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FORCE AND DESTINY. Darkness covers the galaxy. The evil. GALACTIC. E M P IR E rules through fear, holding countless planets in an iron grip. The dreaded. Force and Destiny - (SWF01a) Character Folio - Belandi Force and Destiny - (SWF40) Ghosts of, , MB. Core Rulebook - Force and - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny Armor List · Species List. Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook, Force and Destiny Core Rulebook. Simple question are PDF's available for the star wars books? It has been about 2 years since I last GMed and used the system so I don't. Experience the power of the Force in the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game! As a Force-sensitive outcast struggling to survive under Imperial.

You can detect them because they are running constant, active sensor sweeps. Trying to get past the droids may take some fancy flying, or you can settle for a landing spot away from the canyon. The southern end of the canyon opens up into a vast, jumbled valley of jagged rock spires, and if the PCs approach from that direction, they should be able to set down at the southern mouth of the canyon before the probe droids notice.

Flying through the rocky terrain requires a Piloting Space check with the difficulty set by the speed and size of the PCs' ship see page of the Core Rulebook. However, the PCs must be traveling at minimum speed 2 in order to make it to the landing zone and away before the Imperials notice them.

Add to the check for the rough terrain. If the PCs succeed, they reach the southern mouth of the canyon without incident. O O means they spot a nearby location for their ship to hide until their quest is complete.

Finally, failing the check means the ship is spotted by a wandering probe droid see Raising the Alarm on page 9. If the PCs are not piloting the ship if they've hired a vessel, for example , the pilot refuses to put his ship in danger and insists on setting down far away from the canyon see Walking In, below.

Once the PCs disembark, they must climb up the jag ged rock spills that issue out of the canyons southern mouth, and make it into the canyon proper. Failure means the PC suffers two strain in his climbing attempt, and must wait a few minutes to try again. The moment when all the PCs have made it up the rock spill is an excellent time for a probe droid to stumble upon the party see Raising the Alarm on the next page. Read aloud or paraphrase the following: As you step out o f your ship, you take in the harsh and rugged landscape before you.

Phemis seems to be made up entirely o f spikes, cliffs, and rocky outcroppings, surrounded by drifts o f sand and dust. The dry heat promises an unpleasant hike before you even reach the canyon and Its Imperial patrols. Once the ship touches down at the landing site, the PCs can depart and make their way to the canyon. The distance involved would not be a significant trip on most worlds, but the harsh terrain of Phemis makes for slow going.

In addition, the sharp rock outcropping and twist ing crevasses can quickly get an unwary traveler lost. Success means the PCs find the right route to wards the canyon. Failure means the PCs get lost briefly, losing a few hours in a branching ravine or trapped on an outcropping before the PCs can attempt the check again to see if they pick up the correct trail.

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Keep track of the number of times the PCs fail this check. In crease the difficulty of everyones check by one for each time the PC failed the preceding Survival check. Failure means that PC lowers his strain threshold by two for the remainder of the session as he suffers mild heat stroke. Finally, once the PCs reach the edge of the canyon, they each must make an Average Athletics or Coordination check to climb down into the canyon.

The descent is tricky, with steep, rock-covered slopes. Success means the character makes it to the bottom without a problem. Entering the cave networks may shield them from aerial scans, but more probe droids patrol the caves themselves.

Basic success reveals something out of the ordinary, like a comm relay installed in a cave mouth. The garrison uses the ubiquitous Viper probe droid made by Arakyd Industries.

These droids have an impres sive suite of scanning equipment, repulsorlifts that allow them to navigate any terrain includ ing the vast networks of caves and canyons , a variety of manipulator limbs, and a built-in blaster for defense. The Empire sends swarms of them across any areas deemed valuable for mining rubat, keeping an eye and sensor suite out for any intruders.

A series of communication relays set up across the planets surface and in the better-mapped caverns supports the droid patrols.

These relays can pick up an alert th at m ight other wise have its signal blocked or degraded by intervening terrain. This unmanned defense network is favored for its efficiency and effec tiveness as well as its low cost. However, the dependence on early warning from the probe droids means that intruders who can think on the fly, or seize on compromised parts of the network before they can be repaired, can capi talize on the systems weaknesses.

If the PCs are unaware of the additional probes, or fail to avoid the patrols, they can try to bring the droids down before they can transmit an alarm. The droids themselves are not stealthy, and are sure to be spotted by any PCs that they manage to detect. Resolve such an encounter as described in Raising the Alarm, below. Additional measures to avoid detection are possible with a creative approach or additional equipment.


The PCs might be able to use the local wildlife to distract or disable the probes, as described in the section titled Canyon Creatures on page Additionally, they can seek out the comm relays used by the droid net work with sensor equipment, and sabotage these signal boosters with an Average puters check.

