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Just a suggestion, but can you separate them by the books? You see the pdf of the coiling dragon doesn't load for me as the file is too large. Coiling Dragon, read online. Read Bàn Long • CD • Pan Long • 盘龙 online latest chapter. We are the fastest updated light novel chapters on the web. Visit us for. Panlong Light Novel Pdf What is NovelTranslations for?. 18 [CN] Skyfire Avenue - Chapters - Chinese.

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My very first novel and the best that made brought me to love novels similar. Although i absolutely love this novel I am seething with about about the fact that it . 盘龙, aka Panlong, aka Coiling Dragon, is a webnovel by popular Chinese Xianxia (fantasy/kung fu) writer I Eat Tomatoes (我吃西红柿). This novel has been. I've sent him a few pdf's for a novel to try and get him in. I'm sure Can someone tell me how BTTH manga is in comparison to the light novel?.

Mar 16, Immanuel Jegan rated it liked it So I actually read all the books before writing this so in actually this is just a short review of the whole series. Took me around days to read it all, so the books by themselves aren't actually that long! The story is really much like one that you'd find in any shounen manga these days. If you're not familiar with those, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach are a few of the examples of the more popular ones out there.

If you really, really enjoy that kind of story in a book format then just stop So I actually read all the books before writing this so in actually this is just a short review of the whole series. If you really, really enjoy that kind of story in a book format then just stop right here and get to reading!

This series will definitely take you for a fun an enjoyable ride. If you're looking for something more like how fantasy books are written, then you'll end up being disappointed. Annihilating Tempest — A forbidden-level wind-style spell that can fill the entire sky with blade-like gusts of wind.

Armand was the first Undying Warrior and first clan leader. Made the decision to invite Linley to open a private booth in the Hall of the Masters. The names of the five siblings are: Barker eldest , Ankh second , Hazer third , Boone fourth , and Gates fifth.

Watched over by Saint-level combatant McKenzie Jacques. Bebe is quite stronger than he seems, despite not growing up physically. A major character. Beholder King — A powerful ruler of the Beholder race. His main body is a glowing golden eye, he is proficient in spiritual attacks and can manipulate ice.

The first Godeater Rat. Blackcloud Panther — Blackcloud Panther, the most secretive type of panther-type magical beasts. A magical beast of the ninth rank, it has two transformations available to it and its fur is strong enough to shrug off blows from most ninth-rank human warriors.

Black Dragon — A powerful dragon-type magical beast with wings, over a hundred meters long, covered in black scales, breathes black fire. At least of the ninth-rank in power, and possibly even Saint-level in power. Blackstripe Panther — A panther-type magical beast of the eighth rank that is covered with straight black lines. Bloodgem Dragons — A Saint-level dragon-type magical beast, has wings. Bloodrupture poison — A powerful and highly expensive poison that can shut down the battle-qi of all warriors beneath the Saint-level.

Bloodshadow Scimitar — A sword-type Divine artifact which can be used by Saint-level experts. Bloodviolet Godsword — The name of a flexible sword Linley ends up acquiring.

Bloody-eyed Maned Lion — A Saint-level lion-type behemoth magical beast, meters tall. Blue-eyed Thunderhawk — A flying magical beast of the seventh rank. Blueheart Grass — A magical grass with cold, protective properties. Boleyn — The name of the royal clan of Fenlai. Interested in Seventh Princess Nina. Cayley — A minor clan in the country of Fenlai. Its name was chosen by the War God himself. Cena — The son of Wharton. Cesar — A six thousand year old peak-stage Saint-level assassin, described as a genius by Doehring Cowart.

Helps Linley out more than once. Clay — A Saint-level expert who trains in the Elemental Laws of Earth has a powerful defense 10 times that of Haydson. Clayde Boleyn — The golden-haired ruler of the Kingdom of Fenlai, and a warrior of the ninth rank in his own right.

It contained for a time the spirit of Doehring Cowart, an earth-style Grand Magus. Opposed by the Holy Union. Dawson Conglomerate — One of the three largest trading unions in the Yulan continent, with wealth to match an Empire. Yale is an important member of this Conglomerate. Wind-style magus who has a crush on Linley. A member in the primary line of descent of the Leon clan. Desri — One of the five Prime Saints. Trains in the Laws of Light.

