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“Souls for Smuggler's Shiv” is a Pathfinder Adventure Path scenario designed for four 1st-level characters. .. of the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path, it begins with a . PDF download from, they should be expecting. Pathfinder Adventure Path: Serpent's Skull Player's Guide (PFRPG) PDF. Paizo Inc This guide seeks to aid players preparing to take part in the Serpent's Skull . of forgotten empires in the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path. jungle's depths to explorations of legendary lost ruins, the Serpent's Skull .

Pathfinder Serpents Skull Pdf

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file, Serpent's Skull - 01 - Souls for Smuggler's, , KB. file, Serpent's Skull - 02 - Racing to, , KB. Index of /public/Books/ 16M PZO Sanctum of the Serpent Dec 18M. The first two items in Paizo's next Adventure Path: Serpent's Skull are now out and available in PDF format. The Player's Guide is free, #

Geoffry was taught that all who have this ability see evil differently. The darker the mist the more evil the creature is. What was initially confusing to Geoffry was that not all evil beings had the mist in all of these areas.

His mentor suggested he must be very sensitive and the difference may lie in whether the being is evil by nature mist near their heart , had chose to be evil mist near their forehead or committed evil acts mist near their hands.

In the two years since he left the monastery Geoffrey was starting to realize this must be the nature of his ability. Ieana's true nature Geoffry absently picked at his food while trying not to be rude to Gelick who was telling tales of his adventures with the Pathfinder Society some of them for the second time.

A strange feeling of anxiety and actual fear began to grip Geoffry as the mist forming around the hands, head, and heart of Ieana became nearly pitch black. Attempting to calm his nerves Geoffry drained his cup and took a deep breath before standing. Her knowing eyes caught his just as his legs gave out and the floor came up to meet him turning everything dark.

He woke to the taste of salt and sand as water lapped over his body. His head ached and the bright light of the sun caused the dull pain to sharpen right behind his eyes.

Pathfinder's Serpent's Skull Player's Guide and #37 now available in PDF

A terrible clicking sound seemed to be causing a searing pain in his arm. As Geoffry tried to focus his eyes he only made out a red blur over his shoulder.

Panic quickly set in as he realized it was a giant crab using his arm to make that terrible sound. Caught in the huge claw his right arm was useless, so he swung his left trying to fend off the creature. The crab barely budged.

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The pain was excruciating and Geoffry feared once the bone was broken there would be nothing to keep the crab from taking his sword arm. Shaken and terrified he went after the weakest point he could think of; the eye stalks. He grabbed one and pulled as hard as he could.

He went for the other eye stalk and as soon as he touched it the crabs own survival instincts must have kicked in as it let go of his arm and shuffled backwards. Geoffry took his chance and forced himself to his feet. He made for a piece of driftwood a few feet away and with it managed to club the crab to death.

There were also more of the crabs, but he had the advantage now and used it to protect those who could not protect themselves. The survivors gathered and tried to figure out what happened and how they made it to the beach safely. A woman claiming to have fallen off another ship that was sailing near the island the night before is also on the beach.

The quiet man has never showed any of the indicators of being evil, but Geoffry felt like it was always right there under the surface. In light of the changed nature of Ieana, Geoffry decided it would be best to go with Uzeil when he suggests forming a party to search the wreck of their former vessel.

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His red shirt was the last thing Geoffry could see of him as he was pulled under by the strong current. The three remaining men discovered the whereabouts of the first mate and cook, but unfortunately both were dead. The first mate was found huddled in a closet with wounds that appeared to be caused by both weapon and giant crab.

Geoffry gets a strong feeling that it was the first mate that managed to get everyone and their belongings to the beach before succumbing to his wounds.

Also found is a personal log which sheds more light on the mysterious end of the voyage. Geoffry silently vows right then that he will see that this creature is destroyed for her evil deeds. Confirmation of just how dangerous the island is comes later that night when the survivors are attacked by pirates long dead, with bleached bones shrouded in ragged cloth.

The party manages to destroy the evil creatures, but not before some of the crew are cut down. Their bodies are respectfully blessed before being burned in order to prevent their own return as the walking dead.

Before setting out the next day to search the island Geoffry manages to find his second most prized possession in the stack of luggage.

He spends that morning reading his journal entries of the past several months before adding the recent events to clean pages. Posted by Brett Amundson at 1: Friday, April 27, Part 1 Summary.

Pathfinder Adventure Path - Serpent's Skull - Map Folio

The three large alcoves in the main room once served as meditation chambers—the cultists would enter one, pull a curtain for privacy, and recite the complex prayers and parables carved on the walls here. These carvings, all written in Azlanti, tell the history of this particular Zura cult in three stages.

Posted by Patrick Keith at 9: Friday, January 14, Souls for Smuggler's Shiv.

Only the Strong Survive Sargava is a land on the verge, simultaneously pushing on the edge of the map of the Inner Sea and facing an uncertain political future. The nigh impassable jungles of the Mwangi Expanse and the permanent hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego isolate Sargava from the rest of Garund, and its closest neighbors are only nominally nations themselves.

The former Chelish colony also stands at the threshold of a new future free from colonial rule, making all things possible. Yet the citizens of Sargava were not the first to attempt to carve civilization out of the wild region—since the dawn of history, humanity has strived to form great kingdoms amid the dangers of the Mwangi Expanse. Crumbled ruins are all that remain of these vanished empires, and even their names have been forgotten by history.

Some scholars even whisper that lost ruins of the ancient Azlanti empire may be found in the unexplored jungles, but these crackpot theories are dismissed by more reputable sages. But whatever their origins, these ruins may provide incredible wealth and power to those who rediscover them.Ieana's true nature Geoffry absently picked at his food while trying not to be rude to Gelick who was telling tales of his adventures with the Pathfinder Society some of them for the second time.

Vaults of Madness is still set in Saventh-Yhi. That was until this evening when the tell tale signs started to appear upon Ieana. A terrible clicking sound seemed to be causing a searing pain in his arm.

The following is a synopsis of the exploits of the participants of our Pathfinder campaign.

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The presentation of the adventure path was very good. The fist and fifth modules are the best. My two Barbarian characters have been Humans with greataxes.