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AcknowledgementsI couldn't have written this book without the infinite generosity and wisdom of the following people. Evermore · Read more Evermore. Evermore Darkyn Book 5 By Lynn Viehl 2 This book is for Thelma Jean, a girl who once cut off her hair, dressed as a. the world is in your hands. The benefit you get by reading this book is actually information inside. this reserve incredible fresh, you will get.

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I guess since Sabine spends most of her time around other lawyers and all those VIP executives her firm represents, she actually thought all of this stuff was necessary or something. And I've never been sure if her not having kids is because she works all the time and can't schedule it in, or if she just hasn't met the right guy yet, or if she never wanted any to begin with, or maybe a combination of all three. It probably seems like I should know all of that, being psychic and all.

But I can't necessarily see a persons motivation, mainly what I see are events. Like a whole string of images reflecting someone's life, like flash cards or something, only more in a movie-trailer format.

Though sometimes I just see symbols that I have to decode to know what they mean.

Eat, Pray, Love

Kind of like with tarot cards, or when we had to read Animal Farm in Honors English last year. Though it's far from foolproof, and sometimes I get it all wrong. But whenever that happens I can trace it right back to me, and the fact that some pictures have more than one meaning. Like the time I mistook a big heart with a crack down the middle for heartbreak-until the woman dropped to the floor in cardiac arrest.

Sometimes it can get a little confusing trying to sort it all out. But the images themselves never lie. Anyway, I don't think you have to be clairvoyant to know that when people dream of having kids they're usually thinking in terms of a pastel-wrapped, tiny bundle of joy, and not some five-foot-four, blue-eyed, blond-haired teenager with psychic powers and a ton of emotional baggage.

So because of that, I try to stay quiet, respectful, and out of Sabine's way. And I definitely don't let on that I talk to my dead little sister.

The first time Riley appeared, she was standing at the foot of my hospital bed, in the middle of the night, holding a flower in one hand and waving with the other. I guess I just felt her presence or something, like a change in the room, or a charge in the air.

At first I assumed I was hallucinating-just another side effect of the pain medication I was on. But after blinking a bunch and rubbing my eyes, she was still there, and I guess it never occurred to me to scream or call for help. I watched as she came around to the side of my bed, pointed at the casts covering my arms and leg, and laughed.

I mean, it was silent laughter, but still, it's not like I thought it was funny. But as soon as she noticed my angry expression, she rearranged her face and motioned as though asking if it hurt. I shrugged, still a little unhappy with her for laughing, and more than a little freaked by her presence. And even though I wasn't entirely convinced it was really her, that didn't stop me from asking, "Where are Mom and Dad and Buttercup?

So I closed my eyes, even though I never would've taken orders from her before. Then just as quickly I opened them and said, "Hey, who said you could borrow my sweater? I admit, I spent the rest of that night angry with myself for asking such a stupid, shallow, selfish question.

Here r d had the opportunity to get answers to some of life's biggest queries, to possibly gain the kind of insight people have been speculating about for ages. But instead, I wasted the moment calling out my dead little sister for raiding my closet.

I guess old habits really do die hard. The second time she appeared, I was just so grateful to see her, I didn't make any mention of the fact that she was wearing riot just my favorite sweater, but also my best jeans that were so long the hems puddled around her ankles , and the charm bracelet I got for my thirteenth birthday that I always knew she coveted.

Instead I just smiled and nodded and acted as though I didn't even notice, as I leaned toward her and squinted. But Riley just smiled and flapped her arms by her sides. She rolled her eyes and shook her head, clutching her waist as she bent over in fits of silent laughter. I leaned forward, gazing at a picture of what was surely paradise, matted in off-white and encased in an elaborate gold frame.

And when she shrugged, the picture disappeared. And so did she. I'd been in the hospital for more than a month, suffering broken bones, a concussion, internal bleeding, cuts and bruises, and a pretty deep gash on my forehead. So while I was all bandaged and medicated, Sabine was burdened with the thankless task of clearing out the house, making funeral arrangements, and packing my things for the big move south.

