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Brian Shul. Midland . Brian Shu I came to the attention of Mach 1 two years ago through their exposure affectionately called "The Sled" by those who flew it. A couple days ago someone mentioned Brian Shul's now long out of print and hard to find book, "Sled Driver; Flying the World's Fastest Jet" on. SR Hall of Fame. Been looking around for a PDF version of Brian Shul’s book Sled Driver but all the links I’ve found appear to be dead. Anyone have a working link?.

Sled Driver Brian Shul Pdf

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Sled driver by Brian Shul; 4 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Air pilots, Biography, Piloting, Reconnaissance aircraft, SR (Jet. No aircraft ever captured the curiosity & fascination of the public like the SR Blackbird. Nicknamed "The Sled" by those few who flew it, the aircraft was. If you have any interest in aviation I suggest you download this link to the book 'Sled Driver" by Brian Shul. It's an easy read at

Overcoming massive injuries and burns from being shot down over Cambodia, Shul wasn't expected to be able to fly again at all, let alone make it into the ultra-exclusive Blackbird program. We ran into Shul at this year's Reno Air Race, and he spoke with us about his journey, the experience of flying the world's fastest jet, and his books.

We'll let Brian take it from here in his own words. Shot down and left for dead I was just a regular airforce pilot.

Shot down and left for dead

I was flying special ops during the end of the Vietnam war down near Cambodia. I got shot down, I was forced to ride an airplane down into the jungle.

Blew up, was given up for dead. The helmet helped save me when I was stuck in that burning cockpit — I had a helmet and visor, but my visor started to melt.

If I'd been in there a few more seconds it would've melted into me and I would've lost my eyes. Special forces guys rescued me, medevac'd me to Okinawa — they didn't want to ship my body across the Pacific. They figured I was gonna die, so they sent me to Kadena. They flew a burns team out from Texas just to take care of me.

Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet

But I didn't die. I lasted those two months of intense emergency care, and I went from lb to 82 to 54 kg. So it took everything my body had to survive. Then they shipped me back to Fort Sam, Houston, Texas, which is the main burns center.

I spent a year there going through 15 surgeries. The Air Force said, wow, you're lucky to be alive. It was very traumatic, but my training paid off.

Got out of hospital, and I was able to pass a flight physical, which shocked the world. But the Chief of Aerospace Medicine gave it to me. He said "I'm really interested in your case, and if I pass you, nobody will question it, because I'm the highest authority in the Air Force.

So they couldn't flunk me. By then everyone said, "OK, he's a big story, but now you've gotta pass an astronaut physical to get in a space suit to fly that thing.


The guy said, "wow, you've got one of the highest scores we've ever seen. Flying the SR Blackbird I ended up flying the Blackbird for four years, I carried a camera — photography was my big passion — and I ended up with the world's rarest collection of Blackbird photos.

The airplane still holds every speed and altitude record.

You did six months in the simulators, six months before they'd let you fly the airplane. Physicians told him he'd never fly again. Months of physical therapy followed, enabling Shul to eventually pass a flight physical and return to active flying duty. Post Vietnam[ edit ] Two days after being released from the hospital, Shul was back flying Air Force fighter jet aircraft.

He went on to fly the A-7 D, and was then selected to be a part of the first operational A squadron at Myrtle Beach, SC, where he was on the first A air show demonstration team.

Brian Shul

As a final assignment in his career, Shul volunteered for and was selected to fly the SR This assignment required an astronaut type physical just to qualify, and Shul passed with no waivers. Shul's comeback story from lying near dead in the jungle of Southeast Asia, to later flying the world's fastest, highest flying jet, has been the subject of numerous magazine articles.

In addition to running his own photo studio in northern California, he has authored seven books on flying and flight photography. His first two books Sled Driver: Flying The World's Fastest Jet [2] and The Untouchables [3] are about flying the SR Blackbird and give the reader a first-hand account of being in the cockpit of the world's fastest jet.

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Shul's third and fourth books are about America's air demonstration teams, the Navy Blue Angels , in Blue Angels: A Portrait of Gold, [4] and the Air Force Thunderbirds , in Summer Thunder [5] and contain aerial images which take the reader into the dynamic formations of these world-famous teams.

Until the SR finally flies sometime in the sthe Blackbird will remain the most extreme aircraft ever flown by man, doing three and a half times the speed of sound and hitting a maximum altitude of over 85, ft; the pilots had to wear space suits to handle such heights. It was playing sled driver brian shul keeps sled driver brian shul still winning.

A Portrait of Gold.

Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet

Preview — Sled Driver by Brian Shul. The numbers they banter about in this book are simply incomprehensible, but sled driver brian shul anecd Sled driver is about flying the SR71 Blackbird.

Part of me is sad that I missed the era of this superb airplane along with living in the wrong country. As the jet passed me, the thunderous, piercing sound of the engines at maximum power was not so much heard as it was felt. This book brings out that romance.He has written four books on aviation and runs a photo studio in Marysville, California.

It was a living, breathing thing. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. The world's fastest jet. This preview shows page 1 - 6 out of pages.

But the Chief of Aerospace Medicine gave it to me. During the following year, he underwent 15 major operations. It was playing sled driver brian shul keeps sled driver brian shul still winning. GIFT condition! Shelves: experiential Sled driver is about flying the SR71 Blackbird.