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Foreword by Jordan Rubin, author of “The Maker's Diet” .. I've read on the raw food diet and/or health improvement. • Bob Avery for editing this edition of the. The Maker's Diet Revolution - Free Preview - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Maker's Diet Revolution is the long. Title: When the Moon Split: A biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Author: Safiur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri Subj.

The Makers Diet Pdf

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jordan Rubin is the author of 19 books including the New York Times bestseller The Maker's Diet with over 2 million copies. The Maker's Diet” is the title of a book written by Jordan Rubin. In this book, the author recounts the story of how he became ill in college and regained his health . The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin! The 40 day diet program to reach your ideal weight, boost your immune system, based on Biblical principles! We carrry all.

After a lot of study and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that the quality of the food is very important.

Also, I attribute illness to how much people eat and when. There is a big difference between eating animal products once a week and during daytime hours and eating animal products every night and right before bedtime.

Overeating and the resulting under-sleeping can be more harmful than what a person eats. Even raw vegan foods can cause illness if they are eaten too much, too often at the wrong times. Many vegans fail to thrive when they do not take the time to research and ensure they are eating the correct variety of good quality of vegan foods. I know there are many people who not only for health reasons but also for moral reasons do not want to consume animals.

In fact, I would say the only way to be a healthy vegan is on the HHI diet. Just giving up animal products but continuing to eat a vegan junk food diet is not ideal and too common. However if a person does the research and makes the effort they can see the HHI diet is not as hard to follow as it seems and the results can be far more rewarding than any other way of eating. In fact, the entire fast-food and TV-dinner industries have flourished due to our fast-paced lifestyles that demand we eat convenience foods.

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His laws that govern our entire human nature, including our health, bring consequences when violated, whether or not we accept the fact that they are still in place. Just years ago or less, the diet of the average person was dramatically different from what we call table fare today.

Widespread corporate mono-agriculture with concentration on single-crop specialties and chemical fertilizers and pesticides was unheard of then, so the typical diet consisted mostly of fruits, vegetables, wild grain and seeds, fish, meat from wild animals, and raw, unpasteurized dairy products. Nuts and seeds such as honey-roasted nuts, or seeds dry or roasted in oil are prohibited.

Condiments and seasonings such as all spices that contain added sugar, commercial ketchup with sugar and barbecue sauce with sugar may not be consumed. All fruits except berries, grapefruit, limes, and lemons must be avoided. Beverages such as alcohol, fruit juices, sodas, chlorinated tap water, and pre-ground commercial coffee are not allowed. All grains and starchy foods including pasta cereal, pastries, and baked goods must be avoided. Sweeteners such as sugar, heated honey and all artificial sweeteners are forbidden.

Phases of the Diet[ edit ] The diet is divided into three phases over a day period and broken into three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

According to Rubin, the dieter should choose a beginning phase based on their overall starting health and their desired improvements.

The chief purpose of the diet is to achieve optimal health by means of nutrition and spirituality.

The Maker's Diet Revolution

The individual should perform exercises of "Life Purpose" for two to five minutes before the day gets too stressful. The exercise should be used as a time of alignment and reflection with realignment cycles taking place every ninety minutes. On these partial fast days, breakfast and lunch should not be consumed, although, if supplements are being taken, they should still be consumed.

Fluid consumption is crucial during these days, especially raw vegetable juices and pure water. To achieve the utmost spiritual benefits from the partial fast days, it is suggested to pray each time hunger is experienced. It contained a natural soap, a facial wash, a tooth oil and an ear wash. It is easy to find soaps now that do not contain sodium laurel sulfate.

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I carry several soaps and natural toothpastes on my website. Since the book was written, Garden of Life has created many varieties of Perfect Food.

They are all appropriate for the Maker's Diet. The original one was called "Super Green Formula" and it is still available if you want it. Super Seed whole fiber blend two servings per day.

The Maker's Diet Revolution - Free Preview

These oils were intended to rub between your hands and inhale. Alpha and Omega Cleanse: This was an oil in a capsule to be taken morning and night.You see, these foods were considered detestable to the God of heaven whom they faithfully served. Patient Heal Thyself: After the Cleanse.

Compared to some of the other miraculous events described in the bookinterpreting King Nebuchadnezzars dreams; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego walking in and out of the roaring f lames inside the furnace; Daniel surviving without a scratch in a den of hungry lions; and seeing astounding visions from God HimselfI still believe that Daniels steadfast faith and the fact that he and his friends excelled to the point of being ten times better than other young men in the palace court is the greatest miracle recounted in the Book of Daniel.

Rubin recommends organic fruits, fresh or frozen. Raw milk products may contain disease-causing microorgan- isms.