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READING AND WRITING LISTENING AND SPEAKING Skills for Success .. For alternative unit assignments, see the Q: Skills for Success Teacher's Handbook. Q Skills for Success 3 Reading and Writing Teachers Handbook - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Q Skills for Success. [PDF] Cambridge English Skills Real Listening and Speaking 2 with Answers and Audio CD [Download] [PDF Download] Public Speaking: Strategies for Success (8th Edition) [PDF] Full Ebook. [PDF] Touchstone Level 4 Student's Book Download Full Ebook.

Q Skills For Success Reading And Writing 3 Pdf

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Q: Skills for Success Level 3 includes materials for both the Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking Strands featured in all six levels of the series. Q: Skills for Success, Second Edition is a six-level paired skills series that helps With new note-taking skills, an extended writing syllabus and authentic video in every unit, Q essential skills for academic success; Enhanced listening and reading comprehension . Intro · Level 1 · Level 2 · Level 3 · Level 4 · Level 5. Q Skills for Success is a six-level series with two strands, Reading and Writing . Q Skills for Success Reading & Writing 3 Audio Cds - ISBN:

By its very nature, critical thinking brings teachers and students to a much more ambiguous place. There is no single correct answer - but many. Teachers are asked to adopt a pedagogy of questions instead of a pedagogy of answers. In addition to embracing ambiguity, teachers must grapple with what critical thinking actually is, for there are countless definitions in the literature.

Developing criteria for analyzing ones own thinking? Evaluating different perspectives, forming opinions, and taking action? Making inferences? Challenging assumptions? In fact, critical thinking has become an umbrella term encompassing all of these skills. In looking at the literature, it also becomes clear that critical thinking is not a one-off task, but a journey, where students must discover and evaluate what they believe, why they believe it, and how new evidence challenges or supports what they believe.

It is a journey, but one that requires several stops along the way. Part of our role as educators is to scaffold this journey of inquiry for our students. Read the full article at www. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. New York: The Seabury Press. Teaching critical thinking in Asian EFL contexts: theoretic and practical applications. Using this feature at the beginning of a unit will set up an environment that encourages multiple viewpoints in the classroom and pushes students to start their journey to think critically.

To scaffold and welcome more discussion, teachers may consider using a pyramid structure. First, students brainstorm an initial response in writing. Second, they discuss their answer with a partner. Finally, they share their ideas in a small group or as a class. Key terminology is highlighted to help students recognize specific critical thinking strategies. Teachers may choose to point out the tip and offer other situations where one might use the critical thinking skill in real life.

New in Q Second Edition, students reevaluate the Essential Question again after the final speaking or writing assignment. This allows them to reflect on the entire journey, including what they have discovered for themselves from the assignment. Instructors can use the iQ Online Discussion Board to encourage students to share their reflections with their classmates and comment on each others posts.

They may also decide to use this feature when students are revising their assignment to scaffold greater reflection in the final draft. Q: Skills for Success Second Edition: www. In fact, they were created for native English speakers. In other words, the language in the videos includes idioms and expressions that are common in everyday conversation, such as see eye to eye, or get the ball rolling. When you present an authentic video clip in your classroom, your students can: See and hear multiple speakers.

Gain context and support for comprehension. Observe body language and gestures. Develop a variety of listening skills. Learn about other cultures. Have fun. Of course, video use in class is very different from watching TV at home. Its important for your students to understand that youll expect them to be actively involved and thinking, even when the lights are out! Q TIPS Video tips for Q Second Edition 1 Be prepared Before you present a video clip to your class, watch it multiple times yourself and think of types of activities that students can do before, during, and after watching the video.

Note how the content of the video fits into what youve taught recently. Even better, will they be able to come up with their own questions about what they see?

Are there grammatical structures in the video clip that youd like students to repeat? Are there idioms or two-word verbs that youd like to point out?

Heres a test to know whether the excerpt will be easy for your students to understand. Play the clip with the sound off the first time you view it. Ask yourself questions such as the following: Who are the speakers? Where are they? What is their relationship? What are they probably talking about?

