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Vladimir Megre. The Ringing Cedars Series. English translation by John Woodsworth. * Book I Anastasia. (ISBN O-9). • Book 2 The Ringing Cedars. Free download of Anastasia by Vladimir Megre. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. "The Ringing Cedars of Russia", Book 1: "Anastasia" FREE Pdf here >> http://

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Anastasia. Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre. «The Ringing Cedars of Russia» book series. .. AN APPEAL FROM VLADIMIR MEGRE TO HIS READERS. can be accessed at: pdf Vladimir Megré — pronounced vla-DEE-meer mi-GREH (capitalised. This document can be accessed at: Anastasia, and the man called himself Vladimir Megré.

A tribe would build a structure for a person of wisdom.

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While one side of the top cover was held up, this person crawled inside, where he or she was to live in meditation until death. Anastasia claims that the soul of a person who died in such a special way stays forever near the dolmen.

Such a soul will not reincarnate. Instead, through this sort of passing on, the soul acquires new dimensions of knowledge and makes this knowledge available to dolmen visitors.

Anastasia - The Ringing Cedars Of Russia series 1-10

This is how Anastasia's "pra-mama," who lived many thousands of years ago Vladimir Megre mentions a date of 10, years , preserved for all women the sacred knowledge of how a breastfeeding mother can communicate with her child. Many of the Dolmen structures were ruined in the centuries and years before Vladimir Megre published his story. The most severe ruination occured in the 20th century when farmers used the stones as building material -- this is described by Gurdjiev in his book "Meetings with Famous People".

But since Anastasia's revelations, the Dolmens have become places of pilgrimage. Like the light seen at the dolmens, there is a ball of light that seemingly looks after Anastasia herself.

Since childhood it has protected her. Supposedly it once prevented a government-sent expedition from taking Anastasia by force from the taiga to Moscow for scientific investigation.

It is also said that, when the Gelendgik city administration refused permission for the first Anastasia conference to be held there, a ball of light paid a visit to the city's cabinet members.

After that, good cooperation between the city and the pilgrims was ensured. A melted piece of glass in the city's administration building still testifies to what happened then. Some people say that there is no Anastasia, that she is only a thoughtform. But whatever she is, the people of the Russias feel her presence, and are strongly attracted to her message.

A Little Girl Lives Alone in the Forest Anastasia was born and lived her entire life except for several short railway trips to cities in her taiga home, a Siberian cedar forest on the bank of the River Ob. Her parents died when she was little, while trying to save a mysterious "tingling cedar" tree.

Although she was so young that she could not even walk yet, she went on living by herself in her mother's ''Space of Love. Rather, they tested their purity by asking her questions about different things, like why a bug is colored in a certain way, and as she grew older, about more existential issues. Living by herself, Anastasia was served, loved and protected by taiga animals -- squirrels, bears, wolves. This would be seen and documented by the man whom she would meet in the taiga, and who would be the father of her child.

The man, Vladimir Megre, told Anastasia that he was hoping to find two old men whom he had encountered the previous autumn. The old men had hinted to Vladimir that they possessed certain secrets of the cedar tree. This message led him to spend the following winter researching the tree's properties. Megre had come to the forest in hopes of speaking to the old men again. Anastasia told him that as it happened these two old men were her grandfather and great-grandfather.

She agreed to guide him 25 kilometers through the taiga to where her elder relatives lived. After walking about five kilometers, they stopped for a rest. While Vladimir drank his brandy and ate the snacks he had brought, Anastasia removed her warm and heavy outer garb a coat, shawl, skirt and boots and hid them. Now this lovely young woman with blond hair, big, grayish-blue eyes, and smiling lips, covered only by a short slip, lay down in a sunny spot with her palms turned upward toward the sun.

The air temperature was only 12 degrees Centigrade and this woman was lying there half naked. Vladimir, a Russian businessman who considered himself a man of the world, assumed that an invitation was being made.

Vladimir approached Anastasia and attempted to hug her. She made no effort to resist him. He became more forceful. But before he could go further, he passed out, remembering the words, "Please don't. Cool down.

Later he would learn that this was the ball of light that safeguards Anastasia throughout her life. Vladimir told Anastasia that he felt teased and cheated by her undressing. She responded that she was uncomfortable in clothes and didn't like to be dressed; that she covered herself only when she is going out of the woods, to see people.

Using the kind of learned vocabulary one would not expect from a taiga dweller, Anastasia explained why she is never cold.

I never lost this ability. That's why I don't really need clothing. Before we look further at these books, let me tell you a little background about our two characters and how their paths crossed. For Love of a Cherry Tree When Michael Gorbachev rose to political power, one of the first things he did was to grant city people small pieces of land for dachas.

These dachas were usually just large enough for a small cottage, five to ten trees, and a small garden. The idea was that people were to grow food for themselves. Vladimir received a small dacha and had planted a cherry tree on the land. He cared about this tree and this created a link between him and the tree. Those who received the land and cultivated it are called "dachniks. For urban dwellers, this link can be with the flowers on their windowsills.

For others, as for Vladimir, a Space of Love is created on their dachas. So Vladimir had planted a cherry tree on his dacha. And, as this story goes, in the spring during which Vladimir's tree first produced cherries, Vladimir ate only one of them.

The taste of this Siberian cherry wasn't as good as the taste of the cherries he bought and brought with him from town. But still, he caressed the small tree and even kissed one of its leaves. The tree wanted to give something in return, but it couldn't, as Vladimir hadn't eaten the remaining cherries.

So the tree's unrealized wish hovered in the space until Anastasia felt it and responded. This was , before the ''rape scene.

Such love towards a man was a new feeling for her. And so when they met again the following year, when Vladimir went in pursuit of the secrets of the cedar trees, Anastasia took her unknowing loved one to her home, the personal Space of Love that had been prepared for her by her parents.

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It was a forest clearing, where all the plants and animals bathed in her love and cared for her in return. See the seller's listing for full details.

The well-known Siberian entrepreneur Vladimir Megre met with two elderly gentlemen who told him about the amazing properties of the Siberian cedar also known in the West as the Siberian pine. At first he didn't pay much attention to what they told him, but as he continued to reflect on it, Vladimir began to discover, in the historical and scientific literature he examined, more and more evidence supporting their words.

Finally he decided to organize an expedition with a fleet of river steamers. The expedition was ostensibly for commercial purposes, but in actual fact his overriding motivation was to find the elders again and learn more about the secrets of the cedar.

A meeting which changed a life Having instructed his fleet's captain to maintain their course, Vladimir slipped away by himself at the exact spot where he had met the two elders the previous year. On the riverbank he found a woman waiting for him who turned out to be their granddaughter.

Anastasia Series - Full Set of 9 Books

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NEU Morph January 1, Women -- for the most part unclothed -- love to make pilgrimages to the dolmens and to the now-booming resort area near the city of Gelendgik on the shores of the Black Sea. After striking deep into the bowels [of the Earth], it comes back and manifests itself as a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, war.

Anastasia — The Ringing Cedars of Russia Book 2 In the second volume Vladimir Megre describes his experiences with the publishing of the first volume and tells new episodes about the events in the Taiga with Anastasia and her grandparents.

Some people say that there is no Anastasia, that she is only a thoughtform. Join Now Login. These are widespread stone structures most of which can be found in the environs of the Black Sea.

But she is not a product of modern civilization, either. By immersing themselves into the building of a school, they learn all the math they will ever need in just a year or two. On that night, they conceived their child. She tells of a need to sleep under the stars at least once a year - preferably around your birthday.