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PDF - Wild Reckless. Kensington Worth had a vision for her senior year. It involved her best friends, her posh private school in downtown Chicago and time . Download and Read Free Online Wild Reckless Ginger Scott Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good books to. Wild Reckless book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kensington Worth had a vision for her senior year. It involved her b.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. A Goodreads Choice YA Fiction Book of the Year Nominee Wild Reckless (Harper Boys Book 1) - Kindle edition by Ginger Scott. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Wild Reckless Ginger Scott PDF. WILD RECKLESS GINGER SCOTT. Download: Wild Reckless Ginger Scott. Owen Harper was trouble, his heart wild, his past the kind that's Wild Reckless Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html.

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Actually eat the food you buy—and make less of it meat. Approximately 10 percent of U. This book was very surprised because of its 4. Wild Reckless Harper Boys, 1 book tell us the storyline about: Kensington Worth had a vision for her senior year. It involved her best friends, her posh private school in downtown Chicago and time alone with her piano until her audition was perfected, a guaranteed ticket into the best music programs in the world.

Instead, a nightmare took over. Sometimes, though, what everyone warns is trouble, is exactly what the heart needs. Owen Harper was consumed with darkness, and it held onto his soul for years. I need him. I breathe him. View all 24 comments. Feb 20, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a ground-breaking YA romance! The characters were frustratingly endearing, the type where n 4.

The characters were frustratingly endearing, the type where no matter what mistakes or bad choices they made, I loved them through it all.

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The romance was shaky and borderline toxic, but I nevertheless wanted them to be together. This book is one of my top favorites of the year for sure! She has to give up her best friends, her hometown, her school, her secret piano lessons, all because of a deadly betrayal that threatens to tear apart her family. While getting settled into her new neighborhood, she runs into her neighbor — the hero Owen — several times and each encounter with him leaves her less-than-impressed: The Harper family — especially Owen — acts the way they do for good reason though.

And while at first Kensi and Owen have this animosity towards each other, their paths cross in more than one way, and they soon find out they have more in common than they think they do. I do have to warn you though — this book tackles extremely sensitive topics like suicide, addiction, infidelity, etc…and it definitely added a melancholic sorrow to the story. The characters especially Owen made really bad choices and I admit, I was really mad. As much as Owen tried to push and put down Kensi, she never gave an inch and was there for him.

She challenged him. Throughout all their tribulations and anguish, the love they had for each other never wavered and so I was wholeheartedly invested in the romance. The only problem I had with the book was that the first quarter was sort of all over the place. Owen picks on Kensi for some arbitrary reason, Kensi moves to a new town for unknown reasons…there were just so many things happening that I needed answers to be revealed a little bit earlier so I could get what was going on.

I had to think about my rating a little. My gut instinct was to go with a Lately, not many books can evoke such strong feelings from me where I have to catch my breath by the end. Mar 16, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: And things just get worse when she meets her infuriatingly good looking neighbor, Owen Harper, a trouble maker who also happens to be a bit of an asshole.

These two do not get off to a good start, and in spite of their confrontational relationship, Kensi finds herself fascinated Owen. We're all fucking nuts. Harper boys are all fucked up in the head. Maybe there's more to Owen Harper than a teasing smirk and the rumors that seem to follow him. As these two begin to grow closer friendship develops into love. Truth is, Owen Harper shot me through the heart that day he pointed his finger at me and pulled the trigger.

All I wanted was for him to catch me. And he did. These two don't have an easy go, Owen has a lot of issues he has to work through, so you get a little push and pull action. Wild Reckless is a great NA romance, there's angst, sweetness and some deeply emotional moments.

Overall, I enjoyed this story about falling in love and dealing with real life issues. View all 37 comments. Wild Reckless Series: Standalone Author: Ginger Scott Release date: March 17, Rating: No HEA view spoiler [ hide spoiler ] After reading and enjoying Ginger Scott's Falling Series , a wonderfully written New Adult series, I decided to give her new release a try regardless of the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of the Young Adult sub-genre. High School is not a place I care to revisit, especially when the characters make me want to bash them over the head with their immaturity.

I find that my patience for characters' childish behavior has dwindled over the years. But I was definitely willing to make an exception for this author. I took the leap thinking that I'd be getting more of Ginger's fun and frothy reads with a little angst thrown in. Boy was I wrong.

Kensington Kens has just moved from Chicago to a small town and the adjustment is not an easy one for her. She misses her friends, her music teacher, and she's not ready to settle in the middle of nowhere.

She's a piano prodigy and though her father doesn't allow her to explore the jazz and blues she loves, she lives and breathes playing-it fills every part of her. She soon discovers she has a boy living next door that is nothing like any stereotypical boy-next-door you've ever seen.

