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Learn Maya hotkeys and commands with the Maya Shortcut Keyboard guide to help you list of shortcuts and commands in the Maya Keyboard Shortcuts PDF. Maya Keyboard Shortcuts. Display. 4. Shading > Wireframe. 5. Shaded display. 6 . Shaded and Textured display. 7. Lighting > Use All Lights d+LMB. MAYA ONE KEY SHORTCUTS. F1. F2. F3. F4. F5. F6. F7. F8. F9 F10 F11 F A. Caps Lock. Enter. Backspace. PrtScn. SysRq. Home. End. Insert. Page. Up.

Maya Shortcuts Pdf

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time-saving Hotkeys for Autodesk Maya Extensive, exportable, wiki- style reference lists for Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys. Home: Change position of pivot of a manipulator. F8: Object and Component Mode Option. Spacebar: quick click change view. Spacebar: hold down for pop . Show Selected Objects. H. Press. Show Last Hidden. Ctrl Shift H. Press. Modifier. Shift. Shift. Alt. Ctrl. Ctrl. Ctrl. Ctrl. Ctrl. Shift. Ctrl. Shift. Ctrl. Alt. MAYA Hotkeys.

While you could just as easily open your Maya help documents and bring up a sprawling list of keyboard shortcuts, we thought it would be beneficial to provide an abbreviated list that just shows you the essentials—the stuff you'll be most likely to need in your first weeks or months with the software.

This list is meant to supplement our existing Maya training. We go into greater detail for each of the functions listed in the first lessons of our training series , so if something isn't making sense, be sure to refer back to the earlier material.

The navigation commands are central to virtually everything you do in Maya. Don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that just because something looks good from the front or side that it'll look good from every angle.

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You should be continually orbiting around your model and viewing it from every possible perspective. Q, W, E, and R let you switch between the selection, translate, scale, and rotate tools quickly and efficiently.

Most of Maya's viewport options can be accessed from the number keys. Numerals control object smoothing, while control Maya's display modes:.

And finally, here's a selection of miscellaneous tools you should get to know as soon as possible:. Share Pin Email.

A technical writer who specializes in 3D character and environment creation. Updated March 18, This doesn't actually "zoom" the camera lens, but instead moves the camera forward or backward in space like a dolly. Spacebar - Tap spacebar to switch between four-panel and single-panel layouts.

Numerals control object smoothing, while control Maya's display modes: Expand for more info However, Maya will not allow hotkey definition in the default hotkey set. If the ; hotkey is not working, here is how to fix it. Create a user-defined hotkey set.

Name the new hotkey set when prompted. The rendered image of the current frame is shown in 3Delight Display or the Maya Render View, without motion blur.

No image files are output during a live rendering. Starting a Batch Rendering A batch rendering only produces image files.

This may represent a significant overhead. Aborting an Ongoing Rendering You can abort an ongoing rendering by doing one of the following: Clicking Clicking the Abort button in the Render Settings being rendered.Download a free day trial and try it out.

See Scene view navigation to learn more about these. You can also configure shortcuts for the Mac trackpad. Obviously, this is enormously useful.

Autodesk Maya Keyboard Shortcuts

Multiple importance sampling: Off More information about light samples and removing noise can be found here. A shortcut is any key, or combination of keys, that is bound to a Unity command.

This diagram shows how a light is traced in Arnold. Get it now.


Shape Editor.