Laws Computer Fundamental Book In Hindi Pdf


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Dear friends i am sharing Computer Fundamental download Hindi pdf. MS-Excel MCQ Download pdf file. C Language pdf Notes Download for O level, BCA, MCA. This course doesn't follow any particular book exactly, but any of the following are useful: – Computer Organization & Design (4th Ed),. Patterson and Hennessy. Finally today we've managed to post this small e book which will teach you the basics of the computer in Hindi language. In this pdf document.

Computer Fundamental Book In Hindi Pdf

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Unit – I Brief History of Development of Computers, Computer System (Virus Prevention and Detection)%& Computer fundamentals hindi notes vktdy bldk iz;ksx Competitive examination dh answer book dks Check fd;k. Download Book names as Computer Fundamentals – by easily without any login or registration. Here we are providing the whole. Download Computer Notes {By X-EEED कोचिंग} in hindi pdf सभी प्रतियोगी छात्रों के लिये X-EEED कोचिंग की book.

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Computer Fundamentals and Information Technology (Hindi Medium)

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Secondary Memory A. Primary Memory: Secondary Memory: Input unit: Output Unit: Primary Memory 2. Secondary Memory Primary Memory: RAM B. PROM 2.

EPROM 3. Unit -II Input Devices: Plotter, Sound Card and Speakers. Input devices: Online 2.

Computer Fundamentals in Hindi Language - Pdf Download

Off line Online input device: Keyboard II. Mouse III. Scanner IV. Joy strick V. Track ball VI. Digiting tablet VII. OCR IX. OMR X. BCR XI. Light pen XII. Touch screen XIII.

Function key 2. Alfa — numeric keypad 3. Numeric key pad 4. Special key 1.

Unlocking Potential

Function key: Alfa — Numeric keypad: Numeric key: Special key: Wired keyboard: Wireless keyboard: Mechanical Mouse 2. Optical Mouse 3. Light Pen: Voice recognition: Off line input device: Monochrome Monitor: Gray - Scale Monitor: Color Monitor: Refresh Rate: Dot Pitch: Bit Mapping: Dot Matrix printer 2.

Solid printer Dot Matrix printer: Draft Quality Printering: Near Letter Quality Printering: Chain Printer: Band Printer: Drum Printer: Ink Jet Printer 2. Ink Jet Printer: Drum pen plotter 2. Fletbed plottter Drum pen plotter: Fletbed Plotter: Frequancy Modulation: Wavetable Synthesis: Unit III Syllabus: Sequential Access Storage Device: Index Sequential Access Method: Direct Access Method: Magnetic Tape: Floppy Disk 2.

Seek Time: Letancy time: Transfer Rate: Floppy Disk: Mini Floppy: Micro Floppy: Optical Disk: System Software: Uk;s gkMZos;j dk iz;ksx djus ds fy;s lg;ksx iznku djrs gSA 4. Unit -IV Syllbus: Operating System: Single User System: Multi Programming: Machine Language:Half Duplex Communication: Desktop Computer b. This computer is much smaller, less powerful and less expensive than the supercomputer and the mainframe computer. Computer fundamentals hindi notes.

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