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Full text of " (PDFy mirror)". See other formats. The Blueprint Decoded NOTES Day 1 Introduction • Goals evolve. The Blueprint Decoded NOTES Day 1 Introduction Goals evolve. Once you reach one goal, the natural tendency is to always want more. At first, most guys just. Converted to PDF by MadFaxer. FOREWORD. BOOK I What follows is a rough blueprint of social dynamics as I presently understand it. It is a sketch of the.

Blueprint Decoded Pdf

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I've just been forwarded this awesome PDF file which my marketing guys launched at on February 14 at. Real Social Dynamics - Blueprint Decoded - Slides - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. RSD - Blueprint Decoded Slides. Author: Tyler Durden; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: Kb; Downloaded: times; Categories: Real Social Dynamics; What follows is a rough blueprint .

It's real simple - everybody believes they're good, the other guy's bad, there are no differing opinions. People don't want to have to dig in deep or be required to be aware all the time. No matter how high you go, you cannot win this game if you believe in SC. This game is rigged against you.

Tyler Durden - The Blueprint (338.0 Kb eBook)

You feel great for the first couple weeks wearing a new shirt, then the feeling wears off until you buy a new one. The problem is when you see a cute girl and hesitate and think you need more money, looks, etc to talk to her.

They look around like in the matrix and see how much everyone is affected by what other people think of them. People would rather watch a show about the natural environment than actually go out into wilderness. It's easier to watch other people.

This is your life. Turn the TV off, turn off the web surfing. It's garbage. Doesn't worry what other people think. Life's too short. Do what you want, because this is all there is. Is she out of your league?

Do you live up to her standards? Are you good enough? Even if you're successful, you're still a dumb chode that spends all his time living up to other people's standards.

You still are coming from a foundational level where you react to other people is how you spend your days. You're not immediately won over just because she's attractive. Who's reacting to who more? Who's trying to get the other person's validation?

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Tell me I'm cool. Who you are. What you value. What you're grateful and appreciative for. How your emotions work. What you really want out of life. A pattern of living in reaction through habits of behavior. They want tactics, not principles. We don't want to fix the larger problem, or face the complexities. When we're living in reaction, we're just putting a band-aid on our problem. A different guy who isn't cool could do the exact same thing and get a very bad reaction.

Who he is is showing through the cracks of what he's physically doing. You're just a cool guy, women's magazines can't warn women: The values you have. On another level, you have your biological drives. Your biological drives are telling you to do what will be good from the perspective of value.

The tension is resolved through backwards rationalization. All of us do it to some extent. A nice guy with low value won't really be seen as being nice, but a total dick with high value who does one nice thing for a girl will make her say "He's such a nice guy. When you have enough value, sense of humor is automatic, you could do anything and the girl will laugh at it uncontrollably.

Think about the popular guys in high school who said stuff that wasn't even really objectively funny, but everyone still laughed at it.

It's not everything, but it tends to come first. She's gonna give you much more of a chance, listen more, and be more affected by you if you have value. It's not good or bad - it is what it is. Recognize it, but don't analyze or judge people for it. When a relationship has value, your RAS causes you to remember the good stuff in the past of the relationship. But when the relationship has no value anymore, the focus changes.

You start to only see the bad things about the person and in the past of the relationship. When the value changes, what they focus on is subject to change. You can recognize what's going on but at the same time you just chill and assume the best. Accept that the world owes you nothing, and in the end you'll get back no more, no less, than you deserve. Understand it, but don't focus on it. Want to be at the popular end of the table, instead of looking over at it.

It's a form of value that isn't worth anything on its own, but in a particular situation, as a result of the environment, is worth a lot. The environment gives someone status they wouldn't have on their own.

Professor giving inspiring lecture, performer performing concert, guy throwing party at his house, DJ, celebrity, bartender, etc.

If you know that you can anticipate a positive response based on your environment, you're gonna feel confident. You assume value and when you know that you have value, you will tend to be outside your head, when you don't think you have value, you will tend to be inside your head.

In the moment vs. Makes you feel: What you're sub-communicating is so much more powerful when you can just be in the moment and allow the words to come out, shows you aren't even trying. Even if what you are saying is not as intelligent as if you had gone into your head to fish it out, you'll still hold more attraction. You'll be saying nonsense and she'll be enjoying it, but as soon as you go into your mind of some cool thing that you wanted to say to impress her, you'll repel her. People don't want you to do that, everyone wants to be around the cool, fun, charismatic dude that doesn't do that.

