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The 50th Law 50 Cent and Robert Greene Contents Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 See Things for What They Are-Intense Realism Chapter 2 Make Everything. I first met 50 Cent in the winter of He had been a fan of my book The 48 Laws of Power, and he was interested in col- laborating on a book project. In the . There are advantages in having a wife smarter than you. I could 'Oh that Chetan Bhagat,' he said, like he knew a milli Family Law. Pages··

The 50th Law Pdf

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The 50th Law is written by Robert Greene in conjunction with 50 Cent. There's a little bit of 50 Cent life here, but mostly it's a Robert Greene's. The 50th Law PDF Summary by Robert Greene & 50 Cent is an amazing book that focuses on exploiting your full potential and putting your. The 50th Law (): 50 Cent, Robert Greene: Books. The 50th Law and millions of other books are available for instant access.

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The 50th Law: Summary + PDF

The main idea of the book, "The 50th Law", is fearlessness. The authors details and conveys how to achieve this through ten chapters each centered around a principle or "law" if you will. However Greene also makes use of other stories throughout history for this purpose as well. Overall I feel the book delivered on its purpose. It's able to convey it's lessons well through both story and reasoning. Also it's alot shorter and less textbooky than Greenes other books so that's a plus.

Personally the book was inspiring. I of course had been a casual fan of 50 Cents music but I had no idea that behind the scenes was a man who overcame so much and intelligently clawed his way to the top.

As for Greene this was my first book I read by him well actually I'm reading it and The 48 Laws of Power at the same time. And it was so good that I read through it quickly and went out and bought all of Greenes other books.

Greenes books paint a picture of reality as it is not as some want it to be. They give you the tools to protect yourself and thrive in the world. Honestly I feel like I've been given dynamite or the ten commandments after reading all his books.

They are that powerful and good. So do I recommend this book? Absolutely for yourself and maybe your spouse or kids so they can survive and thrive too. However I would advise you to not go around blabbing off about what you learned.

When so many other people suck it makes it easier for you to stand out.

A sequel to a fantastic book, which gives an unbiased review of the world we live in. And Why? Getting to the bottom of the problem requires honesty and self-criticism.

The 50th Law gives you both and instigates a new behavior which can take you one step closer to fulfilling your life-purpose. The book has lifted the roof and gained overnight popularity among celebrities and even prisoners.

The 50th Law PDF Summary

Generally speaking, people are choosing their battles as well as their battlefronts. Use this momentum to take hold of reality, and everything that adds to your final purpose. Get some respect by diving into your own waters. Ask yourself what is worse: To be forever at the mercy of others and stick to your comfort zone , or failing to succeed on your own?

Align your goals with your capabilities, and you have a win-win situation — No Doubt!! This simple, but life-altering reality gives you a taste of the endless opportunities that emerge day in and day out.

For instance: You want to start your own business, but you lack funds.

The 50th Law Ebook

This could be an excellent opportunity for you to find investors, or someone willing to invest in your idea, and thus gain a long-time associate. Chapter 4: Keep Moving—Calculated Momentum Do you know that every office has a micromanager who wants to supervise almost every little detail? So, take notes, and get the big picture. Less open-minded personalities are struggling when on the lookout for favorable circumstances.

Dreamers waste time and do the biggest mistakes.

The real inventors and innovators are realists. Reality is my drug, the more I get, the higher I go Click To Tweet Mortality Greene says that to learn to live well and fearlessly you need to appreciate your mortality.

People who had a brush up with death get a sense of urgency that leads them to work hard, accomplish more and enjoy life.

And then structure your life going backward. Read: leveraging death to live.

Self Reliance We come into this world with the only real possessions that matter: Your body The time you have to live Your energy Thoughts and ideas And yet you give it all away. True ownership can only come from within yourself.

It comes from rejecting anyone who limits your mobility, it comes from confidence in your own decisions and by using your time in constant pursuit of growth and education. Own yourself first.

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Or you'll be at the mercy of someone else. Everyone is pushing and pursuing their own agendas. Greene says we are often naive, believing people are peaceful and desiring good for us.His world was so harsh and dangerous it forced him to open his eyes to reality and never lose that connection.

Their decisions reveal a lot, and you can often discern a pattern if you look at them closely. Your fearful attitude encloses you in an invisible prison, and there you will remain. Less open-minded personalities are struggling when on the lookout for favorable circumstances. Greenes books paint a picture of reality as it is not as some want it to be.