Are they happy or angry? Are there any clues about the kind of work that they do? Most of the information we gain from a video clip is visual. If you can figure out who the people in the video are, what they are doing, and where they are without sound, your students will be able to as well. Pre-viewing activities introduce students to the content or mood of the clip, activating the background knowledge they already have on the topic featured in the video.

Students should also be introduced to the key vocabulary of the video. Here are some pre-viewing activities that will take very little time and work for you to prepare: Discuss the title Write the title of the video clip on the board and ask students to make predictions about the content of the video. What do you want to know about? Give students a short introduction to the segment they will see.

Have students work with a partner to write a question they would like answered in the video. After students watch the video, check to see whose questions were answered. Play some, or all, of the video without the sound. Then point to each question word and see what students can tell you about what theyve seen. Stop and Start After students have seen the video once without the sound, start the clip from the beginning again. Pause the video every ten seconds or so or after a complete conversational interchange.

Have students repeat a comment, word, or statement that they heard on the segment. Give students time to ask or write a question. Use this time to find out what students understand and where they need help. Sound Only This technique turns the video into a listening track. Cover the screen and then play the video. Ask students to guess what is happening as they listen.

Knowing Your Tastes Food Likes and Dislikes Medium tasters typically have 10, taste 1 Why do some people love spicy food and others buds. Why do many people dislike broccoli? Nontasters, Why do some people want sweets all the time? The kind of tongue you have can The remaining 25 percent are supertasters.

Supertasters have four to six times as many taste buds as nontasters and twice as many as How the Tongue Works medium tasters see Figure 1. Research shows 2 The human tongue is made up of a group that supertasters are more likely to be women of muscles and taste buds that work together and from Asia, Africa, and South America.

The average adult tongue has 10, taste buds, which are tiny bumps Different Worlds for Different Tasters located on the tongue. Tiny hairs on the end of 4 Supertasters live in a very colorful world of the taste buds tell us whether food is sweet, tastes, nontasters live in a gray world, and sour, bitter, or salty. The taste buds send medium tasters are somewhere between the messages to the brain as chemicals from two.

Supertasters think that a lot of foods are the food enter the nose. Together, the taste too strong. In addition to having more taste buds, buds and nose tell the brain exactly what the supertasters are born with a gene1 that makes tongue is tasting. This complex system helps them sensitive to bitter foods. Consequently, humans survive by recognizing which foods they dislike broccoli, cauliflower, grapefruit, and are safe and which might be dangerous.

With more taste buds, they can more easily feel fatty foods in their mouths. As a result, Nontasters, Medium Tasters, Supertasters they stay away from high-fat food items like french 3 Although all humans have taste buds, we fries and sweets. They are also very sensitive do not all have the same number of them. In contrast, nontasters like chili and pepper with much less pain. All people should As a rule, humans avoid foods that taste pay attention to what they eat, but nontasters and supertasters must be more aware of the bad and eat foods that give them pleasure.

However, they 6 If you can identify which kind of taster you are, you will be able to make more educated choices about your diet. This simple test can Tongue of Tongue of show whether you are a nontaster, medium a Supertaster a Nontaster taster, or supertaster. Count how many bumps you see in the hole.

If there are 30 or more, you are a supertaster. If there z gure 1 Supertasters have many more taste buds than nontasters. W hat is the m ain idea of the article? As a rule, hum ans eat foods th at taste good and avoid foods that taste bad. The kind of taster you are can affect b oth your food choices and your health. Supertasters live in a colorful world of taste, but nontasters live in a gray world.

W hich statem ent is true about taste buds? They tell the b rain how food tastes. They send messages to the tongue. The average person has 5, taste buds.

W hich statem ent is tru e about the num ber o f taste buds a person has? How m any taste buds you have has no effect on taste.

The num ber of taste buds you have can cause you to like or dislike certain foods. The m ore taste buds you have, the m ore you enjoy spicy foods. W hich statem ent is true about the three different kinds of tasters? Finding out w hat kind of taster you are can help you m ake im portant decisions about your diet. Supertasters are m ore likely to be m en from Asia, Africa, and South Am erica. You need a complex test to show you w hat kind of taster you are.

