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Product Catalogue. Browse our extensive range of marine products designed to work within the toughest marine conditions. Listed here are all of our products. Cleaning Equipment. WSS offers a variety of corresponding cleaning equipment that are aligned for. Unitor™ chemical application. We provide mobile and. Description: All products listed in this product catalogue which includes some of the industry's most trusted and respected brands – Unitor.

Unitor Catalogue Pdf

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Consult Wilhelmsen's entire UNITOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/4. The very latest release of the Mermaid Marine Catalogue published on the . Manual prepared by the specialists of the UNITOR company. Marine Products' new 3D ship model update for the online product catalogue puts. WSS Product - Ebook download as PDF File.

The head harness is fully elastic with 6 adjustment straps. Connection stub and Nut air. Other adaptors available on request. For durability and best possible resistance to corrosion the frame. Condensate drain: These drains have been placed at a height that leaves enough space for a condensate container underneath.

The vibration reducing construction of the motor rocker stands for smoothest compressor operation as well as self-tensioning of the v-belt. New design — High grade steel The use of stainless steel and Kevlar for frame and filling device ensures extreme resistance to corrosion.

Steel carrying handle fixed to the base plate allows easy transport by two people rails on both sides of the unit. Filling hose is made of Kevlar. V-belt drive SPZ belt. All Compressor Versions: L-shaped frame with special base plate for the compressor block and motor allowing fast and simple belt tensioning.

The first stage and the high pressure final stage are equipped with high tech polymer piston rings. Indestructible The driving gear is suitable for short running as well as continuous operation. Resistant A newly developed. Both compressor types are lightweight. Offers toughness. Plastic fan shroud with integrated holders for the telescopic intake tube. The maintenance-free rigid oil pump guarantees reliable lubrication. Tailored to meet particular requirements. Crash frame in series. Rubber anti-vibration feet.

The inter. LINE Description: The lightweight and compact unit is portable by a single person and fits in every boot. Dimensions Models max. Drive Filter System Weight net approx.

Also suitable for upgrading existing Bauer h. Frequency Pressure Product no. Breathing Air quality tester Breathing air quality tester Description: Four of the above possible contaminations can be measured simultaneously using test tubes mounted on a manifold whereby each tube measures a separate contamination or gas. Should not occur Testing the quality of air from high pressure systems on contents of: Airtest Synth. If you are using mineral oil you need to order the mineral oil test tubes in addition.

Optional items are: Product no: Breathing Air quality tester Breathing air quality tester Ordering information: Accessories for Helmets Chinstrap webbing Chinstraps may be used on safety helmets when worn at heights or in windy conditions, adding stability to the helmet. Stow-away safety goggles The Stow-Away Goggle attaches inside a safety helmet and is always ready for use.

Extremely comfortable, no pressure points behind the ears, cannot fall off, ensures compatibility with helmet mounted ear muffs. Winter liner for V-gard only MSA winter liners are contoured to fit head shapes and cheek curves. Nonmetallic Velcro hooks and pile-type adjustable chinstraps are used for correct fit on all MSA liners. Tabs and buttons are used for easy use with MSA or other suspensions. Description A wide, soft padding and adjustable headband force for individual, comfortable and firm fit.

A two point mounting system to distribute pressure evenly around the cushions. Excellent noise attenuation and maximum space for ears inside. Description For users who prefer to dispose of their plugs after each use. The airline must also be of chemical resistant materials. This pressurized safety system. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain the equipment in top form. A Trellchem protective suit will give your staff the very best protection in the worst of environments.

All Trellchem gastight chemical suits are equipped with positive pressure in the suits ensures increasing safety. People who work with aggressive and hazardous chemicals are particularly at risk when things go wrong. Even though safety standards are high. PVC Proper care is important in terms of both safety and economy. Offers excellent protection acids. Limited resistance against high concentration oxidizing acids.

