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wod - demon - the fallen - core - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Prologue - Stage Fright Table of Contents Introduction Lexicon Chapter 1: In The Beginning The Unmoved Mover Paradise The Great Debate. Digitally signed by IO-Sphere cn=IO-Sphere, c=US Date: '00' Reason: I am the author of this document. Demon the Descent - Flowers of Hell The Demon Players Teacher's Guide to Meeting the Common Core State Standards* with Scott Foresman Reading.

Wod Demon The Fallen Pdf

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Demon the Fallen - Days of Fire,, , KB. file WOD - Demon - The Fallen - Lucifer's Shadow - Tales of Fallen White Wolf is a registered trademarks ofWhite Wolf Publishing, Inc. DemonThe Fallen. Lucifer's Shadow, Clan NovelToreador, Clan Novel. Tzimisce, Clan Novel . Download wod - demon - the fallen - core

The Fallen Rulebook is the core rulebook for the Demon: The Fallen game.

It is the culmination of the Year of the Damned releases of Told from the perspective of Melbogathra , a demon who took possession of a stage actor named Max, who had committed suicide. While in a religious play, Melbogathra reveals some sacred secrets to the audience, causing a resurgence of Faith in some of the crowd.

He is fired from the theater but is quickly rehired due to his high demand by fans. He makes a thrall of Becky , the object of Max's unrequited affections. The Devil Gaviel , in the body of a young man named Noah Wallace, encounters Noah's father and tells him the story of Creation from the viewpoint of the Fallen.

In an attempt to rouse the memories of a catatonic demon, the Devourer Malakh recalls his own experience in the War of Wrath, the battle between Heaven and the Fallen, and its immediate aftermath. An excerpt from the diary of Anila Kaul — in truth, the Slayer Magdiel — as she remembers her time in Hell and the escape of the demons, and compares the world now to the world then.

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The Fiend Ahrimal , in the body of a German cop, finds himself hunting after a truly monstrous demon with the aid of a mortal Wiccan. A discussion of the Houses of the Fallen, as well as of the five philosophical factions to which they adhere. The various powers of the demons, including lore and the apocalyptic form for each.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Devil[ edit ] Formally known as the Namaru, the Devils hail from the first host of angels who stood before God himself and were given authority over all other circles.

Chief among them was Lucifer, the Morning Star and later the First of the Fallen, who bore the totality of the Creator's will.

wod - demon - the fallen - core rulebook.pdf

During the War of Wrath, their natural gifts of authority as well as their capacity to influence both human faith and flames made them ideal for leadership positions such as Legion commanders as well as making for fierce fell knights on the battlefield and protectors of humanity. Upon their reemergence into the modern world, Devils have become callous manipulators and charismatic demagogues - using their powers of persuasion and leadership to siphon off the arrogance and aspirations of humanity.

Their proprietary Lores are Celestials, Flame, and Radiance. They are reckless, violent, and impulsive. Their lore allow them to command animals and plants alike, as well as shaping and reshaping the flesh of other beings as they desire to achieve such feats as increasing their strength, reflexes and senses, as well as taking the form of animals. Fiend[ edit ] "Neberu" redirects here.

For Nibiru and other variants as to vowels , see Nibiru. The Fiends, known formally as Neberu, had the ability to sense the future.

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Because of them, Lucifer and the rebels won many early battles, but their helpfulness decreased as the war went on. When God cast the rebels into Hell, the Neberu were put in their own special Perdition. When they emerged from Hell they had recovered a fraction of both their powers and their sanity.

Their Lores[ vague ] give them dominion over time and light, and the ability to teleport through doorways.

But the humans were unable to follow the angels' instructions, and from this frustration they came to despise their mentors, much to the angels' confusion. When the War in Heaven broke out, they became rebels mainly because of their hatred for the humans they once loved: hatred against God for not allowing them to help the humans directly; and because they felt the others loved them.

Once sentenced to Hell, they were without pure earth and fire and began to feel empty. Now free, they've found the humans have learned to use tools and manipulate the Earth, but have as the Anunnaki see it destroyed the planet in the process. These demons now see their goal as the destruction of the human race, so that the planet might be healed.

