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The Bar Code Tattoo - suzanne weyn - Free ebook download as ePub .epub), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Suzanne Weyn. The Bar-Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn. GT Novel Guide. Four Big Essential Questions: (We'll always talk about these during class discussions! Come to class . Individuality vs. conformity. Identity vs. access. Freedom vs. bar code bar code tattoo. Everybody's getting it. It will make your life easier.

The Barcode Tattoo Pdf

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She joins the literature and certainly nothing to get book. Everybody's getting the bar code was, relationships. Kayla with a good in the pacing was one barcode. To ask other readers questions about The Bar Code Tattoo, please sign up. .. I really really liked the basic idea of the book: a barcode tattoo which has a lot of. The Barcode Tattoo By: Suzanne Weyn. Shelby Warburton. Grew up in Long Island, New York. Currently lives in upper New York with her.

Over the coming weeks, she spends more time with the students and comes to have an active part in their group. The group makes plans to meet in the Adirondack Mountains if they are forced to leave their homes.

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Kayla arrives home one afternoon to find an ambulance at her house. Her father has committed suicide and Kayla thinks back to the depression that has been evident in him since soon after he got the tattoo.

Kayla's mother, Ashley, begins falling apart as well. Ashley is a nurse and stops going to the hospital for awhile. When she returns to work, she is obviously depressed and is soon stealing medication from the hospital. She hints at the fact that the tattoo is evil and urges Kayla to never give in to having it.

They discover the bar code also includes genetic information and is being used to make all sorts of important decisions. Those with genetic tendencies toward diseases simply won't be hired to work anywhere.

One night Kayla arrives home to find Ashley frantic. Ashley reveals that babies born to parents with undesirable gene sets are quietly being killed while babies born with desirable gene sets are being experimented on to enhance specific abilities. When Kayla is at school she talks about not wanting the tattoo with Amber. We are also introduced to a new character named Zekeal.

The Bar Code Tattoo

Chapter 4 Zekeal tells Kayla about the Decode project, which Kayla is very interested in. During class she learns more about the Decode project. After class Kayla, Zekeal, and Mfumbe are beaten up, and are talked by the principal on how their Decode project must stop in school. The second both Kayla and Amber were out Gene had gone crazy and had to be gunned down to be stopped.

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When Kayla arrived home she answered the phone to only hear Amber crying on the other end. Chapter 7 Kayla and Amber say their goodbyes to each other. Once Amber left Kayla felt alone so she decided to go to a club.

On her way to the club Kayla is chased by a stranger. Chapter 8 Kayla finds out the stranger chasing her is Zekeal.

They both go to the club and dance for a bit. Later they head to the roof to talk.

The Bar Code Tattoo Summary & Study Guide

Chapter 9 Kayla and Zekeal talk about how the barcode tattoo has ruined their families lives. They head out for a meeting about the Decide project. The meeting was about updating the Decode website KnotU2.

Chapter 10 Kayla and the Decode group used a special helmet that took them to a virtual reality. When Kayla used the helmet she gather information about a woman named Eutonah and how they should find her. Kayla and Zekeal are in a secret realtionship because Zekeal is dating Nerda. Amber and Kayla get to email each other for the first time after the move.

Chapter 11 The Decode group came together for another meeting. Kayla gets to do her first article on KnotU2. A new law is passed that you must have the barcode tattoo if you are 17 or older. Nerda a member of Decode gets the barcode tattoo. Chapter 13 Kayla tells the rest of the Decode group of what she found out about the barcode tattoo.

The Decode group notices that all the other resistance group websites are shut down. Kayla finds out that Zekeal is a traitor and is working with Tattoo Gen.

Chapter 14 Kayla finds out what her mother was hiding from her. Kayla also finds out how she has a mental illness. Chapter 15 Kayla wakes up in the hospital and finds out her mother has died.

Kayla also finds out that the doctor is going to tattoo her. Kayla wonders if she should give up or not.

Chapter 16 Kayla decides not to give up, she gets out if the hospital just before she was going to get tattooed. Kayla meets a woman named Katie, who also does not have the barcode tattoo.

Katie drives Kayla and gives her advice on how to get out of here.There are some really scary possibilities. Suzanne Weyn PowerPoint Presentation. It was pretty easy to take down an evil, global superpower. Kayla must crack the secret of her own life in order to find the true purpose of the Bar Code and the horrifying truth hidden inside. Direct Quote Personal Opinions : Alayna: My opinion about this book is that it is a very suspenseful and interesting book.

She disagrees with the government and global-1 and takes a stand for what she believes in by trying to defeat them. This book is a great illustration of how quickly things can change when you are writing of the future. Her father has committed suicide and Kayla thinks back to the depression that has been evident in him since soon after he got the tattoo.