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Saturday, June 29, 2019 FlyMe BlueCami. 4shared Digitally signed by 4shared DN: cn=4shared, o, ou, [email protected], c=HR Date . ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING 14 The person with the negative attitude dwells Hear Jeff Keller, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, CynthiaKersey and other great . Here's the link to the FREE report Download Attitude is -Jeff-Keller-Attitude-is-Everything Keller Attitude is Everything (ISBN ).

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Soft Copy of Book Attitude Is Everything author Jeff Keller completely free. Reviews of: Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller PDF Book Inside this Book – This is a. Shepherding_a_Childs_Heart_-_Tripp, Shepherding a Child\'s Heart. Attitude-is-Everything-Jeff-Keller-pdf. JEFF KELLER. Seminar. Workbook. Page 2. 1. © Attitude is Everything, Inc. • 1- • Attitude – Your Foundation for.

From Lawyer To Motivational Speaker I continued my self-study program in my spare time, while I worked full time as a lawyer. In , after four years of intensive research about atti- tude and motivational concepts, I agreed to present some adult education seminars in the Never underestimate evenings at a local high school. Not the kind of change yourself. Jackson Brown, Jr. As I stood in front of the class to start my first seminar, I was petrified. My heart was pounding and I was sweating.

But somehow I managed to muster the courage to just do it. The students loved the class, and I got a real adrenaline rush from presenting the material that had revolutionized my own life I was on my way. I had gone to four years of college and three years of law school to obtain my law degree.

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On top of that, I had spent 10 years of my life as a practicing lawyer. Then, of course, there was the money issue. Fortunately, to a better tomorrow. Dolores and I had saved some —Unknown money over the years. And yet, it was time to move on. I felt as if I was being pulled out of the legal profession and into my new career. Whenever I spoke to an audience or wrote a motivational essay, I was so invigorated and full of life. So, I made a gradual transition — working four days a week as a lawyer, then three days a week You have to face the fact that some peo- ple will disapprove of your decision.

I also learned that you often have to let go of some things in your life and take a few steps backward before you can move forward in a new direction.

Part of the price I had to pay was giving up the money, prestige and security of my legal career. By the way, as it turned out, my mother became very supportive of my new career, especially when she saw that I was making progress — and that I really enjoyed my work.

Why am I telling you all this about my career transition? Proof positive that, indeed, attitude is everything! This book can help you, no mat- positive results. You can use these con- cepts to develop and maintain a positive attitude So, I know from firsthand experience that these ideas work — and that they have the power to literally transform your life!

Far from it. Act This book is conveniently divided into three Parts, and each Part contains a series of lessons. So, if you ever need reinforcement in a particular area, it will be easy for you to turn to that lesson and re-read it. Even if you think positively If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success. She had put in a few productive hours of work at her desk and decided to get a bite to eat at a nearby coffee shop. A few minutes later, Sam walked into the coffee shop.

He, too, was on his lunch break. Sam sat down at a table a few feet away from Sara. The same waitress served Sara and Sam that afternoon.

Each customer waited about the same amount of time before the waitress took the order. Each of them received their meal around the same time. Each of them was served well-prepared, wholesome food. Sara had walked into the coffee shop with a smile, a spring in her step and a very pos- Attitudes are a itive outlook on the world. It was plain for everyone to see. Sara for good or bad. Sam, on the other hand, had entered the coffee shop with a scowl on his face.

He was hunched over and tense. He was annoyed at how long it took for his meal to arrive. Why did Sara and Sam have such different experiences in the coffee shop? Remember that each was treated in exactly the same way. It comes down to this: Sara sees the world with a positive attitude. Sam sees the world with a negative attitude. A Definition Of Attitude Think of your attitude as the mental filter through which you experience the world.

Some people see the world through the filter of optimism the glass being half full while others see life through a filter of pessimism the glass being half empty. Let me give you some examples to explain the difference between a positive attitude and a negative attitude.

