Laws Indian Railway Station Code List Pdf


Friday, November 8, 2019

Station Code Index. ABU ROAD. ABR. ADilABAD. ADB. ADONi. AD. ADRA. ADRA. AGARTAlA. AGTl. AGRA FORT. AF. AGRA CANTT. AGC. AHMADNAGAR. No. Name of Station. Stn Code Division Railway State. Catg based on. Pass earning of. 1. CST Mumbai. CSTM. BB. CR. Maharashtra. A1. 2. Lokmanya Tilak ( T). 5 days ago List of Indian railway stations with station code and number of trains passing through. Thus, there is no surprise that the Indian Railway station list is not only too much long, but also large , Padampur, PDF.

Indian Railway Station Code List Pdf

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Station Code, Station Name, State, Zone. AA, Ataria, UP, NER. AADR, Amb Andaura. AAG, Angar, MH, CR. AAH, Itehar, MP, NCR. AAK, Ankaikila. AAL, Amlai. DEAR FRENZ, PLZ FIND ENCLOSED STATION CODE LIST OF INDIAN RAILWAY. IT WILL HELP FOR ONLINE TICKET BOOKING. rdgs bpositive skumar 8) 7th. Cleartrip provides information about the list of railways stations in India with the station code, number of trains passing through the station and location details in .

Rail Line Maps With Popular Destinations

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Poll to help analyse use of psychometric tests in indian corp 3 Replies. Micr code list. Indian Penal Code This Discussion Thread Started: Such metro trains are in demand and government had planned its expansion in other metro cities as well. Metro Rail tickets do not generate unique PNR number because one can not reserve a seat in these trains.

List of railway stations in India

These are moderate in speed and generally runs on their scheduled time. These are also examples of trains for which seat reservation is not possible and hence one can not get pnr status for tickets. These are further divided into slow locals and fast locals.

Slow locals halt on every station while the fast ones halt only on main important stations. Passenger Trains: Passenger trains can also be further classified into slow and fast passenger trains.

They run between important small distanced cities. Slow passenger trains have stoppage at every single station in between their route.

Reserved tickets are not available and hence unique pnr number generation is not done for tickets. They run across long distances and one can book a reserve ticket in these trains. As tickets are reserved, booking system generates unique ten digit pnr number on each tickets to identify the traveler.

More Trains Information

PNR status checking facility are made available for non reserved train tickets. Shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express Trains: These are high speed trains available in Indian Railway to connect moderate distanced important stations.

People can fetch all information about different stations here, their respective station code and the number of trains that are passing through them with ease. To do the same, users simply need to mention the train name or train number along with the source and final stations name to be chosen from the drop down menu and within a click, all information related to that train time table will be in front of them.

So, know about the stations, how many trains have been running from there and then accordingly make your plans and get tickets in the desired train. Want to know about the total No of zone in India?

Just for the record, as of now, there are 17 railway zones in Indian Railways defined.

PNR Status

For the administrative convenience and all, Railways has divided regional railways into zones and earlier there were only 9 zones and recently 7 have been created giving a total of Aside from this, Konkan Railways is not specifically considered as a separate zone but is an integral part of Railways for sure. It is operated and supervised by the Konkan Railway cooperation.

These zones are further divided into other divisions just for the ease and convenience.

Be aware of them and have a safe travel. Indian Railway Station code with Division Every station in India has been provided with a unique code by the Indian Railways to locate them easily.

Passengers travelling to different destinations are required to search for information pertaining to trains and the different stations that it passes through.Lar Road. Hanumangarh Town. Vaitheeswaran Koil.

Raja Bhat Khawa. Chomun Samod.

Ahmedabad Railway Division

Lalpur Jam. Chhoti Odai. Narayanpur Anant.

Gonda Kachahri.