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I found the file and copied it into: C: Program Files (x86) > Parsons Tecchnology > Address Book > The problem has to do with control over the AB2 file. In other words, it's because you don't have security access to the AB2 file under your fresh install of Windows. (19 votes). Parsons Technology, Inc. No specific info about version Please visit the main page of Address Book on Software Informer. I had to reinstall Address Book version because my old computer went bonkers. When I did, I got the following error message: Microsoft.

Parsons Address Book 7.0

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One of her very important apps is an ancient program called Parsons Technology Address Book , which isn't running correctly as we didn't have the original. The latest version of Parsons Address Book was version prior to renaming it to Ultimate Mail Manager. The Parsons Address Book files. Address Book Database Software - This software offers a solution to users who want to organize contact information.

Yes, I am "over the hill". Thank you for developing this!!! Very easy to use with lots of great features. Address can be categorized and selected based on that to print a variety of address labels. I like the feature where you can add a photo for each address which can be optionally printed when you print an address book. There are lots of other features I have yet to use. Highly recommend. Just what I wanted for home use.

Love this product! Meets my needs perfectly! I am an associate pastor who needed a program for developing a mailing list for seniors ministry at church. This program has some very useful features and is very user friendly, unlike many programs around these days which only teenagers can figure out.

Fields can be chosen, eliminated, or even created without a fuss. One field is for birthday reminders. Enter the zip code of an address and the city and state fill in automatically. Categories can be created and chosen for mailing labels which are easily printed.

I started with the trial program and after using it for five starts the trial version includes 10 free starts and information entered is not lost if you make the purchase knew it was the right program for my purposes. If you need a simple program for your names and addresses, this is the best I know of. Was having a horrible time dealing with our old address list created in an older version of Access. Worked very well. Printed the Address Book easily. Also just look addresses up using the program itself.

Total mail list that allowed Christmas labels, school labels, family labels, work, etc. They really put a lot of thought into this. Entering information is straight forward and easy right down to adding photos.

I would suggest that anyone who does not want a subscription to Microsoft Office purchase this program Easy to use and inexpensive. Excellent, just what I was looking for. In early s I used AddressMate, a bit program for Windows 3. Now years later I found this and it is even better and more flexible and usable than my old, old favorite.

Highly recommended. Valuable to any home office or small business office. And a great reasonable price. Use it every day and I am now Easy to use, works like a charm. Had it going in minutes. Highly recommend! Extremely well designed for ease and organization of entries. Many, many nice extras. Well worth the cost! I got tired of the old hand address book and then writing out over 50 cards every year.

I had to get a new address book because family moves too much these days and I saw this, and I fell in love with it. I entered in all my address and even I can print out a hard copy of my address book to have on my desk. What really sold me is that I had tried doing something and it just didn't seem to do what I wanted it to do. I was then able to fix my database and then I printed out all of my labels now I can not wait to get my Christmas cards and mail them out this year.

I know you will love this software also. I love this software. I not only bought it once, I went back and bought it again just to have a back-up. Great product and superb support. Easy to follow!! Thanks for making it easy!!

It holds more information than any other program and is very easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone for home or office.

Sometimes reviews say a product is easy to use but I have not found that to be the case. In this instance it lived up to the claim. Also can't beat the price. When I had to replace my hard drive, Elwood was helpful.

They provided me with a link to re-download the software and I was able to retrieve my data from my back up files. I'm very happy with the service and the product.

I did not want to go with some free Internet thing as they contain malware, etc. It didn't take long at all to add all my friends and family's addresses. I am a senior lady and was readily able to use the features with nearly no assistance from the web site.

However, the web site contains lots of help and customer service is top notch. I had my Christmas cards printed out with gusto. I loved that I could choose colors and added a pretty Christmas icon of my own choosing to my address label. Hint: I learned this little trick years ago. You can make your address labels waterproof by rubbing a simple white candle over the address. I used a regular taper candle. Intuitive, easy to use and does much more than I need it to.

This is the easiest label program that I have ever used. I just love it. Thanks so much - I downloaded and installed EZ v9. No data lost!

Called the company owner, and he sent a download link. I figured it would take some time to figure it out and get my Christmas list done.

That was about 10 am , by 3 pm our stack of 55 cards were ready for the postman. He designed this software for the common man who is not a computer whiz-kid. Really worth the money.

