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Uploaded by: EVELIA Turn to page 13 to knit our cute coin purse. Find our Simple. Knits collection on page September Simply Knitting 7. Inspired by seaside PS You can subscribe to Simply Knitting digitally from just £ A large archive of magazines from Knitting & Sewing true PDF, download and read Easy Lace Knits All You Need to Know to Start Knitting Lace & 20 Simply .

Knitting & Sewing

Small amounts of worsted in tan and brown, US 5 needles. Makes some for teacher's gifts. Helps to mark page!

Knit Finger Puppets Approx. Use small amounts of worsted weight yarns, US 6 needles.

Simply Knitting Magazine, Issue 56

Good stocking stuffers! Simple Knit Pin Cushion Beginner easy! Use scraps of worsted weight yarn, knitting needles, US size 8. Crochet Cosmetic Bag Use up scraps of worsted yarn, hook, size H. Crocheted Hanger Cover Fits regular plastic hanger. Quick and Easy!

Very soft toy, good size for tiny hands to hold. Crochet Curly "Q" Hair Ties.

Two Suggested lengths, but do not let that limit you. Make them as long as you wish. Rippled Edge Crochet Placemat Finished size is about 12 inches high and 15 inches wide. This can also be used for a toy! Lucy's Hat Cute, Warm hat for your pet. Use worsted weight yarn and 10 needles.

Free Baby Hat Knitting Patterns

Reversible 2 Needle Hat Easy 2 row pattern. The Basics of Hand Knitting: Creating a slip knot — is the first step to begin knitting. A knot is the very first stitch a knitter creates in order to come up with a number of stitches. It fastens the yarn to your needles so you can cast on the rest of the stitches. Twist your fingers clockwise to form a loop.

Expand the loop as you place your two fingers inside. Pull the tail and tight knot halfway. Insert your knitting needle inside the loop and pull both ends to create a tight knot. Casting on — the second step in knitting. When you cast on, you create a series of stitches in order to create your chosen craft. There are three methods in casting: Single Cast On — Also called the thumb cast on or backward loop cast on.

This style is ideal for the beginners since it is the easiest way of casting stitches. Long Tail Cast On — Also called the double cast. One of the most popular and quickest cast on methods.

It creates a sturdy yet flexible set of stitches for most knitted projects. The only challenge for this type is the proper measurement.

You have to make sure that you leave enough of the tail to cast all your stitches. Knitted Cast On — Also known as two-needle cast on.

This method of casting creates two stitches out of one. Through knitted cast on, you can add extra stitches in the middle of a row.

If you had problems in measuring the long tail cast on, this method can serve as your alternative as well. Knit Stitch - Also known as the garter stitch. It is the process of pulling up a yarn through an existing loop on a needle and pulling it through on the back. Purl Stitch - It is the method of inserting the needle from the top of a loop and pulling a new loop up and through the first stitch. A purl stitch simply looks like the back of a knit stitch. Each row that a knitter purls will create a bumpy texture.

Usually applicable in knitting scarves, socks, sweaters, blankets, and hats. To learn the step-by-step process in knitting a stockinette stitch, click here. Ribbing Stitch — Purling back and forth within the same row creates this kind of technique.

Because of its flexibility and ability to bounce back, ribbing is widely used to make up hems, necks, and cuffs of sweaters.Free Scarf Knitting Patterns. So we decided he had to be one of are Halloweeny friends this year!

Add Doppler Effect to favourites. Divide sts roughly equally over 3 dpns.

We can make that happen! The Simple Collection is for Sharing Tweet Wheat and Malt simple, textural, reversible scarf, and modern geometric baby blanket to practice your knits and purls.

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Knitting Needles and Yarn. Round K5, m1 to end 48 sts.