He's the school basketball star and resident manwhore. He's also more than a little scary. He presents this emotionless shell and takes pleasure in making her angry. So why does she have this fascination with him that won't quit?

She despises him and gravitates to him all at the same time. He's downright nasty towards her, and I hated him. I guarantee you will too. This is a guy who cheats death, who actually seeks it out so he can laugh at that fine line-crossing it from time to time just to prove he can, other times, erasing it completely.

The prologue introduces you to the one day that changed the course of his life forever. It made a coldness seep into his eyes and a desire to taunt death in the face. And when Kens dares to challenge him and prod the sleeping beast, she has no idea what he's capable of. He sees a crack in her existence, and he shatters everything without a second thought. The only time I've seen Owen smile was when he was teasing me-and when he delivered the news that ruined my world.

Now she's lost. And maybe they're lost together for a while.

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Because being near Kens is finally bringing some light into his dark world. And being near Owen is changing her into someone she doesn't recognize. All they could do was grasp onto each other and hold tight, because if there's one thing that he's learned, is that all the wrongs in his life will not allow him a shred of happiness.

Seriously, the weight that's on this boy's shoulders is painful to see. His past. His present. His future. He's speeding towards implosion.

The only question, is when? I'm afraid I'm losing myself to danger-the worst kind, the kind that rules your heart. I'm falling for Owen Harper, and I'm afraid he's going to die.

After loathing Owen with a passion, getting a peek into the emotion that he's capable of with Kens you want to hate him but you just can't anymore. The way he slowly opens up to her and lets her see into his reality makes you hurt for him.

And they had such an intensity between them at times, it was heart pounding. Owen's eyes are closed, and his forehead is resting on mine, his thumbs still gently caressing my cheeks. His head falls heavier into mine, and I can actually feel his entire body shaking.

With themes like suicide, mental illness, and addiction, it's no wonder I was a little shell shocked at the gravity that pulls you into these pages. And this book? Be prepared for a twist that you will not see coming. It's hard to surprise me anymore, but when the bomb dropped on Kens, I give the author props, because I was shocked. If I had to come up with a similar reading experience, I would go with Shay Savage.

If you're not familiar with her books, they're deeply emotional. Typically with a hero that is completely contemptible that you will absolutely hate at first glance. And that's what you get in Wild Reckless. This book made me feel so many things, not all of them pretty. But I really think this is my favorite book from Ginger. It's a raw and powerful book about two young people who crash into each other and and their struggle for absolution and hope. It's not perfect, there were a few things that stopped me from giving the full five stars, but those are my own personal issues.

I won't let that sway you in deciding to pick up this book. Maybe you'll love it, maybe you'll hate it, but this book will make you feel. View all 68 comments. From the first page I knew this book would be as fantastic as it ended up being!!

I was hooked from the beginning and I couldn't put it down till the end! You may think it's like the typical books you read about the bad boy and the naive girl but this book is even more.. This book is about family,love and believing in yourself and in your dreams. Kensington has moved to a new small town with her parents.

When she meets her new neighbor Owen,soon she finds out that this boy is a trouble.. Is this true? Or is there more to the bad boy facad. When things sre bad for them they find comfort in each other.

And soon they become friends.. Owen didn't impress me at the beginning. I found him disturbing and the way he treated Kensington was bad. But while reading this book and seeing his life and what he'd been going through, you finally understand him you will see what an amazing character he is!

He works because he has to take care of his little brother and to help his mother. I melt for him so much and I love him!! Behind this bad boy is a smart, sweet, protective, sexy guy.

But he needs his time.. He doesn't open up easily. But with Kensington he feels different.

Kensington has her own problems too. But with her sweetness and strength she will be there for Owen and she will help him! I like how their relationship developed. It's sweet and beautiful. The way they both support and care for one another showed true love at its best!

I can see what made Kensington love him! I fell in love with him too!! The writing was incredible. And I love how the story developed!

Ginger Scott has definitely captured me with her story! Such a sweet, heartbreaking story! I highly recommend it to everyone!! ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review View all 49 comments. Lady Vigilante Feifei. And boy am I surprised because this author totally went out from her usual sugary sweet element and hit me in the head with this emotionally charged read.

When she bumps into a new neighbour, Owen Harper who was anything but friendly towards her, little did she know that she was staying next door to the infamous Harper boys that have only been known to stir trouble. What's interesting about this read is that the relationship between both MCs started off on the wrong foot and you won't find yourself swooning over Owen for the first portion of the book.

He was that bad boy at school with the dark brooding intensity and giving out dangerous vibes to everyone.

