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The 66 best computer hardware books, such as Code, Programming Arduino, 1. Book Cover of Scott Mueller - Upgrading and Repairing PCs (22nd Edition). A list of 7 new computer hardware books you should read in , such as Book Cover of Cheryl A. Schmidt - Complete A+ Guide to IT Hardware and. This fully revised and popular book is now up-to-date and even more comprehensive than before. The Indispensable PC Hardware Book 4/e will be.

Computer Hardware Book

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Discover the best Computer Hardware & DIY in Best Sellers. Find the top iPhone: The Missing Manual: The book that should have been in the box. iPhone: . Results 1 - 30 of Discover Book Depository's huge selection of Computer Hardware Books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. The Hardware Book is freely distributable but is copyrighted to Joakim Ögren. It may not be .. 62+36 PIN EDGE CONNECTOR FEMALE at the computer. Pin.

This enables different power supplies to be interchangable with different components inside the computer. ATX power supplies also are designed to turn on and off using a signal from the motherboard, and provide support for modern functions such as standby mode.

There are many different removable media devices. The most popular are probably CD and DVD drives which almost every computer these days has at least one of. There are some new disc drives such as Blu-ray which can hold a much larger amount of information then normal CDs or DVDs. One type of removable media which is becoming less popular is floppy disk.

They are inexpensive but also have short life-span. There are a few different kinds of CDs.

CD-ROM which stands for Compact Disc read-only memory are popularly used to distribute computer software although any type of data can be stored on them. CD-R is another variation which can only be written to once but can be read many times.

CD-RW rewritable can be written to more than once as well as read more than once. The CD writer drive can read and write a CD. Both kinds of CD drives are called optical disc drives because the use a laser light or electromagnetic waves to read or write data to or from a CD.

The main uses for DVDs are video and data storage.

A+ Certification

Most DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs. Just like CDs there are many different variations. Its main uses are high-definition video and data storage.

Blu-ray discs have similar devices used to read them and write to them as CDs have. Floppy disks are read and written by a floppy disk drive.

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Floppy disks are a dying and being replaced by the optical and flash drives. Today many printers are connected through USB. This is because it is easier to connect and remove through a simple plug and play system.

It also allows for faster transfer speeds than parallel. Scanner[ edit ] A scanner is a device for digitizing paper documents into images that may be manipulated by a computer.

The two main classes of scanner are hand-held scanners in which the user manually drags a small scanning head over the document , and flat-bed scanners which are designed to accommodate a whole sheet of paper, which is then examined by a motorised scanning head. If the original document contained text, Optical Character Recognition OCR software may be used to reconstruct the text of the document from the scanned images. Modem[ edit ] A contraction of "Modulator - demodulator", a modem allows a computer to communicate over an analogue medium most commonly a telephone line.

The modem encodes digital signals from the computer as analogue signals suitable for transmission modulation and decodes digital data from a modulated analogue signal demodulation.

Using modems two computers may communicate over a telephone line, with the data passed between them being represented as sound. Modems are usually involved with dial-up internet services. As broadband catches on, they are falling into disuse. However, the devices used to connect to broadband connections are also called modems, specifically DSL Modems or Cable Modems.

This contrasts with memory, whose contents can be accessed i. Although the disc media and the drives of the CD and CD-ROM are, in principle, the same, there is a difference in the way data storage is organized.

Therefore, all 2, bytes of data behind the sync and header bytes are for user data Appendix A: Connectors and Cables[ edit ] There are many different types of connectors and cables in personal computers, and this section will address as many as the various editors deem relevant. Internal Connectors[ edit ] Several types of cables are used to connect components together inside the case, providing power and a path for data. These include: Motherboard Power Connector: This connector is designed especially to move electricity from the power supply to the motherboard.

Older computers use the AT power connections, with two six-pin connectors lined up side by side.

ATX motherboards used a single connector with 20 pins arranged in two rows of Many motherboards now also use supplementary power connectors, such as a 4 pin plug specifically for the CPU supply. Some others have more than 20 pins for the main connector.

The extra pins are in the form of a 'separate' connector, that fits onto the end of the standard 20 pin connector.

This may be used or not as required by the particular motherboard. The PCI-e inteface may also require the use of further power cables from the power supply.

Popular Computer Hardware Books

Power Connectors for Drives: Hard drives, optical drives, and, increasingly, high-end video cards use a 4-wire power connection, of which several are available from a power supply. Floppy drives use a smaller connector. With the introduction of the SATA interface for data another type of power connector for drives was also introduced. New Releases. Filter your search Keyword. Availability All In Stock 15, Pre-order Refine results.

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Computer Hardware Maintenance

Getting Started with Arduino Massimo Banzi. Blockchain Basics Daniel Drescher. Thing Explainer Randall Munroe. Managing Humans Michael Lopp. Exploring Arduino Jeremy Blum.

Practical Vim, 2e Drew Neil. Exploring Raspberry Pi Derek Molloy. Infrastructure as Code Kief Morris. Programming the Raspberry Pi, Second Edition: Getting Started with Python Simon Monk. Practical Arduino Jonathan Oxer. Lean Software Development Mary Poppendieck.

Computer Hardware

The Official BBC micro:Computer Hardware Maintenance concludes with brief descriptions of available third-party systems and how emerging trends in PC hardware configuration as proposed by the Desktop Management Task Force DMTF will have a major impact on the PC hardware maintenance function in the future.

DPReview Digital Photography.

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Most devices attached to modern systems are special-purpose computers in their own right, running their own software. Many new computers do not come with floppy drives anymore but there are a lot of older ones with floppy drives lying around. Programming the Raspberry Pi, Second Edition: