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resourceone.infope: application/pdf Bengali resourceone.infoher. digitalrepublisher: Digital Library Of India resourceone.infoher: Signet Press. Title: RAJ KAHINI ED.3RD রাজ কাহিনী তৃতীয় সংস্করণ. Authors: THAKUR, ABANINDRANATH. Keywords: LITERATURE BENGALI FICTION BENGALI TALE . Free download or read online ✅Chondrogirir Rajkahini bangla book from the category of Bimal Kar. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Chondrogirir .

Raj Kahini Bengali Pdf

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Download Abanindranath Tagore Bangla Novels, Stories, Children Books, Bengali Books in pdf format and Read Raj Kahini by Abanindra. Read online or download ebook Rajkahini (Bengali) pdf, A Royal Story. রজকহন - অবননদরনথ ঠকর Rajkahini by Abanindranath Thakur pdf Mahanagar poster ( 1) Bengali Art, Bollywood Posters, Movie Posters, Cool Posters. Open.

Begum Jaan complained to him about Mr. Sen and Mr. Ilias, to get them out of their respective parties. After visiting Delhi for the meeting of the rulers of the Princely States , he informed Begum that he is not an influential person anymore, and the Princely States were being integrated in the Indian Union, and the titles were being abolished.

Begum decided to fight her own battle. Exasperated at the futile attempts to evict Begum and her women from the house, Prafulla and Ilias turn to Kabir Jisshu Sengupta , leader of a criminal gang, for help.

Kabir and his gang commits all kinds of heinous crimes in these turbulent times of riots and violence. They chase Sujan and three other girls who were returning from the market. While Sujan manages to save the girls and help them escape, he himself gets butchered by Kabir. Sujan's death adds fuel to the fire in Begum's heart and they decide to have a final confrontation. Meanwhile, after being rejected by Begum Jaan, Master manages to trap a girl Parno Mittra into his schemes of getting back at Begum.

In the film we see Badal discovering age old documents where a Hindu friend of his family had written the pangs of migration and how that man along with his family was forced to migrate to Indian occupied Bengal to save their lives. They had to leave their motherland leaving behind their land and properties due to communal riots.

On the other hand, a Muslim family is also seen to migrate from India to Bangladesh due to the same unrest prevailed there. A lot of people were forced to migrate. Same stayed due to the irresistible pull towards the lands. Most people across the border still have their kin towards the both side of the border.

They exchange goods and things dodging the security personnel of both the countries. There are some stray incidents of illegal activities of course, but many interactions have humanitarian grounds also. The film taken for study shows how a Geography teacher from Bangladesh suffers, while trespassing the Indian province of Paschim Bangla, where he comes for an urgent treatment of his only child.

ISSN Shankhachil sea gull - a bird of the land without a border Sankhachil is a common bird in both the Bengal landscape.

It hovers in both east and west Bengal as it has no border. The film has a particular message that Bengali identity has no border irrespective of east and west Bengal. The cinematic treatment of the sights and sounds of rural landscape is typically Bengali. The characters too are orthodox Bengalese. Rupsa Shajbati is like any rural girl of Bengal having a very sensitive soul. She loves to swing on the bank of a river near her house.

She is anxious about the leafless tree whose new leaves are yet to appear.

She even let the fish go although they were bought from the market for ailing Rupsa. Actress Kusum acted as Laila, her mother in the film looks like a typical Bengali bride who takes good care of her family. Muntasir Chowdhury Badal Prasenjit is like any other Bengali man who is happy with his profession of a teacher and rears his family with a simple lifestyle. He prefers to read newspaper with a cup of tea, an image which we find in any part of Bengal. Like any Bengali man, he also cherishes the freedom struggle of the country.

So the family has a typical middle call mentality of a Bengali family that likes simple living and high thinking. The birds, the verdant fields, the forests, the village ponds, the meandering rivers- all represent the pristine beauty of Bengal landscape.

Partition has put a big question in the identity of people living on both sides of the border. In Bangladesh the medical treatment is yet to develop; so people forced to come to Kolkata for a better treatment.

Rupsa needed an open heart surgery which is easily affordable in Kolkata a place nearer than Dhaka. So Badal takes her to Taki and from there to Kolkata. ISSN 99 Bengal. He even forbids his wife to go for a Namaaj so that nobody can find out their proper identity of a Bangladeshi Muslim family. But all his attempts turn into failure as Rupsa succumbs to death.

Her condition was too critical that even the best of best doctors of Desun Hospital as it is shown in the film could not succeed to recover her. The bird has no border as it flies in both the Bengal landscape defying man-made border. Badal has put a pertinent question why people bother about Hindu or Muslim when they are all Bengalese.

Why he needs to hide his own religion to get his daughter treated. The film celebrates all things Bengali while showing the irony of it.