The person with the positive attitude concentrates on solutions. The person with the negative attitude finds fault with others. The person with the positive attitude looks for the good in others. The person with the positive attitude counts his or her blessings. The person with the negative attitude sees limitations. The person with the positive attitude sees possibilities. When I talk to audiences about attitude, I often like to use word pictures. They help people to under- stand and remember what I said.

Let me paint this picture for you: Your attitude is your window to the world. We all start out in life with a But you can control good attitude — or, should I say, a clean mental window. Just your own thoughts. They have a sunny disposition.

They love to explore new things. When he stumbles and falls down, what does he do? Oh, no. And another. He keeps going for weeks and weeks with a pos- itive attitude until he gets it right! His window is squeaky clean, and he feels like he can conquer the world. But as you know, there comes a point where life starts throwing some dirt at our windows.

Our windows get splattered by criticism from parents and teachers. Our windows get smudged by ridicule from peers. Our windows get smeared by rejection. Our windows get soiled by disappointments. Our windows get clouded by doubt. The problem is, the dirt keeps building up, and all too many people do nothing about it.

They continue to go through life with a filthy window. They lose their enthusi- asm. They get frustrated and depressed. And most tragi- cally, they give up on their dreams — all because they failed to clean their attitude window.

I had a dirty win- dow when I was an attorney. And the longer I stayed in that field, the filthier my window got. I saw no possibili- ties. How could I? My window was splattered with the mud of negativity.

I had to improve my attitude so I could see the world clearly again. After I removed the grime from my window, a whole new world opened up for me.

The frustration and depression lifted. I had more con- fidence.

For the first time in many years, I could see the magnificent possibilities that life had to offer. And I was able to make a career transition and do work that I absolutely love. Can you appreciate how your atti- tude affects the way you see everything in your life? More importantly, are you beginning to see those areas where your window needs to be washed? Sure, I can give you a little encouragement. And other people can encourage you, There is nothing too. But in the end, nobody else either good or bad, can do it for you.

You see, you always have a but thinking makes choice. You can leave the filth it so. When you choose to take out your squeegee and clean your window, life will be brighter and sunnier. Your dreams will come alive again!

Still doubting whether you really have the power to change your attitude? You may have endured much suffering. But, even under the worst circumstances, I still contend that you have the power to choose your attitude.

But the fact remains, the choice is yours. Let me tell you about a man who is well qualified to speak on the subject of attitude. His name is Dr. You see, Viktor Frankl endured years of horror as a prisoner in the Nazi death camps. A happy person To make matters worse, his is not a person in a father, mother, brother and his wife died in camps or were killed certain set of circum- in gas chambers.

Every day, stances, but rather Frankl and the other prisoners a person with a certain suffered from hunger, cold and set of attitudes.

Can a person control his or her attitude in a situation — Hugh Downs like that? Even though con- ditions such as lack of sleep, insufficient food and various mental stresses may suggest that the inmates were bound to react in cer- tain ways, in the final analysis it becomes clear that the sort of person the prisoner became was the result of an inner decision, and not the result of camp influences alone. Frankl and the other prisoners had the abil- ity to choose their attitudes in the face of such unspeakable suffering, who are we to claim that we cannot take control of our attitudes?

As Hugh Downs has said: You sit home and think positive thoughts. Will that alone lead you to outrageous success and the realization of your fondest dreams? To maximize your potential and achieve your goals, you need to apply certain time-honored principles of success that have helped millions of people to achieve extraordi- nary results.

Still, you may be wondering, what do these success principles have to do with attitude? Your success in life begins and ends with your atti- tude. If your window is smudged, only a fraction of the light of these principles can get through.

Your success is limited, or even blocked. But when you learn to keep your attitude window clear, the light comes pouring in and you can use these empow- ering principles to earn more money, have more satisfying relationships, increase your spiritual awareness and reach your full potential.

When you combine a positive attitude with the other success principles, you become unstoppable! Why do some people suc- ceed while others fail? Of course, he went on to explain it in more detail — but the founda- tion of his success secret is only six words.

