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Tessa knew the angel was made out of clockwork because if she lifted it to door as if to make sure Tessa didn't rip free of her bonds and rush out through it. Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, Book 1). Read more Infernal Devices 02 Clockwork Prince. Read more Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices Book 2). Clockwork Angel. Home · Clockwork Angel Clockwork Angel · Read more Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, Book 1) · Read more.

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During the meeting, the Consul Chief of the Council is preparing to give judgement on the actions and failings of Charlotte Branwell, but Benedict Lightwood stops him, and issues a formal challenge for the position as head of the London Institute.

The Consul then rules that if Charlotte cannot come up with a good lead as to the location of Mortmain, then Benedict will take over the Institute. The Consul also insists that Benedict Lightwood's two sons — Gideon and Gabriel train Tessa and Sophie, since they may be attacked by Mortmain's automatons.

The Institute inhabitants return from the meeting and begin searching for information on Mortmain.

Jem decides to look into the Reparations — a petition Downworlders and mundanes used to gain compensation for unjust actions against their person. Later that night, Jem and Tessa are becoming increasingly friendly, this makes Sophie uncomfortable — she has a crush on Jem — and when she sees them coming down the hallway, she ducks into an empty room; before exiting the room, she sees that Jessamine is sneaking out of her own room dressed as a man.

The next day, Sophie and Tessa are dressed in Shadowhunter gear and meet their new servants — Cyril Tanner and Brigit Daly — as well as the Lightwood brothers. That evening, Charlotte rushes into the dining room holding a sheet of parchment from the Reparations Archive; The Institute finds out that in fact, Mortmain's adoptive parents John and Anne Shade were Warlocks, and were dealing in forbidden magic; consequently they were killed by the Clave.

Charlotte decides to write to Aloysius Starkweather to find out more, since he was present at the killings of the Shades. The next day, Aloysius replies a denied request to Charlotte, infuriating her; Tessa, Jem and Will decide to simply go visit Aloysius at the York Institute and see if they can find out something anyway.

The next morning, Tess, Jem and Will depart for York; when they arrive at the York Institute, they discover an address of an old house previously occupied and still owned by Mortmain, they decide to check it out. When they arrive outside the home, they hear a carriage coming, and duck into the brush; they observe a young lady get off and enter the house, Will is shocked to realize that the girl is in fact his younger sister — Cecily.

Seeing Cecily, Will runs towards the house, but is tackled by Jem, who informs him and Tessa that they are being followed by an Automaton. Will and Jem chase that automaton, and Tessa chases after Jem and Will. Tessa eventually loses sight of all of them and finds herself lost.

Suddenly the automaton appears and attacks her, she fends it off with a stick until Jem and Will come to save her. The automaton warns Will that if he continues to dig into Mortmain's past or tries to warn his family, his family will all be killed. When Will arrives, he tells Magnus a story about his childhood, that when he was twelve, he found a pyxis among his father's old things. When he opened the pyxis, a demon came forth and attacked him, his elder sister Ella fought it off, and the demon fled, but before that, the demon cast a curse upon Will.

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The curse was such that anyone who ever loves Will would die. He continues to explain that when Ella died soon after, he ran away to live at the London Institute.

And to protect Charlotte and Henry and Jessamine, he told lies and acted rudely so that they would hate him, and not love him.

Will finally tells Magnus that he has grown tired of living such a horrid life and demands to be thrown into the demon world, so that he can find the demon that cursed him and have the curse lifted.

Magnus thinks the idea will only get Will killed, and refuses him; Will leaves angry. Jem and Tessa, now back at the Institute tells Charlotte about what they learnt. Charlotte tells them that when Will first arrived at the institute, his parents begged him to return, but eventually gave up. Will begged Charlotte to inform him should his parents ever die, and Charlotte couldn't refuse, thus, she had Ragnor Fell keep tabs on the whereabouts of the Herondales.

The next day, Tessa is at breakfast, and Will is still missing.

During her training with Gabriel and Gideon, an argument arises and Gabriel storms out of the Institute. Charlotte calls on Ragnor to ask him to again, keep track of the Herondales. When Tessa returns to her room, she gets a letter from Magnus Bane, telling her that she must go find Will, because he may be in serious trouble.

Tessa goes to Jem's room, and together they search Will's room for his family dagger. With a shrug and a blink, the policeman moved past Will, shaking his head and muttering something under his breath about swearing off the gin before he truly started seeing things. Will stepped aside to let the man pass, then raised his voice to a shout: James Carstairs!

