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Al Jihad Fil Islam: English Translation and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. by Sayyid Abul A'la Maududi (Author), Syed Firasat Shah (Editor), Syed Rahatullah Shah (Translator) & 0 more. Start reading Al Jihad Fil Islam: English Translation on your Kindle in. The English translation of a masterpiece by Sayyid Abul Aala Maududi. The book deals with not only the Islamic perspective on warfare (jihad) but also presents. This is the English translation of a classic book on the subject of Jihad in Islam originally written and published in in the Urdu language by renowned.

Al Jihad Fil Islam Pdf

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Al-Jihād fī al-Islām. by Syed Abul ʻAla Maudoodi. Al-Jihād fī al-Islām. by Syed Abul ʻAla Maudoodi. Print book. Urdu. 4th ed. Lahore Islamic Publications. Get this from a library! Al jihad fil islam. [S Abul A'la Maududi, Maulana]. PDF | 85 minutes read | On Aug 30, , Wajid Mehmood and others Islam. He produced one of his outstanding books Al-Jihad fil Islam.

Defense of oppressed Muslims.

After this Maulana put forth the real status of Reformative war and says that in order to obliterate mischief and persecution from the world Reformative war is waged. After discussing at length the both types of wars,Maulana explains Arabian mode of warfare during the Pre-Islamic Era. Arabs used to take part in wars over cattles,pastures,springs of water,horse-racing and other trivial matters.

Motives of such wars were passion for booty,vainglory,revenge. The ways and means adopted by Arabs in such wars were extremely savage e. Same savage modes of warfare were adopted by Rome and Iran.

This was the world when Islam raised the flag of reformation. Islam gave its own concept of war i.

Islam prescribed civilized laws of war e. Further instructions were given at the time of departure of troops as women,cildren and old should not be killed,monks should not be harassed,places of worship should not be demolished,animals should not be killed,crops should not be burnt down and booty should not be pilfered.

Even treatment of conquered people is also discussed by Islam,Zimmies were given rights equal to that of Muslims. Then, Maulana discusses at length the concept of war in other religions.

After discussing the views and teachings of the four main religions of the world Hinduism,Judaism,Buddhism and Christianity , Maulana concludes that as per Hinduism and Judaism waging war is lawful;but they have allowed it for selfish and self-motivated objectives and desires and they don't distinguish between just and unjust war and give man right to oppress and excess on fellow human beings and on the other hand ,the other two religions,viz.

Buddhism and Christianity ,feel that it is not correct to give freedom to human beings to plunder other fellow human beings;but this feeling takes them to the other extreme point.

Battling with the concept of war they bagan to battle with human nature itself. The outcome of this is that those people who follow this teaching fall into the deepest pit of regression, subjugation and suppression. Between these two extreme viewpoints,Islam has opened out a moderate and rational route.

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There is such a complete and fullproof code of lawwith regard to war in Islam that a match of which cannot be found in any other religion or civilization. Lastly,Maulana discusses concept of war under Modern Civilization. After discussing nature of Western laws of war,their rules and regulations,Maulana concludes that" International Law of war" put forth by West as a law of war is actually not a "law " at all.

It is entirely dependent on the consent of the States with regard to its principles and branches and its foundation has been laid down on the mutual agreement of the belligerents. Further,the Western Laws of War are unstable and untrustworthy as ther are in perpetual conflict with the exegencies of war, and these exigencies are always engaged in overpowering them.

Most essentially, Western Laws of War lack an ethical aspect. To love God is to reject those who reject Him.

O believers do not hold Jews and Christians as your allies. They are allies of one another; and anyone who makes them his friends is surely one of them; and Allah does not guide the unjust. Jews are cursed forever, [39] having been transformed into apes and swine [40] or apes alone.

Al jihad fil islam

O Servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me, so come and kill him. Jesus is a Muslim prophet; Christ's divinity is a blasphemy and thus the foundations of Christianity are false. Supremacy of the Muslim and the Way of War The logical outcome of this world-view is the Islamic imperative to subjugate the world through the establishment of a universal umma.

It would be wicked and embracing al-Bara to permit humanity to ignore the perfect law of Allah, and thus it is a religious duty to create the most perfect world by political or other means.

The imperative that flows from this is that killing or being killed for the sake of Islam is a hallowed duty: Behold, Allah has bought of the believers their lives and their possessions, promising them paradise in return, [and so] they fight in Allah's cause, and slay, and are slain: a promise which in truth He has willed upon Himself in [the words of] the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Qur'an.

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And who could be more faithful to his covenant than Allah? The world is divided into two distinct realms: Dar al-Islam the house of submission and Dar al-Harb the house of the sword , and the normal and only justified relationship between the two is a state of perpetual war. There can be no peace with non-Muslims, only temporary truces.

