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Sara Maitland, The School of Life | 9 minutes reading time. You have just started to It is extremely easy to be alone; you do not need a book. Here are some. At no time in history, humans have been better connected than today. However, this has come with a downside. Namely, it's almost impossible. Our fast-paced society does not approve of solitude; being alone is literally anti- social Sara Maitland answers this question by exploring changing attitudes.

How To Be Alone Sara Maitland Pdf

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Learn how to enjoy solitude and find happiness without others, in this new book from The School of Life., ISBN How to Be Alone (The School of Life) [Sara Maitland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. IN THIS AGE OF CONSTANT CONNECTIVITY. In How to Be Alone, Sara Maitland answers this question by exploring changing attitudes throughout Read Online How to Be Alone (The School of Life) pdf.

The word was generously applied to all women at the point of marriage as a way of saying they came into the relationship freely, from personal choice, not financial desperation.

I do not think it — I feel it. But she always had close friends with whom she socialized and travelled. She did not marry but did have serious love affairs with both men and women.

How to Be Alone Summary

She collected art. She walked, alone and with companions, especially in New York. She was a skillful paparazzi-avoider. Since she chose to retire, and for the rest of her life consistently declined opportunities to make further films, it is reasonable to suppose that she was content with that choice.

How to Be Alone

It is in fact evident that a great many people, for many different reasons, throughout history and across cultures, have sought out solitude to the extent that Garbo did, and after experiencing that lifestyle for a while continue to uphold their choices, even when they have perfectly good opportunities to live more social lives.

So how did our present attitudes toward solitude emerge? I, for one, do not believe this — but I do believe that we suffer from trying to hold together the values of Judaeo-Christianity inasmuch as we understand them and the values of classical civilization, and they really do not fit.

She traces the evolution of that confusion all the way back to the Roman Empire, with its ideals of public and social life. Maitland writes: In these circumstances solitude is threatening — without a common and embedded religious faith to give shared meaning to the choice, being alone is a challenge to the security of those clinging desperately to a sinking raft.

Maitland fast-forwards to our present predicament, the product of millennia of cultural baggage: No wonder we are frightened of those who desire and aspire to be alone, if only a little more than has been acceptable in recent social forms.

But the truth is, the present paradigm is not really working. Take a week of vacation and spend it abroad, all by yourself.

Go hiking for a weekend, make a solo fishing trip, or rent an AirBnB in a city a few hours away. Very few things build more self-awareness than an extended period of time spent in pure solitude.

Nope, not laughing although we do that about 50 times less than kids per day. Do you remember standing in your backyard as a kid and just seeing a world full of potential?

You could instantly get lost in a train of thought and imagine pirates on your swing set, a dragon flying above your head and a treasure buried beneath the big oak tree. And I'd be seriously sad to lose Zoe, my border collie. I took her on because she got out of control in an urban community. She was seeking a wilder, freer life.

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Yet in the book you suggest it's cheating on the solitary life to have a dog when you walk…? The pure soul probably doesn't have a dog. I have a dog but no television. You mention having suffered depression earlier in your life — was this related to lack of solitude?

That is a correct reading, although I would not use it diagnostically. I'm deeply fond of my family but they put a high value on extroversion. I come from an enormous family and have spent a lot of time pretending I wasn't introverted. Yet deciding whether one is extrovert or introvert is not straightforward?

Everyone has a differing need for solitude. I feel we haven't created space for children to find out what they need.

How To Be Alone Summary

I've never heard of being sent to your room as a reward. In my childhood — I had a happy home — being alone was thought weird. I'd like people to be offered solitude as an ordinary thing.

Does being alone teach children to be alone? Yes, just as talk is the teacher of talk.

You write: And the answer is simple really: The one thing I really don't like doing by myself is changing a double duvet… But I went up Merrick on my own — the highest hill in the area — a week after my mother died. A little voice kept saying: What happens if you break your ankle?

What happens if you get lost?

Doing it was a breakthrough. Another dream I am sad about. My brother and I used to sail a dinghy. He died and I wanted to sail alone.

About Sara Maitland

I went on a dingy course only to discover I'm not physically strong enough to right the dinghy were it to tip over. How does love fit into the solitary life? And if the loving is only to be loved, what is unselfish about that?

The fact you're on your own does not mean you are not loving.

Your book is part of a self-help series.Take a longer bath. Take a week of vacation and spend it abroad, all by yourself. Plus, different cultures value different types.

I think one of the faults of young people today is that they try to come together around events that are noisy, almost aggressive at times. Oct 08, Melleny rated it liked it. You know, that you have to be yourself to be a badass.