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During World War Two, French civilians set up a resistance movement to fight against the German forces occupying their country. Many of their most useful. The recruit. byMuchamore, Robert. Publication date For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. In this action-packed CHERUB novel, two siblings on separate special agent missions both end up in deadly danger. James is the latest CHERUB recruit. Robert Muchamore (Author).

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The Recruit Pdf CHERUB | The Recruit Pdf CHERUB is available here. You can easily download The Recruit Pdf CHERUB, The Recruit Pdf. Download THE RECRUIT free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Honore de Balzac's THE RECRUIT for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. Recruit eBook PDF, who one of the help of bring; anybody could require further coaching directly. Also you've not been susceptible to that inside your life; you.

He is escorted to the police station, where he is placed in a cell and his statement recorded. Terrence "Mac" McAfferty. He passes all the entrance tests, and is then sent back to Nebraska House to decide whether or not he wants to join. Kyle reveals that he was sent to recruit new agents, and chose him. Despite nearly quitting after spending Christmas night outside in their underwear, they both pass.

Shortly after arriving back on campus, he finds out that Lauren has joined CHERUB as well and Ron has been sentenced to nine years in jail for physically abusing her and selling contraband cigarettes.

Two months later, Amy tells James that their swimming lessons are over, and they have a mission together. A few weeks later, on his twelfth birthday, James is called in to the police station, where he receives a caution for assaulting Samantha Jennings and his teacher, Cassandra Voolt. Later that night, Rob and his cronies convince him to steal a pack of beer from an off-licence. The shopkeeper catches him after two of Rob's cronies block the door, preventing James from escaping. He is escorted to the police station, where he is placed in a cell and his statement recorded.

Terrence "Mac" McAfferty. He passes all the entrance tests, and is then sent back to Nebraska House to decide whether or not he wants to join. Kyle reveals that he was sent to recruit new agents, and chose him. I'm pretty busy right now.

James, the most important thing you need to know is that you don't know shit. What you see That's how it begins, you know. Call will come in a day or two. His name is John Medica.

He's gonna invite you out for martinis. Before long, you're gonna be working out of Advanced Encrypting in Bethesda. Five years, you'll get your first annual trip to Texas. You got a wife by then,. Then you're dead. And it all started because of one nasty little martini. So you're a recruiter. That I am. You're kidding. Applications for the ClA are up tenfold. Would I have to kill anyone? Would you like to? Yeah, just a sec.

All I know about the ClA is that they're a bunch of fat, old white guys who fell asleep when we needed them most. Oh, well, like I said, you don't know shit. I know what I know. Way I figure, you'll probably go in the oil business Iike your daddy. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Did you know my father? James, I have recruited and trained and served with the best our country has to offer for over a quarter of a century.

I am a scary judge of talent. It's my gift. I am recruiting you, Mr. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly ClA material. You have any idea what ClA material is? It's not me. Well, I don't know. You graduated top of your class at M. Those are confidential. Yeah, right.


You're agile, athletic, and And what? You grew up overseas -- Uzbekistan, Brunei Yeah, my father worked for Shell awhile. Your father died in What's your point? What's my point? What the hell you think my point is? My name is Walter Burke. My number's on the sports page. Give me a call. I'll be here till noon tomorrow. I want to talk.

Can we talk? Where are you? Well, you know the phone booth you're calling from? Turn around. As you like it. You're pretty confident. Tell me about my father. You already know, don't you? I mean, that's why you're sitting here. You want answers, you're in the wrong car, kid. I only have secrets. You can't trust your best friends, your five senses, only the little voice inside you most civilians don't even hear -- Iisten to that.

Trust yourself. I think that's what your father would have said. Trust yourself, James. Can I help you, sir? James Clayton -- I'm here for an interview. Just pull in there, check in with security. Thank you. Hey, my name is James Clayton. I'm here to see Walter Burke. He's expecting me. You can wait for him over there. I'll page him for you. Rule number one -- don't get caught.

Those were good officers. Good friends. So, you ready to get started? Have six pull in tight on F-. All right, now give me some angles, both tests It's a carbon copy. F- -- yank him. You've been caught cheating, pal. Please leave. Still got the eyes, Walter. What's that story, you saw some old woman pushing a baby carriage?

