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Horror on the Orient Express PDF. $ Seven campaign books, train car plans, bumpersticker in PDF, iPad and Kindle versions. See 3 more pictures. Call Of Cthulhu - S - Horror On The Orient Expre - Chaosium pdf · first Call of Cthulhu - Horror on the Orient Express - Book 3 - Italy & Contribute to xingfanxia/COC_Campaigns development by creating an account on GitHub.

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By the step leading up into the sleeping-car stood a young French lieutenant To which Murder on the Orient E Horror on the Orient Express - Handouts. User summary: Digital version includes 13 separate PDF files totalling pages: Book I: Orient Express bumper sticker (1 p.) Orient Express route map ( 1 p.). Similarities between characters in Horror on the Orient Express and persons living or dead are strictly coincidental. The reproduction of material from within this.

Now the bad luck has moved on. She is aware of the turnover of staff. Rischonti thinks it is a bad idea to go ahead with Aida. If asked about the 'costumier's curse. Management has done everything possible.

Though il had no physical effect on them they are too old and too sure of themselves it makes them feel uneasy. The trio speak in a simultaneous jumble of voices. The costumers' room is the size of a pullman. IT the dummies are inspected. They are overjoyed because the most recent appointment has displayed no symptoms. She is proud to have remained in good health long past the time that the others averaged.

To get there though. Every new person fell ill. The seventh dummy. Once they are lost. Luisa Visconti. Paolo Rischonti Rischonti was quoted in the newspaper article. It is chilly in here. Then a landslide of severed wooden heads cascades down a dark corridor. After a third group of slaves in foil chains skip past. At the back of the room. La Scala has not been able to keep a costume designer for more than three months.

The costumes are stored elsewhere but manufactured here-silt dressmaker's dummies are adorned with costumes in various states of development. They tell the investigators that the silt dummies plus an absent seventh are "new" silt years are few if you've worked in the place for fifty years. They are behind the scenes. One is young. Through The Alps rents. If the investigators met the three old women at il Duomo. Visconti will talk to the in vestigators. In the last silt years. T J I 1 SUtI""..

Far from windows. Milan's prosperity declined with the Spanish conquest of the 17th century and subsequent rule 01 the Hapsburgs into the 19th century. The advent of the Risorgimento mid. The streets that lie close by are packed with four.

Groups gather to cry or to sing together. Its Imposing beauty allowed space by the piazza before It. Members of the cast press their lips to these shrines as they pass. Some of the multitudinous statues are being removed also. In the Edison Co. Milanese also enthusiastically pursue the latest styles.

Marxism was Introduced to Italy. The mood of the cast and crew is a mixture of sadness and confusion over the loss of their star. The Duomo co n be considered the very heart of Milan. The best way in is through the stage door. La Scala itself is a bland-looking building from the outside-the famous opera house is merely large.

In the 4th century it was mode capital of the Holy Roman Empire. II Duomo. About By the it was well-established as the center of big businessIn Italy. Pictures of Cavollaro are stuck up everywhere. The investigators are continually being run past. A row of plaster limbs are dragged past. Buildingsare going up or extended. Marco Baldo vents. Milan has a long and celebrated history. Do Vinci's famous painting.

The Duomo Is having a face lift and workers scurry up and down scaffolding lugging pieces of pink and white marble to be replaced or cleaned. In the following centuries Its power grew and It continued to dominate local politics. Sounds also echo along these walls: Milan is the fashion center of Italy.

On the outskirts of town. The picture depicts the moment after Christ has uttered the words: A huge chariot wheel covered in paste jewels suddenly rolls down the corridor. The investigators cannot gain entry to la Scala via the front doors.

Egyptians sporting horrific battle wounds stroll by. In Milan.

Then it slips behind a person or a font and disappears. Everyone goes to sleep. The man. Faccia and his pet rendezvous later on the roof.

An old man has gone to his hands and knees beside a Father Angelico pillar. That night. Was the perception from this morning a trick of light. Later in the day. If the investigators make a fuss chasing either Arturo or the chameleon.

If they ask to help. Led out of the Galleria. By the time the investigators make plausible excuse. They are men: If the investigators remain. Of particular interest is the following. Where wiU this end? Caterina Cavallaro's voice echoes through the halls of the Galleria. Keepers so-inclined might allow an idea roll here: TIle aria is heard a few more times that night.

The Performance their rooms seems La have been vandalized. As they move down the dim. The stories include reports of last night's singing. People are being injured Of falling ill. The creature diverts attention Player Handout 13 Cavollaro's Disappearance: Another Tragedy? Rosario Sorbello. The Piazza is a meeting place for locals. In the Cathedral If the investigators enter the magnificent cathedral. La Scala is the house of evil! Our lack of animation stems from a soulless devotion to appearance instead of substance.