She asked me to make a list of all the items I wanted to bring. All the things I might want to drag from my perfect former life in Eugene, Oregon, to my scary new one in Laguna Beach, California. But other than some of my clothes, I didn't want anything. I just couldn't bear a single reminder of everything I'd lost, since it's not like some stupid box full of crap would ever bring my family back.

The whole time I was cooped up in that sterile white room, I received regular visits from a psychologist, some overeager intern with a beige cardigan and clipboard, who always started our sessions with the same lame question about how I was handling my "profound loss" his words, not mine.

After which he'd try to convince me to head up to room 6I8, where the grief counseling took place. But no way was I taking part in that.

No way would I sit in a circle with a bunch of anguished people, waiting for my turn to share the story of the worst day of my life. I mean, how was that supposed to help? Sabine and I didn't speak much on the flight from Eugene to John Wayne Airport, and I pretended it was because of my grief and injuries, but really I just needed some distance.

I knew all about her conflicting emotions, how on the one hand she wanted so desperately to do the right thing, while on the other she couldn't stop thinking: Why me? I guess I never wonder: Mostly I think:.

Why them and not me? But I also didn't want to risk hurting her. After all the trouble she'd gone to, taking me in and trying to provide a nice home, I couldn't risk letting her know how all of her hard work and good intentions were completely wasted on me. How she could've just dropped me off at any old dump and it wouldn't have made the least bit of difference. The drive to the new house was a blur of sun, sea, and sand, and when Sabine opened the door and led me upstairs to my room, I gave it a quick cursory glance then mumbled something sounding vaguely like thanks.

And the moment the door closed behind her, I threw myself on my bed, buried my face in my hands, and started bawling my eyes out. Until someone said, "Oh please, would you look at yourself?

Have you even seen this place? The flat-screen, the fireplace, the tub that blows bubbles? I mean, Hel-lo? So shoot me. This is so freaking unfair! I mean, have you even seen the balcony yet?

Have you even bothered to check out the view? For free," she said, turning to smile. But she just shook her head and waved me over. I got up off the bed, wiped my eyes with my sleeve, and headed for my balcony. Brushing right past my little sister as I stepped onto the stone tile floor, my eyes going wide as I took in the scenery before me. But when I turned back to face her, she'd already gone. Four It was Riley who helped me recover my memories.

Guiding me through childhood stories and reminding me of the lives we used to live and the friends we used to have, until it all began to resurface.

She also helped me appreciate my new Southern California life. Because seeing her get so excited by my cool new room, my shiny red convertible, the amazing beaches, and my new school, made me realize that even though it wasn't the life I preferred, it still had value. And even though we still fight and argue and get on each other's nerves as much as before, the truth is, I live for her visits.

Being able to see her again gives me one less person to miss. And the time we spend together is the best part of each day. The only problem is, she knows it. So every time I bring up the subjects she's declared strictly off limits, things like: When do I get to see Mom, Dad, and Buttercup?

And, where do you go when you're not here? She punishes me by staying away. But even though her refusal to share really bugs me, I know better than to push it. And what's with the hood? You in a gang? I just love the feel of the wind in my hair. It creeps me out to see you sitting in his lap without his permission. You think he dropped out? He just started," I say, heading for my locker as she skips alongside me, the thick rubber soles of her boots bouncing off the pavement.

Because he really is too good to be true? Ever leant him her copy of Wuthering Heights, which means he has to return it," Miles says, before I can stop him. I shake my head, and spin my combination lock, feeling the weight of Haven's glare when she says, "When did this happen? And why didn't I get an update? Why didn't anyone tell me about this? Last I heard you hadn't even seen him yet.

I almost had to dial nine-one-one she freaked out so bad. I shake my head, shut my locker, and head down the hall. I take a deep breath and look at them, thinking how if they weren't my friends, I'd tell them how ridiculous this all is. I mean, since when can you call dibs on another person? Besides, it's not like I'm all that datable in my current voice-hearing, aura-seeing, baggy-sweatshirt-wearing condition. But I don't say any of that. Instead I just say, "Yes, I'm a liability.

I'm a huge uninsurable disaster waiting to happen. But I'm definitely not a threat. Mainly because I'm not interested. And I know that's probably hard to believe, with him being so gorgeous and sexy and hot and smoldering and combustible or whatever it is that you call him, but the truth is, I don't like Damen Auguste, and I don't know how else to say it!

I follow her gaze, all the way to where Damen is standing, all shiny dark hair, smoldering eyes, amazing body, and knowing smile, feeling my heart skip two beats as he holds the door open and says, "Hey Ever, after you. I toss my bag to the floor, slide onto my seat, lift my hood, and crank my iPod, hoping to drown out the noise and deflect what just happened, assuring myself that a guy like that-a guy so confident, so gorgeous, so completely amazing-is too cool to bother with the careless words of a girl like me.

But just as I start to relax, just as I've convinced myself not to care, I'm jolted by an overwhelming shock-an electric charge infusing my skin, slamming my veins, and making my whole body tingle. And it's all because Damen placed his hand upon mine.

It's hard to surprise me. Ever since I became psychic, Riley's the only one who can do so, and believe me, she never tires of finding new ways. But when I glance from my hand to Damen's face, he just smiles and says, "I wanted to return this.

And even though I know this sounds weird and more than a little crazy, the moment he spoke, the whole room went silent. Seriously, like one moment it was filled with the sound of random thoughts and voices, and the next: Because I really don't need it, I already know how it ends.

And just as I'm about to reinsert my earbuds, so I can block out the sound of Stacia and Honor's continuous loop of cruel commentary, Damen places his hand back on mine and says, "What're you listening to? Seriously, for those few brief seconds, there were no swirling thoughts, no hushed whispers, nothing but the sound of his soft, lyrical voice. I mean, when it happened before, I figured it was just me. But this time I know that it's real. Because even though people are still talking and thinking and engaging in all of the usual things, it's completely blocked by the sound of his words.

I squint, noticing how my body has' gone all warm and electric; wondering what could possibly be causing it. I mean, it's not like I haven't had my hand touched before, though I've yet to experience anything remotely like this. A smile so private and intimate, I feel my face flush. It's mostly old, eighties stuff, you know like the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus. Haven's all into it. What are you into? And just as I'm about to answer, Mr. Robins walks in, his cheeks red and flushed, but not from a brisk walk like everyone thinks.

And then Damen leans back in his seat, and I take a deep breath and lower my hood, sinking back into the familiar sounds of adolescent angst, test stress, body image issues, Mr.

Robin's failed dreams, and Stacia, Honor, and Craig all wondering what the hot guy could possibly see in me. Five By the time I make it to our lunch table Haven and Miles are already there. But when I see Damen sitting beside them, I'm tempted to run the other way. Didn't anyone ever tell you that? I shrug, busying myself with the zipper on my lunch pack. I was a beautiful vampire princess, loved, worshiped, and admired by all.

I lived in a luxurious, gothic castle, and I have no idea how I ended up at this hideous fiberglass table with you losers. Miles laughs. What I meant was, our friend Ever here, well, she lived in Oregon," he says, eliciting a sharp look from Haven, who, even after my earlier blunder, still views me as the biggest obstacle in her path to true love, and doesn't appreciate any attention being directed my way. Damen smiles, his eyes on mine. And every time our eyes meet I grow warm. And when his foot just bumped against mine, my whole body tingled.

And it's really starting to freak me out. I stare at the table, pressing my lips together in my usual nervous habit. I don't want to talk about my old life.

I don't see the point in relaying all the gory details. Of having to explain how even though it's completely my fault that my entire family died, I somehow managed to live. So in the end I just tear the crust from my sandwich, and say, "It's a long story. Falling so fast, I can't even stop it, all I can do is wait for the splash. But before it can even hit the table, Damen's already caught it and returned it to me. And I sit there, staring at the bottle and avoiding his gaze, wondering if I'm the only one who noticed how he moved so fast he actually blurred.