D etails Answer these questions. W hat four tastes can taste buds identify? How m any taste buds do nontasters have? W ho is m ore likely to be a supertaster, a w om an from Italy or a w om an from Korea? W hy should supertasters and nontasters pay close attention to the foods they eat? Do you think you are a nontaster, m edium taster, or supertaster?

W h at foods do you really like or dislike? Choose one food and describe w hat you like or dislike about it. Cross out the word that is different from the bold word. People who consum e too m any calories typically gain weight, a. The foods we eat often during childhood can influence the foods we prefer as adults.

The concept behind organic food is that farm ers should grow fruits, vegetables, and grains w ithout h arm ful chemicals. N orm andy, a n o rth ern region of France, is hom e to m any fam ous cheeses, a. Italian cuisine is know n for its rich, fresh sauces and its pasta dishes, a.

I had a very healthy d in n er last night. I ate m eat, vegetables, some fruit, and just a small portion of dessert. A unique property of water is that it takes up m ore space w hen it is ice than w hen it is a liquid. One principle of vegetarian diets is that eating fruits, grains, and vegetables is healthier for you than eating a m eat-based diet. Various cultures use different m ethods for preparing foods, a. Previewing gives you a general understanding of the reading first, which will help you when you read the whole text from beginning to end.

W hen you preview, the goal is to predict what the text is going to talk about. Previewing usually includes these steps: Look at Reading 2. Follow these steps as you preview the text. Step 1: Read the title and subtitles. W hat is the title of the reading? W rite it below. There are four headings w ithin the reading.

W rite them below: Step 2: Look at the pictures. Look at the photo and pictures. W hat are they of? Read the first and last paragraphs.

Read the first and last paragraphs quickly. U nderline the topic sentence of each paragraph. What is the topic of the reading? What ideas are discussed in the reading? Look back at your answers to the questions in the Reading Skill activities above. What do you already know about this topic?

Finding Balance in Food Food, Balance, and Culture to the way a dish tastes, or how a meal Nutritionists around the world often is prepared and served. A balanced diet usually means eating eyes of two very different cultures makes it more fruits, vegetables, and grains and clear that the definition can differ greatly.

W hen comparing the food France: Cultures regions can also make their diet feel might view balance differently according balanced. France is divided into 22 regions. Balancing Yin and Yang Nord-Pas: The principles Each region has its own local cuisine and of yin and yang can apply to cooking food traditions, or what the French call methods as well.

Water-based cooking terroir. The French embrace1 all 22 regions like boiling and steaming has yin qualities. French Frying and roasting are yang methods. A traditional French yang qualities. It might include an appetizer, a believe that main plate, a side plate, a cheese plate, achieving this kind of balance can result in a salad, and a dessert, which makes it a improved health.

For instance, dishes like well-balanced dining experience. Each beef with broccoli and sweet and sour chicken dish is eaten and enjoyed separately, and are considered healthy because they have a portions are small. This practice has even balance of foods, colors, flavors, and textures. They believe diseases result when there is too Many French people dislike the traditional much yin or yang in the human body.

To the fast-food meal because it is too simple and Chinese, food acts as medicine. A person with quick, so fast-food restaurants in France have heartburn might have too much yang because changed their menus.

Som e now include she is eating too much spicy food. As a result, an appetizer, a main dish, a dessert, and a a doctor might tell her to drink iced tea, a coffee to offer diners the balance they want. Different Cultures, Shared Desire desire to find some kind of balance. A look France and China have very different at their food preferences also suggests that cultures, and people in each culture have culture and food are not separate from each their own ideas of what constitutes a balanced other.

They are closely related, and their meal, whether it is tastes, menus, ingredients, connection can be observed around the eating habits, or nutritional benefits. W hat world in very different and fascinating ways. W hat is the m ain purpose of the article?

W hat is the m ain idea of Paragraph 2? Each of the 22 regions in France has its own terroir. In France, balance comes from eating foods from different regions. The French find pleasure in eating at different kinds of restaurants. W hat is the m ain idea of Paragraph 3? M any French people do not like to eat at fast-food restaurants.

The French balance their m eals by serving m any sm all courses.

Who reads A Byte of Python?