Good for working in outside the suit. Polyamide fabric coated with PVC coated polyamide fabric. Fits with any type of BA. Good for working in the suit. Good for wor- confined spaces. Excellent resistance against alkali in all concentrations. Polyamide fabric coated with Material chloroprene rubber and lamin. Easy to decontaminate but difficult to work in confined spaces.

Super but the Super is more has higher protection level. Not intended for fire entrance! Flame resistance only refers to if the material is self-extinguishing. Flame Some. The perfect gastight suit for a situation where you do not Durable working gastight suit Soft and durable gastight suit.

Trellchem mini hood Product no. The suit is made of a polyamide fabric. Non-gastight zipper on the back with draw string hood. Chemical resistance Limited resistance against high concentration oxidizing acids. To be used with breathing apparatus Splash protective suit in one piece overall design or filter mask.

Flame A little. A little.

Elasticated sleeves and Design protected by a flap. The kit consists of the following equipment: Material PVC coated polyamide fabric. Boots are not included. The material is P. Gas response times: Typical [sec. Designed for use in the toughest marine environments — offering an unbeatable combination of powerful. Internal vibrating alarm Display: Graphic LCD with backlight. Portable gas detection Gas detection Instruments Personal single gas monitors for oxygen. Portable gas detection Single gas detectors Operating time: Wheelmarked acc.

Internal vibrating alarm 46 Safety Catalogue Portable gas detection Multi gas detectors Display: Rechargeable Li-ion Operating time: This accomodates your various needs for gas monitoring on modern vessels.

Flammable gas calibration is available for methane. Each gas channel can have two instantaneous alarm levels set. Combi-Mate is a well proven instrument that offers a wide selection of special sensors. Rechargeable h Operating time: Toxic and Special gases Optional with built-in suction pump. IP65 48 Safety Catalogue Toxic channels also have alarms.

Portable gas detection Multi gas detectors Approvals Ex: Tank-Mate meets the extended need of measuring hydrocarbons in inert backgrounds.

This instrument is especially suitable for tankers with inert gas system. IP55 50 Safety Catalogue LCD with backlight All channels simultaneously Battery: D Tank-Mate standard packages Contents: Groups A. Class 1 Division 1. A full range of span gases is available through the Wilhelmsen Ships Service network. Refillable and Disposable Span gases are special gas mixtures to calibrate and test gas detection equipment ensuring correct readings. The gases are supplied in: Wilhelmsen Ships Service has the most frequently requested products in stock in its major distribution centres and the remainder can be supplied on request.

These mixtures are submitted to strict quality control because of their application. Portable gas detection Multi gas detectors Refillable cylinders Product no. The trousers have webbing bracers with adjuster and the lower leg is elasticized. The jacket has a stand up collar. Heat resistant. Comprising of Jacket. Flameguard Suit EN The Flameguard Suit is a two-piece garment with a two-layer construction of fire resistant natural fiber with highly reflective outer layer. To be ordered separately by size: Regulation For ships fitted with special facilities for helicopters it is required to have: Powder extinguishers having a total capacity of not less than 45 kg For example: For more detailed information.

Part G. Product nr. Rigid Description: In addition to satisfying the water test requirements. In testing they out-performed the reference lifejackets for all parameters. Their compact and standardised design allows for easy donning and reduces the necessary storage volume. The below describes standard sizes.

Other dimensions can be delivered on request. Therefore this suit must be worn with additional life jacket.

The model V All suits are MED Wheelmark approved. Helicopter lifting harness. Therefore this suit can be worn without additional lifejacket. Light and buddy line. Immersion suits. The range is as follows. Bridge wing: Smoke and light. Other dimensions can be supplied on request and will be specially made.

Cabinets Cabinets Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies a large range of cabinets for all purposes as mentioned below. Outside Dimentions in mm Product no. Rescue Tools Rescue Tools Product no. The Responder also features a dual switch. Dimensions cm H x W x D: The stroke bar and the crow bar enable the fire fighter to force open doors and clear away obstacles. Dimensions cm L x W x D: The water tight and chemical resistant case includes a belt clip. Rear attachment point.