The War God says he is on par with Fain. Lives in a hidden village in a giant mountain located roughly a hundred kilometers south of Southmount City, in the southern part of the Anarchic Lands.

Dillon — A Saint-level swordsman who engaged in battle with Rudi in Wushan township. Proved to be inferior to Rudi. Dimensional Edge — A forbidden Saint-level wind-style attacking spell, supposedly the most powerful 1 vs 1 spell in existence.

Coiling Dragon (Completed)

According to Doehring Cowart, can slice through the walls of reality itself. Dixie Leon — The foremost genius of the Ernst Institute, exceptional elemental affinity in two different elements, super exceptional spiritual essence 62 times others.

Dragonhawk — A winged, flying dragon-type magical beast of the sixth rank. One of the weakest dragon-type creatures, its wingspan is over 20 meters.

Dylin — A very powerful magical beast who looks like a devilish young man who was accidentally released by Linley. Has three children. According to legend, at the Deity-level, the Earthguard armor is made of adamantium. Ecclesiastical Tribunal — The branch of the Radiant Church in charge of killing heretics and warring against other factions. Led by the Praetor, Deputy Arbiters, and Executors. Electrobolt Panther — A Saint-level panther type magical beast. Elemental essence — The energy of nature, which magi absorb into their bodies and use to create spells.

Elemental Sea — A boundless plane filled with a massive concentration of divine power that is guided by the Laws and Edicts. One has to be at least a Deity-level expert to absorb energy from an Elemental Sea.

The deeper a Deity can sense into the Elemental Sea the more pure their divine power becomes. F Fain — The eldest disciple of the War God. Nearly five thousand years ago.

The War God believes him to be the most likely of his disciples to reach the Deity-level. Fenlai — The kingdom which Wushan town belongs to. Main kingdom of the Holy Union. The capital of the Kingdom of Fenlai is Fenlai City.

Floating Technique — A wind-style spell of the fifth rank which allows a wind user to float in the air. Not quite as useful as true flight. Foreman — An earth-style Warrior Saint who serves Desri. Forest of Darkness — One of the three dangerous places on the Yulan continent. Forhan — The son of the Grand Elder. Very envious of Linley and the Coiling Dragon Ring. G Gebados Prison — The prison dimension where Dylin was trapped before being inadvertently freed by Linley.

A hellish place. A year older than Linley, hails from the Yulan Empire. Glacial Snow Lion — A water ice element magical beast of the 8th rank, comes from the north. Lion type creature. Above the Saint-level are the Deities, then the Sovereigns, then finally the four Overgods. Offers magicrystal cards. Gold Dragon — A Saint-level dragon-type magical beast, has wings. Goldmane Mastiff — A fire-type magical beast of the eighth rank.

Generally lives and travels in packs. Has glowing golden eyes and a lion-like mane. Golden Tattooed Panther — A panther-type magical beast of the seventh rank. Griffin — A magical beast of the fourth rank, hybrid of a lion and an eagle. One of the most powerful men in the entire Holy Union.

H Hadley — Friend of Linley. Haeru — The name of a certain black panther. Hanmu, Kingdom — One of the six kingdoms within the Holy Union.

A warrior who utilizes the Laws of the Earth. Hayward — A powerful Saint who is a friend of Desri. Fire-style Grand Magus Saint. Heaven Collapses, Earth Shatters — A forbidden-level earth-style spell that can cause the earth to roil about, unleashing chasms which will spew countless amounts of magma.

Heavenly Lightning of Absolute Destruction — A forbidden-level lightningstyle spell which can unleash tens of thousands of thunderbolts.

Ostensibly the strongest, most important figure in the Holy Union. A Saint-level combatant. Heishi — Main kingdom of the Dark Alliance. A member of the Holy Union. High Magic — Three types of extremely powerful magic, passed down by the Overgods.