He was wild, reckless and enjoys the thrill by constantly living on the edge. I admired Kensi that she wasn't afraid to put up with Owen's taunts and at one point, even went on to challenge him.

But when a truth surfaces in Kensi's life that threatens to tear her family apart, she seeks solace in the most unlikely person and slowly realizes that there's more to Owen than meets the eye. Beneath that badboy facade lies a broken soul with a devastating past and as Kensi continues to breach the walls he'd put up, my heart began to ache for every moment I learnt more about Owen and what he's been going through. You can't help but fall in love with this boy as you watch him shoulder the responsibility for his family at such a young age.

It gutted me to see how people judged him badly due to his family name but they never got to see the real Owen whose sense of maturity is far beyond his age. This book really did a number on me as I found myself hit with a multitude of emotions ranging from soaring with joy to frustration to heartbreaking as I read on.

I found myself in tears at one point because I just desperately want things to get better between them. There were scenes that were gut-wrenching as the author tackles some sensitive subjects that made this read a gritty and emotional one.

Overall, Wild Reckless had a good combination of angst, emotionally-fueled scenes and well-developed characters that would make this an unforgettable read.

It definitely dabbles on the darker end of the NA genre but I was really happy that Ginger Scott pulled it off. I did however struggled a little during the first portion of the read, unsure of the direction that the book was heading but as things slowly started coming to light, I was all in and my heart was plunged into an emotional turmoil.

The young and the reckless

Now my only request is that a sequel is written on Andrew because I found him to be such an endearing character and he deserves his own book!

View all 60 comments. Mar 17, Beverly rated it it was amazing. A guy who scares me, and who knows where I sleep at night. This world is so much different from the one she left behind. She is a gifted pianist and was attending a private school in the city, with the wealthy and privileged.

Kensi is very mature for her age, she is an only child and spent her life surrounded by adults for the most part. Kensi finds her niche at her new school with the band geeks.

Side note: I loved these characters. These group of friends added so much fun and youth to the story.

Owen is the town bad boy and star athlete, sounds pretty hot right? Well, he is, but there is so much more to Owen. Owen may have this reputation, but in the small town the one thing everyone knows about Owen is how crazy his dad was and how messed up Owen is after watching his dad commit suicide.

As I was saying, Owen is not your typical high school boy. My heart broke for Owen from the very beginning when I read the prologue. Owen was constantly struggling with wanting to forget, move on from his guilt and trying save the rest of his family. Then comes Kensi and she changes it all. I absolutely loved the struggles and development the characters underwent.

I love how there was drama and angst without things being over the top. I love how Owen was able to save Kensi, too. These two young people genuinely cared about each other and were so mature in their feelings. I felt like their attributes matched their past and experiences. They didn't give up or jump to conclusions. I highly recommend this sweet story. It was the perfect read for me. Yes, it was so sweet, but more than that it had tons of heart.

I love books that make me feel and this one gave me lots of feels from the very start. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 57 comments. Jan 21, Eliza rated it really liked it Shelves: No HEA: Bad boy from her new school and all round trouble maker, Owen Harper. Their relationship starts off on the wrong foot and further declines but even so Kensi is intrigued by him.

Ginger created a character who was initially incredibly unlikable and turned him into one the reader has no choice but to respect and admire. He faces the stigma of having the last name Harper and even though he acted out in ways that are both Wild and Reckless , he has a maturity to him that far beyond his teenage years and has a sense of duty that is ingrained in him. From a greedy readers point of view, I would love to read Andrew's story. Just throwing it out there, Ginger Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you! View all 55 comments. I loved the story even though in the most part of it, it was breaking my heart. The two main heroes were such sweethearts but they were having lots of ugly shits in their backs to deal with It was very difficult for me while i was watching them struggling with their lives and i admire the way that they were trying to save one another and return back to light from the darkness.

But what scares me is I had this flash of an idea— a fleeting thought— that there was something special about him, too. She missed her old life and she don't like her new one at all. And Owen Harper, the boy next door doesn't help her adjustment at all. He is mean and he is provoking her all the time, he is using the hoop outside her house to play basketball and he ruin her piano practice.

He irritated her as hell and she doesn't know what to do with him. Damn it!!! I'm on loss of words and i really don't know what i want to tell you about this story Well, i will try to make an effort Kensington was a great pianist but her father was pressuring her very much.

She wasn't aloud to have fun with her talent, only to study really hard. It was really hard for her to settle down in this small town and the boy next door made her feel such a rush.

