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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Jun 22, There are many websites that offer MBA study material - however, most of it is either Here are Direct PDF Download Links for MBA books, notes and eBooks. Download MBA 1st year, 2nd-year notes from below provided links. MBA Course Structure and Syllabus for 2-Years. The Master of Bussiness management syllabus can be defined below as subjects for sem Examination.

Mba Book Pdf

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The Portable MBA in Marketing, Second Edition, Alexander Hiam and. Charles version of this book may not be available in this electronic edition. For more. We talked to our successful students and found out that, almost none of the MBA books in the market could really help them make a smooth entry to MBA. Dear MBA Student: This STUDY GUIDE is provided for you from the graduate faculty of the College of. Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA).

This manifesto will show you how to substantially increase your knowledge of business on your own time and with little cost, all without setting foot inside a classroom. The Personal MBA is an introductory business primer.

Its purpose is to give you a clear, comprehensive overview of the most important business concepts in as little time as possible. The vast majority of modern business practice requires little more than common sense, simple arithmetic, and knowledge of a few very important ideas and principles. Every successful business creates something of value.

Offering value is not enough. Every successful business ultimately sells what it has to offer.

Having millions of prospects isn't enough if no one ultimately pulls out their wallet and says, "I'll take one. No sale, no business. Every successful business actually delivers what it promises to its customers.

Businesses are built by people for people. Understanding how we take in information, how we make decisions, and how we decide what to do or what not to do is critical if you want to create and sustain a successful business venture.

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Learning how to work effectively and efficiently can be the difference between a fulfilling career and a draining one. Working with other people is an ever-present part of business and life: If you want to do well in this world, it pays to understand how to get things done with and through other people.

Businesses are complex systems that exist within even more complex systems: A complex system is a self-perpetuating arrangement of interconnected parts that form a unified whole. Before you can improve a system, you must understand how well it's currently operating.


Creating and improving systems is the heart of successful business practice. The purpose of understanding and analyzing systems is to improve them, which is often tricky: If you combine reading this book with actually trying stuff, you'll be far ahead in the business game.

Josh has synthesized the most important topics in business into a book that truly lives up to its title. Take into consideration every possibility, before taking such drastic measures. Every successful business, no matter the size or influence, must focus to please its Ideal Buying Persona.

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According to Nitin Nohria and Paul Lawrence, there are basically four requirements that pretty much appeal to all humans. The first one represents the desire or the pull to become a valuable member of some community, gain status or respect.

The second desire symbolizes our longing to feel loved and appreciated by others. The third one, speaks on behalf of our unsatisfied thirst and hunger to expand our field of knowledge. Fourth, the urge to feel safe and secure. If your goods or commodities meet these needs, you are all set to launch the brand-new product, right?

Take testimonials, for example, original illustrations of satisfied customers is an excellent trick for luring new customers into checking your offers and establishing a bigger base. So, how to convert those passing customer into long-term associates?


In all honesty, there is not one all-encompassing formula that works well in every industry. Usually, the price is the most talked-about attribute!? One huge mistake salespeople have a habit of making, is becoming too aggressive in their campaign. Encourage interaction, make your customers come to you, not the other way around.

How to discuss business deals with other companies?

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Management of Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources Hersey P. Rishi says 11 months ago.Take into consideration every possibility, before taking such drastic measures. Barnum was famous, or infamous, for "never giving a sucker and even break," but his advice here is much more sophisticated - and worthwhile. Read it. Read More. Related Topics. Everything you need to know about marketing, vanity, advisers, and crowd psychology in one children's story. Chapter 3 Sales Every successful business ultimately sells what it has to offer.

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