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cover image of Under Construction, Book One of the Cartel Series The Cartel ( Series). Book 1. Ashley & JaQuavis Author Buck 50 Productions Producer (). The Cartel 2 - Tale of the Murda Mamas. By Ashley & JaQuavis. Blackstone Audio. Book Condition: BRAND NEW. BRAND NEW Audiobook on MP3 CD. The Cartel (The Cartel, #1), Tale of the Murda Mamas (The Cartel, #2), The Last Book 1. The Cartel. by Ashley Antoinette. · 7, Ratings · Reviews.

The Cartel Book Pdf

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[PDF] The Cartel 5: La Bella Mafia FOR DOWNLOAD FREE:https://ebook-dl. #Ebook The Cartel 5: La. Get Free Access To | The Cartel 3 The Last Chapter PDF Now. THE CARTEL 3 THE solution manual you buy in a book store or download off the web. Our. I finished the book understanding why Juárez is so violent; why cartels murder so many innocent people; why both the American and Mexican governments.

Outraged, Riley tries to attack her family's killers, but is subdued and ordered to be held at a psychiatric ward.

En route, she escapes and vanishes. Five years later, Detectives Beltran and Carmichael arrive at the site of the carnival and find the three shooters hanging from a ferris wheel, having been killed by Riley.

Inman explains to Beltran and Carmichael that before vanishing, Riley robbed the bank she used to work at, and that she has now returned, having robbed a gun store and obtained various assault rifles and ammunition. Riley kills Judge Stevens by blowing up his house, having already killed the defense and prosecution lawyers involved. Inman, Carmichael and Beltran decide to tell the media about Riley, which causes a debate on social media between those who see her as a hero and those who see her as a criminal.

Riley heads to a business that is a front for Diego's money laundering, where she kills most of his men.

Diego realizes Riley is responsible for his recent shipments going missing and resolves to kill her. Inman discovers Riley has been living on Skid Row, owing to recent changes to crime patterns in the area.

The Cartel 2: Tale of the Murda Mamas

She finds Riley's van, which is filled with the stolen weapons, and learns that the people there see Riley as their guardian angel for keeping them safe.

Riley survives a trap set by Diego, follows his henchmen to Diego's home, and kills many of his men. When Diego's young daughter—who evokes her own murdered child—interrupts her as she confronts Diego, she hesitates and Diego wounds her and escapes.

Inman calls Carmichael to Skid Row to wait for Riley. Carmichael, secretly on Diego's payroll, arrives and shoots Inman dead, then notifies Diego of Riley's likely destination. Riley returns to Skid Row, which is swarming with Diego's men. She manages to kill several of them and finds Inman's body. Using Inman's phone, she contacts the media and reveals her location, inviting both the media and LAPD. She confronts Diego, stalling him long enough for the police to arrive.

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The Cartel 5: La Bella Mafia 2. When a Boeing drops out of the sky with the men of the Cartel aboard, the women of the family have to step into their own.

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With the federal government on their heels and the family on the brink of destruction, a female dynasty is born.See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The old comforts you might find in Michael Connelly or Elmore Leonard are still here. She sucked on the wet dirt beneath her to provide herself with some type of water.

Diego realizes Riley is responsible for his recent shipments going missing and resolves to kill her. Prior to the preliminary hearing, Riley is visited by the perpetrators' lawyer, who tries to bribe her. Judge Stevens, who is secretly on the cartel's payroll, declares there is insufficient evidence to allow the perpetrators to stand trial and dismisses the case, while the prosecuting lawyers do nothing.

A city built on obscene wealth and corrupt deals, cunning entrepreneurs, and the ruthless mob.