Then Miles asks about New York, and Haven scoots so close she's practically sitting on Damen's lap, and I take a deep breath, finish my lunch, and convince myself I imagined it. When the bell finally rings, we all grab our stuff and head toward class, and the second Damen's out of earshot I turn to my friends and say, "How did he end up at our table?

I'm unwilling to express what I'm really thinking, not wanting to upset my friends with the very valid, yet unkind question: Why is a guy like Damen hanging with us?

Out of all the kids in this school, out of all the cool cliques he could join, why on earth would he chose to sit with us-the three biggest misfits? I told him to stop by around eight. All I know is that I don't want Damen coming over, not tonight, not ever. And, by the way, I call dibs on sitting next to Damen in the Jacuzzi! In the short time I've known her, she's attended twelve-step meetings for alcoholics, narcotics, codependents, debtors, gamblers, cyber addicts, nicotine junkies, social phobics, pack rats, and vulgarity lovers.

Though as far as I know, today is her first one for overeaters. But then again, at five foot one with the slim, lithe body of a music box ballerina, Haven is definitely not an overeater. She's also not an alcoholic, a debtor, a gambler, or any of those other things. She's just terminally ignored by her self-involved parents, which makes her seek love and approval from just about anywhere she can get it.

Like with the whole goth thing.

It's not that she's really all that into it, which is pretty obvious by the way she always skips instead of skulks, and how her Joy Division posters hang on the pastel pink walls of her not-so-long-ago ballerina phase that came shortly after her J.

Crew catalog preppy phase. Haven's just learned that the quickest way to stand out in a town full of Juicy-clad blondes is to dress like the Princess of Darkness. Only it's not really working as well as she hoped. The first time her mom saw her dressed like that, she just sighed, grabbed.

And her dad hasn't been home long enough to really get a good look. Her little brother, Austin, was freaked, but he adjusted pretty quickly.

And since most of the kids at school have grown so used to the outrageous displays of behavior brought on by the presence of last year's MTV cameras, they usually ignore her. But I happen to know that beneath all the skulls, and spikes, and death-rocker makeup is a girl who just wants to be seen, heard, loved, and paid attention to-something her earlier incarnations have failed to produce.

So if standing before a room full of people, creating some sob story about her tormented struggle with that day's fill-in-the-blank addiction makes her feel important, well, who am I to judge?

In myold life I didn't hang with people like Miles and Haven. I wasn't connected with the troubled kids, or the weird kids, or the kids everyone picked on. I was part of the popular crowd, where most of us were cute, atWetic, talented, smart, wealthy, well liked, or all of the above. I went to school dances, had a best friend named Rachel who was also a cheerleader like me , and I even had a boyfriend, Brandon, who happened to be the sixth boy I'd ever kissed the first was Lucas, but that was only because of a dare back in sixth grade, and trust me, the ones in between are hardly worth mentioning.

And even though I was never mean to anyone who wasn't part of our group, it's not like I really noticed them either. Those kids just didn't have anything to do with me. And so I acted like they were invisible. But now, I'm one of the unseen too. I knew it the day Rachel and Brandon visited me in the hospital.

They acted so nice and supportive on the outside, while inside, their thoughts told a whole other story. They were freaked by the little plastic bags dripping liquids into my veins, my cuts and bruises, my castcovered limbs. They felt bad for what happened, for all that I'd lost, but as they tried not to gape at the jagged red scar on my forehead, what they really wanted to do was run away.

And I watched as their auras swirled together, blending into the same dull brown, knowing they were withdrawing from me, and moving closer to each other. So on my first day at Bay View; instead of wasting my time with the usual hazing rituals of the Stacia and Honor crowd, I headed straight for Miles and Haven, the two outcasts who accepted my friendship with no questions asked. And even though we probably look pretty strange on the outside, the truth is, I don't know what I'd do without them.