The harness provides suitable adjustment. The Lifeline is fitted on one end with a socket and the other end with a carabineer hook and is of incombustible material.

Ordering Information: The harness is an extremely lightweight type. This harness is used primarily with a fall arrest lanyard.

High tensile steel alloy Weight: Accredited to: Other lengths are available on request. Harness belt and Fall arrestors Safety Belt Description: The harness is suitable for use with fall arrest blocks.

This is a basic access harness fitted with a rear dee only. This period is not to exceed one year.

This unit has many applications such as confined access. Portable and universally adjustable. EN Material: Durable and robust. It has adjustable lower and middle legs at 80mm intervals to adapt and adjust to uneven surfaces and varying ground conditions.

According to flag regulations winches need to be maintained and certificated periodically. Specific brands and delivery time must be checked with the port of delivery due to local transportation rules and regulations for pyrotechnics. Floating orange smoke signal Light-smoke signals with brackets Parachute distress signal Line-Throwing device Ordering information: The composition and packaging meet all the international requirements.

The ingredients used are acceptable to all cultures and religions. The PRP allows x-ray examination without removing the patient. Aluminium rods along the sides for horizontal lifting. PVC coated polyester fabric. Stretchers Stretchers Paramedic Rescue Pac Advanced rescue stretcher for use in difficult access areas. USE Lifting: The stretcher can be lifted horizontally. The patient is safely secured in a way that makes it possible to lift the stretcher horizontally or vertically.

Straps of polyester to secure and lift the patient. Horizontal lifting is made with attached shoulder straps. Bottom plate: Fibreglass reinforced polyester. Simple and easy to use.

To safely secure the patient. Regulation 9. Chapter III. Wall mounted double sided and panoramic signs are available on photoluminescent rigid PVC. Lifeboats and placed on the right hand side of the safety sign. Regular signs are available in photoluminescent self adhesive vinyl.

It conforms to, IMO Res. It is approved by numerous national authorities around the globe including the Wheel Mark and Bureau Veritas. Unitor Solas Tape is an encapsulated lens type sheeting with a flexible and highly transparent plastic film. Our tape has been specially designed for the marine industry.

It ensures long durability, high brightness and antidelamination. All products are comprised of an encapsulated lens optical design that provides high reflectivity over a wide range of entrance angles, whether dry or wet. All products are silver in color under daytime viewing conditions and reflect a bright white. Wilhelmsen Ships Service can deliver a complete range of liferafts from main stock locations. The range includes both throwover- board and davit launch.

We are also able to offer specialist application liferafts and Evacuation systems for passenger vessels, the offshore industry, USCG variations or extended service. Whether you want to purchase or take advantage of the Wilhelmsen Ships Service fixed rental system we have a solution to meet your needs. All cradles include lashing straps and manual releases. The offer Plan liferaft service together with other types of services and will be tailor made to your needs, enabling the operation of save time and cost.

Liferaft Rental is available from a number of main service ports. One point contact.

One Wilhelmsen Ships Service contact — Avoid dealing with numerous small companies world wide. Fixed Annual Price including: Liferafts on exchange basis. Place the order through normal procedure and save on Main Service Sites for Liferafts: The following stations will be operational in the near future.

In addition we offer a range of first aid kits according international regulations. All medicine chests and poison treatment chests are supplied based on number of crew ship-type and flag.

Defibrillator On Board The device shocks when required Self testing Conform international standards Proper and rapid application Clear instructions in many languages Guidance step by step Well adopted to many medical instructions Now also available for marine environment 86 Safety Catalogue The chests are supplied with separate Neil Robertson stretcher as follows: Product Features.

The exhange system secures faster service and less traveling costs when refilling of oxygen is required. Soft carrying bag. Customer Benefits: The resuscitator comes in a soft carrying bag which includes guedel airways of different sizes. Medical Equipment Resuscitator Description: Refilling of vessel owned cylinders with medical gases is becoming com- plex. IMO Norwegian solution. Two flow meters.