Scourge[ edit ] The Scourges, originally known as Asharu, were once guardian angels. They loved the humans, but their closeness to humanity drove them mad. When Lucifer started the rebellion they were the most followers in numbers, second only to his own house. Instead of being brave fighters, they made better spies. Now that they are free they find great respect, being able to heal with the right hand and harm with the left.

Slayer[ edit ] The Slayers, originally known as the Reapers or the Halaku, were once angels of death. They were shunned by the other angels before the war. When Lucifer started his rebellion they joined him, as he promised them that they would be able to explain to humanity the reason that things they loved had to die.

Their lore gives them the power to enter the Shadowlands, commune with and control ghosts, to sever the spirit from a body, and to create zombies.

The Slayers usually join either the Ravener or Reconciler factions due to their affinity with death, their resentment of other Elohim, and their desire to return to Heaven. Factions[ edit ] Factions are ideological groups of like-minded demons who share a similar outlook on humanity, God, and themselves. Unlike Houses, which are inherent, factions are open to any and all, although a demon's House can influence what faction they may gravitate towards.

Cryptics[ edit ] The Cryptics have used their time in Hell to think. They feel that if God is omniscient , then his creations would be as perfect as reality would allow, and since Lucifer was God's highest angel, then his rebellion was a part of God's plan. The philosophers of the Fallen, the Cryptics gather knowledge to determine what is really going on and what they should do next.

They dislike the Luciferans and the Faustians, approve of the Reconcilers asking questions, and dislike Raveners' destructive tendencies. They were initially to be called 'Inquisitors', but this was changed during production, although there are occasional references to them under this name in some books due to editing errors. Faustians[ edit ] The Faustians lust for revenge against God, whom they believe unjustly exiled them from Heaven.

Even without the leadership of Lucifer , they still try to awaken the human race to its true potential, but only so humanity can be used as a potent weapon in yet another war against Heaven. The plots and intentions of a Faustian are often as subtle as they are dangerous.

Demon: The Fallen Rulebook

They have no patience for the Cryptics, their goals are directly opposite to those of the Raveners, Reconcilers can be friend or foe, and they can work with Luciferans. Luciferans[ edit ] The Luciferans still believe that Lucifer was right to rebel against God. Even though Lucifer cannot be found, they still follow what they feel to be his directives. Their leadership has divided them into three legions: the Legion of Majestic Liberation who are searching for and attempting to free Lucifer , the Legion of Glorious Victory who were organized to fight the Heavenly Host, but found no angels to oppose them , and the Legion of Stark Defiance who secure supplies, resources, and safe havens for the rest of the faction.

They dislike the Cryptics, can work with Faustians, consider the Reconcilers to be traitors, and consider Raveners to be enemies. Raveners[ edit ] The nihilistic Raveners look at the broken world and wasted potential of humanity and believe there's only one option left: destroy everything - first humanity, then themselves.

Some see it as a way to finally lure out God and His angels, either to answer or to mercifully destroy them; others see it as an act of mercy to a near-dead and stagnant world; and many just don't care at all.

They are enemies with all the other factions of demons, though they can tolerate the Cryptics as the Raveners assume they will eventually stop asking questions and start down destructive paths. Reconcilers[ edit ] The Reconcilers have used their time in Hell to reconsider their actions and the punishment that God meted out to them.

Many have come to the conclusion that they were punished justly and that they must atone for their misdeeds; others simply feel that there is no point in continuing to fight a war they lost long ago against an omnipotent enemy. Now that they are free they wish to do some good, thinking that God might forgive them and allow them to return to Heaven. Even if he won't they might be able to help the humans, even fix things so the humans can have what they themselves can't.Lore of the Spirit: Slayers use this to interact with Ghosts and Spirits, whether that means simply speaking with them, commanding them or helping them possess a soulless husk like the Demons themselves do.

Tormented Evocations In the new system, Tormented Evocations are now the result of a dramatic failure on the evocation roll.

Contact us. The secrets of summoning demons began to spread out, and more and more Earthbound were summoned to the world. Lore of Violation: Of course Lucifer wouldn't risk ruining the whole thing just yet by telling everyone that the reason he started the rebellion was because God ordered him to, but hey, baby steps. Published on Nov View 1.