Well, before I tell you the key to success, you might be surprised to learn that the same six words are also the key to failure! Are you ready for the key to success? Here it is: On a gut level, does that make sense to you? Here are the observations of a few great thinkers on this very point. Napoleon Hill said: Like a human magnet, Fred will attract those employment opportunities that will move him in that direction. It depends.

If, on the other hand, Fred contin- ually thinks about earning the higher income As you might expect, this concept is not limited to mon- etary goals. By concentrating on bringing that score down to You may take lessons.

You may practice more. Look at positive thinking in the same way. Instead, you must take control of your mental activity and think positively throughout each and every day until it becomes a habit. Remember, it has to be your dominant thought pattern. Are they serving you In the s and early s, I observed many people in my area Long Island, New York who were making a lot of money by purchasing homes for investment purposes — and renting them out.

The homes were appreciating in value considerably each year. Sure, there were the usual headaches of having to deal with ten- ant problems, but the return these investors were getting was incredible! Well, I kept thinking that I should start buying some investment homes. But I never took any action because I continued to doubt myself.

My thinking was dominated by all of the things that could go They can because wrong. Simply put, I had a they think they can. And with a nega- — Virgil tive attitude, is it any wonder that I never took the first step? However, after I started read- ing books and listening to tapes on the power of attitude and belief, I decided to change my attitude about real estate investment. In the summer of , I decided that before the end of that year I would purchase two invest- ment homes.

For six months, I focused my thinking on one thing — owning two investment homes. I wrote down my goals several times each day and referred to them often. In the evenings and on weekends, I went with real estate agents to look at homes.

In the fall of , I purchased an investment property. But I still had work to do. And on December 29, just two days before the end of the year, I reached my goal and bought the sec- ond investment home. In , I believed that I could do it. I had an unshakable positive attitude that propelled me forward to reach my goal. This entire experience was tremendously valuable to me.

In fact, it was priceless Attitude Vs. But I never took the first step as long as I had a nega- tive attitude. The instant I changed my attitude, I felt com- pelled to take action When your dominant belief is that you can achieve your goal, you begin taking the actions necessary to move in that direction. Consider your finances. What are your beliefs in this area?

Are you con- stantly thinking about not having enough money? Dwell on that thought a lack of funds and you block the flow of money to you.

Do you think this is a mere coincidence? There is a deeply held belief inside that individual that attracts these people into his or her life. You CAN change your thoughts, thereby changing your results!

For starters, become aware of what you say to yourself all day. Each of us has an internal voice; What we sincerely in other words, we talk to our- believe regarding selves! Too often, however, what we say is negative, critical and ourselves is true self-limiting.

Perhaps you find for us. Instead, repeat to yourself that you can and will accomplish your goal.

For example, do you put yourself down or talk about the things you could never have or achieve? So, make sure to use positive words about yourself and your goals. Repetition Is The Key Here are two more action steps to help you become more positive and get the results you want.

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STEP 1. Every day, read some positive, uplifting liter- ature. There are literally thousands of motivation- al books and articles to choose from. Read whatever speaks to you — it could be the Bible or other spiritual material, or perhaps inspiring biographies.

STEP 2. Every day, listen to Nobody succeeds motivational cassette tapes. The key is begins with some repetition. When you hear wild expectations. The tapes will get you thinking about your attitude and other success principles on a daily basis. So, if you read something positive and listen to motiva- tional cassette tapes every day, it will make a phenomenal difference in your life. Change your thinking and you change your life!

You will become what you think about. Not by a long shot. Success requires effort, commitment and patience. Remember, you are constantly moving in the direction of your dominant thoughts. Everything you achieve in your lifetime flows from your thoughts and beliefs. Negative thinking yields negative results Keep your attitude window clean and bright so that the positive thoughts can come shining through.

It simply makes no sense to think negative thoughts So, from this point forward, choose your thoughts wise- ly and use this powerful principle to get fantastic results in your life! You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it. The singer replied that none of this surprised her, as she had pictured the whole thing since she was five years old!