Where are you, you disloyal bastard? This time a faint reply answered him. Follow the witchlight. Will moved toward the sound of Jems voice. It seemed to be coming from a dark opening between two warehouses; a faint gleam was visible within the shadows, like the darting light of a will-o-the-wisp. Did you hear me before? That Shax demon thought it could get me with its bloody great pincers, but I cornered it in an alley Yes, I heard you.

The young man who appeared at the mouth of the alley was pale in the lamplightpaler even than he usually was, which was quite pale indeed.

He was bareheaded, which drew the eye immediately to his hair. It was an odd bright silver color, like an untarnished shilling. His eyes were the same silver, and his fineboned face was angular, the slight curve of his eyes the only clue to his heritage. There were dark stains across his white shirtfront, and his hands were thickly smeared with red. Will tensed. Youre bleeding. What happened? Jem waved away Wills concern. Its not my blood.

He turned his head back toward the alley behind him. Its hers. Will glanced past his friend, into the thicker shadows of the alley. In the far corner of it was a crumpled shapeonly a shadow in the darkness, but when Will looked closely, he could make out the shape of a pale hand, and a wisp of fair hair. A dead woman? Will asked. A mundane?

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A girl, really. Not more than fourteen. At that, Will cursed with great volume and expression. Jem waited patiently for him to be done. If wed only happened along a little earlier, Will said finally. That bloody demon Thats the peculiar thing. I dont think this is the demons work.

Jem frowned.

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Shax demons are parasites, brood parasites. It would have wanted to drag its victim back to its lair to lay eggs in her skin while she was still alive. But this girlshe was stabbed, repeatedly. And I dont think it was here, either. There simply isnt enough blood in the alley.

I think she was attacked elsewhere, and she dragged herself here to die of her injuries. But the Shax demon Im telling you, I dont think it was the Shax.

I think the Shax was pursuing herhunting her down for something, or someone, else. Shaxes have a keen sense of scent, Will allowed. Ive heard of warlocks using them to follow the tracks of the missing. And it did seem to be moving with an odd sort of purpose. He looked.

You didnt find the weapon, did you? Jem drew something from inside his jacketa knife, wrapped in white cloth. Its a sort of misericord, or hunting dagger. Look how thin the blade is. Will took it. The blade was indeed thin, ending in a handle made of polished bone. The blade and hilt both were stained with dried blood.

With a frown he wiped the flat of the knife across the rough fabric of his sleeve, scraping it clean until a symbol, burned into the blade, became visible.

Two serpents, each biting the others tail, forming a perfect circle. Ouroboros, Jem said, leaning in close to stare at the knife. A double one. Now, what do you think that means? The end of the world, said Will, still looking at the dagger, a small smile playing about his mouth, and the beginning. I understand the symbology, William. I meant, what do you think its presence on the dagger signifies? The wind off the river was ruffling Wills hair; he brushed it out of his eyes with an impatient gesture and went back to studying the knife.

Its an alchemical symbol, not a warlock or Downworlder one. That usually means humansthe foolish mundane sort who think trafficking in magic is the ticket for gaining wealth and fame. The sort who usually end up a pile of bloody rags inside some pentagram.

Jem sounded grim. The sort who like to lurk about the Downworld parts of our fair city. After wrapping the handkerchief around the blade carefully, Will slipped it into his jacket pocket.

Dyou think Charlotte will let me handle the investigation? Do you think you can be trusted in Downworld? The gambling hells, the dens of magical vice, the women of loose morals Will smiled the way Lucifer might have smiled, moments before he fell from Heaven. Would tomorrow be too early to start looking, do you think? Jem sighed. Do what you like, William. You always do. Tessa could not remember a time when she had not loved the clockwork angel.

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It had belonged to her mother once, and her mother had been wearing it when she died. After that it had sat in her mothers jewelry box, until her brother, Nathaniel, took it out one day to see if it was still in working order. The angel was no bigger than Tessas pinky finger, a tiny statuette made of brass, with folded bronze wings no larger than a crickets. It had a delicate metal face with shut crescent eyelids, and hands crossed over a sword in front.

A thin chain that looped beneath the wings allowed the angel to be worn around the neck like a locket. Tessa knew the angel was made out of clockwork because if she lifted it to her ear she could hear the sound of its machinery, like the sound of a watch. Nate had exclaimed in surprise that it was still working after so many years, and he had looked in vain for a knob or a screw, or some other method by which the angel might be wound. But there had been nothing to find.

With a shrug hed given the angel to Tessa. From that moment she had never taken it off; even at night the angel lay against her chest as she slept, its constant ticktock, ticktock like the beating of a second heart. Nate had insisted that she come to Southampton instead of Liverpool, where most transatlantic steamers arrived. He had claimed it was because Southampton was a much pleasanter place to arrive at, so Tessa couldnt help being a little disappointed by this, her first sight of England.