See illustration on back cover. Other people in the cathedral are in tears. In these dim days. Angelico is a largeboned. Biffi's being the most famous. The pink and white marbles enhance the movement toward heaven.

They have no English. As attendance at mass declines. The walls are three tall stories high. Above a mural pictures ancient Egypt-a man approaches a sealed woman. The great. The Galleria is of cruciform arrangement and covered by a hernicylindrical construct of steel and glass. In daylight hours. It has been used by the costumers at La Scala since. Near the doors stand three tiny. The Galleria is always crowded. In warmer weather Arturo Faccia spends hours here.

She wired ahead for the rooms. If questioned concerning evil at La Scala. From their balconies the investigators see Milan coming and going below. He shows them the wonders of sculpture and architecture which the building boasts. Just yards below this. Cavollaro booked beautiful rooms for the investigators.

The facade houses five sets of massive double doors and is 73 meters across and twice again as long. In the Duomo. Other shops are occupied by retailers of clothes. Scene 2 of Aida. The book conta ins drawings and illustrative photographic plates. Their rooms have shelves of guide books to the main attractions of Milan. There is a central dome of the same materials. It attributes to Verdi the belief that singing along with an ada at La Scala can cause one's fondest wish to be granted.

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Inside the cathedral. Father Angelico. Through The Alps 77 dressmaker. Though the investigators have no way to know. This last is well-thumbed. Father Angelico loses energy and enthusiasm. Before the Duomo is the Piazza del Duomo.

La Scala's audiences increase. Because of its hefty construction it has been removed from the costumers' room to be used onstage.

To one side of the Piazza an arched entrance opens into the Galleria. As the tour goes on. Soon after. By the late afternoon papers. Rubble lies about in heaps. The train stops. But Milan is still incongruously fashion-conscious. Though stories differ. Nobody is on the platform: If asked. The investigators feel more and more that Milan This is all the effect of the simulacrum Torso.

Responsible staff at La Scala are offended that she has now been in Milan for a full day or more. Then the Orient Express pulls into Stazione Centrale. Fog and smoke obscure the outlines of an industrial city. The initial impression of emotional emptiness increases. Symptoms of tbe City The station looks like a bomb has hit it. Gray dust covers everything. Immaculately dressed. This first day should see them established not only in their rooms. In the pale winter light.

Milan has neither brashness nor vivacity. A successful Psychology roll. The investigators see people slumped over cafe tables. What has happened? She got in. It has been in Milan six years. Rumor has it that in the car was all old flame. A few patches of green appear and disappear abruptly-they are the scattered parks of outer Milan. The architecture and streets are impressive and imposing. An overcast accumulates. Milan is a gray city growing dimmer. As the largest piece of the simulacrum.

As they move through the city. The shock coincides with the intellectual realization that the beloved has really gone. In game terms. This militancy would later turn against all non-Italians. Customs Everything except used personal clothing is subject to duty. Mussolini's rise to power was opposed in Italy and overseas.

Faccia has decided to practice at night on the deserted streets. In No visa Is required for British travelers. Mussollnl had assumed the title II Duce.

Cavollaro remains alive so that Faccia can get his own voice back after the experiment. The shock has left her temporarily insane. He then cast Transfer Organ 10 exchange their Lungs and vocal chords.

Miss CavoUaro suffered both the loss of her appearance and her prized voice. The two spells performed. In October Although antiques can pass without difficulty. Blackshirts were initially used to break strikes. Prohibited Imports Include solt and saccharin.

However the value of the lire Isquite depressed. About 5 lire equal U. Signorina Cavollaro was taken to a warehouse on the outskirts of Ole city. As buildings become more numerous. One bodyguard. After the murder of a member by Ioscist toughs. Through The Alps and elderly rich.

Benito Mussollnl exploited this angry nafionallsm. Money The monetary unit In Italy Is the lira slngulcr. Local police and officials often turned blind eyes to the Fascists' activities.

Police There are three levels of police in Italy: Firearms must be declared and require police permits. Either the Carbinierl or Militi may carry firearms. Paccia is well-protected from inquiry by his reputation for commercial success.

Initially they had relatively minor representation in the parliament.

Call of Cthulhu - Horror on the Orient Express - Book 2 Through the Alps

A person carrying a firearm without a permit Is liable to arrest. He too has tickets for the opening night of" Aida. Benito An- 75 driani. Government Atter the Great War.

