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Card magic is probably the most popular branch of magic in the world. In fact . For this trick, use the joker as a key card, placing it at the bottom of the deck. MAGIC TRICKS! Fan out the cards face down and have the spectator pick any card. When he has memorized it, have him put the card on the top of the deck. Cigam FTP. 1. Miscellaneous Impromptu Card. Tricks. 2. Spelling Effects in Card Magic. 3. "You do as I do" Card Mysteries. 4. Card Subtleties Utilizing Key.

Card Magic Tricks Pdf

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Divisions of Card Trick Central. Easy Tricks. Tricks for Beginners. Intermediate Tricks. Tricks for Middle Level Card Magicians. Hard Tricks. Good luck with these card tricks – I know you will have fun with them. Wishing you the very best in Magic! HARRY MAURER PDF | A magician gives a member of the audience 20 cards to shuffle. After the cards are thoroughly mixed, the magician goes through the deck two cards at a.

You should be close to the chair you throw the deck into, so you can draw their attention back to the two cards you held onto. It's VERY rare that anybody notices. And if the audience is drunk, you get a lot of "Ohmygaaawd, how'd he DO that? Great trick! Appearing Card Effect: A spectator picks a card out of a shuffled deck.

You put it with three random cards, place the cards at the bottom of the deck, and shuffle. You take three cards from the bottom of the deck and ask the spectator if any of those are his.

None are.

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These are laid on the table, one of the cards is flipped over, and the selection appears on the table. Have them give you the deck. Take three cards from the bottom. Tell the spectator to put their card on top of those three, then to place the four cards at the bottom of the deck.

Shuffle the deck, but be sure to keep the four bottom cards in the same spot. Editor's note: There are false shuffles explained on the Terminology Page.

Shuffle the cards a couple of times. Now take the first bottom card and place it face down on the table. Take the new bottom card and put it at the top of the deck. Place the other two bottom cards face down on the table. The last card you put down is the spectator's card. Be sure you have that card at the top of the tabled pile.

Set the rest of the deck aside. Pick up the tabled cards. Square them up, and hold them so the spectator can see the face of just the bottom card. Ask if this is their card.

They will say no. Lower the cards so they are in dealing position and quickly deal the top card actually their card onto the table.

If you do this naturally, without comment, they will think you dealt the card you just showed them. Show them the top card from those in your hand, and ask if it is theirs. Again they will say no. Lay this card on the table. Finally, show them the last card in your hand and ask if it's the selection. When they say no, put this card onto the other two. Ask them what their card was. When they tell you, use the other two cards like a spatula to flip their card face up on the table.

Magic Tricks

You have made their card appear! Back Flip This is a very simple trick, and works best on kids, but it can be made to look pretty impressive. The audience member inserts the card back into the deck. Next the magician drops the card onto a table top, and the card jumps out of the deck, face up!

Don't comment on this, just do it. You're left with a deck with the bottom card upside down. You're left with an upside down deck, but because the now top card is reversed, it looks like a regular deck.

Have them insert their card. Turn the top card back over so it faces the same as the rest of the deck. Scan through the deck to find the upside down card that the audience member just inserted. You are about to drop it, flatly, onto a table top.

BUT slide the top card back off the deck by a quarter-inch this will be covered by your hand. Then, drop the deck from about two feet up. The deck will hit the table, and the top card the selected card will flip over. This is a real crowd-pleaser.

Now, you put the deck down, do some Hocus Pocus and tell them you just made their card flip over, inside the deck.

Fan the deck out, and their card is the only one reversed it's actually better if you put the deck upside down and fan it out, so the chosen card is the only one that's right side up However, a smart audience member will quickly figure you out this way, just because you mentioned "reversed" - it kinda gives them a clue Ending Variation Instead of the last three steps tell the person to imagine their card flipping over backwards, then go through the deck and show them the card.

You ask her to blow a kiss at the deck once more. But this time, no card changes. You ask her to blow another kiss. Again, to no avail.

After a moment, it occurs to you that she is already holding a red card. You ask the name of the card just chosen. The young lady turns over the red card in her hand and it has changed into the card just chosen! Most of these alterations have done more to muddle the effect than to add impact to the outcome.

Best of all, the entire routine requires just two easy moves, which you probably already know and if not, they are fully explained in the photo-illustrated instructions supplied. These modifications successfully eliminated the weak points in the original handling. You know the standard handling. A spectator thinks of a number and then counts down to that number in a shuffled deck and notes the card. Attempting to read his thoughts, you place the deck behind your back momentarily and bring out a card; which you place in your pocket.