IMO outside solution. The double oxygen outlet is fixed to the rail and the hose is connected to the regulator. All equipment supplied in one box ready for easy installation. A humidifier is connected to each flow meter and this has a disposable oxygen therapy mask attached to it.

The gas is piped through to the ships Hospital and the internal equipment is as described above. In the IMO Bedside solution. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has three solutions. Installation instructions are included. Item no. Replacements available in many Unitor ports. All parts easy to clean and sterilize. Product Features The ventilation equipment can easily be connected to the Unitor resuscitator set and Medical Oxygen systems.

Medical oxygen systems and Nitrous Oxide systems with manifolds for larger amount of cylinders including alarm systems for low pressure specially used for Cruise Vessels.

For spill control. For reple- nishment. Time Suits.

This water repelling property causes the material to float even when fully saturated with oil. Sorbents are made of polypropylene which absorb oils but repel water. For specifications on the different sorbents. To conduct final clean up.

An effective gel skin cleaner is also included. Heavy duty ultra-lightweight. Heavy duty and virtually unbreakable. Lockable and water tight. High quality PE Ordering information: Secures safe storage of oil spill sorbents onboard. Ultra light-weight and at the same time tough and durable. Easy to operate. Oil Spill Kit plastic box Description: Plastic box for storage of oil spill response equipment.

High quality PE.

Product Catalogue

Non-sparking — made from polypropylene. Highly visible colour. Safety shovel — large blade Description: Non sparking shovel for safe handling of oil spill. Molded plastic D-grip handle provides a secure grip. Polypropylene Size: Various Weight: Its construction ensures a long life.

This saves valuable maintenance time. Safe access to the ships air line and enables the pump to be set up almost everywhere. Ideal for oil spill response and all types of transfer applications. Ideal for oil spill response. Special chemical absorbing pads are also a part of the kit. The Sorbent Kit consists of various types of sorbents such as booms. The sorbent kits are ready for quick application.

The Unitor Sorbent Kit 7 Barrel contains sorbents with a total absorbing capacity of approximately 7 barrels of oil. For replenishment. Ordering info: The 7 barrel sorbent kit consists of: Ideal solution to every spill situation on land or water. Easy to handle. Very compact. Absorbs large quantites of oil in confined areas.

Has built in tension straps. Absorb all types of oil and hydrocarbons. Can be incinerated to reduce waste. Suitable for protecting vulnerable access points and prevent spill penetration. Multi layer SMS quality.

Booms prevent spreading and stop the oil from getting into the sea Product features: Can be joined together into any length for use in a variety of marine and industrial applications.

Very strong. Flexible application: Chopped sorbent material for scattering over floors and walkways or broadcasting over open water. Easy to use. High absorbing capacity. Easy to tear off the length needed. Can be trimmed to fit specific space requirements. Can be used on land or water. Keep barrels and drums clean and protect the surrounding area by absorbing spill and drips. Drum top covers made of polypropylene fibers with high absorbing capacity. Pre-cut to fit with bunghole.

Available in many sizes. Will float. Square pads based on polypropylene fibers with a very high absorbtion capacity. High absorption and retaining capacity. Suitable for absorbtion of oils.

The pads are quickly deployed and easy to recover. Square static resistant sorbent pads which are the ideal solution for safe absorbtion of flammable fluids. Save costs and work on cleaning-up. Ensures safe absorption of flammable fluids.

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Saves costs and reduces the workload of cleaning up. Will keep its shape even when fully saturated. Features and Benefits: It suppresses fire by a combination of heat absorption and chemical interference with the flame. Cargo Pump Rooms on tankers. Cargo Compressors Rooms and Other Spaces needing fire protection. All components are designed for optimum system performance. Nozzles pneumatically or manually by handle.