From the prison van Mr. Badal witness Sankhachil flying as he used to see in his own province of Bangladesh. Apart from some religious rituals, the people of both the eastern and the western part of Bengal share the common culture. Religion is not a bar in the relationship between the Headmaster and Badal.

The Headmaster is a Hindu and he extends his helping hand to Badal who is a Muslim.

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On the other hand, Dipankar De is a Hindu who leaves no stone unturned to provide the best treatment to ailing Rupsa, the daughter of a Muslim family. He even met Rupsa in the hospital at Taki and wished her quick recovery. The fact is humanism has no religion. The man who took Badal to a jewellery shop was a Muslim by religion.

Initially he proved to be a help but actually, he was a rogue. The Relevance of the Film Today The film advocates humanism to remove the tension between both communities- the Hindus and the Muslims living in undivided Bengal.

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The people of the land are basically Bengalese; an identity that should not be divided in the name of religion. The government of both the countries should handle the problem of both side people in a more sensible way to stop ruthless killing and arrest. ISSN The disputes of the people living across the border may be resolved with a clear understanding of the problem and a reciprocal relationship of the people of both the countries.

The social ecology is disturbed by the fundamentalists in both the countries. The minorities are the victims of intolerance.

The former Bangladeshi parliamentarian Mr. Suranjit Sengupta delivered a spirited speech on the minority in Jatiyo Samsad of Bangladesh. For him, the concept of minority is apparent as those who are the majority in Bangladesh are minor in West Bengal. Those who are major in Bangladesh are minor in Myanmar.

At the end, it is humanism which wins over religion. Yet there occur some stray incidences in both the countries that disturb the social ecology of the land. The recent attacks in thge Holi Artizen of Bangladesh, the attacks on the Hindus in Bramhanberia, the riots of Dhulagarh, Kaliachak and Basirhat in West Bengal caused a lot of tension in Bengali identity.

Yet the anti fundamentalists are also active to resolve the tension and the administration in both the countries are trying level best to solve the disputes. Hopefully the Sahabag Movement in Bangladesh and Secularist Movement in India would help in restoring the communal harmony in both Bengal.

Conclusion Ecocriticism gives equal importance to natural environment as well as the social environment. Due to the partition, the social ecology of Bengal landscape gets disturbed and people suffer displacement. Earlier the people of two communities lived in Bengal with harmony and peace.

Raj Kahini

But after the partition the East Bengal gets dominated by the Muslims whereas the West Bengal gets dominated by the Muslims. The concept of Bengalese gets shattered in the name of religion. The people of the divided land suffer free communication, trade and other necessary movements.

The sea gull or Sankhachil may migrate to any part of Bengal whether east or west.

It knows no border and flies in both part of Bengal landscape. Plot[ edit ] In August , the British passed a bill regarding the partition of Bengal. Delving into the grim history of the Partition, Srijit 's movie Rajkahini is weaved around a border between the two nations that runs through a brothel housing eleven women.

Bengal was broken up twice , and then during Independence - officially for demographic reasons and ease of administration - but actually, it was a strictly political move to curtail Bengal politics.

The narrative follows the erection of the Radcliffe Line as the boundary between the newly formed nations of India and Pakistan present day Bangladesh.

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As both the Congress and the Muslim League battle it out in courtrooms as to which side of Bengal will get which territory, in another part of Bengal is a brothel, situated right in the middle of Debiganj and Haldibari districts, which is the home and the world to eleven women and two men.

Begum Jaan Rituparna is the boss, while the other women work under her as prostitutes. Begum Jaan is not concerned about Hindustan or Pakistan, her only concern is her business, which is running badly because of the partition and resulting riots.

The local master and Congress worker Abir Chatterjee visits the brothel time to time with gifts for everyone. Meanwhile, the political sky is darkening.

The Radcliffe line passes between Debiganj and Haldibari, the former being placed in East Pakistan , and the latter remaining in India. Ilias Kaushik Sen from Muslim League who were childhood friends but now separated meet and discuss about the relocation of the people of the two districts.Trivia About Raj Kahini.

That night, Kabir and his gang set fire to the brothel. Sayan Pal Dr. The popularity of the series is evident from the fact that it continued for over two years, backed by the financial strength of an enormous number of sponsors and occupying the Sunday morning prime time slot throughout its course of broadcast. Rupsa needed an open heart surgery which is easily affordable in Kolkata a place nearer than Dhaka. Enabled Screen Reader: From the prison van Mr. Abdus Sattar Dr. The film ends with Ilias, Prafulla, Master and lakhs of refugees from Debiganj and Haldibari coming together to see the remains of Begum Jaan's brothel, as Bharata Bhagya Bidhata plays in the background.

And the climax seems unnecessarily stretched.