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Saturday, May 4, 2019 has hidden class included by default in its CSS file. So just add a hidden class to the button which has the id download and secondaryDownload. But the webpage cannot load the pdf file. And no response when click Tools button. Can anyone teach me what else I need to do? The Viewer. Hi! Maybe someone is interested, I leave it here. After some searching I found possible to hide buttons, for example to hide print button.

Pdf.js Hide Button

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Greetings, I want to hide the download button in I tried with custom css button#openFile {display:none!important;} with custom js. You can show or hide the toolbar icons of the PDF viewer control using the toolbarItem property of the toolbarSettings object. Refer to the. I have done some research that tells me to hide them using html. https://github. com/mozilla/ I don't know how to do this.

Brilliant very easy fix!

Unfortunately everywhere I can find says "just add hidden class to buttons you want hidden", yet it seems this does not work [on many of the buttons, such as open] in newer versions of pdf. Would have been nice if they just did a check in the JS for the existing element before trying to attach code to it.. Sreekanth 2, 6 Modify the source. Joe Frambach Joe Frambach Thanks Joe Frambach, It worked! It is not working for me.

When i remove this download button, Web page does not load the PDF. VivekSancheti Are you removing the entire download button element?

The element spans lines Is there a way to stop any user from downloading the file? The simplest method is to add hidden class to the specific button in the toolbar download button in this case PDF.

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Should we burninate the [wrap] tag? Visit chat. Linked 0. Related Hot Network Questions. In our example, this argument is named pdf. You might be wondering if, since the PDF document is fetched in chunks, for documents that are huge in size the success callback would only be called after a delay of quite few seconds or even minutes.

In fact, the callback will fire as soon as the necessary bytes for first page have been fetched. When you provide a valid page number, getPage returns a promise which, when resolved, gives us a page object that represents the requested page.

The pdf object also has a property, numPages, which can be used to get total number of pages in PDF document. Update success callback of pdf. SVGGraphics page. If you have placed the code correctly you will see Hello, world!

As you can see, PDF. You can either use Canvas or SVG rendering depending upon your requirements.

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For the rest of the article, we will be using Canvas-based rendering. Since this document contains multiple pages, we need to adjust our code a bit. The structure for placing pages rendered as Canvas elements is quite simple.

Add the following two lines to index.

Replace page. We can use the success callback to render text-layers. This returns a promise as well and in success callback of that promise text fragments representation is returned. TextLayerBuilder is a class which requires some parameters we already have from pdf.

The newly created instance of TextLayerBuilder has two important methods: setTextContent , which is used to set text fragments returned by page. In fact, zooming is quite straightforward and we just need to update the scale value.If you have placed the code correctly you will see Hello, world!

You would have to use a plugin like Flash to display this content, possibly retrieving the file via a secure connection.

pdf js disable download button icon

Step 3 : Defining some Javascript variables We need a few global variables that will hold properties used throughout the code. The return value is a Promise. This thread was archived.

JS is done asynchronously — from loading the PDF file to loading individual pages to rendering pages. After some searching I found possible to hide pdf. I did this to remove the openFile button. By downloading files this way, you will always have latest version of the library.