Higginson — A powerful Saint who is a friend of Desri. Hillman — Warrior of the sixth rank, captain of the guards for the Baruch clan. Hiri — Housekeeper for the Baruch family. Hodan — The Planar Overseer for the Yulan continent.

Only meets with Saint-level experts. Hogg Baruch — Leader of the Baruch clan, and father to protagonist Linley, and his younger brother Wharton. Opposed by the Dark Alliance. Howling Worldwolf — An earth-style spell of the eighth rank that produces an incredibly durable wolf-construct made from earth elemental essence that explodes on death.

Currently led by Vincente Hyde. Home to the Four Divine Beasts Clan. Interspatial Rings — Rings with extradimensional storage capacity, capable of storing large numbers of items. In possession of an heirloom of the Baruch clan. Jenne — A beautiful girl and a member of the branch clan of the Jacques clan. Sister to Keane. Incompetent and spineless, yet doted on by his brother. K Kaiser — A warrior of the ninth rank, one of only two such in the entire Kingdom of Fenlai. A warrior of the fifth rank.

Childhood sweetheart of Alice. Keane — A member of a branch clan of the Jacques clan. Son of the deceased governor of the prefectural city of Cerre.. Younger brother of Jenne. She practices in the Elemental Laws of Water and Wind. Lampson — A Cardinal of the Radiant Church. He accompanied Cardinal Guillermo to the auction.

Landwyrm — A non-flying dragon-type magical beast of the sixth rank. One of the weakest dragon-type monsters. Lanke — A Saint-level warrior and personal disciple of the War God. Trains as a light-style warrior. A massive man, 2. Leon clan — The clan of Dixie and Delia. The third most powerful clan in the Yulan Empire, and one of the most powerful clans in the continent as a whole.

Above the Deity-level is the Sovereign level, and then the Overgod level. Each level has early, mid, late, and peak stages. Supposedly died in childbirth, but Hogg, Hillman, and Housekeeper Hiri know the truth… Linley Baruch — Protagonist of this story, the eldest son and heir to the Baruch clan, the clan of the legendary Dragonblood Warriors.

Serves Desri. Lomu — A magus who serves Reynolds and his family. Has taught Reynolds magic. Pampers her. Lorry — Guardsman for the Baruch clan, under Sherman. M Magus — Term used to describe any individual who can use magic.

A magus of the seventh rank is titled Senior Magus, a magus of the eighth rank is titled Master Magus, a magus of the ninth rank is titled Arch Magus, and a magus at the Saint-level is titled Grand Magus.

Mageforce — Purified, distilled elemental essence which mages absorb into their body, which is then used to direct natural elemental essence to produce spells, under the guidance of spiritual energy. A warrior of the ninth rank.

A lecherous man with many wives. Monica — A female light-style magus who is the daughter of Desri. Reynolds is interested in her. A tall and immensely fat man, weighing pounds. Mountain Range of Magical Beasts — A mountain range filled with duh magical beasts! The largest mountain range on the Yulan continent. One of three dangerous places on the Yulan continent, it bisects the continent, north to south. One of the three dangerous places in the Yulan continent.

Muhan Kingdom — A kingdom in the great plains to the far east. N Nader — The oldest son of Hillman. Not a very talented warrior, but extremely careful and conscientious.

Necropolis of the Gods — A name by which the plane of the Yulan continent is known in the Higher Planes. Also a secret location in the Yulan continent, which only Saints are informed about. Doted on by her father, the Emperor. Currently in a relationship with Wharton, but has many pursuers. Northern empire. Essentially the counterpart of Praetor Osenno. Odin Jacques — The current leader of the Jacques clan.

Considered one of the two pillars of the Radiant Church, along with the Holy Emperor. Warrior of the seventh rank. Pearl of Life — A Divine artifact which contains enormous amounts of life energy, a Saint-level expert who uses this artifact will regenerate from any physical wounds but will still die if their body is completely destroyed. Pegasi — A type of winged flying horse. Normal Winged Pegasi are of the sixth rank, while Thunderwing Pegasi are magical beasts of the seventh rank.