And Walter sees the carriage is riding a little low, so bam!

No questions, blows grandma right out of her shoes. Turned out she was Hamas, and the whole thing was stuffed with explosives. She wasn't Hamas, she was Abu Nidal. Abu Nidal, that's right. These war stories -- you just love them, don't you?

Uh, D- -- tell him to forget the chick and finish the test. Burke says, "Forget the chick and finish the test. And when you get angry, do you have trouble staying in control? How do you typically deal with failure? Have you ever been deliberately cruel to an animal? Please, elaborate. For Christmas, I tied wool reindeer horns to my dog's head. Metaphysically wrinkle-free. Quickly -- would you rather ride on a train, dance in the rain, or feel no pain?

Feel no pain. I know I said the rain-dancing thing, but God, I hate this. I'm James.

Like the song. That's a big coffee. I'm a big girl. James Douglas Clayton. Just a yes-or-no answer. Is your name James Clayton? You were born October? Have you ever worked for any foreign governments?

Have you taken tranquilizers today? Mind if I sit here? Ronnie Gibson from D. James Clayton from all over. You too. You got any idea what those two are speaking over there? I think it's Farsi. Oh, yeah. Yeah, Farsi. MAN: Clear! Uh, what are you doing? Some of these chairs are wired. They catch you drifting during this, volts up your ass.

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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dennis Slayne. I'm assistant director of operations at Langley, and I would like to welcome you here to the ClA Special Training Facility, affectionately known as "the farm. Walter Burke. ALL: Morning. So, why are you here? Why are you here? It ain't the money. A GS- pay grade officer, yours truly -- I rake in about, what, grand a year? You can't buy a decent sports car for that. It ain't sex. Hey, being here won't get you laid. Oh, you're a dental hygienist?

I'm a member of the ClA, Moscow Station chief. What about fame? Our failures are known. Our successes That's the company motto. You save the world, they send you to some dusty basement at Langley, give you a little lemonade and cookies, and show you your medal. You don't even get to take it home.

So it ain't money, it ain't sex, it ain't fame. What is it? I say we are all here in this room because we believe. We believe in good and evil, and we choose good. We believe in right and wrong, and we choose right.

Our cause is just.

Our enemies They're all around us. Some scary stuff out there. Which brings us here You have all just stepped through the looking glass. What you see, what you hear -- nothing is what it seems. Indistinct conversations Mr. I was just, uh I was hoping maybe I could buy you a beer and we could talk. I have so many questions about my dad. You're making a mistake, son.

Let me remedy it. I was on semicongenial terms with you during your recruitment for that reason -- I was recruiting you.

I'm not your friend. I'm not your ally. I'm your instructor -- period. That enough talk? Good morning. All CTs report to Common Area, minutes. Is everybody ready? Let's go! BURKE: Over the next few months, we're gonna teach you how to deceive, role-play, psychologically assess, sell, exploit. We're gonna hand you the tools -- the black arts. Not witchcraft -- trade craft You will be able to kill with a variety of weapons You will night-parachute, rappel from choppers, Iearn dry and wet demolition, Iearn tactical, high-speed emergency driving.

You will become Bond -- James Bond. Thank you, Mr. You're already role-playing. That's good. You're ahead of all of us. Let's start with Clayton. Why don't you take Nice move. Where the hell did you learn how to do that? MAN: Are you a senior instructor at the farm? Okay, if you look at the screens, you'll see his pulse is even, respiration normal, pupils undilated -- signs of the truth. Come on, rough me up. Rough me up! Have you ever worn women's clothing?

Who said that? Were you, uh, ever stationed in Peru? Is your name Walter Burke? Let's do it. Skid and holster! Remove your targets! These are paper ants -- microphone transmitters. They adhere equally well to flesh or clothing, and they're biologically manufactured, so as soon as they become separated from their storage palate, they begin to break down.

After hours, this bug consumes itself. These are all live surveillance devices -- digitized, miniaturized transceivers, audio and video. You can conceal them throughout the bug house. Your objective is to gain entry, install three bugs each, and exit the bug house without getting caught. You will have eight minutes. What do we got here, Walter, a bunch of D.