Change Your Attitudeand You Change Your Life! By Jeff Keller

She was not bragging, and has worked unbelievably hard to earn every bit of her success. What she learned at an early age was her ability to tap into the power of holding a vivid, powerful image World-class athletes also incorporate the power of imagery to reinforce in their mind exactly how they want to perform. Visualization, however, is not something reserved solely for singers, athletes or movie stars.

Let me clarify what I mean. Mental Movies From Childhood Where do these pictures come from? If we were criti- cized or felt unworthy as youngsters, we record the events and the feelings associated with those events as images in our minds.

Because we frequently dwell on these pictures both consciously and subconsciously , we tend to create life situations that correspond to the original image. For example, you may still Imagination is hold a vibrant image of being more important criticized by a teacher in elemen- tary school.

You felt humiliated than knowledge. Later — Albert Einstein on, when you were tempted to offer your opinion in school or in a group of people, you held back and kept quiet The picture remains in your mind and exerts tremendous influence over your present actions.

You — and only you — are in control of your own movies. Think about an ice cream cone filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Does that create a picture or image for you? Okay, now think about an elephant. Can you see it? Change the color of the elephant to pink. In a fraction of a second, you formed an image of the pink elephant.

Can you bring back the picture of the ice cream cone? Of course you can. Can you see what I mean? You have control over the pictures that occupy your mind. You can, however, alter your interpretation of the event. Create New Pictures We can create new mental movies whenever we choose to do so. So, the first step is to create an image of your desired outcome.

You are limited only by your imagination. As you know, most people are terrified about public speaking. In survey after survey, it is listed as the 1 fear that people have — ranked ahead of the fear of death!

So, when most people are asked to even consider making a speech, what kinds of pictures do they run through their minds? They see themselves standing nervously in front of the audience. The audience mem- bers are listening to your every word. You look sharp. Your delivery is smooth. You tell a funny story and the audience is laughing.

At the end, you get a warm round of applause. People come up afterward to congratulate you. Do you see how these kinds of mental images can help you to become a better speaker? Recognize, however, that the pictures in your mind are not fulfilled overnight. Right now, think about your next meeting with a prospect. In your mind, how do you see the encounter? Are you confident and persuasive?

Is the prospect the pictures that receptive and interested in what occupy your mind. Can you vividly — Jeff Keller see a successful outcome to your meeting? You get to choose how they turn out! So, sit down in a com- fortable chair at home, close your eyes and do some deep breathing exercises to clear your mind and relax your body.

Now, develop images that involve as many senses as you can. See the green palm trees slowly swaying in the gentle breeze.

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Smell the salt air. Feel the warm sand between your toes. Feel the sunshine on your face. And all this can be yours if you hold onto this image and do what it takes to achieve Vision is the art it!

Also, remember that those of seeing things images associated with strong emotions have even more power, invisible to others. Some people can create lively color pictures while others have trouble getting anything more than a fuzzy image. Your images will become sharper over time.

The key is to spend several minutes each day running these new movies in your mind. You can create visual aids to move you toward what you want. Thinking about your goal and forming images in your mind will go a long way to creating the success you desire.

However, when you also use a tangible representation of your goal such as a check , your chances of success are even greater! This same technique can work for you, too! Make sure to look at that check at least once a day By looking at those words throughout the day, Robert is conditioning his mind to view himself as a judge. As these images — Walt Disney become stronger and stronger, Robert will take those actions that will bring this picture into reality. While Robert could have formed strong mental images without the use of the sign, it has so much more power with the visual aid!

The sign is a reminder to Robert to think about being a judge Of course, there are no guarantees that this will work for Robert — or that it will always work for you. So, is there a position that you want to achieve?

Sales manager Whatever it is, create a visual aid and your mind will get to work to bring that picture into your life. It Works Both Ways Be very careful when using visual reminders.

Some people use negative aids — and with very serious consequences. Bumper stickers offer a prime example. While riding in my car a few years ago, I noticed a bumper sticker on the car in front of me. Just a silly little rhyme, right? When you put something like that on your car, you are programming your mind to keep you in debt!