By different actuator. Time delay and pre-discharge alarm is provided as per Rules requirement. Storage pressure: For the protection of machinery spaces and local risk areas. For accommodation areas. It provides several methods for fire detection and activation. The system can be installed with glass bulb nozzles.

The nozzles are compact with no moving parts. The system design is accepted by the rules and allows for the use of both fresh and sea water. A touch screen operational panel can be installed for easy operation and monitoring. Both are able to supply all water mist applications onboard through the variety of different section valves operated either remotely or manually. Its uniquely designed high pressure nozzles give flexible discharge patterns and capacity. Water is supplied via a pump unit or cylinders depending on applications.

Unitor Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System is installed as a total flooding system or local protection of high risk areas. Droplet size: This will ensure an up-to-date system with the required approvals.

Due to safety reasons. Development and Service Product development is a continuously on going project for our Technical Department. In addition. When opening the release cabinet. The systems are designed according to the SOLAS requirements and are type approved by the major classification societes. If discharged. CO2 High Pressure. After a defined time delay. Unitor offers consultative services.

It consists of: Modular units can also be used for extra protection of such areas as car decks. The extinguishing effect is caused by breaking the chain of combustion.

The system is completely self-contained. Dry Chemical Powder. Modular System — low installation cost A modular system with self-contained hose and monitor units. The system design and choice of materials adapted for the marine environment is the result of decades of experience in the supply of fire fighting systems to newbuildings. Hybrid System combines the advantages of Central and Modular Systems The hybrid system is a combination of a central and a modular system and forms an economic solution for larger Gas Carriers.

It is physiologically harmless. The monitor is operated from an adjacent release cabinet or remotely from aft of the cargo area. Central System — high flexibility A central system is the most common.

A hybrid system gives the flexibility of a central system but with reduced pipework installation costs. For your dry chemical powder installation: Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment offers consultative services. Foam generators are installed at the highest level in the protected space and at strategically locations above high risks areas. Unitor Hifoam System can be designed for sequential release by splitting the system and spaces in several distribution lines. This unique operation feature optimized protection of high risk areas as well as reduces water capacity required.

The foam concentrate is mixed with water in the proportioner and discharged through the foam generators. It can also be combined with the Unitor Local Application Fire Fighting System for providing total fire protection for engine room. Manual operation is also possible by opening the appropriate valves and starting the water and foam pump manually.

The air used for producing foam is drawn from the protected space. System Description The system can be designed and installed both as a total flooding as well as a local system for protection of machinery spaces such as engine room. The nominal working pressure is 6 bar at the foam generators. The foam produced by the foam generators fall directly by gravity to cover the entire protected space. The system can use both fresh or sea water. The system consists of a storage tank for foam liquid at atmospheric pressure.

The system can be remotely operated by a main control cabinet located centrally with local control cabinets for operational flexibility. The system is designed with simple and quick operation in order to fight fire at early stage. The foam tank is available in a range of sizes and contains the right quantity of concentrate necessary for operation in accordance with the calculated period of operation. The foam monitors are supplied in accordance with requirements for e.

The Foam Central: If in doubt ask your local electricity supplier. Always remove the plug from the mains plug socket before cleaning or carrying out maintenance work on the cleaner. Carry out only the maintenance operations described in the operating instructions. Do not make any technical modifications to the high-pressure cleaner. Failure to do so will invalidate the warranty. High-pressure hoses, fittings and couplings are important for the safety of the cleaner. Use only high-pressure parts approved by the manufacturer!

The mains power lead must not differ from the version specified by the manufacturer and may only be changed by an electrician. Please contact the UNITOR service department or an authorised specialist work-shop for all other maintenance or repair work!

The high-pressure cleaner must be subjected to a safety examination in accordance with the Accident Prevention Regulations for Working with Liquid Spray Jet Devices as required, but at least every 12 months, by an authorised inspector and this report must be saved.