A war that led her to discover that her life wasn't so quite and wonderfull as she thought!!! She found out the truth that was hidden from her and while she was accusing Owen about that, she wanted to feel wild and reckless as him, with him The name Harper itself was bad news since his father was named "the crazy of the town" before he dies.

Owen had witness his death and that fact left a mark inside of him. There were so many rumors that they were following him and he didn't nothing not to fuel those rumors. He was bad and reckless and he was looking death right through the eyes And then came Kensington and he changed everything he knew until then But could he drown her down with him when all that he had to offer her was hurting and pain????

Loving me… it will kill you. I liked Kensington very much, but i loved Owen more and deeply. He was a misjudged character. Yep, he was appearing as the bad boy with the assholes ways but he was much more than that!!! He was a loyal and respectfull person. He was taking care for his family with any cost and that was something that i admired very much. But he was putting himself in the back seat and i didn't like it at all. He loved basketball and he was so clever but he was throwing everything away for his family He thought that he didn't deserve to be loved by anyone and Kensington show him what he could have if he let himself free to feel and to take.

He was breaking my heart All the shits that he had to go through was unbareable Because you need courage to live that kind of life and to fight for the things that he fought. In the beginning i felt pity for her and that's because of her father's pressure on her. And then when her quiet life was shattered i felt That betrayal hurt her very much but i think that it releashed her and her mother in a way!!!

I liked that she stood up to her father and she never backed out, not once. I liked that she took her life in her own hands, but i didn't like that she was determined to abandon her charisma I also liked the way that she loved Owen and she stood by his side, even though she wanted to turn and run away!!! I loved Owen and Kensington together.

Wild Reckless

They were so good for each other I think that they were one another's salvation and they needed it!!! The only think that i want to say is that this book is one of those books that everyone has to read!!! View all 31 comments.

Mar 17, Jacqueline's Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: Each book will be about a Harper brother. Okay, so let me just get all the gushing out of the way. I super love Ginger Scott books. Right when I finished, I wanted to read it again!

You get the point? The story starts out with a bang. Owen is a teenager and a senior in high school. He witnessed a traumatic event in the past and it has shaped the way he is now. Kensington just moved into the small town where Owen lives.

She loves school and is looking to make friends. Owen has a huge chip on his shoulder and no one is able to break it. I really enjoyed Owen being kind of aloof towards Kens. It added sweet tension and it kept me completely interested.

Item Preview

The beginning is entirely cute and I love the banter between Owen and Kens. Owen has loud parties and plays basketball on her drive way. But I want him. Kens faces some family challenges as well and this kind of brings Owen and her closer. I like how Owen and Kens kind of find some common ground and even though they are two different people, they sort of just work.

I pretty much highlighted the entire story! Ginger has a way with words.

It was perfect to the last sentence. View all 6 comments. First time reading Ginger Scott and I am impressed! I love a young adult romance that is rough, edgy, age appropriate even when the subject matter spans way beyond the young lives it encompasses.

Wild Reckless is about Kensinton Worth, the new girl in town, musically talented, uprooted from the city to the middle of nowhere and Owen Harper, town bad boy, basketball phenom, existing in a family of heartbreak and strife. Kensi 4. Kensi and Owen's first few encounters are not pretty Owen and Kensi seem worlds apart, but they are so similar. Both have experienced heartbreak and loss in their own ways.

Both are so mature for their age While I was thinking this was going to be similar to "Bully," I was completely rocked by the truth behind the characters. I was in awe of Owen Harper and the "goodness" in him.

The outer image the world saw was so wrong to the true self those close to him knew. Kensi saw the real Owen immediately and her need for him allowed the world to see the light thru his dark. Perhaps Owen is too good Circumstances and life keep throwing the bad at them Is Kense strong enough to stand strong for Owen? Will Owen sacrifice his chance at happiness for the love a girl who is everything to him?

While this book is on the YA side, I found myself Loving every minute of it. I loved the writing and the flow.

I loved the pure and realistic tone to the intimacy Ginger Scott gave to Kensi and Owen. It will not take long for a reader to fall hard for Owen Harper! I also love angst, and with the subjects of addiction, infidelity, suicide, mental health, well there is no shortage of strife.Ginger Scott is quickly becoming a must read author for me, she gracefully straddles the line between sweet romance and tragic love story — allowing for an immense range of feelings to flow throughout the story.

Especially view spoiler [ when he surprised her by taking her to the auditions for college. Thanks for telling us about the problem. One of the biggest things that bothered me about it was this: It made a coldness seep into his eyes and a desire to taunt death in the face.

As I was saying, Owen is not your typical high school boy. Books like this? Jan 22, Mysza rated it it was amazing. Yet she gets in anyway, and makes no commentary about what a risk she's taking.