If the PCs disable any nearby comm re lays, then any probes encountered deeper in the caves would flee nearer to the surface until they are able to get out a signal, granting the PCs an additional chance to destroy them.

PCs carrying sensor- or communica tion-jamming equipment have a similar advantage. The encounter can follow the same basic rules, although the CM may want to modify the description or setting based on where the encounter occurs.

To begin the encounter, read or paraphrase the following aloud: An ear-splitting electronic screech pierces the air, echoing o ff the sandstone rochs around you. Too late, you notice an active probe droid nearby.

A number o f lights on its sensor apparatus glare red fo r a moment, and it opens up with its blaster while drifting away form the p arty a t high speed. The probe droid first approaches the party from amongst a patch of difficult terrain either some rocky scree-covered slopes or amongst a collection of rocky outcroppings. The probe droid rolls Cool for Initiative. The encounter begins with the probe droid at medium range from the PCs, and all terrain between them and the probe droid is difficult terrain.

The probe droids tactics are straightforward. It is at tempting to gather information on the PCs, transmit that information, and harass them while staying intact. If it begins any of its turns at short range or engaged with an opponent, it maneuvers until it is at least at medium range. If it begins its turn at medium range as it does at the start of combat , it attacks with its blaster, then either opens the range further or takes cover be hind rocky outcroppings giving it ranged defense 2 in stead of 1.

If the PCs encounter a probe droid when flying in, the CM should simply have the probe droid appear at me dium planetary range, and remain in heavy cover ranged defense 2 while attempting to hide.

The PCs can attempt to shoot it down from their starship, but remember the probe droid is silhouette 1 and hard to hit. Any hit with a vehicle weapon, of course, destroys it instantly. If the PCs are unable to disable the droid by the end of the first round, the droid successfully transmits an alarm to the local garrison. Deployed throughout the galaxy in hyperspace pods to reconnoiter countless worlds, the Viper is both relentless and thorough.

These traits also make it an excellent sentry, a part of certain garrison forces that need to guard large areas. An Imperial strike team is deployed to investigate the alarm, however, consisting of two squads of specially trained and equipped Imperial stormtroopers colloqui ally known as cavetroopers.

Each squad consists of three cavetrooper minions. If the PCs group numbers more than four or the GM feels that the group is es pecially combat-capable , each group is also accompa nied by a single Viper probe droid.

Despite the certainty of troop deployment once the PCs are discovered, the details of what discovery actu ally means for the PCs may vary. If the PCs were not directly detected such as if the droids picked up their approach of the canyon after the fact, as described on page 9 , the Imperials need to track them from the actual point of discovery. Similarly, if the PCs were de tected while within the tunnels, the Imperials need to navigate the cave networks themselves.

The PCs need not remain stationary, either. Even with access to rapid deployment craft, the Imperial strike team cannot arrive within less than an hour of the alarm sounding, and the team may not even approach their vicinity for three or more hours if the trail is muddled.

This gives the PCs plenty of time to figure out an ap propriate way of dealing with the armed response on their tail. Abilities: Droid does not need to breathe, eat, or drink and can survive in vacuum and under water; immune to poisons and toxins , Hover when hovering, does not have to spend addi tional maneuvers when navi erwise, does not allow Probe Droid extra capabilities be yond those of a normal, walking character , Self-destruct Mecha nism should the Probe Droids mission become compromised, it may self-destruct as an out of turn incidental; this explosion does 10 damage to engaged characters.

Kasuni feels relieved, so I spend the Advantage O to recover one strain. Ryan CM : Not too wide. Call it short range. Diana Kasuni : Urn, if you say so. Kasuni isnt sure what the Force is, yet, so she sounds skeptical. Ryan CM : After a few minutes, the passage slopes upward.

You push your way through a cur tain of vines. The good news is that youre out side. The bad news is that youre on a ledge in the middle of a cliff, overlooking the valley below Phil Dal Kir : Perfect. Id like to throw Zora onto the airspeeder with the Force.

Phil assembles his dice pool and rolls.

Two Light Side results. Ryan CM : OK, then! Zora, you suddenly feel your feet lift off the ground, and you go flying toward the airspeeder. You land on the back of the speeder, standing above Venge, saber raised. He stumbles backward, shocked, and I think its time to roll for Initiative. Dont worry if you dont know all of the rules your first time playing; just explain what you want to accomplish, and allow the GM to explain how the rules function for that activity.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself playing F orce and D estiny ' the sinister Darth Vader, have systematically hunted down, destroyed, and erased all remaining traces of the Jed i from the galaxy. Every day, the agents of the Galactic Empire viciously hunt the few remaining Force users in known space and strive to end the influence of the Jed i forever. A l ready reduced to myth and legend in the public eye, the Jed i Order is nearly wiped out.

Save for a lonely fewa wise master and a young farm boy turned Reb el herotheir legacy is all but extinct. F orce and D estiny begins as the time of the Jed i is ending Jed i training dictates trust in the will of the Force, a mystical energy field created by life that binds the galaxy together.

