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Thursday, May 23, 2019

The world of comics has adapted to new technology, which has changed ways we consume our favorite media. Just like books, comics have. These comic book readers make it easy to catch up on beloved only downloaded books available for offline reading and hide books that are. These 's comic book reader apps for iPhone and iPad are easily the best of the lot. Do you have a penchant for reading comic books?.

Ipad Comic Book S

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Comixology on the and inch iPad Pros. (Books wants to pan back and forth across comic book spreads, which I just don't like - I. Bottom line: The best place to start your iPad comic book journey before . ComiXology also makes it onto the best apps and sites to read comic books on your. Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app, a revolutionary new way to experience the Marvel Universe on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

20 great, free iPad comic books

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Don't show this again. Culture 20 great, free iPad comic books We sample the free wares available in the biggest iPad comic book apps and pick the best examples for casual readers, making it easy to build a virtual comic book library for the low, low, price of free. By Dan Ackerman. Next Article: Your next iPhone or Mac? WWDC offers the best tease.


The second big problem is the lack of a library. You pick your books from a popover, but there is no neat shelf like that found in iBooks, or in Comic Viewer below. With large collections you'll be doing lots of scrolling in an iPhone-sized panel.

On the plus side, ComicZeal4 is the only app tested that handles zooming and page turning properly. If you are zoomed in on a panel or are reading in landscape mode and then turn to the next page, the zoom level is respected, but you are popped to the top of the new page.

Other apps either return you to full screen or force you to zoom out before turning pages, or dump you at the bottom of the new page, not the top. There are some other neat touches. If your comics' metadata is set properly, then the popover panel will show your collection organized in neat boxes.

You can also lock a zoom level to remove white borders zoom in with two fingers and hold for a second to lock and when you finish a comic, your list will pop up to choose another. ComicZeal4 has a few weird UI decisions, but overall is the best-featured reader for the iPad. The comics are stacked beside books in your library although you can create a category for them and you read them in the exact same interface as books although obviously you can't change fonts or tweak the viewing themes.

As Miran noted, Stanza is snappy.

Page turn detection is good, and you can choose between a fancy page-turn animation or a straight slide between pages. One fantastic Stanza feature makes it in, too: swipe a finger down the page and the display dims.

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This should be in all readers, comic book or otherwise. Stanza is basic, but if you only want to read a few titles it does the job well.

It's also free, so what's not to like? Like Apple's iBooks, Comic Viewer presents your collection on a virtual bookshelf.

Also like Apple's iBooks, you can't do much with them when they are there: no collections, no virtual longboxes for different storylines. When reading, Comic Viewer is even more basic than Stanza. Page turn animations are short to the point of confusing did it change?

This wouldn't be so bad, but the settings are accessed from here via two comic-typeface boxes which you might not notice. As all other interaction is switched off while these boxes hide on screen, you can be tapping at an unresponsive screen for a while before you realize what is going on.

New screen sizes

Also, the app has just been updated to v1. This is good for keeping the pictures from breaking up, but bad if you have some great scans and really want to get close. There is one standout feature, though: In landscape mode, you can view two pages at once, just like a real comic.

CloudReaders does this too, but Comic Viewer shows the spreads as they were made CloudReaders will let you view any consecutive pages together, not just spreads. It is actually meant for reading PDFs, but also takes care of comic-book archive files just fine. Upon opening the app you get a very sparse list of your files with a line beneath each indicating the progress you have made through it.

It looks horrible, as if it has simply been blown-up from the iPhone.This is good for keeping the pictures from breaking up, but bad if you have some great scans and really want to get close. The second big problem is the lack of a library. Uhm, yeah Chunky kinda blows all of these out of the water really.

It lets you organize your collection as desired. The app supports. As I mentioned above, the dual-page landscape display is usable, but treats the pages as if they were laid out next to each other in one long row.