Having their friendship is one of the few good things in my life. Having their friendship makes me feel almost normal again. And that's exactly why I need to stay away from Damen because his ability to charge my skin with his touch, and siIence the world with his voice is a dangerous temptation I cannot indulge. I won't risk hurting my friendship with Haven. And I can't risk getting too close. Six Even though Damen and I share two classes, the only one where we sit next to each other is English.

So it's not until I've already put away my materials and am heading out of sixth-period art that he approaches. He runs up beside me, holding the door as I slink past, eyes glued to the ground, wondering how I can possibly uninvite him.

He gazes at me, eyes shiny and amused. See you Monday," he says, picking up his pace and heading for his car, the one that's parked in the red zone, its engine inexplicably humming. When I reach my Miata, Miles is waiting, arms crossed, eyes narrowed, his annoyance clearly displayed in his signature smirk. Said he couldn't make it. So then of course he turns to me and says, "Okay, promise you won't get mad.

Here we go. It's like, nothing about you makes any sense. Mostly because it's about to get worse. I mean, sorry to be the one to say it, Ever, but the whole ensemble is completely tragic, like camouflage for the homeless, and I don't think we should have to pretend otherwise.

Also; I hate to be the one to break it to you, but making a P;int to avoid the completely hot new guy, who is so obviously into you, is just weird. But I just shake my head and hit the brake. Just because I m not interested in Damen doesn't mean I'm gay," I say, realizing I sounded far more defensive than I intended.

But I know I answered too quickly when he goes, ''Ha! I knew it! It is because of Haven-because she called dibs. I can't believe you're actually honoring dibs! I mean, do you even realize you're giving up a chance to lose your virginity to the hottest guy in school, maybe even the planet, all because Haven called dibs?

You're not a virgin? He looks at me for a moment, then grabs his books and heads for his house, turning back long enough to say, "I hope Haven appreciates what agood friend you are. Well, not the night, just our plans.

Partly because Haven's little brother, Austin, got sick and she was the only one around to take care of him, and partly because Miles's sports-loving dad dragged him to a football game and forced him to wear the team colors and act like he cared. And as soon as Sabine learned I'd be home by myself, she left work early and offered to take me to dinner.

Knowing she doesn't approve of my fondness for hoodies and jeans, and wanting to please her after everything she's done, I slip on this pretty blue dress she recently bought me, slide my feet into the heels she got to go with it, slick on some lip gloss a relic from myold life; when I cared about things like that , transfer my essentials from my backpack to the little metalic clutch that goes with the dress, and trade my usual ponytail for loose waves.

Evermore Alyson Noel PDF

And just as I'm about to walk out the door, Riley pops up behind me and says, "It's about time you started dressing like a girl. It's in the St. Regis hotel," I say, my heart still racing from the ambush. She raises her brows and nods. I mean, it's not like she ever tells me where she spends her free time.

Only since she's four years younger and quite a bit shorter, she looks like she's playing dress-up. Because I hate to say it, but your usual look is so not working for you. I mean, you think Brandon ever woul. Yep, they've been together five months. That's like, even longer than you guys, huh? Don't let her get to you. Don't let her"And omigod, you're never gonna believe this but they almost went all the way! Seriously, they left the homecoming dance early, they had it all planned out, but then-well You probably had to be there, but I'm telling you, it was hilarious.

I mean, don't get me wrong, he misses you and all, even accidentally called her by your name once or twice, but as they say, life goes on, right? Must be nice to just drop in whenever you feel like it, to not have to get down here in the trenches and do all the dirty work like the rest of us!

And suddenly I feel so annoyed with her little pop-in visits that are really just glorified sneak attacks, wishing she'd just leave me m peace and let me live whatever's left of my crumm life without her constant stream of bratty commentary; that I look her right in the eye and say; "So when are you scheduled for angel school?

Or have they banned you because you're so evil? But she just smiles sweetly and says, "Mom and Dad send their love," seconds before disappearing. Seven On the ride to the restaurant all I can think about is Riley; her snide remark, and how completely rude it was to just let it slip and then disappear. But instead of filling me in and telling me what I need to know; she gets all fidgety, acts all cagey; and refuses to explain why they've yet to appear.