Some fast-food restaurants in France offer three-course meals. W hat is the m ain idea of Paragraph 4? Yin and yang help create balance in Chinese cooking. Yang foods are believed to increase body heat. C arrots and water are yin foods because they are cool. W hat is the m ain idea of Paragraph 5? Preparing balanced meals is a challenge. Too m uch yang can cause heartburn. Then correct each false statement to make it true. Terroir m eans local food and traditions. There are no fast-food restaurants in France.

French m eals always have seven courses. The French prefer to eat small portions of food. Eggs and m ushroom s are considered yin foods. Frying and roasting are yang cooking m ethods.

Do you prefer to eat m ore variety but sm aller portions of food, or less variety but bigger portions? W hat foods do you enjoy from cultures other th an your own? How are they different from the food you grew up with? W hat m akes food taste good to you?

W hich foods did you dislike as a child? W hich foods do you dislike as an adult? W hy do you th in k food preferences change as you get older? Vocabulary Skill Use of context to understand words Learning to read without stopping to look up new words can help you read faster and understand more.

W hen reading, try to guess the meaning of a new word from context.

Context refers to the other words and ideas in the sentence that are around the new word: A balanced diet usually means eating more fruits, vegetables, and grains and consuming fewer foods high in fat, sugar, and cholesterol. The context around the word consuming suggests that the sentence is about what kinds of food to eat and not eat in order to have a balanced diet.

Therefore, you can guess that consuming has a similar meaning to eating. If you need to know what a word means, start by guessing from the context.

If a sentence does not give enough context, then look the word up in the dictionary. Read each sentence and try to answer the question that follows.

The underlined words are for Activity B. People in every culture have their own ideas of what constitutes a balanced meal, w hether it is tastes, m enus, ingredients, eating habits, or nutritional benefits.

W hat things can m ake a balanced meal? Beef w ith broccoli and sweet and sour chicken are two fam ous dishes that can be found in m ost Chinese restaurants. W hat foods are com m on in Chinese restaurants? French cheeses can have different textures, from soft cheeses like Brie to h ard cheeses like Cantal. In w hat way can French cheeses differ? N ontasters have a taste for sugary foods, which m eans they eat sweets m ore often th an other people.

W hy do nontasters eat sweets? C ultures m ight view balance differently according to the way a dish tastes, or how a m eal is prepared and served. In w hat ways can cultures find balance in food? In traditional Chinese cooking, foods are in harm ony w hen there is an equal am ount of y in and yang foods together.

W hat foods w ork together in Chinese cooking? Look at the context to help you choose the best word or expression. Choose four words from Activities A and B. Write a sentence using each word. Writers use a lot of adjectives in order to make their descriptions both interesting and clear. They describe what they see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel. Using descriptive adjectives in your writing will make it more interesting for the reader. I ate a delicious, savory meal at a cozy French restaurant downtown.

My sister and delicious Yorkshire puddings. Although I always fight for the last one because I grew up in the United States, my they are so delicious. It is a simple me remember my British ancestry and dish made with eggs, flour, and milk. W hat is the topic sentence? Underline it. W hat is the concluding sentence? How does Yorkshire pudding taste? Circle the sentence th a t describes the taste. W rite the adjectives the writer uses to describe Yorkshire pudding. You can look at the paragraph to help you.

When two or more adjectives are used before a noun, they usually follow the order given in the chart below. We ate dinner at the new French restaurant in our neighborhood.

Ming gave Ella and Mike a beautiful glass serving dish as a wedding gift. L Eduardo bought a pair of expensive leather running shoes. We do not usually use more than three adjectives before a noun. We use two or three adjectives and then add additional descriptive phrases after the noun. Critical Thinking A. W ork with a partner. Write each adjective in the correct column of the Activity A asks you chart on page When you classify, Korean rectangular orange A m erican you put things into oval triangular unusual teenage groups according to certain qualities or little com m on m etal huge principles.

Classifying pretty cotton antique m edical information can funny friendly silk nice help you understand lovely ugly w edding elderly it better. Write a sentence about each topic. Use three adjectives from different categories in each sentence. You can use adjectives from the chart in Activity A or use your own ideas. As you prepare your paragraph, think about the Unit Question, "W h at makes food taste good? Plan and W rite A.

