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Changing Profiles of Major Stakeholders of Industrial Relations in India. WhiteCollar Trade Unions. Employers Associations. Industrial Relations and Labour Laws is a conceptually strong text with examples and cases to portray all concepts. The much awaited Second Edition, though. This textbook, organised into two parts and comprising 20 chapters, maintains the fundamental concepts of industrial relations and labour.

Industrial Relations And Labour Laws Ebook

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ÿThe book aims to throw light on all the dimensions of industrial relations & labour laws. It is organised into two parts: first part focusing on the history and theory. Legal jargon has been completely avoided so that anyone who is not expert Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. the labour and industrial laws such as the Industrial Disputes Act, the P.K. PADHI, Ph.D. (Labour Law), is Professor, Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur. Industrial Relations, Trade Unions, and Labour Legislation. Front Cover · Sinha. Pearson Education India, - pages. 8 Reviews.

In turn, chapter four focuses on collective labour relations and private international law, i. The author also puts forward suggestions on how to improve labor law in China on the basis of an analysis of key problems and comparative study.

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The book can also serve as a useful guide, allowing HR experts at companies with Chinese employees or doing business in China to better understand Chinese labor law and regulations.

It covers a broad range of labor law issues, including the meaning of labor relations, definition of the employee and employer, the duties of employers and employees, anti-discrimination, labor dispatch, minimum wage, termination of labor contracts, work injury insurance, labor inspections and labor dispute resolution. Labour Administration in Uncertain Times by Jason Heyes; Ludek Rychly ISBN: Publication Date: The financial crisis marked the beginning of a prolonged and ongoing period of extreme economic turbulence that has created multiple challenges for both governments and national systems of labour administration.

Difficult economic conditions are encouraging a re-evaluation of established policies and institutions in the areas of labour, employment, social protection and industrial relations.

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Law, Labour, and Society in Japan by Anthony Woodiwiss ISBN: Publication Date: As Japanese companies establish overseas production facilities at an ever more repid pace, it is increasingly important for people in the host countries to understand the preconceptions upon which the Japanese approach to industrial relations is based.

This book traces the development of Japanese labour law and shows how labour law has been related to the prevailing social, economic and political circumstances.

In the first section, the German Labour Law and some of the most important clauses are explained. In further sections, the Chinese Labour Law itself and its coherent development, the main landmarks and the similarities to the German Labour Law, with its Romanist Tradition, are reflected.

You Save: Buy This product. Snapshot About the book. Audience of the Book: Key Features: The main features of the book are as follows: This book is useful for multipurpose studies.

Each topic easy to understand. Download Sample PDF. Related B.

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Research Methodology. The employee is eligible for unpaid leave: for the purpose of taking care of children — until the child is 3 years old over 3 years of age, for the purpose of take personal care of a child until the 10 years of age, under the term of childcare allowance, allowance support the childcare for the period of effective volunteer reservist military service In addition to the above unpaid leave also possible by mutual agreement of the employer and employee, however it is not regulated by the Hungarian Labour Code.

Most common employee benefits The benefits can be systematised by many ways in Hungary, many kinds of benefit has catering purposes, purpose of welfare, or social purpose. It is also common to give cost contribution by the employer to the employee for example work clothes contribution.

The duration of a fixed-term employment relationship may not exceed five years, including the duration of an extended relationship and that of another fixed-term employment relationship concluded within six months of the termination of the previous fixed-term employment relationship.

Call for work Part-time workers employed under employment contract in jobs for up to six hours a day shall work at times deemed necessary to best accommodate the function of their jobs.

In this case the duration of working time banking may not exceed four months. Simplified employment and occasional work Such an employment relationship is established by the fulfillment of the notification requirement of the employer.

Not EU citizen shall only be employed in present employment relationship form in the frame of seasonal agricultural work.

Number of employees in present form of employment is strictly regulated by the Labour Code.

Present form of employment between employer and employee shall not exceed days, even if the parties entered into more than one employment relationship. Temporary agency work Present employment means when an employee is hired out by a temporary-work agency to a user enterprise for remunerated temporary work, provided there is an employment relationship between the worker and the temporary-work agency placement.

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Posting of employees Employers shall be entitled to temporarily reassign their employees to jobs and workplaces other than what is contained in the employment contracts, or to another employer. The duration of employment in present employment form may not exceed a total of forty-four working days or three hundred and fifty-two scheduled hours during a calendar year.Not EU citizen shall only be employed in present employment relationship form in the frame of seasonal agricultural work.

Please try again later. In the concluding part, the author dwells on industrial accidents and safety for preventing industrial disasters, mines safety and safety management, industrial hygiene, workplace discipline, counselling and the legal framework for industrial safety and health. Very nicely written and explained.

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