Magic Tricks Books

The spectator now counts down to where their card should be and the card is missing. You reach into your pocket and produce their card. Well now you can. This volume is dedicated to a very underused technique called Dual Reality.

Peter Turner teaches you various techniques and help you to make Dual Reality an easy worker in your repertoire.

In this 62 pages eBook you will learn awesome rout. In Volume 1 Peter Turner teaches you all the nuances of psychological card forces and most importantly how to make it hit every time. Mind Index by Dr. It contains very thoughtful that's a joke son and well constructed performance pieces built around established methodology that well versed mentalists are familiar with, but all too often don't explore deep enough to extract maximum entertainment value.

Within its forty pages, you'll encounter thirteen really strong close-up and stand-up routines, and all my own offerings appear here in print for the very first time.

I have stripped away virtually all the sleight-of-hand fr. This volume is about numbers. This is the only volume where Peter talks about his feelings and thoughts during the creation procedure so you have a chance to step into some moments of Peter's everyday life. This volume is about character building and storytelling. From one of the world's top mentalist this is probably one of the most valuable eBooks of information you can learn!

In this volume Peter Turner. Join Peter Turner in an exploration of Observational Mentalism. If you like mentalism that is simple and uses less known psychological techniques, this is for you! Observe, watch carefully for subtle cues, and read minds like no other. At some point in your career, someone may shout out a comment or make an inappropriate remark during your performance.

How will you handle this and what will you say? Here is a collection of 'comeback' comments, should you ever be he. Afterwards, the matchbox and cigarette can both if desired be examined and be seen as completely normal. A small purse frame is then removed from the pocket, and four coins ar. The master of Propless Mentalism, Peter Turner now offers a full series in this topic.

The definition of Propless Mentalism is, at best, arguable this is discussed in length inside this volume. The definition that Peter has stuck clo. Here are short one-liner jokes and comments. These cover a variety of topics and tricks that will add plenty of humor to your act.

If you have a talking act, then you need these one-liner jokes for magicians! The focus is on commercial tricks that will appeal to th. A multi-phase routine with an incredible crescendo of random sequence predictions. We will not. The tricks are real crackers and not too difficult to perform.

How to Present Yourself to an Audience by Quentin Reynolds - Book Whether you already do a stand-up act, or are a close-up magician looking to add a stand-up spot to offer clients for an extra fee , this page A4-size publication is crammed with tips and suggestions that will make a huge difference to your performance. It's not about how to make your tricks and. It could save your career, your reputation and most importantly, your hard-earned money.

This was written by a magician for magicians. Identity theft and hacking into accounts have become a major problem. Every week,. This is a cherished collection of candid conversations. Imagine if someone transcribed TED Talks delivered by exceptional professionals in the magic industry and put them into a book.


Each contribution is h. Nine Uneasy Pieces by Robert E. Assembled in collaboration with the editor, Lawrence Hass, and published by Theory and Art of Magic Press, Nine Uneasy Pieces includes nine previously unpublished routines, each one with a complete scrip.

Vol 8. Character Building and Storytelling by Peter Turner Instant Download peter turner, mentalism, character building, storytelling, ebook, download. Vol 9.

Peter Turner teach you different methods to do the cleanest Star Sign Divination that you can imagine.

Magic Tricks

The teaching is crystal clear no stones left unturned. In this eBook you will find methods, rou.


Vol 6. This Volume is about Numbers. This is the only volume where Peter talks about his feelings and thoughts during the creation procedure so you have a. Vol Observational Mentalism by Peter Turner Instant Download peter turner, observational mentalism, mentalism masterclass, mind reading, mentalism ebook,.

Mentalism Masterclass Vol By Peter Turner All Volumes Instant Download mentalism masterclass, peter turner, billets, psychological forces, storytelling, drawing duplication, mentalism, peter turner. And a peek device. Eye Candy by John T. Some of the most original magic you will ever see!!!

Some of the top pros in the industry claim. Jen-yoo-in by John T. Some of the top pros in the. The Memory Arts: An instant author magic book!

The perfect back of room sales item - your own magic book! Great up sell for Birthday Parties!!!This eBook teaches you techniques of Cold Reading by the master mentalist himself!

You now have a young lady blow a kiss at the deck and ask her if she knows what that does? Great up sell for Birthday Parties!!!

Instant Download Impromptu, Prop-less and Sure-fire. And yet that word can either be revealed instantly or even predicted in advance. Then just tell the spectator to move half of one pile to another, move on card to another, any order you want.