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Thursday, May 16, 2019 - Buy Kashi Ka Assi book online at best prices in India on Read Kashi Ka Assi book reviews & author details and more at काशी का अस्सी कहानियों और संस्मरणों के चर्चित कथाकार काशीनाथ सिंह का नया उपन्यास है % काशी का अस्सी । जिन्दगी . Kashi Ka Assi (Hindi) eBook: Kashinath Singh: Kindle Store. Though the book was written in the last decade, but it suits the present context of just.

Kashi Ka Assi Book

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Dr. Kashinath Singh's novel Kashi ka assi is definitely one of the best works written Now i understand why the movie based on this book named 'Mohalla Assi'. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: Hindi kashi ka assi (Hindi) Kindle Edition Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse. Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially Start reading kashi ka assi (Hindi) on your Kindle in under a minute.

There are benefits of market too — no one asks you your caste there. But due to the lack of academic training, information and opportunities available to them, most had to fall back on the old trade of artisanship, or poorly paid jobs as manual labourers.

काशी का अस्सी (Kashi ka Assi)

She told me she was invited at a fancy dress competition recently where the loudest applause went to a vegetable seller who hawked in Bhojpuri. Banarasipan is freedom, undiscipline. Am glad I did.

And hv [sic] nasty hangovers now.

Oddly, this was also the time when Bhagat was researching his next novel, based on the life of three young friends in Varanasi.

The protagonist of Revolution , Gopal Mishra, is born into penury, but has two major ambitions in life. First, he wants to become rich by any means; and second, he wants to court his childhood love. Unable to crack the engineering entrance exams, he is helped by a corrupt politician who mentors him, investing his money to help him become an entrepreneur and starting his own engineering college.

Well, almost. Only then the aarti begins! Talking of food, Dubey told me of a relative who had opened a restaurant serving local cuisine. Bati-chokha — made of flour and stuffed with chana daal — had turned out to be the most popular item on the menu. Indeed, the one time bhang found a mention was when Mishra had to rebuke his friend for talking nonsense. While Bhagat manages to transplant those caricatures to Varanasi, his engagement with the city, its people, traditions — or even my subject of enquiry, food — is superficial at best.

Copyright: Kristjan-Jaak Tammsaar Highs and lows Vishwanath, known to everyone as Pappu, is now in his early 60s, and no longer sits in the shop. I soon realised he was also one of those for whom Varanasi still evoked the olden days: Earlier, along with our friends, we used to cross the river, to go the other [eastern] side of the river: We used to walk down the open fields, clear our bowels, and bathe. Then we would sit down by the riverside at a clean place, prepare thandai-bhang, distribute it among ourselves, and enjoy the evening before heading back home.

These were the things we enjoyed. All this has reduced now. With urbanisation, open spaces have reduced. Before I saw him, I heard a gentleman in the chai shop inviting his middle-aged friends to visit his village, 40 km from Varanasi, for a bati-chokha party.

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Soon, someone offered the use of his vehicle to bring them to the village. From the fields all the way to the belly! It will all be people of your age. One of them looked quintessentially Banarasi: grey beard, expressive eyes, vermilion mark on the forehead, sunglasses, and hair parted symmetrically.

Tripathi, I later found out, had been a senior journalist with the Hindustan newspaper. He was also a painter with a few exhibitions to his credit. He died in an accident — he was taking photographs when he slipped [into a ravine] from Vindh mountain.

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What did he think of the controversy surrounding the real life characters of Kashi Ka Assi? No one had the courage to come and refute what he had written. Everyone I met in Varanasi believed that it was only after the city had become a spiritual supermarket that LSD and heroin had become household names here. But when it came to intoxicants, Varanasi had a fine distinction: bhang is considered sattvic — sentient in the Shaivite tradition as, indeed, are milk products like ghee or lassi — where as LSD and opiates are not.

Over the last two decades, he knew many foreigners into drugs, some of whom had later undergone rehabilitation. What did he think they came here for? She was admitted in the Heritage hospital.

When asked about informing her family, she said she would rather die here in Varanasi, all alone, than inform them.

