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1. Sept. Erscheinen von Deutschland schafft sich ab 18 Monate vergangen und zehnten war ich der Meinung, dass Deutschland von seiner Substanz. Deutschland schafft sich ab [Thilo Sarrazin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Product Name: Deutschland schafft sich ab. Sarrazin Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab Pdf. Sarrazin Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab Pdf Rock Hawk Timer, Oligomycin A, Petalides Donousa Ordonnance De.

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Thilo Sarrazin's book Germany's Road to Ruin: How we are putting our Nation at Risk [Deutschland schafft sich ab: Wie wir unser Land aufs. Deutschland schafft sich ab: Wie wir unser. Land aufs Spiel setzen. I. Kravchenko . A. Krylov. Israeli Settlements in Occupied Arab Territories. (in Russian). Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (Germany abolishes itself) is the name of a gloomy state-of-the- homeland analysis by banker and politician Thilo.

He believes some poor have only themselves to blame. And he is no fan of childless German women.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

All of this went down like a Masskrug of cold sick with the self-hating, victim-worshipping, halo-polishing cretins that hold power in Germany now. Of course, everything he says is objectively stated and scrupulously researched—he was after all a high-level bureaucrat, and was paid to get stuff right.

But it is one of the most important books published in Europe over the past decade. I must apologise for the clunky format. I just want to give English-speakers a little exposure to his ideas and observations.

So this series of articles is basically a string of representative quotes from the book, sellotaped together by theme. I have not fine-tuned every word of these translations, so while I am confident of their accuracy, any use of the quotes remains at your own risk.

All text in italics is Sarrazin. To business. The main theme of Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab is immigration. In , their total was around 2.

Of the , or so Turks who were recruited up to , most remained in Germany and brought their families over. Today around 3 million people of Turkish background live in Germany. He argues later that the real figure could be much higher, due to the unreliability of data. Their proportion of births is twice as high as their proportion of the population, and continues to grow.

Sarrazin draws a distinction between migrant workers in the s and s and later arrivals. The earlier wave were people who hit the road to create prosperity with the work of their own hands.

But with the migrants of the s and s, it was different. For them, there was a promised land, Germany, where you could grow richer without working, richer than you could ever manage in the home village.

These families do not cause problems, and you do not see them on the streets either.

Page Nevertheless, Sarrazin argues, in retrospect, even the immigration of guest workers in the s and s was a gigantic mistake: to a large extent, the workers were deployed in industries which were dying. Today, things are considerably worse. Page Sarrazin is not hostile to all immigration.

After teething problems, they made very good integration progress, and their performance within the education system is better than average. We assume these people to be active information seekers who construct views on important events that match their beliefs and values; and whose beliefs are in turn influenced by information.

Extreme theories, in books as well as on the web, would serve as a mixed bag, that speaking with P. As we have no further information about and control of the regarding creators, proliferators and consumers of such content we need methods—in addition to content analysis e. Here, we suggest the method of narrative construction as a new means to explore the multi-facet phenomenon of conspiracy theories. It allows an individual to construct a story for a given event e. This article consists of two main parts.

In the first part, we present an exploratory study that helped us to identify core constituents of conspiracy theories in a bottom-up approach. We compiled two sets of information: one set with official and mildly conspiratorial i. In the second part of this article, we discuss a recent public debate on Sarrazin's book Deutschland schafft sich ab Germany is abolishing itself in the light of these findings.

The book is among the most successful non-fiction works of the past decade in Germany, in- famous for its polemic portrayal of Islamic culture Sarrazin had been prominent before this debate as senator of finances in Berlin from to and as member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank until Sarrazin's book was our point of origin: Not only was its impact on political discourse huge; the author presented a patchwork mixture of established facts, assumptions, wild speculations and polemic accusations.

We consider his book, at least compatible with conspiracy theories, if not even a conspiracy theory on its own, as we will discuss later on. If the presence of extreme statements in a pool of given information seduces people to disregard standard information, conspiracy theories can be dangerous indeed: It may shift the tenor of public debate and the individual's judgments of plausibility toward the extreme.

Materials and methods Rationale for using the method of narrative construction In spite of the numerous attempts to define what a conspiracy theory is [e.

Many authors refer to the definition of Hofstadter , who claims that a conspiracy theory of a vast, sinister and yet subtle machinery of influence to destroy a way of life.

This sums up the main features of common conspiracies, but is too vague to allow for the generation of distinct narrative elements Bale, Bale confines himself to political conspiracies aiming at a more differentiated definition. However, he presents discriminative features that mainly define conspiracies by the attributes of the conspiring force. In other words, he discusses a conspiracy's characteristics, which is not the same as a conspiracy theory's narrative parts.

Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab Wie Wir Unser Land Aufs Spiel Setzen 2010

Additionally, we think that such an attempt would run the danger that primarily the well-known and mostly extreme conspiracy theories—the ones that were used to generate the definitions—become paradigmatic. Research would then focus on such extremes while missing the subtle shadings and nuances of individual theories and everyday phenomena. In his analysis of Russian folk tales, Propp has already pointed to the problems of a classification without a guiding principle for defining a story's features.

His solution was a bottom-up categorization of folk stories.

He discriminated the tales' contents and the narrative functions of the elements he found and finally arrived at seven essential story elements like, the Hero or the Adversary. Thus, to identify the morphological constants of conspiracy theories, we decided to take a bottom-up empirical stance.

SPD-Spitze will Sarrazins Parteiaustritt

Prerequisite: a bottom-up assembly of conspiracy theory building blocks In a preliminary study, we determined which elements are likely to constitute a conspiracy theory. Major aim was to collect maximally diverse kinds of such theories. The interviewers also wanted to know where they had heard this story, and why it is their favorite conspiracy theory.

The recorded material formed the basis for a bottom-up process of categorization. Each interviewer tried to rephrase the answers from another interviewer's participants on a more abstract level.

The derived categories had then to be defended in an argument with the other interviewers. Due to this inductive process, not all categories are strictly homogenous; however, a further subdivision of categories could not be justified in the argumentative process based on the given data.For the job market and for the education system, they are indeed an enrichment.

Dass das so ist, weshalb das so ist und was man dagegen tun kann, davon handelt dieses Buch. For them, there was a promised land, Germany, where you could grow richer without working, richer than you could ever manage in the home village.

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We assume these people to be active information seekers who construct views on important events that match their beliefs and values; and whose beliefs are in turn influenced by information. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in other forums, provided the original authors and source are credited and subject to any copyright notices concerning any third-party graphics etc.

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