Think about your favorite dish. Use the questions below to help brainstorm ideas about your topic. W hat is the nam e of the dish? How w ould you describe the dish? W hat taste s and ingredients does it have? Does this dish have personal or cultural im portance to you? W ho usually m akes this dish for you? Is it easy or difficult to make? How does the dish m ake you feel? W rite a topic sentence that nam es the dish and expresses your m ain idea: Subtopic and supporting details; Decide which inform ation from Activity A you will include in the body of your paragraph to support your m ain idea.

W rite a concluding sentence that sum m arizes the m ain points of your paragraph and restates the topic sentence in different words. Be sure to use adjectives to make your description interesting, clear, and specific. Look at the Self-Assessment checklist on page 44 to guide your writing. Do you have a clear idea of the ingredients in the dish and how it tastes? How m any adjectives does the author use to describe this dish? Do you th in k there are enough adjectives?

Review the answers to the questions in Activity A. Track Your Success 's Circle the words and phrases you learned in this unit. How does som eone becom e a successful athlete? W hat are some things people give up or sacrifice in order to be successful?

W here is the woman? W hy is she lying down? Critical Thinking Q Write the name of your favorite sport in the idea map. Think about the Activity D includes costs or the sacrifices someone needs to make in order to be successful an idea map, which at it. W rite your ideas in the idea map. Then discuss your answers with is a kind of diagram. When you diagram your ideas, you are analyzing how those ideas are connected to each other.

Understanding those connections can help you speak and write more clearly. Circle the word or phrase that can replace the bold word w ithout changing the meaning of the sentence. M any com panies choose to sponsor sports team s so that they can advertise on their uniform s. A brand-new business cannot be assured that it will succeed right away.

Businesses need to m ake profits in order to be successful. W hen com panies invest m oney to m ake a new product, they have to consider the costs carefully. The Internet has given businesses access to a bigger market around the world. Large com panies generally have m ore stability than small businesses. It is wise to invest in dependable com panies because they tend to m anage their m oney well. There has been a large expansion in the num ber of bilingual jobs because of the global economy.

In order to be successful, a business needs to consider its image, or the way the public sees it. W h at do you think is the purpose of the article? Fast Cars, Big Money Does your business need a boost? The costs are cheap 1 Imagine million people seeing your compared to the profits. Sponsoring a team also company logo every year.

Imagine that number shows the financial stability of your company. Sound the world that they are powerful and dependable. Hundreds of companies have Why is investing now a good idea? When you choose from its expansion to global markets. Although to sponsor a team, you can be assured that most races are in Europe, today there are races your company will grow financially and globally. Companies support Why are companies interested? Businesses, including banks, hotels, and telecommunication companies, invest tens of millions of dollars every year to sponsor race teams.

Hundreds of millions of people watch car races every year. For companies, this is an enormous market. They can push Why should my company invest? The global and Singapore. As a result, they have been economy is always changing, but the industry has able to expand their business to the Middle succeeded by finding new ways to make more East and Asia. These areas of the world are money. Expanding overseas also shows that global-minded. Vroom vroom! Write the correct paragraph number next to each main idea.

By sponsoring a Form ula 1 team , a com pany will grow financially and globally. Form ula 1 sponsorship is profitable and shows that a com pany is pow erful and reliable. Sponsors can m ake a lot of m oney from car advertising. Form ula 1 racing is a good investm ent today because of its expansion to global m arkets.

Sponsorship brings com panies profits and improves their image. W hy should com panies be interested in advertising w ith Form ula 1? Investing in Form ula 1 racing m akes a com pany look powerful.

The costs of investing are higher th a n the profits. C orporate sponsorship shows a business is dependable. W hat are some other reasons that companies should invest in Form ula 1 racing? Form ula 1 racing is a fun and glam orous sport for everyone. Com panies can m ake a lot of m oney from Form ula 1 racing.

Sponsoring a race team shows that a com pany is dependable. W hy is investing now a good idea? Form ula 1 racing is expanding to the M iddle East and Asia.

Com panies can advertise in em erging m arkets. Com panies can push their brand in Europe. Do you think sponsoring Formula 1 racing is a good or bad investment? Do you th in k that businesses that sponsor sports like car racing w ould be as successful w ithout giving sponsorship money?