Pennslyn — The wife of Desri, and a Saint in her own right. Mother of Monica, looks identical to her. Philip — A member of a noble clan situated near Wushan town. In sounder financial straits, he often purchases ancestral heirlooms that the Baruch family is forced to sell. Phoenix Metamorphosis — A forbidden-level fire-style magic spell that will create an extremely powerful Fire Phoenix.

Only weaker to the Dimensional Edge spell in power. Plaket — A Tyrant Wyrm that had to serve Linley for years. Pouant Empire — An empire that was destroyed nearly five thousand years ago. Doehring Cowart hailed from this empire.

Prismatic Dragons — A Saint-level dragon-type magical beast, also known as Rainbow Dragons, has wings. Proulx — A grandmaster stone sculptor, acclaimed throughout the ages. Pulsating Guard — A forbidden-level earth-style defensive spell that protects a wide area from spells, even some other forbidden-level spells. Pulseguard Defense — A type of personal defense which Linley developed, with principles similar to the Pulsating Guard spell.

Light-style focused.

Coiling Dragon – Completed (ePUB, PDF, MOBI Downloads)

A huge building over a hundred meters high. Rand — A fellow 1st grade student when Linley first entered the Ernst Institute. Won the yearly tournament for 1st grade students, then was thrashed by Linley.

One year younger than Linley.

Rhine Empire — One of the six principal political organizations, located east of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. Southeastern empire. Rohault Empire — One of the six principal political organizations, located east of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. Eastern empire.

Roger — Guardsman for the Baruch clan, under Sherman. The older sister of Pennslyn, and romantically linked to Cesar. Rowling — An adorable, golden-haired girl who became engaged to Kalan as his principal wife. Rudi — A Saint-level earth-element magus who engaged in battle with Dillon in Wushan township. Has a Black Dragon as servant.

Proved stronger than Dillon. S Sacred Isle — Formerly a hidden base of the Radiant Church, it comes the new headquarters after certain events later in the story.

Located off the coast of the Yulan continent. Twin to Taylor. Savage Worldbear — A Saint-level bear-type magical beast. Scorching Meteor Shower — A fire-style magic spell of the ninth rank that creates many house-sized chunks of flaming meteors. Shadowmouse — One of two types of rat-type magical beasts, the other being Stoneater Rats.

Shadowmice are extremely fast and can range in ranks from At rank 5, their fur turns blue, while at rank 7, their fur turns violet. Omnivorous, have sharp teeth, particularly feared for attacking in waves. Shattered Rocks — A scaling earth style attack spell that has different names and levels of power. Slaughterer — The name of the ancestral warblade of the Dragonblooded Warrior clan.

Sold off many years ago. Soaring Technique — A wind-style spell of the seventh rank that allows the caster to truly fly in the air. Spiritual energy — Mental energy used to shape mageforce and elemental essence into magical spells. A magus needs to have at least 5 times more spiritual energy than an average person. Stehle — A peak-stage Saint-level combatant belonging to the Radiant Church.

Stegowyrm — A ninth-rank dragon-type magical beast, no wings. Appearances to be based on the real-life stegosaurus. Stoneater Rat — One of two types of rat-type magical beasts, the other being Shadowmice.

Stoneater Rats are extremely tough and can range in ranks from At rank 4, their fur turns silver, while at rank 7, their fur turns gold. Omnivorous, have sharp teeth, even sharper than Shadowmice, particularly feared for attacking in waves. Suanni Lion — A Deity-level beast that is capable of holding an enormous amount of material. Supergravity Field — A scaling earth-magic spell that can only be used by magi of at least the fifth rank. It allows an earth-style magus to strengthen the gravity field in a localized area to negatively impact his opponents.

Twin to Sasha. Thorium Devil — A metallic-life form made out of the rare metal Thorium, an extremely precious and highly elastic metal that can bond with a variety of materials.

Has the ability to bind to different elements in order to increase its power and can shape shift into almost any form. Has very strong resistance against earth, wind, water, fire, dark, and light attacks. Thunder Lizard — A Saint-level dragon-type magical beast, no wings. Appears to be based on the real life Brontosaurus. Thunderwinged White Tiger — A Saint-level winged tiger-type magical beast. Triceratops Wyrm — A Saint-level dragon-type magical beast, no wings.