I don't know. Anybody get out of the bug house lately? Not many. Doesn't look like it's gonna happen tonight.

Don't underestimate my people, Dennis, please. Usually by now, you've tagged a NOC. Must be one in this class. Well, maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows? The Shadow knows. I love this part. Buenas noches, amigo, You've just been blanketed. Go, go! Who was that?

You okay? Some of you will not survive the farm. Some will be asked to leave. Some will quit. But those of you who do graduate will be sent to work out of Langley or embassies around the world as official cover operatives. That is, spies with diplomatic immunity. The NOC is the truest practitioner of espionage -- always out there, always alone, unprotected. And here's the best part -- no one will ever hear about it. You will become a star on a wall, a blank space in a book.

Now, I can just feel all you Alphas out there gunning for this position as I speak. So remember, everything is a test. ZACK: Yeah? All right, I can afford cents. Yo, I'm out.

All right, I'll see you. Come on, you're gonna fold, Ronnie. Just get it over with. So why don't you speak Spanish? So where'd you learn Farsi -- Persian beat? Oh, that's funny. No, night school -- Florida Atlantic University -- so I could get in here.

Well, looks like it's just me and Sonny Crockett. What are the girls like on South Beach? What do you want to do? Sonny, you're a boy Make a big noise playing on the street I'll see your bet and raise you. Come on, we're not playing by the rules here on the farm.

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Are we? Are we, Sonny? That's fine by me. Are my pupils dilated? I could be bluffing. Or it could just be dark in here. What do you think? Gonna be a big man someday You got mud on your face Okay, I'll give it to you. I fold. That's not how we play. Your deal. Hey, man, good game. Well, well, well Looks like boys' night in, huh? Kinda sad. I'm gonna change all that. Time for a field trip. We got the van outside. We're all going for drinks at the Blue Ridge.

All right, your objective -- reach the parking lot with an asset who intends to have sex with you. You want us to pick up a girl? Well, uh, five, actually -- one each. Change But be yourself, now Hi.

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Neither am l. How's that? Well, your personal interests are of no concern to me. I just got out of the joint. And there's only one thing I'm concerned with right now.

And what would that be? Change But be yourself, now Change But be yourself, now Sounds like fun. Excuse me a second. What are you doing here? What's it look like? Looks like you're drunk. Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's great.

See you tomorrow. Ow, change James But be yourself, now -They cut me. I'm out. They didn't say anything. They just sit you down, debrief you, and then stick you in some shit-bag motel. Change But be yourself, now Sorry, all I can think about is throwing up. You all right?

Yeah, I think I had too much tequila. You know, it's just that you and l finally have this chemistry moment, you know, and I even have a motel room where we could go back and have completely justifiable comfort sex, but all I can think about is not throwing up. The -- the room's spinning, right? Yeah, like a top.

You should go home. I'll call you a cab. Come on. Come here. Will you settle for taking me home and tucking me in? I wish. Blue Ridge Bar, yeah. Cab will be here in. Come on, wait with me outside, okay? Layla, let's wait inside. It's cold. No, no, no, no, no. Just wait. I want to kiss you. Tell me about it. For what? Op completed. My op was to stop you from completing yours.

Just doing her job, that's it. God, I hate this guy. You did your job. Are you in any way affiliated with the ClA? All right, let's break up this dance team. Clayton, switch places with, uh, Zack here.

All right, we all know, I believe, what a lie is when we see it. But a good interrogator can also soften a subject -- you know, uh, knock them off-balance, make them vulnerable.

Never know what you might get. Is your name Layla Moore? Last night at the bar, you said we had chemistry together. Do we? His interrogation. Answer the man. Simple question -- yes or no? I was undercover legend. It was part of the op. You said you wanted to go home and have comfort sex.

Did you? You're abusing this exercise. Did you want to have sex with me last night -- yes or no?I want to talk. Well, it's an option. See if I'm lying. Good friends.

God, I hate this. I'll wait outside. My dick's on fire. I got it on tape. I'm done, remember?