They assume value all the time, they have core value as opposed to situational value. You can see the glitch in the matrix, how other people are walking around and if you just appear a little more confident than them, you'll have the dominant reality.

Able to go into any environment and be the person who you're meant to be, not relying on any personality shell or situational confidence. Truth is, you have to become good with women in general.

You have to get out of the model of the world where every girl you meet you're "failing in love with". Language is a weird thing in how it sometimes dictates our reality, instead of describing it. In most languages, there are many words for many different types of love brotherly love, love for a father, love for a mother, infatuation, long term love, etc.

Only one soulmate for tfiem out there, true love lasts forever, fate will handle love for them. It's a trance that you put yourself into caused by yourself.

As we loop our thoughts over and over around the concept of a particular person, our mind shifts the way that we perceive them and suddenly everything makes sense - it's love. Our thinking makes the person into someone they're not.

Mistakes validation or codependence for love. Use the woman as a sort of situational confidence. There was an offering of value there, like fueling fire, not codependence. Love is something that you experience everywhere. To become very good at picking up chicks, sounds weird, but you have to get that spiritual side of you figured out.

You become a person who is independently happy, validated and amused. Your concept of who you are and how you're different from people. What we perceive, the way that we perceive it, what we think about other people, way our emotions respond to other people. We all have a construct of what a cool guy looks like, but we don't give ourselves permission to be that guy. The only thing that's really stopping you from being that guy is your sense of identity.

If you don't think you're the cool guy high up on the totem pole, then anytime you try to be cool, it'll feel weird and you won't want to do it, like swimming upriver. Anything that involves elevating your status or going beyond the constraints of your identity, you will block out that idea subconsciously. It could have developed one way or another, depending on your circumstances.

You may think that you came up with your personality "That's me, I can't do something that's not me! Beta behavior, introversion, etc. To grow and evolve you can't be attached. When you believe that you're on a girl's level, you're gonna behave naturally and you're easily gonna be able to create attraction with that girl.

When you think you deserve her, attraction is automatic. Because we can read social cues, we can learn what is normal, permissible behavior.

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We don't have enough time to learn everything on our own, so we learn to trust secondary info. We trust it based on how certain the other person is of what they are saying. In different situations you act differently, depending on where your mind thinks you are on the social totem pole. You use different imprints in different situations. So depending on how people are reacting to you when you ping, you choose a different imprint.

It does this because for the first millions of years of evolution if you made someone unhappy they would take a rock and bash your head in. Now you can do practically anything and get away with it. If you're afraid of humiliation and discomfort, then you'll never grow. It gives you encouragement to access the confident part of your personality, the "confident imprint" whenever you think you have value and gives you discouragement from accessing it when you don't.

You still have this system even though most of the threats it was designed to help you avoid no longer exist. There's no risk of getting kicked out of the tribe and dying. Now it's only "really embarrassing and annoying". You give yourself permission to be the person who you're meant to be. When you're in state: Your mind quiets, you're in the moment and you're totally outside of your head. You're also communicating authentically, which is what people like - when you're coming from a position of abundance, you have less need to be inauthentic.

Never monitor whether or not you're in state, just go: It's the opposite of acceptance. Never resist tlie reality tliat's in front of you, just accept it and take right action. I hate being depressed. I don't mind. We live in a society where the idea that [bad emotions are a valid excuse not to act] is a good reason not to do something. Taking right action is like saying "This is what is required to be done and I'm gonna do it regardless of emotion.

You're totally shit-faced, but you try, you just try. The reason? Much of the programming you have in your thermometer now is done through social conditioning. These are most of the ways guys chase after state: Superficial Standards - looking good incl.

Society's unrealistic standards. Alliances - friendships or relationships. When you feel guaranteed acceptance because of the people around you. Competencies - When you have anything that makes people want something from you. Something the community has been based on for so long - get in state because it allows you to feel you can provide the good emotions.

Roleplays - When the circumstances in your life call on you to assume a role. Try going out not dressed as good or alone to accumulate new reference experiences and learn not to depend on any external forces. Nice clothes aren't bad - dress nice if you want to, but don't be limited by it.

Move past it. WInen a pickup guru wino Inas so mucin authority and social proof tells you "use this line", your subconscious mind believes it, says "look at this, I have something to offer now. The problem is, most guy's perception of the cause-effect relationship with these things is sinewed. Cool clothes. Most new styles were created by guys who have enough charisma to pull them off. Hip hop clothes were first created by people who didn't have money, but they decided it was cool and believed in it so much that it became cool.

