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Project IGI - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This page contains Project IGI cheats list for PC version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes. We hope information that you'll find at. Project IGI PC cheat database for free. This is step by step walktrough hint tip cheat of this title. Cheat Codes At the Ma.

The only problem with this cheat is that the enemy also gets whatever you change. We can use this thing to our advantage. Colt is a small gun with only six bullets so it needs reloading very frequently and also it takes lot of time to reload and to fire.

So change ak47 into colt and you can easily run away from a shootout without much injury. Now those snipers would be standing like basterds just watching you kicking their buddies' asses. Do not use the tanks because you would be certainly killed by the enemy. Well if you like this cheat I would love to hear words of praise for me. Or if you want any help Just mail me at: Cheat Help. Zaheer A.

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If I found more cheats, I'll submit them for you my freinds. Cheat type-Hex Cheat: Anjum sorathia Go to IGI install folders.

Here you will find a file named "ammo.

Here you will find the file named "ammo. So now you will have 50 or or 25 etc ammo of dragunov. At the side of gate you turn left side and reach the truck where fence is not covered and climb the fence.

From this way you reach the building. In Resupply, u saw some container in front of gate of security building. In eagle nest2 there are two shorcuts. Deepak Kanyal It has been written in cheatbook that there is a secret gun colt anaconda in the last level behind the crates but it actual position is not given.

After wasting lot of time i have found that gun. It situated in the two room before the fan room behind the crates where two guard standing at the gates,in other words when you reach the lift where ekk is escaping to the bomb room.

I read to convert AK47 to COLT i did it but i was not satisfied with it it was not funny there will be a fun when the enimies have a knife with them when they see you they will shout stop there.. Now open the weapons folder and you will see several folders with the names of the guns like ak47,apc,colt,dragunov etc. Now Open the AK47 folder and you will see a file named weapon.

Open this file in your favorite Hex Editor Easy hex editor and search for a string named: AK47" now save it. Again open the APC folder you will get weapon.

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Start the game now it will be very intresting. Simillarly you can convert AK47 to T In later stages as the strategy and precision of the opponents increase you feel more uncomfortable in coming infront of any of them and kill without getting damaged yourself. Try this. Just sit down near a corner, as a soldier has a gun in his hand and while having that you can see his arm elbow before getting his eye contact.

Other guns like AK47 and M also work just you require two or three bulletts. This will help you a lot in indoor fights, especially in last stage. Infinite Ammo Collection Possible: Now open the file ammo. You will not get Medipacks. Now open the file weapon. U can locate them using "Map Computer" C 2 If u fail u get 1 or 2 tanks behind u. For eg: In the last mission ur warned about a tank by Anaya After completing ur 1st goal while getting in the lift.

In "Border Crossing", and above missions. Just run towards the nearest 2-storied building and hide till the helicopter flys away. Sniper is on the top of the 2 storied building. Third goal: Mail to patroranjan gmail. Ashesh Kumar Singh E-Mail: It's name is igitrain. Ti can work and can not work also with your game I cant give the warrenty.

I can also give you the game if possible. Backup the ai folder. There will be a file named civillian. Open the file weapon. In the mission"get priboi" , dont stay near the barracks. They are programmed to come unlimitedly. They will never finish. Its only a waste of ammos. Thanks for bearing me! Tanuj Pandey This cheat is used to save some of the time. Whenever you want to climb down from the ladder use action key twice 1st to take the action and when you press the action key 2nd time you will swing down from the ladder.

Kill the enemy safely: Now kill enemy soldier by fire bullets on his body. When you are back of soldier there is no problem to run or walk towards him. Ground Safe: If you run directly towards building and not combat the 6 soldiers near truck, they trouble you from ground when you position on 2nd story near the window.

Re-Supply Hint: U will see some big green containers placed near the wall. Get on top of one of it with the help of the wooden box kept in between. When u r on top, try to jump above the wall with ur mouse pointer a little up. Try it a few times and u will be able to jump above the wall and get outside. Ur first objective will be complete without going in the building and not even killing anyone.

Deactivate Enemies: Go to c: Make a copy of this folder "ai" Then copy the civilian. Early Kill: Conversion of ak47 to colt anaconda: Start game from any Level: Komal Brar Email: Four files will appear. Now start the game, you will directly be in fifth level.


Similarly you can start the game from any other level by changing its name and 4 file names. You can also reorder the game levels by changing all folder names and 4 files in each subfolder. Civilian Brainwashing: Standy to uninstall the game and cleanse the directory or you'll be in trouble. Open the original ai folder and locate file civilian. List the file names of the other qvm files and move those files into another directory. If you backed up the original ai folder, you can delete them.

Copy the civilian. When you start a game with these modified behaviour files, the enemies in the game act and behave like civilians.

