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THE INITIATION The Secret Circle Book 1 By L. J. Smith CONTENTS Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapte The Initiation · Circle of Three # L.J. Smith - The Secret Circle 1 - The Initiation. Home · L.J. Smith - The Secret Circle 1 - The Smith, L.J. - The Secret Circle 01 - The Initiation · Read more. The Secret Circle Book 1. By. L. J. Smith. CONTENTS. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four. Chapter Five. Chapter Six. Chapter Seven.

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The Secret Circle Volume 1 The Initiation Pdf is here. You can download The Secret Circle Volume 1 The Initiation Pdf, The Secret Circle. Page 1 Smith's SECRET CIRCLE Trilogy: The Initiation, The Captive and The Power books, not the. CW's TV show. THE GIRLS OF THE SECRET CIRCLE. The Secret Circle has 12 entries in the series. The Secret Circle (Series). Book 1. L. J. Smith Author Devon Sorvari Narrator (). cover image of The.

Altogether other characters are also dumb, though Diana is okay. Even she is a stereotypical bad girl, though possibly crueler than most. But I think Lindsay Edge comb could take her. Overall comment about L. Smith books: the writing is just bland. She glides over core details to focus more on the uninteresting thoughts of the main character a lot.

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I know a lot of people truly like her. She is also extremely tedious. She is possibly the dullest being ever to walk on the face of the earth. Also, she is childish. She is lacking the power of decision-making even for herself.

Moreover, Cassie tells Adam she loves him after they just had only total of two conversations. I think we chosen a winner. They know this because they have shared two expressive conversations.

She kept expressing her thoughts about him all the time, and it was just so irritating. She watched Adams expression turn from apprehensive to excited.

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Are you serious? Do you realize how much we can learn from that book? When I opened it, it was like the book turned against me, like it was alive in my hands. Just like when the Master Tools backfired on me when I was battling Scarlett.

Adam nodded, remembering how the Tools had obeyed Scarletts black magic. Theyd singed Cassies skin just before they unhinged themselves from her body and flew at Scarletts outstretched hands. That explains the burns, he said. But whats the connection between the two? I think the book is spelled, Cassie said. Something to prevent the wrong people from getting a hold of it.

But it wasnt like I could read it anyway.

Its written in some ancient language Ive never seen before. It doesnt even look like words. We should have Diana search her Book of Shadows for information. Adam immediately went into strategizing mode. There must be a way to break the books spell. And we can all start researching the language. Theres a chance it could be Sumerian, or even cuneiform. Black Johns ancestors would go back that far.

Adam, Cassie interrupted him. Remember you agreed we could keep this between us? He looked away momentarily. But that was before I knew what it was. Im sorry, Cassie said.

But I need to understand more of what this is before involving the rest of the Circle. This is about me and my father. Its a pretty big deal. Adams voice hit that pitch it always did when he was exasperated. We have to tell the Circle eventually. I know, Cassie said as gently as she could. She reminded herself that Adams passion and perseverance were her favorite things about him.

I just need a little time. She fiddled with the few strands of reddish-brown hair that had fallen in front of his eyes. For now, let this be our secret. Adam nodded, realizing he was pushing too hard. But in the meantime I want to help in any way I can. Ill do research, whatever you need.

Just name it. Cassie felt her shoulders settle. Thank you, she said, reaching out to him. For now, all I need is your support. Adam brought Cassies injured hand to his warm lips and kissed it. I also need a chocolate glazed donut from Sprinkles, Cassie added. Adam leaned in, met Cassies lips with his own, and kissed her without restraint. It felt good, and it felt right. Maybe there was hope for this day yet. Darby a pink slip of paper. Laurel, Ms. Darby said. Boylan wants to see you in his office right away.

Cassies head shot up. She couldnt allow Laurel to be alone with the principal. He was a witch hunter, and Laurel had been marked. Laurel looked at Cassie and then back at Ms.

But I havent finished my test yet. The principal wouldnt call you out of class unless it was important. Laurel hesitated. Go on. Darby pointed to the doorway. If youre in trouble for something, standing here and keeping him waiting surely wont help matters any. Yes, maam, Laurel said. Cassie watched her fearfully gather her books. What could she do to stop her? Laurel handed her exam in to Ms.

Darby and obediently followed the monitor out the door, glancing over her shoulder at Cassie one last time. There were no other Circle members in class, so it was up to Cassie to do something. One way or another, she had to get herself into the principals office.