Scanning means looking through a text quickly to find specific information, such as names, numbers, and dates. We scan items like the newspaper, a timetable, a dictionary, and the table of contents in a book. W hen you scan, do not read every word. Look for key words or phrases that will help you find the answer quickly. Think about how the information will appear on the page. For example, if you are looking for a date, scan only for numbers.

Scan Reading 1 for the missing information. Use keys words in the sentences to help you find the answers. Then complete each statement. Scan Reading 1 again for the missing numbers. Use key words in the sentences to help you find the answers. Circle the answer that best matches the meaning of each bold word or phrase.

Ice skating is a dem anding sport that requires a lot of time, practice, and hard work. Putting kids in sports at a young age is a growing trend in m any countries today. We cancelled the soccer game due to the rain. It was too wet and dangerous to play.

The official m ade a m otion with his hand to let the runners know it was tim e to start the race. M ost com petitive athletes earn m oney for playing sports, but gym nasts are an exception. They do n ot receive a salary. Com petitive athletes m ust have dedication because it takes a lot of tim e and h ard work to be successful in sports.

Sore muscles are a sign th at you have exercised very hard. It can take m onths for an athlete to recover from a serious injury, a. It is about child athletes and w hat they do to succeed in sports. Look at the title. W hat do you think the writer will say about child athletes? She had times.

Her dem anding schedule took a been doing flips since she was one and had toll1. It got to the point where Courtney could her heart set on competing in the Olympics. On January 12, , she had to 1 ta k e a to ll: The tissue or bone eventually breaks, stretches, or tears. Danny Clark ended up with an overuse injury last year.

The teen baseball player from Altamonte Springs, Florida, hurt himself by throwing 80 pitches in a single game after two months of not pitching at all. The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and the tendons that connect them to bones in the shoulder. It hurt really bad. She had surgery on both hours of practice and game time.

Experts say kids are pushing their He plays soccer three or four times a week bodies to the limit, practicing sports too hard for nine months a year. His dedication pays for too long. The exhausting schedules often off— last year he helped lead his team to a lead to dangerous injuries that could keep state championship. But his success came young athletes from competing— permanently.

He played through and 50 percent of youth sports injuries the pain until doctors forced him to rest. When are due to overuse. Overuse injuries are he dislocated a bone in his foot, a physical caused by repetitive motion that, over therapist put the bone into place, bandaged time, puts more stress on a body part his foot, and let him play the next day.

Experts say the key to avoiding injury is paying attention to your body. Kevin learned that lesson while recovering from his second broken pelvis in less than a year. You just have to know when to stop. Then complete the statements. C hildren in youth sports have m ore injuries today because 2. O rganized team com petitions cause m ore injuries because 4. Child athletes can avoid injury by D etails Scan Reading 2. Complete the chart with the missing information.

Courtney New Hampshire Thompson 2. Do you th in k com peting in sports is good for young children? Do you th in k coaches and parents have a responsibility to try to stop children from getting h u rt while doing sports? W hat are some ways that athletes pay for success? How do parents of child athletes pay for success? Consider financial, physical, and psychological costs in your response. Vocabulary Skill Collocations for Success Collocations are words that frequently go together.

He really w anted to win. UNIT 3 What does it take to be successful? Writing Skill Organizing an opinion paragraph 0 An opinion paragraph is a paragraph in which you explain how you feel about a topic. For example, you might explain whether you agree or disagree with a particular idea.

The goal of writing an opinion paragraph is to help the reader understand your opinion. Begin your opinion paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly expresses your opinion. Then give reasons and examples that support your opinion. End your paragraph with a concluding sentence that restates your opinion. Competing on a sports team helps children learn important life skills.

Reason 1: They learn to be responsible. When children play on a team, they have to be on time and work hard. Reason 2: They learn to work on a team. On a team, children learn how to make decisions as a group. Children learn many valuable skills by playing sports.