Now I want to check out his other stuff. That pretty much says it all for this software and it did exactly what I wanted to do. The seller sent me a download link just a few minutes after I ordered it.

Importing from Parsons' Address Book 7.0

In my opinion anyway! Very easy to use and magnificent customer support.

I'm very pleased with this new tool. Does everything I wanted, Great! Does everything I wanted. Easy to print labels too. This is the best program for labels I have ever used. Good job on your program design.

So much better than the application I had been using. No issues at all!! I really love this product. I was going to buy a traditional print address book, but decided to try something new.

This has been really fun and easy to use. I feel so much better having all my contacts organized. It's really helpful that I can print out a physical copy as well. Every function that I would have put into one of my packages, was included in EZ Home, and it is fairly intuitive. Now I don't have to use MY time coding one of my own. Very nice. Best I've seen or used since American Greetings forget-me-not! I especially like the Label features. I did import my data from forget-me-not without any problems and I'm not that techy.

I just had to tweak a few entries. So I'm very happy with the program and would recommend this product. Jeff was a great help getting this completed. Printing the labels was a breeze. I would recommend this software to others. Easy to use with clear instructions enclosed.

It is easy to use and has many good features such as ease of printing I can print by category which is something I wanted. Very satisfied with this product.

Well worth the money. Excellent support from developer. Would recommend it. Product support is excellent! Does exactly what I need it to and would recommend it to others.

I have Windows 8. I watched the demos and decided to give it a try since is said it would convert my ab2 file. Great software, love the layout and all the features, really easy to use. The best part is the super customer service as the author himself will answer your questions quickly.

I had a problem converting my file so Jeff said to send it to him after several attempts at other fixes. He converted it with no problem and sent it back to me, works perfectly. I am so happy to have found this software and would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of software. Jeff is the best, I would like to see more demos on his website as there are so many features and so much easier to learn from them.

Best customer service ever, thank you Jeff. Let me say, that this author wrote this program in almost exactly the way I would have executed it for extended functionality.

It is easy to use required , and should fill anyone's needs. Order it now. I have been looking for a new address book program to replace my original which would not work with Windows 7. This is the easiest address program I have found and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple yet comprehensive address book program.

This is a great program for organizing address and printing out labels. Super easy to install and the directions are very easy to understand. There are many other features included with the software, and it is easy to understand and use. So happy I found this at Amazon. I am a practicing psychologist who has used Address Book 7. When it was no longer produced I attempted to find a substitute, with updates, and purchased many hundreds of dollars of "address books" to explore.

Nothing came close to Address Book 7. Until E-Z Home and Office. None had the detail, flexibility and ease of use that E-Z Home and Office offers. Best, I think, is the ability for updates and superb customer services. In response to my query, Jeff personally converted my Address Book 7.

It would have taken me a long time to do that. I am giving this 5 stars only because 6 was not available. You will not be disappointed purchasing this address book. I intend to recommend it to my colleagues and family members. Easy to Use! Easy to use. Great communication from seller.

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Easy to install and use. Originally purchased here at amazon because of customer reviews. So glad I did! Have used version 6. How impressive is that! Update went without a hitch. Newest features and enhancements look great! Am also happy to report that Elwood Software gives great, prompt customer service. Would make this purchase again in a heartbeat! Had it for a little while now and will soon be downloading the FREE version 9 upgrade.

Unable to open file on "Parson Technology Address Book 7.0" installed on Windows 7

Almost immediate reply from my email request for the link to download, but Jeff had the temerity to be watching a movie! Obviously - great customer support. I mean - like old style support where you get some service. Buy it - you won't be disappointed. Love it. Support is wonderful and very fast. I am currently using the software which also came with written helpful hints and tips about the software and am completely satisfied.

Thank you for the extra effort you put out to make me feel as a welcomed customer. This is the best I have found. The customer support is great!

Having been so frustrated by other programs, I value this even more, so I highly recommend it to anyone who needs something elegant and uncomplicated. Thank you Mr. Over the years I've actually done some very primitive database programming. In spite of this, I've struggled to get my Excel address info into Word and print labels. It was easier to import the info into EZ than it was to use Word.