It was drearily gray.

She had risen to her feet and was looking down at Tessa with her pale eyes burning. She looked almost hungry. The girl whose skin she wore answered for her, speaking through her the way spirits were said to speak through their mediums—but Tessa hated to think about it that way; the Change was so much more intimate, so much more frightening, than that.

Born in Cheapside, Emma had been one of six children. Her father was dead, and her mother sold peppermint water from a cart in the East End. Emma had learned to sew to bring in money when she was still a small child.

Nights, she spent sitting at the little table in her kitchen, sewing seams by the light of a tallow candle. Sometimes, when the candle burned down and there was no money for another, she would go out into the streets and sit below one of the municipal gas lamps, using its light to sew by. She was smiling thinly now, running her tongue over her lower lip, as if she could sense what the answer would be.

Tessa saw narrow, shadowy streets, wrapped in thick fog, a silver needle working by faint yellow gaslight. A step, muffled in the fog. Hands that reached out of the shadows and took hold of her shoulders, hands that dragged her, screaming, into the darkness.

The needle and thread falling from her hands, the bows ripped from her hair as she struggled. A harsh voice shouting something angry. And then the silver blade of a knife flashing down through the dark, slicing into her skin, drawing out the blood. She kicked out at the man holding her, succeeding in knocking the dagger from his hand; she caught the blade and ran, stumbling as she weakened, the blood draining out of her fast, so fast. She crumpled in an alley, hearing the hissing scream of something behind her.

She knew it was following her, and she was hoping to die before it reached her— The Change shattered like glass. With a cry Tessa fell to her knees, the torn little bow falling from her hand. It was her hand again—Emma had gone, like a cast-off skin.

Tessa was once more alone inside her own mind. Where is Emma? Dark exhaled, a sound of satisfaction. That was very good. The front of her dress was splotched with blood, but there was no pain.

She closed her eyes, spinning in the darkness, willing herself not to faint. You remember what happened with the Adams woman. Weeks ago she had Changed into a woman who had died of a gunshot wound to the heart; blood had poured down her dress and she had Changed back immediately, screaming in hysterical terror until the Sisters had made her see that she herself was unharmed.

Black said. Dark agreed. Black gave a little gasp. What were they talking about? Who was the Magister? She watched through lowered eyelashes as Mrs. Dark jerked the silk bellpull that would summon Miranda to come and take Tessa back to her room.

It appeared that the lesson was over for today. If we told the Magister she was ready, I cannot imagine he would not hurry here without delay.

Dark, stepping out from behind the desk, chuckled. But Theresa must not be simply ready. She must be.

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Black, following her sister, muttered a response that was cut short as the door opened and Miranda came in. She wore the same dull look as ever. The sight of Tessa crouched and bloody on the floor seemed to occasion no surprise in her. Then again, Tessa thought, she had probably seen far worse in this room. Dark and Mrs. But what did they care whether she looked pretty or not, when they could force her to look any way they wanted?

What did it matter what her true appearance was? And why would the Magister care? Black swept from the room, her sister following behind her, as she always did.

At the door Mrs. Dark paused, and looked back at Tessa. Tessa flinched at the noise, but Miranda, as always, seemed utterly unaffected. In all the time that she had passed in the Dark House, Tessa had never been able to startle the other girl, or surprise an unguarded expression out of her. Her mind was whirling. Her life in the Dark House had been horrible, but she had—she realized now—grown almost used to it. She had known what to expect each day.

She had known the Dark Sisters were preparing her for something, but she had not known what that something was. Why waste all this training on her if she was only going to die?

But something in Mrs. Something had changed. They had achieved what they wanted with her. She spoke softly, the way she might have spoken to a nervous cat. Miranda stared straight ahead, her doughy face impassive.

The shock was so intense that she could suddenly see the whole room more clearly—Miranda, the blood-splattered rug on the floor, the heavy brass globe on the desk, still tilted in the position Mrs. Black had left it in. But—who is he? She looked around desperately. If she hid behind the desk, Miranda would simply drag her out and haul her to her room. It connected with a sickening sound.A harsh voice shouting something angry. Will liked Limehouse, liked the feeling of being on the edge of the world, where ships left each day for unimaginably far ports.

A little bit of light spilled through the lace, illuminating an enormous front door. The cloth came away stained green and black. His eyes were peculiarly bulging, almost protuberant, like a frogs, his skin as roughlooking as scar tissue.