So rather than going out and trying to get the perfect clothes, what if you said "I'm gonna make these clothes cool. Own what I'm wearing. Don't be the guy who reacts to trends, be the guy who creates them.

You can stop chasing all the circumstances. It's not gonna happen right away. We're just planting the seeds here. If you don't know how your old, outdated emotional system works, it all feels so real.

Knowing about this allows your core confidence to just sort of come out. And as you get more reference experiences your mind starts to accept "This is the truth. You don't need other people to validate that your best qualities exist.

Your state will not go down. He doesn't need the roots of his confidence to extend outside of him. It comes from within. You can predict, so your sense of reality is winat allows you to make predictions about the world. It's your view of how the world works, how people are like and how they should respond to you and your view of what you deserve out of life. They have the stronger belief about who they are, how people should treat them, and where they stand on the totem pole.

It will suck other people into that reality, and people will begin to treat them through that context. They act mostly the same in all situations Hot Girl Believes: Cool Dude Believes: I'm a hot girl. I'm chatting you because I'm night. I'm chatting you. That's it. You seem cool, and if you turn out different from the other girls, we might hang out. When 1 want something 1 take it, but for now I'm just chatting and having fun.

Can be obvious trying to impress or very subtle who is going into their head more and exerting more effort? The self is always coming through. Even if you are talking more than her maybe you're just in a blabbermouth mood and she's trying to impress you by seeming aloof.

White guys who start talking gangsta, "Yo", if around a cooler dude who does it all the time. The ability to amuse yourself is one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have, because it's gonna eradicate the highest level of neediness and you're the party. Neediness makes you react. By not allowing your own behaviors and emotions to be thrown off by the other person's reality, you are being the most unreactive.

It's about being yourself, responding to the world, but on your own terms. Another way of looking at being unreactive is acting through your own intentions. You don't react to that as being a part of your reality. You stay positive, upbeat and being you, and draw her into that good reality and state that you're in.

That's nasty. Think about it - does the girl care about the actual aspect of you or does she really care about how It affects you?

If it bothers you or causes you to react? You're giving your power away when you react too strongly to criticism.

I need other people to believe what I believe in order to make it real. I value other people's opinions more highly than I value my own. Usually people are always pinging, while a guy with a strong reality isn't much: But as they start to accept the dominant reality, it gets imposed because of absolute certainty: Most people are always looking to others and seeking out certainty.

But if you believe that it's no big deal and completely arbitrary, then it's not. If you want to fix something about yourself, then do it for you, but realize that it's you who decides whether it's an issue or not.

Most guys have it backwards, they try to think "what would she like? That's what she wants. Your identity. Your values. When you Inave tinese, you're not mesmerized by superficial qualities.

You become a naturally screening person. Personal boundaries. How you expect people to act around you. Whatever price tag you put on yourself is your price.

Living on your edge. Any night out where you've accumulated new reference experiences is a good night. You have to learn to laugh at yourself and let that image go. Let go of trying to control what other people think of you. LET GO. Express yourself freely without thinking that you have something to lose. You stop self-seeking in other people's reactions to you. You learn how you need to be in your head. Every day, you have to ask yourself if you are growing and leaning into your fears or not.

It is the magnet that draws women towards you in the form of your deepest self esteem. Total trust in your faculties and ability to determine reality. Acting only through your own intentions. Being entirely uncontrollable and above manipulation. Dictating the reality around you rather than being affected by it. Being in the moment and walking through the world with ease. Having absolutely no intimidation of the girl or the world whatsoever.

Tapping into the energy inside you, not around you, as a source of your mood. Feeling no spikes or lulls of self esteem from any girls' responses to you. You might gain or lose attraction, but it does not affect your sense of who you are. You are not your mind. There's a manual in your mind, it's just that your mind won't let you access the manual.

It doesn't want you to take off - it won't give you the manual - but you start down the runway anyway. You're doing it whether or not you get the manual, like a crazed lunatic. So all your mind can do is say "okay, okay" and give you the manual to stop you from not crashing. I can't think of anything to say right now. Well, I guess that's going to be awkward. Force that snap. You don't want to sit there procrastinating and getting stuck in your head.

You want to be like that obnoxious guy to your mind. It's like going into the ocean, you don't tiptoe in, you jump in.

You will mess up every so often, take it as a reminder. They're just feeling. They're just feeling good. This is counter-intuitive, because in almost all endeavors, your logic and intelligence is your greatest asset, but in meeting women, thinking is your greatest weakness. When you're not thinking a step ahead, it's cocky. Never get the "I ran out of things to say" syndrome.