Laurels life could be at stake. Cassie quickly scribbled in the remaining empty blanks on her exam, and then rushed up to the front of the room.

Im done, Ms. She held her side and bit her lip. And Im not feeling so well.

May I go to the nurse? Darby eyed Cassie, trying to discern if she was faking. Darbys desk. Go, Ms. Darby said, and Cassie bolted for the hallway.

She ran the whole way, ignoring multiple commands from teachers telling her to slow down, and arrived at the principals office panting.

Immediately, she could feel an energy in the airsomething dark and morose. The door to Mr. Boylans office was closed. Hi there, Cassie. What can I do for you? Karol, the perpetually rosy-cheeked office secretary. Theres an emergency, Cassie said, catching Mrs.

Karol by surprise. In the gymnasium. A fight or something, Im not sure, but people were screaming for someone to get the principal right away. Not again. Karol scooted off her seat and hurried over to the principals door. She knocked on it anxiously while turning the knob to let herself in. Sorry to interrupt, she said, but I think weve got a brawl on our hands, down in the gymnasium.

Boylan jerked backward, away from Laurel, the moment the door opened. He patted down his salt-andpepper hair and straightened his gray suit. Im a little busy here. And how many times have I told you, you cant just barge into my office like that. Dont you snap at me, Mrs. Karol said, with her bright smile fully intact. Its not my fault your students behave like wild animals. She entered the room and took him by the elbow of his finely tailored jacket.

Now hurry up. Youre the only one who can handle this. Cassie spotted Laurel seated across from Mr. Boylans large oak desk. She waved at her to try to catch her attention, but Laurel was entirely oblivious to everything going on around her. She was as pale as a ghost, and her eyes were focused on an invisible spot in front of her. With a huff, Mr. Boylan followed Mrs. Karol toward the gymnasium.

The Secret Circle: The Hunt by L.J. Smith

Lets make this quick, he said, and then noticed Cassie for the first time. I wont be long, he called out to Laurel, while focusing directly on Cassie.

Well pick up right where we left off when I return. You can count on it. It sounded like a threat aimed at them both. Cassie shuddered at the thought of what she might have walked in on if shed arrived only a few minutes later. Laurel still hadnt moved a muscle, even after the principal and Mrs.

Karol were out of sight. Are you all right? What did he do to you? Laurels face slowly came back to life, and she finally noticed Cassie standing there. We have to get out of here, she said, and leapt from her seat to run for the door. Cassie grabbed her by the hand and led her down the hall to the science wing. Steer clear of the gymnasium, she said, as she maneuvered Laurel in the opposite direction.

Book of Shadows

It was only a matter of time before Mr. Boylan realized there wasnt any fight. We need a place to hide. At least until the bell rings. Down the wing, there was an unlocked supply closet. Cassie guided Laurel inside and closed the door behind them. It smells like formaldehyde in here, Laurel said. Cassie didnt have the heart to alert Laurel, an avid animal lover, to the jarred pig fetus directly behind her.

Youre right, it does, was all Cassie said, and then pulled Laurel in for a hug. Im just glad youre okay. Among countless shelves of glass beakers and safety goggles, Laurel let herself cry and explained how Mr.

Boylan had been interrogating her, trying to find out information about her friends. And he was asking about our families. He knows were all witches, Cassie, and he wants to mark every one of us.

Cassie was gradually putting the pieces together. Then we absolutely cant perform magic until we figure out how to stop him. Laurels eyes welled up with tears again. Youre okay now, Cassie assured her. And youre not alone.

Were going to figure out a way to save you. I promise. We are in over our heads, Cassie. This isnt like anything weve ever faced before.

Laurel started to cry so furiously Cassie was afraid someone in the hallway would hear them. I dont want to die, she said. Nobody is going to die. Cassie lowered her own voice to a whisper. Ive been talking to my mom about my father. Just last night in fact. And Im learning things, Laurel. Ancient things that will help us.

Laurels sobbing quieted and she wiped the tears from her rosy cheeks. When my father was young he saved a friend of my mothers who had been marked.Im just acting normal. The shrubs moved againthis time she saw it with her own eyesand she screamed, Scarlett!

I dont know. How do series work? She focused on the sparkle in his blue-gray eyes and thought of the silver cord, that mystifying bond that connected Adams soul to hers. And we can all start researching the language. Now hurry up. Laurel hesitated.

Moreover, Cassie tells Adam she loves him after they just had only total of two conversations. Dont you snap at me, Mrs.