Their official name Was Foscl di Combottimenta.

With his new ability. In practice. The wife and young children of a passport holder may travel on his passport. In abbreviation. By January. Faccia has not much thought about what Benito thinks of Faccia's new and svelte female voice. Andriani will have the job of warning off the investigators if they intrude into Faccia's plans.

After changes to the electoral laws. In the last of these. The track cleared. Arturo Faccia. Smith in London. The persistence of these vague reports has ignited and he has spent his fantasies and whetted Ius appetites. Management doubtlessly postpones opening night in the hope that Signorina Cavallaro reappears.

Thus the Milan chapter is composed of the middle-aged. It is said that singing an aria along with the singer on the La cala stage grants one's fondest desire. Faccia owns several factories on the outskirts of Milan. Faccia kidneys. No specific encounter provides for a captive Thereafter. Faccia is obsessed entire Sedefkar Scenario Considerations This adventure assumes that the investigators arrive at least a day later than does diva Caterina Cavallaro. To improve his chances. Cultists ordinarily transplant lungs.

Unless the Duke has opened the topic. The opening night for "Aida". As he inexorably arrive after Cavollaro said that "Aida" start. A gaunt. Their visit to Lausanne causes the delay. Faccia met Selim Makryat in L on a business trip to Turkey. Enchant ltern. If they should kill the Duke.

The Baleful Influence of the Left Arm continues to decrease investigator idea. Lausanne Damage Bonus: If they somehow manage to save one or both Wellinglons. Enchant Knile. Murmuring a few words. Sanity Loss: Animate Skin'. Melee attacks and weapons slide oH his flesh without causing damage. His head. Bullets striking him do minimum damage. The waiter does. Enchanted weapons do normal damage. Damage Bonus: Gralt Flesh" Melt Flesh'. It happens so swiftly that most diners do not notice.

Through The Alps He opens his valise. Control Skin". Voorish Sign. Black Night. Since there has been so little conscious time aboard the train. Age Enchant Flesh'. Brew Dream Drug'. Unless applied with a Graft Flesh spell. He looks at his Orient Express timetable.

By the origin and proportion of the ingre dlents. Graft Flesh Thls spell allows the caster to graft a piece of Enchanted Flesh to his or her body. Enchant Flesh It allows the caster to pre serve and ensorcel 1 SIZ point of the skin and ftesh of a victim. The block of flesh so-enchanted is now Immune to most forms of damage firearms still do minimum damage.

The spell takes five minutes to cast and costs the user 10 magic points and SAN. The lengthy ritual Involves 1wo hours of chanting and prayer. Sellm would kill the Duke for this spell. Only the Duke knows Enchant Flesh.

Though the evidence at the murder scene may be enough eventually to implicate the Duke. The flesh must. The caster must remove from his or her own body a corresponding area of skin costing 1D4 hit points before the Enchanted Flesh con be Grafted. After the spell has been cast. The drinker of a drought falls asleep very quickly. Thisobscene variant of the Enchant Item spell was created by the Duke himself. This drug does not concern the Dreamlands of Earth.

The end result Is a thin brown liquid which acts 05 a mild narcotic. I must depart. A large number Of herbs are used In Its creation. The Duke meanwhile hides in his private realm. If Grafted. Brew Dream Drug This spell allows the magician to create a drug which facilitates entry into some world of dream. After the first. If he knew he had it. I see we are nearly out of range.

Costing the spell and making the drug takes about five hours and costs 2 Sanity points and 4 magic points to cast. The spell costs 10 magic paints and SAN to cost. Maximillian von Wurtheim will probably back up his story.

In this scroll. All praise to the One without Skin. Combat in the close quarters of the dining car surely means the death of innocent bystanders. Sedefkor prophesies that he Is soon to lose the simulacrum. Power thai would bring the world to its knees. I wanl the sCTo The Skinless One has spoken to me. The Duke smiles wannly. From his descri ptions of his city. The scroll that Sedefkar wrote requires a successful Arabic and a successful Old Turkish roil to understand.

As they await their entree. Kings and countries have fallen before it. The scroll Isa rambling. It woke when Iflayed alive the wretch who sought to steal my treasure from me. In all modesty I believe II was made in The substance my image. They slump into the elegant. I have been careful to keep II untarnished which is unclean. As I ran my hand across Its inner surface it felt like the skin of a newborn babe. The waiter asks the diner. Then I used it for the first time. His presence suggests a variety of responses and situations.