[Download PDF] Q: Skills for Success 3 Reading & Writing Student Book with Student Access Code

Read the opinion paragraph. W hat is the writer's opinion of Kung fu? Underline the topic sentence. Kung Fu Kung fu is the perfect sport for that they can use to defend themselves young children. First of all, it does not if necessary. Kung fu not only is cheap, cost much to participate. For example, but also teaches many important a typical uniform is less than fifty skills and lessons. For these reasons, dollars, and weekly lessons are not parents should consider Kung fu as a expensive compared to other sports.

In addition, children learn the benefits of discipline and setting goals. The colored belts for completing a level keep kids motivated, and each child is able to succeed at his or her own pace. Finally, Kungfu teaches children how to protect themselves in the real world. Children do not learn to fight but acquire important moves and motions Kung fu teaches many important skills.

Practical Training

Complete the outline with information from the paragraph in Activity A. Reasons and examples: First of all, it does not co st much to participate. Singular subjects with the simple present W hen the subject of a sentence is singular, the verb should be singular. She plays soccer three times a week.

He pitches 80 times a game. It does not cost much to participate. Plural subjects with the simple present W hen the subject is plural, the verb should plural. The colored belts motivate kids. They practice five days a week. They do not learn to fight. The instructors are very experienced.

Remember, some nouns have a singular form, but refer to a group of people. These are called collective nouns. Collective nouns usually take singular verbs. The government makes laws. The soccer team practices every day after school. Correct the ten mistakes in subject-verb agreement. The first one has been done for you.

Beauty and Sacrifice Ice dancing is a beautiful sport, but m ust pay for lessons, ice tim e, and requires it req u ite a num ber o f sacrifices. This m ake the sport very com posed o f skating, school, and expensive. Ice dancing are also hom ew ork. C om petitive dancers difficult on the body. I f dancers needs to practice for five to six does not skate carefully, they can hours every day. D ancers usually get hurt.

M any dancers gets injuries skate early in the m orning, so they from falling on the ice or repeating always need to go to bed early. A the sam e m otions too m any tim es. In addition, ice is w orth it to those w ho love this dancing cost a lot glam orous sport.

Complete each sentence with simple present of the verb in parentheses. Overuse in ju rie s. Unit Assignment Write an opinion paragraph In this assignment, you are going to write an opinion paragraph on one of the topics below. As you prepare your paragraph, think about the Unit Question, "W h at does it take to be successful?

Should athletes or sports team s accept m oney from corporate sponsors in order to be successful? Discuss one or m ore specific sports in your paragraph.

Should child athletes be pushed h ard in order to succeed? Choose one of the topics from page 62 and think about your answer or opinion about the topic. Then follow the steps below. W rite your opinion about the topic. B rainstorm as m any ideas as you can about the topic you chose in your notebook. Follow these steps to plan your paragraph. Read your notes from A ctivity A. Circle any ideas or examples that could also use Stage IB, support your opinion.

W rite an outline for your paragraph. W rite a topic sentence th at clearly expresses your opinion. List reasons and examples to support your opinion. Reason 3: W rite a concluding sentence th at restates your opinion. Use your outline from Activity B. Use collocations with adjectives and prepositions. Is the opinion clearly expressed in the paragraph? Track Your Success Circle the words and phrases you learned in this unit. W hat do you like to do in your free time?

Q: Skills for Success 4 Reading & Writing Student Book with Student Access Code Card

How do you use technology in your daily life? W hat are the different kinds of technology the m an is using? W hat is he doing?

Q Discuss the Unit Question above with your classmates. Then discuss your answers with a partner. How do you spend your free time? How many hours a week do you spend doing each of these activities? It shows the average number of hours per w eek people from different countries spend doing each activity. Look at the chart. Then discuss the questions with a partner. TV Radio Reading Mexico Tracy Baker, First Glimpse magazine, 1.

Com pare the global averages in the chart to the am ount of tim e you spend doing the same activities.

Are they sim ilar or different? Does any inform ation in the chart surprise you? Some video games take place in im aginary worlds th at look nothing like the real world. Always m ake sure a website is safe and secure before m aking a n such as paying a bill or buying something. My parents w orry that I spend too m uch tim e on the Internet.

P r e v ie w R e a d in g 1 You are going to read an article from a computer magazine that describes a social website called Second Life. Second Life offers users, or "residents," a huge online community and virtual world.