After all repairs or modifications to electrical equipment, the protective conductor resistance, the insulation resistance and the leakage current must be measured. Furthermore, a visual inspection of the mains power lead, a voltage and current measurement and a function test must be carried out.

Our after-sales service technicians are at your disposal as authorised inspectors. Unloader valve Unacceptably high pressure is fed back without residual pressure via a bypass line into the intake line of the pump when the safety device is tripped. The unloader valve is set and sealed at the factory and must not be adjusted. Safety devices Thermal sensor: A thermal sensor protects the motor against overloading. The machine will restart after a few minutes when the thermal sensor has cooled. Locking device on spray gun: The spray gun features a locking device.

When the pawl is activated, the spray gun cannot be operated. O I Warning Inhalation of aerosols can be hazardous to health. Where applicable use a device in order to avoid or reduce aerosols production, e. For protection against aerosols use a respiratory mark of class FFP 2 or higher. X-hours use per day.

Always use the cleaner as described in these operating instructions. Any other use may damage the cleaner or the surface to be cleaned or may result in severe injury to persons. Spray gun 3.

Electrical lead 4. Holder for high pressure hose 5. High-pressure hose 6. Fastening screw 7.

Lance 8. Parking brake 9. High-pressure hose connection on standard models without hose reel Water connection and water inlet filter Oil inspection slide Pressure gauge Main switch Chemical dosing regulation Water flow regulation Chemical tank Never lift the cleaner alone.

Always ask a second person to help. Before using the cleaner for the first time, check it carefully to detect any faults or damage. Check the oil level. Pull detergent hose and filter out of the storage and put it through the opening of the detergent tank filler cap. Put the quick connector of the high pressure hose onto the nipple on the cleaner.

The maximum length of high pressure hose is 50 m Machines with high pressure hose reel Not standard equipment! Put the quick connector of the high pressure hose A onto the nipple on the axle. Put the high pressure hose into the hose guide B and fix it with the clip. Release the brake C on the hose reel guide and wind up the high pressure hose. Rinse the water supply hose briefly in order to prevent sand and other dirt particles entering into the machine.

Connect water supply hose to the machine. Open water tap. In the case of poor water quality sand, etc. Max 50 Micron filter. We recommend the use of a textile-reinforced water hose with a nominal diameter of min. Before connecting devices with voltage changeover: Check that the pre-selected voltage on the machine corresponds with the voltage of the electrical installation. Otherwise the electrical devices of the machine can be destroyed.

When using a cord reel: Unwind the cord completely. The cleaner may only be connected to a correctly installed electrical installation. Observe safety instructions in chapter Put the plug into the electrical socket. Turn the cable hook A. Release the cable B. Turn back the cable hook. Mount a male coupling on the water tap.

Connect a on the BA valve to the water tap. Mount a female coupling on the water inlet hose. Connect b on the BA valve to the water inlet hose. Connect the water inlet hose to the high pressure washer. Turn on the water and start the machine. Water flowing from the drain opening c must be able to flow freely.

If there is a risk of running sands in the inlet water i. As soon as water has flown through the BA valve, this water is not considered to be drinking water any more.

Protect the backflow preventer to any exposure to frost. Keep the backflow preventer clean, and free of dirt. Maintenance At least once a year, check the function as follows: 1. After work, switch off the high pressure cleaner.

Close the water tap valve. Release the pressure in water the supply hose by triggering the spray pistol. Dismount the backflow preventer.

Water has to come out of the drain opening c max. Pull back the blue quickrelease grip A of the spray gun. Always remove any dirt from the nipple before connecting the spray lance to the spray gun. Insert the nipple of the spray lance B into the quickrelease connection and release the coupling A. Pull the spray lance or other accessory forwards to check that it is securely attached to the spray gun. Main switch Turn the switch to position " I ". Unlock the spray gun and operate it.