You'd think being dead would make a person act a little nicer, a little kinder. But not Riley. She's just as bratty; spoiled, and awful as she was when she was alive. Sabine leaves the car with the valet and we head inside. And the moment I see the huge marble foyer, the outsized flower arrangements, and the amazing ocean view, I regret everything I just thought.

Riley was right. This place really is chichi. Big-time, major chichi. Like the kind of place you bring a date-and not your sullen niece. The hostess leads us to a cloth-covered table adorned with flickering candles and salt and pepper shakers that resemble small silver stones, and when I take my seat and gaze around the room, I can hardy believe how glamorous it is.

Especially compared to the kind of restaurants I'm used to. But just as soon as I think it, I make myself stop. There's no use examining the before and after photos, of reviewing the how things used to be clip stored in my brain. Though sometimes being around Sabine makes it hard not to compare.

Her being my dad's twin is like a constant reminder. She orders red wine for herself and a soda for me, then we look over our menus and decide on our meals. And the moment our waitress is gone, Sabine tucks her chin-length blond hair back behind her ear, smiles politely, and says, "So, how's everything? Your friends? All good?

But just because she can handle a twelveman jury doesn't mean she's any good at the small talk. Still, I just look at her and say, "Yep, it's all good. She places her hand on my arm to say something more, but before she can even get to the words, I'm already up and out of my seat. I head in the direction she unknowingly sent me, passing through a hall of mirrors-gigantic gilt-framed mirrors, all lined up in a row: And since it's Friday, the hotel is filled with guests for a wedding that, from what I can see, should never take place.

A group of people brush past me, their auras swirling with alcohol-fueled energy that's so out of whack it's affecting me too, leaving me dizzy, nauseous, and so light-headed that when I glance in the mirrors, I see a long chain of Damens staring right back.

I stumble into the bathroom, grip the marble counter, and fight to catch my breath. Forcing myself to focus on the potted orchids, the scented lotions, and the stack of plush towels resting on a large porcelain tray, I begin to feel calmer, more centered, contained. I guess I've grown so used to all of the random energy I encounter wherever I go, I've forgotten how overwhelming it can be when my defenses are down and my iPod's at home.

But the jolt I received when Sabine placed her hand on mine was filled with such overwhelming loneliness, such quiet sadness, it felt like a punch in the gut. Especially when I realized I was to blame. Sabine is lonely in a way I've tried to ignore. Because even though we live together it's not like we see each other all that often. She's usually at work, I'm usually at school, and nights and weekends I spend holed up in my room, or out with my friends. I guess I sometimes forget that I'm not the only one with people to miss, that even though she's taken me in and tried to help, she still feels just as alone and empty as the day it all happened.

But as much as I'd like to reach out, as much as I'd like to ease her pain, I just can't. I'm too damaged, too weird. I'm a freak who hears thoughts and talks to the dead.

And I can't risk getting found out, can't risk getting too close, to anyone, not even her. The best I can do is just get through high school, so I can go away to college, and she can get back to her life. Maybe then she can get together with that guy who works in her building. The one she doesn't even know yet.

The one whose face I saw the moment her hand touched mine.

Evermore: The Immortals

I run my hands through my hair, reapply some lip gloss, and head back to the table, determined to try a little harder and make her feel better, all without risking my secrets. And as I slip back. Any cute guys in the building? And I'm so caught up in the drama unfolding before me, between tomorrow's bride-to-be and her so-called maid of "honor," that I actually jump when I feel a hand on my sleeve. I would've said hello, but you seemed in such a rush. Dressed in a dark wool blazer, a black open-neck shirt, designer jeans, and those boots — an outfit that seems far too slick for a guy his age, yet somehow looks just right.