The scroll's author is Sedefkar the Osmanli. I think I will eat with my friends. I recognized the first time I beheld it as an object of power. In my dreams I have seen Its perfection striding above the ruins of cities. I performed the seventeen devotions and opened It for the first time. Through The Alps The scroll is the gibbering testimony of a madman. You will give it to me or you I will destroy.

I come to the point. That night He came to me for the first time and told me what to do. I meditated before Its glory.

The most detailed description In the document dwells on the torture and skinning of human beings. The waiter re-seats him next to the investigators. Thlsscroll is the first of the five. A paper version of this scroll is included as a separate item in the box. If he can. The typescript takes ten hours to read with comprehension.

I offered four children as sacrifice to my Masur. Blessed is the chosen of the Skinless One. It glistened like the finest pearls. The author has not set down events In any form or order. Your answer promptly. Even gods must fall before It. The four missing scrolls are the Scroll of the Belly. Within the artifact was soft and smooth. It concerns an Item in his possession. Once he refers to the imminent arrival of 'the white destroyers. I have little time. Wellington's scroll is the Scroll of the Head.

The crowd goes wild. He then turns to Wellington. If they get seven or more points. I've won! But he persists in deceit! He mocks and despises my suzerain will! They get onto the train just as the first of the mob burst out of the back door of the shop. They might like to argue that knowledge on its own cannot be considered harmful and that only the exercise of knowledge can do harm.

They lose SAN each as they realize they failed to save Edgar and gel the scroll. What the investigators can see and understand for themsel ves is related in the player handout which follows after a few paragraphs. Looking out the window or at their watches. The mob races after the train. The crowd has been silent. The hammering on the door grows in volume.

Inside shop. Edgar Wellington's chains vanish and the investigators have won. Edgar clutches the scroll to him. And there they all fall asleep. The investigators are now free to leave.

This final charge is another attempt by the Prince Lolocate the scroll. TheVerdicl All speeches delivered. Behind them. What happens next depends on the players' score. TIle investigators had better run through the empty streets. On board. If the latter. Impress upon them their hunger and thirst. The Prince laughs and dances about. Of course Wellington is merely dead. Returned to the endless plain.

The entire town is now on their heels. They are due to arrive in Milan just past midday. If they score less than seven points total. Edgar retrieves the real scroll. What of the foreigners who defended the criminal? What of their conspiracy? Find them and bring them to me! It is accompanied with a full typed English transcript-Edgar could not read Arabic. Wellington and the investigators are irresistibly drawn back to their cabins.

As they leave the square. They certainly don't need more sleep. They part to let the group through. From inside the bear.

On the floor of one cabin lies the Scroll of the Head and the typed English translation of it within. TIle investigators must rely on their own convictions regarding freedom of speech in order to refute this charge. If they run they can catch it. The Prince is visibly angry. I should have reason for clemency. Edgar Wellington is now only a dream. RlNCE C. The Prince in fact will not deny that in to Lausanne rust came the Helvetian Celts. This traitor has refused to cooperate with the duly assigned officers of the realm.

A successful Debate roll after a speech raises the score by one point no matter what the content of the player speech. The investigators will naturally be curious about the hideous judge who merely wheezes throughout the trial. The Prince speaks. If they don't. This guilty man. Who knows what secrets a foreigner hides?

There the Englishman stands. We accuse the treacherous enemy before us with the possession of forbidden knowledge. In the proceedings. He must be punished. Law rolls. If the investigators use their heads.

These ancient precepts of my rule being violated. If they find a charge difficult to refute. Don't be too harsh. The proceedings consist of three arguments advanced by the Prince. A successful Debate roll might increase their SCOfeon the grounds of eloquence.

The investigators can speak for as long as they like. Allow as much roleplaying as possible. Through The Alps 69 The Trial p. Aside from this.

This trial is in a city of madness. Why such concealment? Why hide cunningly what is mine by fiat? There must be some devious reason to do so. Don't expect the investigators to deliver watertight refutations. In such an imperious place. His presence among us is like a cancer.

Now it's time for the trial. Edgar Wellington was woken from his sleep and dragged into the street. The accused is a foreigner.. By the same token. The verdict of the Judge then follows. After each argument.

ARS HlS. We of Lausanne pride ourselves on our purity of blood. The Prince waves his hand 10 the investigators.

They will not know whether he is a genuinely impartial figure or if he is magical puppet of the Prince. E Were he innocent. The investigator responses given are only suggestions. Obviously resisting arrest is an insincere charge. Were he meek. In assessing a speech. If they accuse the Prince of being a foreigner himself. Luckily for the investigators. The figure th en speaks.