Jihad reflects the normal relations existing between the believers and the infidel. Islamic wars are futuhat, derived from the Arabic root for "open" in the sense that they open the world to the call of Islam; wars instigated by the infidel are hurub, derived from the Arabic root for "anger.

Islam then sees war as the means of creating peace by subjugating all others and enforcing Islamic order. A pax Islamica covering the globe is the aim of jihad, and therefore, it is a just war. A hudna or truce does not imply the abandonment of jihad but rather a suspension of hostilities, a dormant status from which a leader may revive fighting at any time at his will.

Love, Hate, and Prayer Five times a day, Muslims declare their total allegiance and submission to God by reciting the opening verses of the Qur'an. While the first six verses seem unobjectionable, verses 6 and 7 take on a different complexion in light of the doctrine of al-Wala wal-Bara: [6] Guide us to the straight path, [7] the path of those whom you have favored, not of those against whom there is wrath, nor of those have gone astray.

One of the earliest Qur'anic exegetes, al-Tabari , explained in his Commentary on the Qur'an that "those against whom there is wrath" are the Jews while "those who have gone astray" are the Christians.

Thus, notwithstanding the extensive whitewashing of the inherent prejudice within Islam in an attempt to portray Jews and Christians as honored and protected "people of the book" ahl al-Kitab rather than plain infidels, one of the central pillars of the Islamic faith maintains that Jews and Christians are the "other" to be avoided if one is to live by al-Wala wal-Bara. In fact, Muslim jurists are careful to make this distinction: Under Islamic rule, and only under Islamic rule, are Jews and Christians to be considered ahl adh-Dhimma, a protected group of second-class citizens designated as such because of their connection to the "Book" the Bible.

When Jews and Christians reside outside Islamic rule as do Jews in the State of Israel , then they are no longer ahl adh-Dhimma but infidels. The practice of declaring other Muslims infidel takfir due to insufficient piety is widely practiced by Salafists and Wahhabis and used by jihadists to justify the use of violence against other Muslims. Jihadists frequently point to a saying attributed to Muhammad: This community will be split up into seventy-three sects, seventy-two of them will go to Hell, and one will go to Paradise, and it is the majority group.

The concept of takfir, propounded by Ibn Abd al-Wahhab founder of the Wahhabist movement , includes the command that anyone who does not show sufficient levels of wala allegiance to his view of true Muslim belief and adequate bara rejection of non-Muslims, including the wrong kind of Muslims is at risk of committing apostasy.

Fadl" and Abdul Qadir bin Abdul Aziz, mentor of al-Qaeda's current leader Ayman al-Zawahiri: The most important duties of …[the Saved Sect] in this age are to wage jihad against the apostate rulers who have changed the rules of Allah and who govern Muslims using heretical man-made laws … the Salafi-Jihadists are at-Ta'ifa al-Mansura who have been promised victory against its enemies and the enemies of Islam.

Aljihad Fil Islam By Syed Abulala Maududi Urdu

Al-Bukhari says they are the people of knowledge. Other scholars say they are Ahl al-Hadith [Sunna]. Al-Nawawi says: They are those who enjoin good and forbid evil [al-Wala wal-Bara]. As the Saved Sect, Salafist-jihadist groups are believed to have the divine right to judge other people's levels of observance and to kill them if necessary.

Muslims have an obligation to struggle against idolaters who do not follow what Allah has revealed.

Labeling groups taghut is at the heart of the jihadists' struggle against Muslim regimes that do not comply with their Islamic conceptions, and the doctrine legitimizes their terrorist attacks.

In their view, this is grounded in a hadith: "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him. Fitra is the natural predisposition of all humans to recognize that there is but one God and, by extension, to submit to His will. Islam is called Din al-Fitra, the religion of human nature, because in the Muslim view, its laws and its teachings are relevant to the entire universe and all human beings. In line with this doctrine is the belief that all of mankind is innately Muslim. All babies who come into the world are born Muslim and only their inconsiderate or ignorant parents have changed their religion.

The supposed proof for this view comes from the Old and New Testaments: All Jewish and Christian patriarchs and prophets were actually Muslims who preached Islam from the outset, and who clearly testified that Muhammad is the messenger of God and the "Seal of all Prophets.

They answered: We have placed our trust in Allah. Mary is told that Jesus will declare, Surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord, therefore serve Him; this is the right path.It is Islam that distinguishes between self and other, between insider and outsider, between brother and stranger … the ultimate definition of the other, the alien outsider and presumptive enemy, has been the kafir [infidel]. Let us elaborate each stage of the progression argument.

It wants to reach the heart of every human being.

Enabled Page Flip: The third group comprised those with whom the Prophet Muhammad had open-ended peace treaties: their terms were not fixed.