The Force is what gives Jed i their power: the ability to influence the weak-minded; to perform amazing feats of strength, speed, and agility; and even to manipulate objects from a distance with the power of the mind. Trust in the Force, and the Force will reveal a path. Yet, not everyone has forgotten the Jed i and their selfless guardianship of galactic civilization. Others protect their legacy, storing forbidden artifacts, docu ments, or holorecordings, awaiting some sign that the light side is ascendant in the galaxy once again.

The Empire is distracted from its crusade against the Jed i by the growing Rebel Alliance. Now is the time for a group of brave individuals bound together by a dream of a free and just galaxy without the Empire, inspired by the legends of the Jed i, to band together and fight against the forces of evil. Initially known for his media presence and powerful oratory, the Emperor has grown reclusive in recent years, rely ing on his chief aides and administrators to carry out his instructions and handle more routine matters of governance.

To avoid questions about his lack of pub lic life and appearances, the Emperor claims complete focus on liberating the Rim from lawless piracy and crushing the growing Rebellion arrayed against him.

The Emperor and Lord Vader failed in their quest to rid the galaxy of the Jedi before they even began.


The Jedi can never truly be extinguished from the galaxy as long as there are those who believe in peace and justice. The Force selects its adepts from the farthest reaches of the Empire and leads them to develop their skills until they are ready to help restore balance to the Force.

The role of those able to feel the Force is to serve its mysterious will. Those who give in to their selfish, base natures are lost to the dark side, trapped in an endless cycle of fear, anger, hate, and suffering.

To serve the light side of the Force is to break that cycle wherever it can be found. Flaving fi nally achieved the Sith dream of ruling the galaxy, Pal patine fears losing it to the cold embrace of death. The Emperor has left Lord Vader and other agents to deal with the Rebellion while he probes the mysteries of the Force.

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In particular, he is continuing the work of his master, Darth Plagueis, and trying to learn the secrets of immortality, that he might rule the Empire forever.

For almost two decades, the once bright, warm light of the Jed i has gone out of the galaxy, snuffed out by Palpatines betrayal when he crushed the ancient Republic and created his Galactic Empire.

Emperor Palpatines agents, led by ew to roleplaying games? One easy way to learn how to play roleplaying games and F orce and D estiny specifically is to play through the F orce and D estiny B eginner G a m e.

This product teaches roleplaying to new play ers over the course of an adventure and con tains everything a group needs to get started.

E dge of the E mpire fo cuses on the shadier side of life in the W ars galaxy. A ge of R ebellion details the struggle be tween the brave freedom fighters of the Rebel Alliance and the tyrannical Galactic Empire. Characters, careers, species, and items from each may be used together or separate ly. For more information, see page W hat this means for Player Characters is that they have to choose. Are the PCs committed to serving the light, working to emulate and restore the Jedi Order?

Or are they servants of evil working toward selfish ends and lashing out at those around them? This isnt a choice made once, but every session, with every action.

Those sensitive to the Force are constantly tested and tempted by the dark side. Seeking out and studying long-lost Jedi artifacts is a way to gain critical knowledge that might one day lead to the restoration of the Jedi Order. Meditating at tainted vergences in the Force can restore them to their nat ural state.

Of course, the most natural solution for many Force users is to attack the source of the dark sides growing influence, the Galactic Empire. The Empire not only betrayed and murdered the Jedi, but destroyed everything they stood for. The Jedi were dedicated to preserving individual free dom and the galaxys right to self-govern through a representative democracy, but the Emperor rules from his throne, listening only to trusted advisors.

The Jedi were keepers of the peace, but the Imperi als wage war throughout the Rim to expand Palpatines domain. The Jedi used the Force for knowledge and defense, never to attack unprovoked. To contribute to the fight against the Empire, ei ther on the side of the Rebel Alliance or on ones own, is a noble goal for any hopeful Jedi.

Flowever, there are other evils in the galaxy independent of the Empire. Greedy corporations have committed atrocities, strip-mining or enslaving entire planets. Criminal syndicates prey on the weak and fearful who have only the Empire to depend on for help.Actually that makes sense, using success and advantages in various ways depending on the skill is coherent with the core mechanics.

Next, they upgrade dice. September 24th, - 2: For example, an Average skill check means the player adds two Difficulty dice to the dice pool. I think that their approach might be making the most of the unique dice.

Roll a pool of dice. Phemis is currently interdicted by Imperial order, and evidence indicates there is some sort of Imperial presence on this world. A rating of 1 is weak and below average. Because of these obstacles, the corporations with mining claims to Phemis typically establish their op erations inside known cave networks and expand from there, rather than attempting to create new sites. While advanced or com plex actions may require a large dice pool, the basic dice pool is quite simple.