Has three horns, appears to be based on the real life Triceratops. Located in the great plains of the far east. Tyrant Wyrm — A Saint-level dragon-type magical beast, no wings. Appears to be based on the real-life Tyrannosaurus Rex. An earth-element creature.

V Vampiric Iron Bull — A large bull-type creature with blood red eyes, a magical beast of the fifth rank. Fire type. Vincente — Leader of the Hyde clan, the clan of the Violetflame Warriors. Himself a Violetflame Warrior, has two sons. A master blacksmith.

This is the story between a Lord who is a tease that refuses to get married, and a poor dragon who is teased day in and day out. If that strength is discovered it will become tiresome once more……The appearance is a slime, within is a dragon, he uses his power to the fullest and through various means he resolves to conceal his [Supremacy].

A no-name Master who had resigned from the world of martial arts was years old.

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That old master had forgotten the enemies whom he had been killed, even now their relatives or disciples were plotting revenge on him. Even some big nations offered a big reward for his head.

The old master knew his death was near, but before he met his end, he wanted to write his story, to reveal the secrets that were hidden. Nagabumi, a story of common people who saw the world of martial arts as fable and legends, about martial artists who became exiled from common life, because it was his goal to reach the wisdom of the dragon.

Nagabumi is a drama among the martial artists, fights with deadly fighting styles and jutsu, politics and scheme of kingdoms, clashes between great philosophers from Nagasena to Nagarjuna, and heart-pounding romance of the VIII-IX centuries.

After losing everyone dear to him, our main character fails in his revenge and falls at the hands of the mighty Red Dragon. As he fades away and inches closer to death, the chance for a new life arises. As he opens his eyes and awakes from his memories of the past, his life is anew as a solvent which dominates the Red Flames. She is a companion and bodyguard of Louise Frois and an ally of the Oda Clan. Possessing heterochromia, she also has a case of chuunibyou 8th grader adolescent delusions , believing her red eye has special powers which is hidden under an eyepatch.

Like Nobuna, she also has an estranged relationship with her mother.

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Coiling Dragon. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch! Rating 0. Add to Library. Web Novel. A work typically depicting fighting, violence, chaos, and fast paced motion. Exploring new places, environments or situations. This is often associated with people on long journeys to places far away encountering amazing things.

Anything that involves, but not limited to, magic, dream world, and fairy tales. Martial Arts: As the name suggests, anything martial arts related. Any of several arts of combat or self-defense, such as aikido, karate, judo, or tae kwon do, kendo, fencing, and so on and so forth. This term is used for novels in an Eastern fantasy setting. In Xuanhuan, there are usually five basic elements metal, wood, water, fire, and earth , Chinese-style gods, powerful animal monsters like foxes and tigers that can take on human appearances, etc It's a mishmash of different elements, and sometimes Xianxia-like elements are present.

It's easy to confuse Xuanhuan with Xianxia. Simple definition: Only to be used when the school is considered to be prestigious in reference to the story. Do not use this for schools famous for battle. Please refer to the [Battle Academy] tag. Adapted to Manhua: This tag is to be used ONLY if a manhua has been released based on the novel.

By manhua, it refers to the Chinese equivalent of a comic book, provided it is an official publication. This should be according to the traditional definition of an angel. To be used only if the author uses the term Angel.

Beast Companions: Beautiful Female Lead: This tag is to be used if the female lead of the series is beautiful. If both the male and female leads are good looking, then it is recommended to use the Beautiful Couple tag.Fenlai — The kingdom which Wushan town belongs to. If the series has multiple protagonists, only use this tag if having Magic is a prominent feature of one of them. Kino Kino Since then, his country became prosperous, rich, and powerful.

The young lord of a small and weak country saves a dragon beside the sea one day. They all immediately nodded. All of them forced themselves to remain expressionless. His lips tightened, the boy stared determinedly in front, both fists tightly clenched so hard that his fists were white.

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