Unlimited Ammo: Now play border crossing this cheat will help you destroy the gunship heading your way. But you wont be able to kill only a bit bad guys because you should destroy the gunship. You will get a knife where you will get the medipack the second time so try this cheat today itself bye: Kumarzmohit in the mission re-supply it is easier to complete 1st objective if u kill one guy on the watch tower then run straight to green container get on them with the help of wooden box and get out side.

Open this file in your favorite Hex Editor and search for a string named cheatbook provdes a Hex Editor: Now open the "M2HB" folder and here also you will have a file weapon. But the bad thing is that your enemy will get the same gun too Extra guns hidden in first level: You will not get medipack in any mission If an error will occur when you start the game so do like this: Ray, the cool guy Email: Project IGI is one of the best games in the world.

I hope you also like this game. During game play are getting trouble because of the cameras. Do not get worry, I have a hint about it. But sorry, because I have only for 1 level. Let's go. Friends, If I will have more hints, then I will tell you. And If you like this you can sent me a message with subject "cheat help" on the e-mail mentioned above. Enemy will not shoot you: Anurag tiwari Email: Riju Email: Have a shortcut of the file "IGI" which starts the game on the desktop. Under the tab "shortcut" there is a category "target".

Type the following code as given below: Don't worry if the alarms raise.

Play igi 2 covert strike cheat code

Enter the building, go up by the elevator. Clear the upper floor. Move out of the elevator, turn left. You will find a door to a balcony. Now move left and you will be out of the base. In this way u will have more guns. You will need some tries to do that. There is also a funny way. Now go to the machine gun, crouch down and hold the machine gun. As soon as u will leave the machine gun, u will fall underground.

Now u can easily move out of the base. The second one causes great loss of health.

Arjun Rockzz Email: Open weapons folder in the game directory 2. Now open RPG18 folder open weapon.

Save both 7. ORANGZEB Hints: There's a secret gun in the whole game and it is on the last level behind the crates as you kill two guys right and left with spaz 12 and open the door to the crate room and the gun is colt anaconda!

Gametip: Rohit, Submitted the following Information: Email: rohitkhisti usa. From outside i. Press space and find an enemy about m or closer awey from you look at his stumik and press space agein.

You are good! I shoot an sniper on m 3 times and hi was moving. The last thing you want is to get stuck reloading during a firefight.

There are often safer points of entry. If you shoot someone and a camera sees it, the alarm will sound and your goose is cooked. Hints: When you're at the water tower after you kill the sniper there is a rope over to the right of where the sniper just was and if you look up toward's the rope it will indicate that you can use the rope. How to stop detection from Security cameras with one bullet.

Go to the water tower once you have killed two guys in the communications room. If you are out of ammo and must reload when there's enemies ahead, try to find a safe place. They will shoot you when you run, so press jump and strafe left or right when you run to safety. Don't bother trying to keep your ammo reserves too high, the ammo and guns will be different in the next mission. Each weapon has its own special uses in a mission.

Use the right gun for the right circumstances and learn the good and bad points for each weapon. Try to shoot the enemies in the head or stab them in the head to kill them instantly. I think they may wear bullet-proof vests so are harder to kill twice as hard. When you are on levels with weak walls such as wood door , you are able to shoot people through the walls. Hint: Submitted by: H. Convert AK47 into Colt Anaconda!!! This is a really funny and interesting cheat and what makes it more worthy for me is that I myself discovered it!!

Yeah true. Colt Anaconda is a secret gun, as they say, only found in the last level, but I never found it!! Let's go!

Now open the weapons folder and you will see several folders with the names of the guns like ak47 etc. Open the AK47 folder and you will see a file named weapon. Now run the game and you will see that the guards which were previously holding ak47 will now have colt anaconda. Just kill one guard and get his colt and enjoy this secret gun in the very first level!!!

And also do not change anything else in the weapon. If after taken all the above care in hex editing the files your game give an error during startup then do this: Extra Steps in case of error: use these only if you are sure that you have correctly edited the files and still getting error at startup 1.

There is a file named weaponconfig. I have only written this because my commonsense says that this should what be happening. But these stupid game developers are so bad programmers that we don't need the extra steps.

Ok done with the colt?? Now let's get some bigger things in our hands! If you take a look at all the weapon.Instead of UZI then just use the method I described for ak47 above. Standy to uninstall the game and cleanse the directory or you'll be in trouble. But sorry, because I have only for 1 level. In first area where game starts , there are two Shelters see your Mapcomputer.

Ur first objective will be complete without going in the building and not even killing anyone.

Project IGI: I'm Going In – Cheats

So kill as much as you like. But if you do not want to be invisible but want to have a gun fight with the AI then change the values as below: to with with this cheat your armour will increase to some extend you will not easily die for bullets.

It is said that we get Colt Anaconda in the whole game for only one time but I got this gun two times and both in the 14th level.