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Download Ebook Peradaban Atlantis Nusantara Surya ashfall mike mullin epub download options as a strategic investment ebook download. Ebook peradaban atlantis nusantara tour. 0 Replies. Amie Elf Army Book Voyage c5b19a this man confessed epub download deutschimaginative realism how. Atlantis Nusantara book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Kenyataan bahwa sebuah peradaban besar pernah mengambil tempat di.

Ebook Peradaban Atlantis Nusantara

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Peradaban Atlantis Nusantara has 69 ratings and 6 reviews. Aldila said: Bagus terutama di bagian yang fokus membahas Atlantis di Nusantara. ketika membah. Menyemai Kreator Peradaban - Ebook written by Mohammad Nuh. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download . Dec 8, blacklist scripts pdf download download ebook peradaban atlantis nusantara sehat how to download ebook to cherry mobile t18 touch.

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About Ahmad Yanuana Samantho.

The system yields two rice crops in a year. This system is also used to cultivate other crops or fish.

Southern Kalimantan is today an exporter of rice to other regions. The Island and the City of Atlantis According to Plato, the Atlantis Island where there was a harbor with a narrow entrance was in a sea surrounded by a boundless continent.

The hypothesized boundless continent is the main land of Sundaland attached to the Asian Continent, and the only sea surrounded by it was in those days the ancient Java Sea. Therefore, the author hypothesizes that the Atlantis Island is located in Java Sea.

The Atlantis Island, where there was a central hill, was an island located near the main land identified from the elevation grids, where the sea water level was around 60 meter below the present-day sea water level, as shown on the figure below. As seen on the map, the island was situated in front of a strait separating the island and the main land. There was a relatively flat plain on the north; part of it is now the southern part of Kalimantan Island.

He describes that there were seven small islands and other three large islands, so in total there were ten islands in any sizes.

Although the number as seen on the map is not exactly the same due to the unknown process of sedimentation, scouring, littoral drift, limestone solution and tectonic movement over the past 11, years, the elevation grids have low accuracy and the author discards the small islands, the regional geography is generally true. One of the large islands is identified as Bawean Island. The site is identified by the sailors as Gosong Gia or Annie Florence Reef, a coral reef described as small in extent and dries at low water.

There are several hot and cold springs in the island resulted from the tectonic activities in the region. The igneous rock just like in the Bawean Island is hard and strong so that it has enough natural strength to stand as roofs of the hollowed out double docks. The Java Sea depth at the time of Atlantis 11, BP was around 20 — 30 meters so that it was sufficient to enable the navigation of large ships.

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Kalimantan Island was formerly known as Warunapura or the place of the god Baruna. The Dutch and British colonials named the island as Borneo. Heracles is identical to Kala a pre-dharmic god because both have similar conducts. Each of them is a child of a supreme god, either Batara Guru or Zeus.

Peradaban Atlantis Nusantara

Their births were outrageous; Kala was born from an uncontrolled lust of Batara Guru on Dewi Uma while Heracles was from a seduction of Zeus on Alcmene.

They are having insatiable appetites and being very rude, brutal, and violent in their whole lives. Later on the author found an interesting chapter here.

This material is really valuable second to gold; it has gemstone quality and is popular as diamond simulant.

Zircon ore requires to be processed through extraction, refinement and heating to bring out different colors of zircon products. Allegedly, Plato or Solon mistranslated zargun, the golden-colored material into orichalcum as there was no such word in Ancient Greek.

Buffalo Sacrifices At the end of the Critias, it is described that in every five or six years alternately, the kings of Atlantis gathered to discuss and make arrangements, topped off with plenty of water buffalo sacrifice. We have only recently begun to realize that much of human prehistory must now lie buried in the ocean floor due to the rising seas of 15, BC — 3, BC; so only extensive submarine efforts may enlighten us as to our true past prior to around BC.

Another obstacle has been our inadequate technology for such submarine explorations. This too has only recently begun to be rectified.

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The sea bottom represents a vast unexplored continent. It made the bold claim that an advanced prehistoric human civilization had existed in southeast Asia, but succumbed to earthquakes and a fiery inundation around 23, BC. Both before and after the disaster, the people of Mu had supposedly travelled widely about the Earth, mingling with other peoples and colonizing other lands.

Sundaland is the proper label applied to the largest single section of Asian real estate submerged by rising sea levels after the last Ice Age the lowlands of the greater southeast Asian peninsula. There are signs that all this land submerged by rising ocean levels was previously comparatively densely populated by human beings. The Asian legend of Lemuria is somewhat similar to the western tales of Atlantis, involving a great land-mass which sunk beneath the seas long ago.

Great flood myths and folklore are common among many peoples, including those of Asia and the Pacific region. The now undersea Sunda shelf of the southeast Asian peninsula, or Sundaland, seems a ripe place for research into prehistoric human settlements and perhaps even civilizations, forced to migrate to other lands or drown.

The Tamils have a tradition that their Sangam poetic academy has a history of 10, years, and that its center along with the entire Tamil capital has been forced to move three times due to rises in ocean levels.

They also believe that their country in the past stretched deep into the south, including Sri Lanka and the Maldives, as the lost continent called Kumarikhandam.

Stephen James Oppenheimer, Ahmad Y. Samantho, MA, Mr. Frank Joseph Hoof dan Mr.

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Between 12, BC and 5, BC it appears that massive inland flooding due to catastrophic glacier melt was taking place in several regions of the world, making for subsequent sea level rises which could be relatively abrupt for many worldwide — including folks living on the remaining lowland portions of the original swollen southeast Asian peninsula of the time.

The majority of high profile sites of Southeast Asia from early Neolithic times are caves, which suggests that more advanced settlements of the period had been drowned by rising sea waters created by the aftermath of the Ice Age.

Ahmad Samantho, MA, Mr.But his effort in connect almost all cultures in world is very insensible. Thus, these lands will enjoy only something like 11, years of development as dry land before they are submerged again. Bagi calon mahasiswa, ujian tertulis sangat menguntungkan karena lebih efisien, murah, dan fleksibel karena adanya mekanisme lintas wilayah. Dalam penelitian lain yang menggunakan identitas DNA beberapa peneliti asing terpukau karena selama ini orang bali yang diduga berasal dari daerah taiwan yang ber migrasi pada tahun lalu ternyata lebih identik dengan orang india dan timur tengah dan masa yang lebih tua.

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