I've always been concerned about proprietary databases, but this one allows you to export all your info into a CSV comma separated value if you want to move it somewhere else. I did contact Jeff and he responded quickly and helped me sort out a minor issue.

If nothing else, getting actual support for a product is pretty amazing! EZ Support is excellent. Have enjoyed using this software primarily for yearly mailing labels, and for our family address book.

Cannot say enough about the support available for this product. Email responses were immediate even on weekends and while support person was sick and the support person assisted me until my questions were answered and ALL address labels were printed.

Looking forward to exploring all the other features available. Would recommend this software to anyone at any computer knowledge level.

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The website and videos make it easy to understand, and Jeff is the greatest when it comes to customer service! This is an exceptional value for anyone who needs lots of detail included with their labeling. What's more, you are purchasing a label program direct from the designer himself who is more than helpful to answer questions and offer tips in the design of your labels and the performance of his program.

You can't go wrong here and I highly recommend this label program. I've been using it for the past several years to keep my Christmas card list up to date, and print out mailing labels. I didn't think it could get any better, but with this latest version, it definitely did! The rating I gave was based on my experience using this program compared to others. I gave it to a 90 year old friend who had problems with other systems in the past, but loved how easy it was to use it.

How easy it was to print labels and skipping spaces on the label sheet. I tried a few other programs but this was by far the best you can buy for home or home business use and it is one of the few that is set up for Windows 8. Upon receipt of the program I emailed the vender to ask if there was any way to transfer my old file into this program. The author of the program responded "Yes just send me the file and I will convert it and return it. I'm up and running, you can't beat that!!

Very happy with this purchase. My husband needed something to replace and upgrade his paper address book. This is perfect. He has all ge needs when he travels. I bought the product last December to replace a product that came with Print Shop that they seemed to have dropped.

I am very, very pleased. I am just now in Aug installing the program and it is quite straightforward to install and import data from a CSV file that I created from my former product. And Jeff of EZ has been extraordinary in answering any questions.

I have received several emails from him, always very promptly in response to questions. Imagine, getting a live response from a software company! Unheard of. If you are looking for a straightforward address database with lots of capabilities, consider EZ. I don't think you will find anything better.

It came promptly,,,was easy to install and everything I needed. I would reccomend this to anyone. I have had it for about a month and am still adding info to it. This address book is perfect for my use in a high school guidance office.

When you click the name of a college you get a photo of it as well as website address, phone number, etc. Communication with the designer was quick and he was very helpful answering my questions. I emailed the seller with a few questions and he responded almost immediately. Excellent experience! This was by far the easiest to use, other than and old address book I had from Parson's Technology that I lost when my computer crashed.

Thanks, Elwood Software. Easy to use, the best address book I have found. Great seller. Got the program 2 days later and installed it without problem.

I had no problem using it either. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office or similar Windows programs you will have no problems. If you are not familiar there are plenty online guides to help you. And the seller will help you as well. For me, no sweat. Within the week I had entered about contact names, addresses, dates, etc. Exactly what I needed! This is an excellent program! This is one of the easiest programs I have ever used. It has all the information in the address book that you will ever need.

And the recipe files are great. I have never had a program with such great support. Jeff is a wonder. I would suggest anyone who needs an address book should try this product. I really like the user interface and the speed of the program. I especially like the ease of adding categories and seeing what different mail labels would look like before printing.

As soon as you enter a zip code the city and state are filled in. The more I use it the more I like this program. This is the second address organizer I have ordered. It is much much better than Any Time organizer which I owned previously. It is easy to use and has several functions. Great buy for the money. It is easy to use and does everything I needed. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to be able to generate labels.

It is incredible to have so many features included in the software for the price that is very competitive. My compliments to you for developing such a software. EASY easy to use and just as advertised. This is the easiest and best way I have ever found to create a list and print labels.

I have only used it for mailing lists and labels and can't wait to get into the other features. Seller contacted via email to let me know when it shipped. GREAT software, seller and transaction! Couldn't be happier. I wish I could give this a 10 star. Besides the product meeting and exceeding my expectations, I was so impressed by the personal customer service I received from the developer of this software.

He sent me an email the day after I ordered it letting me know he personally mailed it. I had been using another product for years, but it wasn't compatible to version 7.