What you have to say is valuable purely because it comes from you. What you have to say is interesting, not because of the content, but because she's interested in what you find interesting. But if you stop and keep the tension , consider what she's saying, then probably she'll giggle because of the tension.

It's a shelter for you from facing reality for what it is. You're not really experiencing it. A woman's gonna feel it standing close to you and either know it's attraction or rationalize it in some way. Playfully brush them off. You have to be the one leading the interaction. She's following. Chaos vs.

This is my environment. We're already friends. The limitation that most guys are under is that SC tells them that constant never ending stimulation is where the happiness is. Shift your awareness from outside to your breath. Take a 4 second breath and feel it in your hands, feet, etc.

Stimulation can get you focused on "the little me" and where you fit into it all , but when you slow it down, your perception dilates and you feel the depth. Lets you feel good and enjoy the moment, instead of overwhelmed. You can feel good independently and not look to your environment for instant gratification. Jump up, clap your hands, etc will make you feel happy.

Self-Consciousness - Consciousness, us being aware of everything around us, is a great gift.

The problem is self-consciousness. When we're just conscious, that's when everything flows. You can retreat into your mind to fish things out, but that's all that it is, don't be always thinking about past memories or future projections.

When you're having a great night, it's not "I am the doer. You bring it up from yourself. So when they get success they think it was the tactics, when it was really the state they got, which they could have had anyway if they had the ability to draw it from themselves and not the environment. Don't need tactics. A dude who does will start reacting, attraction goes down.

It'll make you feel as if when you make one little mistake, the girl goes away. Other than a couple close family members or friends that you may have, who will help you, the responsibility is all yours.

You can't blame people or take responsibility on anyone other than yourself. When you're the leader, there is no one responsible other than you. If somebody else screwed something up, you screwed it up.

Personal responsibility and accountability is what being a leader's about. They're looking for a way to escape, mentally. Think about it: It's so easy to do it when the road is perfectly in front of you and you're in the moment and you keep your focus on it as it's unfolding. It only gets difficult when you think too far ahead. Then everything's fine. But say you start thinking into the future that you're gonna crash and burn, then you start jerking the control.

It's good to think when you are acting through your own intention, Ex: Then why should they now? We can learn from the past, but. You experience life more vividly because you're free of all the distracting, useless noise who's only purpose is to bog you down. You don't have to keep telling yourself that you believe it, no, you understand it. You're just the intermediary; don't take credit for what comes out of your mouth. If you're in a fun environment, merge into that.

Don't resist it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Knowing you are just a necessary part of the greater whole. The order of things as it is is fine, but at any moment you could just break out and do whatever you feel like doing, not to impress anybody, but because you feel like it and it's something that you enjoy. Conscious, but not self-conscious. Allows you to be spontaneous, think of what to say at the right time instead of straining.

More importantly, it's this foundation that makes people want to look to you. It doesn't mean you can just not approach anyone or not be social. Your view of who you are, what people are like and how they should respond to you and your view of how the world works and what is possible.

In a disempowering reality, the person has their world make sense to them and they feel comfortable, without achieving the success. Good luck on your journey. Tyler, www. You can download it or order on DVD. Real Social Dynamics Author: Tyler Durden Format: Tyler Durden made seduction seem playful and subversive-unlike, say, Speed Seduction, which required homework, rote memorization, and even meditation exercises. He has been the creative mastermind and main public speaker at hundreds of RSD seminars worldwide.

The foundational principles, concepts, and lessons of Real Social Dynamics centers around advanced content Tyler created while traveling the world and analyzing male-and-female interactions.

You have to be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone and approach a wide variety of groups of women - including groups where women may be with guys, parents, siblings, you name it.

Combine that with the opportunity to ask instructors questions where they answer based on their vast experience and your game can improve significantly in a very short period of time. Complete Articles Collection. Rapport Sequencing eBook.But guess what?? Look at the way they gesture with their hands.

Calling less and pushing all-in more will instantly improve your bubble results. See your vibe as gift-wrapped present that your giving the girl. Most people reading this are probably in phase 1 or Life is about the unknown no one knows where the universe is, whether we're actually alive, what happens when we're dead, etc.

When you're telling a story, you can make a girl laugh on the spots on the story that you want her to laugh just by believing that she's gonna laugh. Who wants to stop and talk to a miserable person?

You don't react to that as being a part of your reality.