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Chinese lesson dialogue, audio review, PDF lesson notes, annotated dialogue , vocabulary, expansion, ATWTI 2: How to Say Goodbye in Chinese Newbie. Chinese lesson dialogue, audio review, PDF lesson notes, annotated dialogue, vocabulary, expansion, ATWTI 2: How to Say Goodbye in Chinese Newbie. Chinese for Beginners Audio and PDF. jpg. To download all ( zipped) MP3 and PDF files from Dropbox, click HERE. OR. To play in your.

Chinesepod Newbie Pdf

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Mandarin Know-How pdf file Download Mandarin Know-How pdf. Compressed file of ChinesePod mp3s (Newbie ). zip file Download ChinesePod. Hi Folks, As many of you know is an excellent If you observe the pdf transcript download URL's carefully you will see they. Audio > Audio books. Chinese Pod Newbie ( audio lessons + PDF). SIZE: GiB. Description. Mandarin Chinese: a not inflected language means less.

Download both the full lesson audio file and the dialog only audio file. To begin, import the full lesson for review into SuperMemo. The full lesson has multiple reviews of the lesson dialog along with some cultural explanation and phrase-by-phrase translation. It is best to listen to this a few times, but it usually runs about 10 minutes. So after you've learned a few repetitions you can switch to the dialog only audio file.

This will cut down your repetition time, but still allow you to regularly review the audio you are trying to learn. Text Lesson Its best to get the whole dialog into Supermemo as a topic to review.

I like to have each line of the dialog in Chinese characters, pinyin, and English.

This way, as you process the dialog phrases, you can choose which area to focus: reading characters or pronunciation pinyin. Unfortunately, copy-paste doesn't work very well for the Chinese characters or the pinyin when going from. In order to get all the information together there are several steps to go through. In a lesson in chinesepod.

Select the entire dialogue and copy to Word. Full traditional support and no messing around with plugins. Is there some way that somebody can take care of all the technical stuff and provide a link so that idiots can use chinesepod easily and for free like before? That is what I want to know. Chinesepod - first lessons torrent Language.

Learning Chinese. Hi Folks, As many of you know Chinesepod.

Cheers, TiM. Joesox July 31, , 5: Why the harshness? Thanks for the link, Tim! AAF July 31, , 6: AAF July 31, , 7: You may need to pay for a membership or keep digging around on the site.

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Hope that helps - Good luck! Thanks for your advice! In this way you learn a lot of small details about the Chinese daily life instead of getting bored and starting to wonder about the cute girl you met at Starbucks. Even if John speaks Chinese very well, after each dialogue he plays the role of the clueless laowai.

The part I prefer is the discussion of the new words as I can put them in the context of the dialogue and I can remember them better than when they directly appear on my flashcards session. Every dialogue comes with a pdf and a HTML transcription Chinese characters and pinyin and a translation. I especially like the HTML transcription because I can directly copy-paste the sentences that I would like remember to my deck of flashcards.

Sample Course

How to get the most out of your Chinese course. Once you subscribe you can accede to all the podcasts and assess your level. While the dialogues of the first two levels are quite simple and the discussion after the dialogue is in English, from the Intermediate level the female host speaks in Chinese while the male host keeps talking in English.

Starting from the Upper Intermediate lessons also the male host speaks in Chinese but he still switches to English from time to time. The lessons of the Advanced and Media level are entirely in Chinese.

Don't be the product, buy the product!

Also, the Media level introduces unfiltered Chinese taken from original sources. You have the opportunity to let a comment on the page of each dialogues to ask a question, give or receive feedback. Also, this year ChinesePod added a forum so that you can ask questions or discuss with other students.

Many of the latest podcast also features a video. However everyone is different so this may be a big plus for you! I think this options is quite interesting; however I never tried it myself. Since we paid for all the podcasts, this primitive impulse pushes us to think that we should make the most out of the course by starting from the beginning and going through all the dialogues.

In my opinion this is the most common mistake within podcasts users, and is also pointed out by both John Pasden at Sinosplice. If the Newbie podcasts are too easy for you then you should start from the Elementary or even the Intermediate level. This way you step outside your comfort zone, force yourself to pay more attention and learn faster.

ChinesePod Review – Improve Your Chinese Listening Comprehension

I did exactly this mistake with ChinesePod by getting stuck at the Intermediate level way too long. Another mistake closely related to the first one consists on choosing a level and then go through all the podcasts, without considering whether you are interested on the topic or not.

As I point out almost each time I write about Chinese language, your worst enemy while learning a complex language as Mandarin is boredom. When you get bored you lose motivation, you start to rationalize that you will never learn Chinese no matters what you do, that one day you will leave China and will forget everything anyway and so on.

The list of our retarded rationalization is endless.

These are all bullshits that your brain and mine, I have a black belt on rationalization exploits to make you come back to your comfort zone.I used this firefox plugin for traditional character support: Why the harshness? Hemu, Altai Mountains, Xinjiang. That's my wine for the day. If you buy a Premium package, you also have access to their app available for both iOS and Android.

Anyway, I should highly recommend you pay for the premium service as they have lots of additional content and they work very hard to provide top quality chinese study material. Another mistake closely related to the first one consists on choosing a level and then go through all the podcasts, without considering whether you are interested on the topic or not.