I am not a computer whiz, but this is so well designed that even I could figure it out without much trouble. I highly recommend this label software to anyone and everyone. It also has many other features that I have just begun to use like the recipes, etc. Hats off to Jeff and thanks for making a fantastic label program. I received an email from this seller almost immediately. He promised quick sending and he delivered. The software really does more than expected.

If there was a way I would rate this with six stars. Seller has already contacted me to say if I need any help with program, just let them know. The support is great. I put all my addresses in this morning and love the way I can search, organize, etc!!!!!!! You did a wonderful job creating it!! Thanks again! My very old Parsons program is not compatible with Windows 8 and I could not find a suitable program until now. Even a computer dumb-dumb, like me, can easily use it.

Customer service is right to the man who wrote the program Jeff and he was very willing and did walk me through all the steps to install and transfer data. Thank you Jeff for writing this awesome easy program!!

The Birthday reminder is also a great bonus. If anyone should need this type of program I Strongly recommend it. It has great flexibility and works perfectly. Have just transferred all my files and printed labels. No problems. Would give you way more than 5 stars. Sent a reply to Amazon giving very positive feedback. Just printed my Christmas card labels Great program! I am looking forward to trying out the other features! I love the program, it truly is EZ.

I put all of my addresses in an hour or less and it was faster than I've ever done it before. I give a 5 star too! God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas! Emails to support were answered within 30 minutes. Never had that kind of results from any other company. I highly recommend the product. Slight learning curve, but everyone that has seen the address book I am working on for a group loves it. I am making a picture directory. They were open to suggestions that I made to them.

Very impressive! I am still building my address book and find the program very easy to use with a lot of flexibility. I have not yet printed mailing labels or a printed copy of the address book, but I don't anticipate any difficulty. I am very pleased with the product. I would give it even more than 5 stars. Company owner sent e-mail thanking me for order and offering any online help I might need running the program. Found program extremely functional.

I'd been looking or a good address book and the free ones on line were not good and messed up my computer. I recommend Elwood software. It has a simple design but a great product and great customer service. I welcome the opportunity to add more addresses, add more data to the addressee's records, and more fully utilize the program in general.

I see no reason why it won't meet my needs for years to come. Thanks for developing and offering such a fine program. This program was sent out the day after the order was placed. Imported my old files just fine. Great program.

I use this program for just about everything I do on my computer. I would recommend this software to everyone. It allows you to compile all your phone numbers and addresses and then print Address Books, phone lists, mailing labels etc. Plus the support is unbelievable!!! You don't have to wait days for an answer to you questions, Jeff gets back to you in minutes via e-mail.

Very user friendly, and Jeff, the author, is highly responsive to questions. By all means, buy this software! It is VERY easy to use and allows you to print separate lists of addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Jeff's tech support is great, and he's very responsive to emails. Best experience I have had in a long time. This was the only program that Windows 7. I'm sure anyone buying this program would be inspired by the work it took to produce this program.

Thanks a million.

Parsons Address Book Version 7.0

I was, and still am, very much amazed at your quick, friendly and competent response. I only had to add a few of my notes that for some reason did not make the transfer and I was "good to go". After looking at the set up I have a feeling that the learning curve will be rather short as well.

Thank you again. I emailed Jeff with the company and he told me what to do to fix the problem. Excellent help. Really like the program.

Very happy with EZ Home and Office. It is so simple and accurate. I love it!!! The software was exactly what we needed, and the price was very good. Address book very easy to use. Parsons Technology Address Book is no longer available and I can't find an old copy of it. I'm told that The Print Shop Deluxe I was told by Print Shop Deluxe customer support that: This reply is good, but not enough to convince me that I should buy the product.

I need to understand how I can import the old Parsons Address Book file. It mentions the ability to print envelopes with selected addresses from the address book portion, but my question still is how I can import the old. AB2 file?

My question still is: How could Print Shop import and open this file, and in what format would the addresses appear? Thanks for any help you can give me. How could Print Shop import and open this fileYou will not be disappointed purchasing this address book. I use this daily, and although there are some features I don't use, it's a powerful address book program. I entered in all my address and even I can print out a hard copy of my address book to have on my desk.

It allows you to compile all your phone numbers and addresses and then print Address Books, phone lists, mailing labels etc. Have not had enough time to explore all it will do but am enjoying all I have tried so far.