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Book details Author: Paul Joannides Psy D Pages: pages Publisher: Goofy Foot Press Language: English ISBN ISBN ##Audiobook## Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century TXT,PDF, ##Audiobook## Girls Sex: Navigating. KWH. pdf[epub] Guide to Getting It on: Unzipped pdf epub kindle. Detail ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○. Author: Paul Joannides Psy D Pages: pages. Author: Paul Joannides Psy D Pages: pages Publisher: Goofy Foot Press Language: English ISBN ISBN DOWNLOAD EBOOK Guide to Getting it on Unzipped DOWNLOAD EBOOK PDF KINDLE by Paul Joannides. Download [PDF] Guide to Getting it on.

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Download Guide to Getting it on: Unzipped by Paul Joannides Download at http:// [PDF] Download Guide to Getting it on. When I first wrote the Guide To Getting It On, no publisher wanted it because they said it wasn't enough like the “Joy of Sex,” which was how all sex books were. [resourceone.info95] Guide To Getting It On: Unzipped Guide To Getting It Paul Joannides Psy.D epub. Guide To Getting It Paul Joannides Psy.D pdf download. Guide To.

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Yes, issues that cover STD's, and medical issues impacting sex drive from ED to menopause are all covered. This is an educational book. It provides you with facts you need in adolescence to be safe if you are going to be active. It also teaches you the anatomy, emotional, physical components.

So if they are going to be active, they might as well be educated to derive the most from the experience. The author points out the significant role emotion, and brain chemicals play in "making love", and sadly women are often on the "losing end of the equation".

So don't buy the book because I said so, buy it for her. It is never too late to learn how to please your partner. I wish they had a book like this available to us back in my high school days. But I didn't write the review to debate sex education. I wrote the review because I can tell you that any man or women reading it, or reading it together, will have a better sex life having read it, period. I gave this book to good friends as a holiday gift.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Most have said they are reading it together, or complaining they can't get the book back from their partner! Worth twice the price. Just wish it came in E-book format. Author is funny and unabashedly frank while revealing information I never knew about male or female bodies. I had already raised 2 girls who are married. In fact my older daughter gave this book to my younger daughter when she got married and I borrowed it for a bit.

After losing my spouse and getting back into the dating scene 9 years later at 69 I thought I could use a "brush up" so bought my own copy.

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One person found this helpful. This is by far the best guide to sex in the world. I love the candidness of the author and his nothing-too-sacred approach. He is also very non-judgmental in his approach, making this an extremely useful guide to exploring what may be alternative sex to some people, and normal everyday sex to others.

I say this book is "almost perfect" because there are a few omissions and disinformation. What is omitted is the author doesn't explain the difference between having sex and making love, the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms, the physiological stages of orgasm arousal, excitement, plateau, and resolution and what happens during each stage, and some basic but powerful sexual stimulation techniques such as erotic massage or Extended Sexual Orgasm ESO.

As for the disinformation, on pg the author describes the angle of the legs of the clitoris changing so as to hug the penis during arousal. In reality, the angle of the legs are almost at right angles to each other and permanently separated from the vagina by the bulb of vestibules.

The bulb of vestibule does expand and hug the penis during arousal so maybe the author is confusing the legs of the clitoris with the bulb of vestibules. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone who is not a prude. First of all, this book is over pages long, and chock full of information and nifty drawings of people having sex, etc I purchased it because I wanted a plain speaking book about sexuality that covers the gamut.

I wanted something that provided helpful information to a married couple without the pornography, discussed sex during pregnancy, and helped explain sex to kids. Even though this book is huge with lots of technical information, it is very well written and easily digestible.

In other words, it is written in plain-speak.

Some of the more helpful chapters included information about how to keep your stuff clean and healthy, clarified or dispelled sexual myths, and provided information that helped us just relax and enjoy each other warts and all.

This book also offers helpful information about dealing with sexual problems, rape, and sexual orientation. Like I said, this is a huge book filled with lots of reasonable, well thought out, information. Lastly, this book has a small chapter devoted to explaining sex to children. If you have kids, or were a kid at one time, you know that everyone develops at different rates and in different ways.

When those awkward one-on-one moments are in need of a clear explanation of sex, this book offers one approach. I'll admit, I didn't completely agree with everything in this book. Fortunately, the author is not arrogant enough to claim this book is the end-all be-all resource for sexual advice and information. But, it's a great place to start or continue your search.Upcoming SlideShare. NNELS supports principles of openness, inclusion, and choice. Read More before you decide.

After losing my spouse and getting back into the dating scene 9 years later at 69 I thought I could use a "brush up" so bought my own copy.

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An annual anal Its mission is to make it easy for you to stay on top of all the free ebooks available from the online retailer. Legal Requirements Investing in accessibility will help mitigate legal risks and ensure that you will avoid litigation—avoiding costs and the brand damage associated with legal proceedings. This article lists the seven best sites that offer completely free ebooks.

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