Andjust as I'm wondering what to say next, Sabine appears. And while they're shaking hands I say, ,"Um, Damen and I go to school together. And when she smiles I can't help but wonder if she's flooded with that same wonderful feeling as me. I've always wanted to go there. I gape at her, panicked, wondering how I failed to see that coming.

Then I glance at Damen, praying he'll decline as he says, "Thanks, but I have to head back" He hooks his thumb over his shoulder, and my eyes follow in that direction, stopping on an incredibly gorgeous redhead, dressed in the slinkiest black dress and strappy high heels. She smiles at me, but it's not at all kind. Just pink glossy lips slightly lifting and curving, while her eyes are too far, too distant to read.

Though there's something about her expression, the tilt of her chin, that's so visibly mocking, as though the sight of us standing together could be nothing short of amusing. I turn back to face him, startled to find him looming so close, his lips moist and parted, mere inches from mine. Then he brushes his fingers along the side of my cheek, and retrieves a red tulip from behind my ear.

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Then the next thing I know, I'm standing alone as he heads back inside with his date. And I gaze at the tulip, touching its waxy red petals, wondering where it could've possibly come from-especially two seasons past spring. Though it's not until later, when I'm alone in my room, that I realize the redhead was auraless too.

I must've been in a really deep sleep because the moment I hear someone moving around in my room, my head feels so groggy and murky I don't even open my eyes. And since I'm too tired to play, I grab my other pillow and plop it over my head.

I'm sorry if I was mean to you, and I'm sorry if I upset you, but I really don't feel like doing this now at-" I lift the pillow and open one eye to peer at my alarm clock. So why don't you just go back to wherever it is that you go and save it for a normal hour, okay? You can even show upin,that dress I wore to the eighth grade graduation and I won't say a word, scout's honor. So I toss the pillow aside and glare at her shadowy form lounging on the chair by my desk, wondering what could possibly be so important it can't keep until morning.

What more do you want? Eight I see dead people. All the time. On the street, at the beach, in the malls, in restaurants, wandering the hallways at school, standing in line at the post office, waiting in the doctor's office, though never at the dentist. But unlike the ghosts you see on TV and in movies, they don't bother me, they don't want my help, they don't stop and chat.

The most they ever do is smile and wave when they realize they've been seen. Like most people, they like being seen. But the voice in my room definitely wasn't a ghost. It also wasn't Riley. The voice in my room belonged to Damen. And that's how I know I was dreaming.

Robins's class it's the same as being early. I nod, hoping to appear casual, neutral, not the least bit interested. Hoping to hide the fact that I'm so far gone I'm now dreaming of him.

Robins for lingering in the faculty bathroom, wishing he'd just stow the flask and come do his job already. I press my lips together and fumble with the iPod in my secret compartment, wondering how rude it would seem if I turned it on and blocked him out too. It's just, I've never met anyone who was emancipated, and I always thought it sounded so lonely and sad. Though from the looks of his car, his clothes, and his glamorous Friday nights at the St.

Regis hotel, he. And the moment he stops talking I hear the heightened whispers of Stacia and Honor, calling me a freak, and a few other things much worse than that. Then I watch as he tosses his pen in the air, smiling as it forms a series of slow lazy eights before landing right back on his finger.

Alyson Nol - Evermore 6. Evermore: The Immortals by Alyson Nol. Tweet about the. Der blaue Mond, Band 2 The ImmortalsSeries. Soul Seekers Series, coming ! Alyson Noel - Gli immortali. Trama e download dei 3 libri ebook in formato pdf appartenenti alla serie urban fantasy: Evermore, Blue Moon. The only secret people keep is immortality. Shadowland The Immortals, 3 by Alyson Noel.

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Pio Guieb Aguilar.She's just terminally ignored by her self-involved parents, which makes her seek love and approval from just about anywhere she can get it. You're joking. Alyson Nel Editorial: Partly because she never really seems interested in stuff like that, but mostly because I figured that between the two of us we'd be lucky to come up with five guests max.

It's not like she's all that complex, or hard to figure out.. Miles looks at me, his eyes expressing the words his lips have refused.