forms of life.

But, in the late nineteen-seventies, a young geologist named Walter Alvarez and his father, Luis Alvarez, a nuclear physicist, discovered that the KT layer was laced with unusually high amounts of the rare metal iridium, which, they hypothesized, was from the dusty remains of an asteroid impact.

In an article in Science, published in , they proposed that this impact was so large that it triggered the mass extinction, and that the KT layer was the debris from that event. Most paleontologists rejected the idea that a sudden, random encounter with space junk had drastically altered the evolution of life on Earth. The crater and the asteroid were named Chicxulub, after a small Mayan town near the epicenter.

But opposition to the idea remains passionate. The site had once been a pond, and the deposit consisted of very thin layers of sediment. Normally, one geological layer might represent thousands or millions of years. But DePalma was able to show that each layer in the deposit had been laid down in a single big rainstorm. We could experience this in real time.

Today, DePalma, now thirty-seven, is still working toward his Ph. He holds the unpaid position of curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Palm Beach Museum of Natural History, a nascent and struggling museum with no exhibition space. In , while looking for a new pond deposit, he heard that a private collector had stumbled upon an unusual site on a cattle ranch near Bowman, North Dakota.

Much of the Hell Creek land is privately owned, and ranchers will sell digging rights to whoever will pay decent money, paleontologists and commercial fossil collectors alike.Currently[ edit ] In , Record Collector became a full colour publication — marking the fact with a psychedelic special — and printing 13 issues a year. Sunday saw Donington return to its roots with Skin making a welcome return, and going down a storm.

Additionally, users can get total collection valuations by adding records in the database to a private "My Collection" section of the site. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

There is also the American market to consider, which extends from to the vital 80s punk scene that not only spawned Green Day, but bands like Operation Ivy and Screeching Weasel. If one looks at the Earth as a kind of living organism, as many biologists do, you could say that it was shot by a bullet and almost died. So a combination of a Mint LP and a pristine three-book set could be a winning combination.

Look out also for fellow violin players like Ginette Neveu and Johanna Martzy, although this is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

It was not until the monthly Q magazine launched in — its focus on older music fans who were buying the new CD technology of the time — that a major competitor entered the music monthlies sector.