Think about someone who puts this bumper sticker on her car. And, if you recall Lesson 2, Alice will always attract what she thinks about most. In this case, she will attract lots and lots of debt. The truth is, Alice is careless about what goes into her mind. Alice is a perfect example of someone throwing more mud on an already dirty attitude window.

We both know the answer to that question. Action Well, there you have it — some suggestions for creating and benefiting from your own mental movies. What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exact- ly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.

Trying hard. Making a lot of attempts. Commitment is the essence of The Ultimate Secret. Where does persistence fit in? Once you commit yourself to something, you create a mental picture of what it would be like to achieve it. Then, your mind immediately goes to work, like a magnet, attracting events and circumstances that will help bring your picture into reality.

The magic which flows from commitment has never been more eloquently or more accurately described than in the following words by W.

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Concerning all acts of initiative and creation there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely Effort only fully commits oneself, then Providence releases its reward moves, too. Doors will unexpectedly open for you. In , I started writing motivational articles. But I had no idea where to start. Do I send my articles to news- papers The first thing I did was submit an article to a local newsletter for people involved in training and human resources.

That article was printed in the summer of We arranged a meet- — Sir Thomas Buxton ing and Stuart explained how we could work together to produce a newsletter that would make these self-development concepts available to thousands of peo- ple. About one month later, the first issue of Attitude is Everything newsletter was published.

How did it all happen? I was committed to sharing these principles with others. I had a positive attitude. I started writing. And then, Stuart Kamen, a complete stranger, entered my life — someone who knew just how to turn my dream into reality.

Ah, the magic of commitment! Life will test you to see how serious you are about achieving your objective. Obstacles will arise. When things are tough, you fight one more round.

Millions of copies of his books have been sold. Let me assure you, however, that Baldacci was no overnight success. His accomplishments and financial achievements were the result of his total commitment to developing his talents as a writer. Like me, Baldacci start- ed out as a lawyer. He simply enjoyed writing. So he made a commitment, as he put it, to learn the craft of writing.

Every day, he just worked on characters, plot devel- opment and other writing basics. One person with a At the time, he was a practicing commitment is worth lawyer, and he and his wife had more than people two young children. When did he find the time to do this writing?

After 10 years of writing, Baldacci had completed some short stories and a few screenplays. His total sales: All that he had to show for his efforts were a lot of rejec- tions from editors. He received millions of dollars for the literary and movie rights to his blockbuster thriller Absolute Power. The star of the movie was Clint Eastwood. Such is the power of a person who is committed.

In , Jerry started his own company, American Royal Arts, selling a variety of col- lectibles. One year later, he decided to concentrate on sell- ing animation art.

He secured licenses with Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera and other, smaller studios. But he realized that to really grow his business, he needed to sell Disney art. This is a book that is both easy to read and fun to read. It's a timeless classic in the self-help field. From reader reviews: Gregory Richards: Why don't make it to become your habit?

Right now, try to prepare your time to do the important act, like looking for your favorite guide and reading a e-book. Beside you can solve your trouble; you can add your knowledge by the e-book entitled Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude Change Your Life!.

It means that it can being your friend when you truly feel alone and beside that of course make you smarter than previously. For more than 20 years, Jeff delivered presentations on attitude and motivation. He is also the author of the book Heres To Your Success, a collection of 62 of his most popular essays.

Jeff is a I absolutely love reading, dance, and listening to music. Role play toys are great for this age. Isaac Newton Everythinng that he saw further than others because he stood Attitude is Everything the shoulders of giants. Over the past few weeks, he has started to Attitude is Everything Eveerything as Attitude is Everything as I leave or waiting 10 minutes after I leave and he will use anything from blankets to toy firetrucks to stand on to Attitude is Everything on the light.You felt humiliated than knowledge.

We all know peo- ple who make statements like these: Holden shops for a special record , "Little Shirley Beans," for his year-old sister Phoebe. They see themselves standing nervously in front ofthe audience. On hissecond attempt, he failed.

I had to improve my attitude so I could see the world clearly again. This one is self-explanatory. We both know the answer to that question. He took the exam for the 14th time