Lock the spray gun even during short pauses. Operate the spray gun several times at short intervals to vent the system. The cleaner switches off automatically after the spray gun has been closed. To start the cleaner again, operate the spray gun. DSS-models switch off with a delay of 20 seconds. Before connecting the suction set: to the cleaner, fill the hose with water. Turn the main switch to posi tion " I ". Unlock the spray gun and operate it Switching on the cleaner when it is connected to open tanks in suction mode Flow activated model 0 I M 1.

Turn the main switch to posi tion " M ". The cleaner automatically switches off after more than 5 minutes of inactivity. See chapter 9. To start the cleaner again, operate the main switch again. CHEM 4. Never allow cleaning agent to dry on the surface to be cleaned. The surface may be damaged. Dilute cleaning agent according to the manufacturer s instructions.

The intaken volume of cleaning agent can be regulated by turning the metering valve.


Select tank A by turning the merering valve on "A-side". Select tank B by turning the metering valve on "B-side" 5. Operate the spray gun. Before crane lifting the machine should be in balance. Loosen the screw A , push the handle B a little forward.

When the two marks are aligned C , the handle is in crane-lifting -position. Be carefull to fasten the screw D in the lifting position.

Wrap a belt strop around center of the handle E for the crane to hook in. Do not stand under the machine hanging in the air. Accessories and detergents, when correctly chosen, can increase the efficiency of your pressure washer. Here is some basic information about cleaning Soaking Encrusted or thick layers of dirt can be loosened or softened up by a period of soaking.

This is for example an ideal method within agriculture for example, within pig sties. The ideal soaking method can be achieved via use of foam or simple alkaline detergent.

Let the product lie on the dirty surfaces for around minutes before pressure washing. The result will be a much quicker high pressure cleaning process Detergent and Foam Foam or detergent should be applied onto dry surfaces so that the chemical product is in direct contact with the dirt. Detergents are applied from bottom to top, for example on a car bodywork, in order to avoid super clean areas, where the detergent collects in higher concentration and streams downwards.

Let the detergent work for several minutes before rinsing but never let it dry on the surface being cleaned Temperature Detergents are more effective at higher temperatures. Greases, oils and fats can be broken down more easily at higher temperatures also. Proteins can be cleaned at temperatures of around 60 C. Oils, traffic film around 70 C, and grease can be cleaned at 80 C - 90 C Mechanical Effect In order to break down tough layers of dirt, additional mechanical effect may be required.

Special lances and rotary or wash brushes offer this supplementary effect that cuts through dirt High Water Flow or High Pressure High pressure is not always the best solution and high pressure may damage surfaces. The cleaning effect also depends upon water flow. Pressure levels of around bar may be sufficient for vehicle cleaning in association with hot water.

Higher flow levels give the possibility to rinse and flush away large amounts of dirt easily. Soaking apply foam to all surfaces bottom to top and wait for approx minutes. Remove the dirt from surfaces with the high pressure lance or chosen accessory. Again, clean from bottom to top on vertical surfaces. To flush away large quantities of dirt, change to low pressure mode and use the higher flow to push away the dirt.

Use recommended disinfectant products and methods to ensure hygiene. Apply disinfectant once the surfaces are perfectly clean. Machinery Detergent injection Powerspeed lances Curved lances and underchassis washers Brushes 1. Apply detergent to vehicle or equipment surfaces in order to soften up dirt and grime. Apply from bottom to top.

Proceed with cleaning using the high pressure lance. Clean again from bottom to top. Use accessories to clean in difficult to reach places.

Apply thick foam over the surfaces to be cleaned. Apply on dry surfaces. Apply from top to bottom on vertical surfaces. Let the foam act for up to minutes for the optimal effect. Use applicable accessories. Use high pressure to dislodge large amounts of incrusted dirt or grime. Use lower pressure and high water volume in order to rapidly flush away loose dirt and rinse surfaces.Stromkabel 4. Los Angeles. Unitor Chemicals supplies for superyachts.

Breathing Air quality tester Breathing air quality tester Ordering information: Check the oil level. Observe safety instructions in chapter Put the plug into the electrical socket.