They never have an answer. But if you ask them about the benefits of milk or lassi, they will give you ten answers. So why did Nandlal Master think they swore by Coke or Pepsi over, say, lassi or thandai? Celebrities are to be blamed. Young people idolise Aamir Khan, Sachin Tendulakar.

When they see them promoting Coca-Cola, they naturally ape them. He was born into a poor family of Banarasi silk sari weavers in Mehdiganj, a village 25 km from Varanasi. The protests, he told me, had started soon after the plant opened: first it was intended to garner permanent rather than temporary work for its employees. Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Limited, on the other hand, had been seeking permission to dig new bore wells to extract groundwater from deeper down. Companies like Coca-Cola performed corporate social responsibility programmes to make them sound authentic and responsible, he said, when in reality they did all they could to hide their unethical practices.

काशी का अस्सी – काशीनाथ सिंह | Kashi ka Assi by Kashinath Singh Hindi Book

Of course, Coca-Cola has also always had loyal brand ambassadors. Back then it was the same Aamir Khan who had come forward in the defense of the brand. Tell me, are Aamir Khan and Tendulkar scientists?

And sometimes when they do, they call it a protest against a sheetal peya, cold-drink company, but never name the brand itself. Coca-Cola pays them for advertisements.

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What can you expect out of such media? The nationalist fervour there made native goods sacred and morally superior. Although Nandlal told me that protests like his had played a part in exposing the hypocrisy of the firm, and that their market had been affected internationally, the truth was that soft drink consumption in the country over the last decade had increased exponentially.

Barely anyone I met in Varanasi had even heard of him. So what was the solution? Dear Ban-ners, take note It is by banning the creation. While protesting against something ensures some amount of viewership or readership for art, it is the banning that is the ultimate declaration: 'Watch this film' or 'Read this book' or 'See this painting' that's been banned.

Or you miss out on cool stuff. The latest in this never-ending list of someone's-wrath-directed-at-a-work-of-art is Mohalla Assi. For the ones who are not yet clued in to the happenings in Varanasi, this Sunny Deol film has managed to invoke the ire of several religious groups in this city-by-the-Ganga, who have gone on and filed a police complaint against the Ghayal actor. Even as the protests against the film continue in the bylanes of Varanasi.

This film has made appearances on and gone off the Bolly-lovers' radar since March , the time when the team began shooting for the film.

Mohalla Assi was supposed to have released sometime during the second half of , something that still hasn't happened, thanks to some post-production glitches and other content-related problems. It attempts to portray on film all that goes on in this 'mohalla' in south Varanasi, the locality near the famous Assi Ghat. The Assi Ghat in Varanasi Halfway through , four years after the completion of the film, a trailer of Mohalla Assi got leaked on the internet a few days back.

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And thanks to what is visible in the trailer, some people in the holy city have taken severe offence to it and have decried the same. While last week hundreds of people were seen on the streets of Varanasi, demanding the removal of one particular scene from the film, this week has begun with an FIR filed against Sunny Deol.

And this is just Monday. The reasons are the same - the abuses used liberally in the trailer, by both mortals and mortals dressed as gods, which seem to have hurt the 'religious sentiments' of certain people.

Threats, too, followed the demands: Mohalla Assi wouldn't be released in Varanasi - the city in which it is based - unless the scene is removed. Now, Mohalla Assi was never as famous as it has become after the protests.Amid all this, the popular or local stories are often overlooked.

The foulest language used, though it blends very well with the unrestrained and ruthless satire. Mar 01, Timur rated it really liked it. Tell me, are Aamir Khan and Tendulkar scientists? Some readers might be a little put off by the language but it is the authors refusal to tone down the language that gives the book the lived in feel.

To forbid or even seriously to restrict the use of so holy and gracious a herb as the hemp would cause widespread suffering and annoyance and to the large bands of worshipped ascetics deep-seated anger. The procedure for making bhang is a simple, ancient one: the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant are ground into a green paste with a pestle and mortar.

Indeed, the one time bhang found a mention was when Mishra had to rebuke his friend for talking nonsense. This book represented the characters, their background, their lives, their thought process all in all everything is weaved through Assi.

Sep 26, Sharmilee Patel rated it it was amazing.