He gestures his choice. He tells them that he arrived here a few hours ago in order Loretrieve the scroll. These 'pieces' begin to move as if a normal chess game was taking place. He does not know for what he is on trial. If they do not. It is large SI. So far. He was resting in his room in the shop when the Prince's men broke in and dragged h. The investigators should at this point volunteer themselves for the defense. The Prince raises his eyebrows.

His criminal conduct in withholding what is due Lo us renders him our enemy. Determine the guilt or innocence of the accused at the conclusion of proceedings. I appoint myself the j ud ic ia I represen tati ve of the peopl e of Lausanne. There are hideous noises beneath the surging mass of people but eventually one person comes forward with the bloody skin of the vol unteer. It is like an angel singing.

After the final move which grants the black player victory. People stop whatever they are doing. The hooded figure raises its arms and the crowd falls silent.

The Prince has said he will torture me whether or not [give it to him. He stares at the floor. Through The Alps hat. Edgar will be found guilty. His sanity is perilously low. They are humanoid. If they volunteer themselves. From the head emerges the sweetest sound the investigators have ever heard. The human stream eventually fills the Place de la Palud. Each person carries a knife.

A gigantic chessboard has been set into the cobblestones. Z 20 and made of wire with what appears to be rags hanging from it. He turns to the crowd and asks. I promise. Its eyes open and gaze ahead glassily.

Wellington does not know that in the waking world his body is dead. The sound brings tears to the eyes of the listeners.

The Prince magnanimously allows the investigators to talk to the criminal before the trial begins. As one piece takes another. As they get closer they notice that the wire has been crazily woven into a human shape. On the board people occupy the positions of chess pieces. He can offer the investigators no help except to pathetically beg them to save him.

Play speeds to inhuman quickness. The Prince accepts the skill with a smile and drapes it over the statue. Suddenly the skin seems to merge with the bronze statue. Wellington has Dot said a word. In the center is a large platform upon which stand three figures: No one volunteers. The Prince says to it. Once they leave their compartment.

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Harsh white light shines from around the edges of the blind. The closed door has been nailed shut. The air smells bitter and metallic. The shop is reassuringly familiar. The door at the end of the carriage opens. Out in the street everything seems familiar yet undeniably different. Here everything is more primitive.

He inserts first his right arm. The compartment looks the same except the light is off. A successful History roll here reveals that a winged lion is the symbol of Venice. As they walk towards it. Everywhere the investigators perfectly understand the language and the writing. Players cannot go up the street as the wind is so strong. Dream Clues As they wander about. Now new players can ride the world's most famous train, prevent madmen from obtaining all the pieces of the mysterious Sedefkar Simalcrum, and hopefully destroy one of the most potent occult artifacts ever created.

Oh, and try not to die. That last part's kinda key. In the original edition -- which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it -- you got four separate campaign books with 13 scenarios in all, passports, luggage stickers, train car plans, a complete cardstock Simalcrum, handouts, and a book full of Strangers on the Train to plague your players with. The reprint boasts updates to some of the existing scenarios, six new scenarios, extra maps, a player-specific Traveler's Companion, die-cut Simalcrum, postcards, a matchbook, luggage stickers, all the Keeper aids in the original, and more.

This campaign will keep you busy for a long, long time. There could be years of play here. You start the campaign wanting to find out what happened to your friend, Professor Smith. Ruffians burned his house down, and threaten his life, all because he dared to track down the infamous Sedefkar Simalcrum, a cult artifact that promises unimaginable power to whoever can put it back together again.

At the moment it's scattered across Europe, but the Professor thinks he knows where most of the pieces are, and how to destroy them.

Unfortunately the latest cult attack left him incapacitated with third degree burns over most of his shattered body, so it's up to the players to collect the missing bits, before some evil madman reassembles it and gains ultimate power. Once the plot's established the players explore Europe aboard the famous Orient Express train which, as luck would have it, is going to almost every destination the characters need to get to.

On the way they'll encounter movie stars, opera singers, honeymooners, spoiled children, corpses animate and otherwise , spies, cultists, ghosts, witches, anarchists, pickpockets, and one very determined revenant.

Will the characters succeed? Will their flayed skins, left on some blood-encrusted altar, be the only sign that they failed?With his new ability. The page references accompanying each handout indicate the book and page the handout can be found on within the core books. New Account or Log In.

A puzzling headline begins a front-page article found in the Times of London.


Out in the street everything seems familiar yet undeniably different. Benito Mussollnl exploited this angry nafionallsm. These 'pieces' begin to move as if a normal chess game was taking place. He is not meant to be a major player in this vignette. Enchant Knile.