Read the first sentence of each paragraph. W h y do you think people use this site? Write your ideas. One website that has attracted 3 When residents want to be social and most of over six million Internet users is Second Life.

There are games, shopping malls, world where people work, shop, sell and trade clubs, and many kinds of stores available to items, meet others, go to concerts, and much residents. Avatars can also attend conferences, more. Second Life. With Linden Dollars, they can buy 4 Second Life offers users a quick and easy land or even an entire island where they can escape from the real world.

Many residents build and decorate their own house, start a see this as one of the main benefits of using garden, or even set up their own store. Land the site. Spending time on Second Life allows is treated as a valuable commodity2 in Second them to escape the stresses and problems of Life. Residents can choose to rent or sell their their daily lives. If a user is having a stressful land to other users, and they can earn real day at work, she can visit a beautiful island, go money from these transactions.

Some users skiing, or even fly to another planet during her lunch break. If she is tired at the end of a long day, she can go to a classical music concert while dinner is cooking and never leave home.

For example, residents can change their occupations, physical appearance, and even their nationalities. Life, or a banker can choose to be an Olympic 1three-dim ensional 3-D: Basically, Second Life lets some countries have virtual embassies, users live in a world without limitations.

Today, for people to escape the real world, it Second Life allows users to experience both has become more and more like the real fantasy and reality in the same place. Then number them in the order that the ideas appear in Reading 1. Second Life allows people to escape their real lives. Second Life has becom e m ore like the real world. Second Life has its ow n m oney system. Second Life lets a person be som eone else for a while. Second Life provides entertainm ent and ways to m eet others.

D e t a il s Answer these questions. Look back at Reading 1 to help you. How can people m ake real m oney on Second Life? W hat kinds of realistic places can residents visit? W hat are some things users can do to escape their daily lives? How has Second Life becom e m ore like the real world?

How are universities using Second Life today? UNIT 4 i How has technology affected your life? W hat positive and negative effects do you th in k a website like Second Life can have on people? W ould you consider joining a website like Second Life? Reading Skill Taking notes Taking notes while you are reading will help you become a more active reader.

To take notes, write on the text and next to the text. Your notes should help you identify im portant ideas. You should: Use your notes to prepare for a class or an exam. Read the first paragraph of Reading 1 below. Look at the student's notes. W h at types of words did the student underline? Look at the words and ideas the student did not underline.

W hy are they less im portant? Look at the note in the m argin. W hat does the note sum m arize? W hat is the m ain idea of the paragraph? How do you know? Reread Reading 1. Take notes using ideas from the Reading Skill box. Then compare your notes with a partner. Then complete the email message.

Use each word once. Megan Morris To: Laura Jones Subject: Goodbye cell phone! I used to have it with me all the time— even at the beach and at the movies. In fact, I love my new 8. In the article, the author describes her experiences living without a television for one full winter.

Read the title and look at the photographs. Do you think the author will say that giving up watching TV was a positive or negative experience? It was summer, the season of long walks, barbecues, and reruns. In the darkest, coldest months, I would no longer be able to escape.

This winter, I had my test. A year ago I moved into my own place. It was just a: Friends offered me a spare TV, but I said no. Living alone was an opportunity to choose how I wanted to live. In the first month or so, I got away from my favorite shows by visiting real friends. I could no longer join in conversations at my office about popular shows.

I kept telling people it was an experiment: I considered buying a small T V to keep in the closet and bring out on special occasions. But for all I was missing, I could feel positive changes. I found myself reading lots of books.In part one, Responding to a Unit Discussion Question, there is an example of a discussion board post that you can review with students to discover the structure and content of an effective post and to see how the instructor will apply the evaluation rubrics.

If answers from different groups are similar, make a class list that incorporates all of the answers. Direct groups to following: The response includes formal and polite language. The reading exercises present examples of sentence structures and vocabulary needed to do the final writing task. Example Post Worksheet Included in the student materials are instruction on the use of the Discussion Board as well as a two part student worksheet on how to write good posts.

Why do you think this city attracts so many people? Have students read and critique the model. Thanks a lot for this "beautiful piece of book".